Ludwig Fired For STEALING From Snapchat

  • Published on Jan 15, 2022
  • Influenced by Dexerto - Before turning into the powerhouse streamer he is, he actually worked for Snapchat, but not for too long. He actually revealed he was fired from the job. Not for a work ethic problem or his attitude but the munchies got the best of him with the company fridge. How many bags did he get away with?
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    Host: James jamesmsellers
    Editor: Axiom axiyum
    Why Ludwig Got Fired

Comments • 168

  • Somecatguy
    Somecatguy  +951

    I can just imagine him running in stocking up on babybel and running away

  • Reyzz
    Reyzz  +476

    I like it how he's talked about this like 3 times and now it gets blown up

  • Smokey
    Smokey  +129

    "So what's are you in here for"

  • Seriouslynotgood

    At least he's honest

  • Hello Person

    “cause i was broke”

  • Radiaz
    Radiaz  +147

    Og viewers who already knew all of this are the best people (not biased)

  • Matt Kong

    aw man you cut out ironmouse that was such an iconic reaction

  • Phildog07
    Phildog07  +27

    Og Ludwig made a video about this as a story time video I miss that

  • kuku
    kuku  +8

    I remember hearing this story like a year ago, at a guess

  • KingDuhbby

    He didn't get fired from snapchat for stealing snacks it was somthing else.

  • frtz123xx

    Imagine his boss see him stealing in the fridge lol

  • fruity kiwi 🥝

    "Because I was broke"

  • Matthew Wong

    I remember this story when he was playing that electrode game corner game

  • FishySubstance

    Because I was broke

  • XxsammyxX

    These shorts are amazing, Keep it up!❤️

  • forgor
    forgor  +1

    I've seen this before istg

  • Horsti Δ
    Horsti Δ  +16

    You are literally just posting an old story to create drama aren't you?

  • Anomaly
    Anomaly  +3

    This story is so incredibly edited that it’s barely even what he said

  • matteo Miller

    He said it wasn’t the reason