Donald Trump Guts Planned Parenthood With New Abortion Rule | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  • Published on May 19, 2018
  • The Trump administration slashes $260 million dollars in funding for reproductive rights organizations, including Planned Parenthood. Former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis joins Ari Melber to discuss the effect that reduced funding has had in her state, including the closures of more than 80 clinics, none of which even provided abortion services.
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    Donald Trump Guts Planned Parenthood With New Abortion Rule | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Comments • 1 817

  • Sarah Kreller
    Sarah Kreller 2 days ago

    Abortion should only be an option if the life of the mother is at risk. Period.

  • Dan Pope
    Dan Pope 2 days ago +1

    Of coarse taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for abortions and funding unplanned parenthood. They have monthly abortion quotas. They make all their money from abortions and from government handouts through their lobbyists.
    Who wants to make these sick animals richer? Don’t be sheep!

  • CAK
    CAK 6 days ago

    The dirty little secret is every man, religious or not, is pro abortion. You feminists are insane. None of us want to raise or pay for your unplanned spawn.
    But still, don't smoke while pregnant, unless you are going to partial-birth abortion. Then you can do crack and heroin, whatever. The baby will be
    cut out and dead so it doesn't matter.

  • Enrique
    Enrique 13 days ago

    Thank God!!

  • 2000subscribers no videos?

    I banned abortion because no one has a right to take the life of an unborn life.

  • BCE Films
    BCE Films 24 days ago

    Thank god planned parenthood is getting defunded

  • Dave Crusader Man Britain

    TG for Trump, he tells the truth of Savage Warlike killed 250 Million already hateful Islam, that wants to take the entire Earth (but overpaid left wing haven't read a word of Quran unlike me). OMG fake news media at its best, clipping out everything they don't like. Democrats Labour party. Planned baby Genocide (what it should be called) is making great $ off girls and men's and women's mistakes and poor choices. Now Career women and men too better be more responsible. 600,000+ KILLED FETUSES IS FAR TOO MANY.

  • Terri Kukla
    Terri Kukla Month ago

    And they put an end to Trump.

  • IAm010110
    IAm010110 Month ago +1

    How many if these commenters would say the same thing about Obama if he was doing the same thing. :-/

    • DarkTV
      DarkTV Month ago

      none of them

  • Samarth Medakkar
    Samarth Medakkar 2 months ago

    This is what happens when we don't have a separation of church and state

  • kale n
    kale n 2 months ago

    Should be illegal to defund a protected right.

  • Chris Suave
    Chris Suave 2 months ago

    Trump is absolutely not thinking here, how else will these people practice birth control? Whoop...there it is.

  • The American Voice
    The American Voice 2 months ago

    More than 50% of aborted babies are women so isn't that where the war on women starts?

  • Spurs 4
    Spurs 4 2 months ago

    Great! Now Canada needs this!

  • Amit Mathew
    Amit Mathew 2 months ago +1

    To all those commenting in support of abortion, If your mother had decided to abort you, you would have never been able to support this evil act.

  • Gin J
    Gin J 2 months ago

    In other words PP closes the wrong centers just to keep abortions going.

  • Darrio
    Darrio 2 months ago

    People the fact that your alive and want to murder new life make you so selfish don’t you think? If you don’t want to have kids close your legs and stop selling yourself so cheap and save it for your husband

  • lavanniek
    lavanniek 3 months ago

    Abortion should never be used as a contraception but for actually health issue👌

  • Matthew Thomas
    Matthew Thomas 3 months ago

    How many future women have you heathens aborted?

  • Dallas
    Dallas 3 months ago

    Abortion is WRONG!

  • knight Tyler
    knight Tyler 3 months ago +1

    Woman's health? Baby heatlth not a concern?

  • Mann Juice
    Mann Juice 3 months ago

    The problem is that girls are using abortion as a form of birth control.
    This is the murder of babies.
    Also, PP is a corrupt organization caught selling the fetuses. Disgusting evil people.
    Woman should have access to all the other services for prevention and care but I for sure don’t want my tax dollars given for abortion and to this evil organization.

  • Atheism— pretending a lack of belief matters

    I’d be pro-abortion if we could also abort those who have them.

  • Good Day
    Good Day 3 months ago

    My taxes are being wasted on a fool, then the fool sells her aborted for profit.

  • Boostedvette
    Boostedvette 3 months ago

    Thank you Lord for this president, sorry so called women who want this but you lose

  • Mark S
    Mark S 3 months ago

    The $500 million dollars that the federal government gives to Planned Parenthood every year expires soon. The money runs out from the Trump administration 8 days from Sunday September 23, on September 30th. Watch and see what happens, from October 1st onward. Not only the abortion money but the money for the phony Russia collusion investigation by Robert Mueller also runs out the last day of September.

  • sUshipenn23
    sUshipenn23 4 months ago

    It’s called a pack of condoms at the gas station. Abortion is lazy

  • MrHogame
    MrHogame 4 months ago

    I love how stupid every single comment is.... just to good to be true.

  • bgcvetan
    bgcvetan 4 months ago

    Yeah Yeah fat cow, the majority also supported hillary. The loudmouth majority of the minority murderers.
    Abortion is murder.

  • wrx3123
    wrx3123 4 months ago

    I'm a Trump supporter he has done more good for America then past presidents ! I disagree with him on the abortion issue ! I feel let the Democrats keep aborting it's a way we can eliminate the future problems ! If they don't abort then odds are there going to dump there kids off in a dumpster or it's gonna grow up to be a persosite leaching from the government I say let them abort !!

  • Dilfredo Ruiz
    Dilfredo Ruiz 4 months ago

    Women as human been have to take responsability for their actions and abortion is murder.

  • Ben Gilbert
    Ben Gilbert 4 months ago +1

    Abortion is murder

  • Shay Frady
    Shay Frady 4 months ago

    This is not a war on women. This is to protect the rights of unborn children. The fact is planned parenthood is making millions of dollars off the demise of BABIES. Many planned parenthood clinics preform services AFTER failed abortion attempts, which means after the baby is delivered alive due to a failed attempt, they carry out the demise in the clinic. This is illegal and has happened SO MANY TIMES. Look up the investigations going on against this. Also, planned parenthood claims that they offer healthcare services such as prenatal care and mammograms when in reality less than 2% offer these services, and over 30% of services are used for these abortions. Not to mention the woman who have died due to failed abortion attempts. This is not about taking away women's rights. This is about protecting the rights of someone who cannot fight for them. These people do not care about anything but money, can't you see that? What about the ongoing investigations of the selling of these mutilated children's body parts? It's money. That's all that matters. There is a bigger problems here than people wanting to take away your "rights" as a woman or your ability to make a choice. This isn't about religion or politics. It's seeing the facts behind it all. If you looked way back into the history of where this began and the woman who founded this organization, I'm sure you would be shocked to see the things she supported.

  • Matt Cochran
    Matt Cochran 5 months ago
    Read this speech by Margaret Sanger. Not only did she advocate forced sterilization of people with metal deficiencies and even epilepsy!! but said immigrants should not be allowed into the country until they were determined to not be undesirable (epileptic, mentally ill, physically disabled). Why do people demonize the president and praise people like Sanger? It seems illogical to me.

  • Chris K
    Chris K 5 months ago +1

    I hate the woman that think pro lifers are sexist. All we're trying to do is stop murder.

  • Chris K
    Chris K 5 months ago +1

    Abort planned parenthood

  • Hanzo1777
    Hanzo1777 5 months ago

    Only the Blue states support Abortion the Red States are all against abortion. Last I checked the U.S election map in 2016 was mostly Red . Sure you can say most Americans support abortion but what they don't tell you is those people are all mostly in Blue states New York, California etc thats hardly a true proportional representation of America.

  • Lyrah
    Lyrah 5 months ago

    This makes me sick to my stomach... The administration doesn't care about us, not even on a human level. We've been steadily devolving since he came to office.

  • yoyotunes54
    yoyotunes54 5 months ago +1

    "Good for women" ????HOW??? Planned parenthood provides free health care for women how are you helping women's health if you're cutting funding!!!??

    • whocares
      whocares 3 months ago

      Planned Parenthood makes nearly $230 million on their own, which is more than enough to cover expenses. They simply don't need our tax dollars.

  • Tammurriata
    Tammurriata 5 months ago

    The interviewer's CONSTANT interruptions of these 2 intelligent female experts makes the clip unwatchable. What a shame. I really wanted to hear what they had to say. Wow. This Piers Morgan rapid fire interruption style is destroying the interview format as a means of gaining any real insight.

  • Marina The Octoling
    Marina The Octoling 5 months ago

    I am perfectly fine with this trump
    All yall need to keep tour pants on. And not dress like whored

  • Nicole Jessica
    Nicole Jessica 5 months ago

    More Americans are realizing what abortion actually is. Planned Parenthood is evil. They are trying to exterminate innocent black babies. Look at the placement of clinics in low income black neighborhoods. Look at the founder Margaret Sanger. The only thing that will be hurt is PP's bottom line. They will have to up the price of baby parts! This is a great first step President Trump! 🇺🇲❤️🙏
    Children are our most precious resource!

  • sky
    sky 5 months ago

    trump you can't say youre going to make america great again and then force people to go through 9 months of emotional and physical pain for a baby they wont even keep.

  • D T
    D T 5 months ago

    Tragically hurt women but not the babies inside these women right ok

  • D T
    D T 5 months ago

    Lies lies and more lies lol why should I pay for a womans birth control and abortions? Get outta here

  • Diego Rivera
    Diego Rivera 5 months ago

    Thank god for trump

  • some random human
    some random human 5 months ago

    Why should taxpayers pay for abortions if you want one pay for it yourself

  • Lorraine Matthews
    Lorraine Matthews 6 months ago

    there is nothing extreme about being pro-life....but something very extreme about dismembering babies

  • Lorraine Matthews
    Lorraine Matthews 6 months ago

    Thank God for Trump...this vile, disgusting business needs to be shut down

  • veranya2074
    veranya2074 6 months ago

    Praise the Lord 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Randy Simmons
    Randy Simmons 6 months ago

    What do planned parenthood and the klan have in common?

  • AfroItalianSaboteur xo
    AfroItalianSaboteur xo 6 months ago

    I'm pregnant right now and went to planned Parenthood to find out. They were against giving me a ultrasound and against prenatal vitamins. They however loved talking about my insurance and how they could abort my baby up to 6 months. They also said they wouldn't give me a ultrasound unless I did a abortion to see if anything was left. I immediately went to a place called CAPS. They are Christian and I showed the paperwork of the abortion prices and all the risk of me dying on paper and I've never liked PP since. This was back in may this year. Caps has given me ultrasound prayer resources to free parenting classes car seats and even baby clothes and bottles along with prenatal vitamins and I've barely started going to CAPS. Planned Parenthood needs to change it's name. There don't help you in any way if you want to keep your baby

  • Duke Nemean
    Duke Nemean 6 months ago

    Increase teen pregnancy or decrease abortion by teens who parents did not teach or payed attention to their kids.

  • LouMu
    LouMu 6 months ago

    Good job trump, we don’t need women who murder their babies in this world

  • Li Raven
    Li Raven 6 months ago

    Controlling women yeah..
    Its really about surpressing sexuality..we know how well THAT does in the church.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 6 months ago

    I’m pro choice up to 15 weeks and feel that the government should not pay one dime to PP.
    If it’s your mistake you pay for it!

  • Young Queen Cole
    Young Queen Cole 6 months ago

    Did the guy at the end of the video just quote JayZ he said you could of been any were else in the world but your here with us and I appreciate that all he was missing was to shout HOV at the end.. if u dnt know what I'm talking about listen too the beginning of H TO THE IZZO BY JAY Z

  • Between the Lines Media
    Between the Lines Media 6 months ago +1

    Planned Parenthood is not a government organization and is not entitled to ANY tax dollars! There are MANY more places for women to get abortions that have a FAR better ethical record!

  • T C
    T C 6 months ago +1

    The majority of this country does not support abortion. If left to the people of the US, abortion would cease to exist. That's why Trump won by a land in the elections.

  • iamforya
    iamforya 6 months ago

    FYI Fact this week was charged $130. For UTI at Planed Parenthood! Have no insurance.

  • tea42
    tea42 6 months ago

    Why do they call it "planned parenthood" since an abortion creates no parent?

  • B Honey
    B Honey 6 months ago

    If you are against abortion, I better see you adopting kids now or keep your mouth shut.

    • zoinks lmao
      zoinks lmao 6 months ago

      This belongs on r/gatekeeping. You don't have to adopt babies to be against them being killed in the womb, that's like saying you can't be against animal abuse if you don't own rescue pets, even though many are allergic or live in houses that are too small for pets.

  • happy cats
    happy cats 6 months ago

    bogeyman's coming !!! good old scare tactics, works on all dummies, all the time, right msnbc

  • dj coner
    dj coner 6 months ago

    Women should be punish if they commit murder .Abortion is murder

  • JK F1
    JK F1 6 months ago

    Why should everyone have to pay for an abortion. Do it on your own dime not taxpayers.

  • Robert Chabot
    Robert Chabot 6 months ago

    Just their way of doing away with ppls. rights little at a time

  • Robert Chabot
    Robert Chabot 6 months ago

    Saying this now after he got a rep. Judge in the supreme court planned it all the time "SAD"

  • Gordon Adams
    Gordon Adams 6 months ago

    I wonder how many abortions this guy may have bought in a lifetime of philandering.

  • The CJ
    The CJ 6 months ago

    If it really is about "womens health, I offer a compromise. Make it legal, but only if it is a health issue. Any takers?

  • Tee Jones
    Tee Jones 6 months ago

    Good stuff! Now do away with the Entire planned Parenthood

  • Jamie Long
    Jamie Long 6 months ago

    Why don't you do your research and show the white supremacist Margaret Sanger who wanted to get rid of the undesirables, you're still supporting this to this day, how racist of you

  • EvilShake101
    EvilShake101 6 months ago

    Free abortions for blacks
    Tax exceptions for whites babies
    Only way to save the endangered species called white people. If you disagree you’re a racist bigot

  • Brandy Broadus
    Brandy Broadus 6 months ago

    This is going by like molasses

  • BIG A
    BIG A 6 months ago

    Liberals democrats progressives celebrate Michelle Wolfe satanic call to go out and get an abortion plus open borders, selling our job's away, free housing, free school, free medical. Next it'll be free land.
    Everyone sees through you filthy demorats. Scum of the earth fallen angels.

  • Brandy Broadus
    Brandy Broadus 6 months ago

    When was Trump's last abortion

  • yak fisher
    yak fisher 6 months ago

    Why is this trending now ? Anyway good job Mr president !

  • Louis Pacheco
    Louis Pacheco 6 months ago

    Fraking where condoms stupid people what is this South Africa

    SBRINKERHOFF 6 months ago +1

    1.FOR Immigration,chain migration,lottery
    2.FOR Abortion
    3. AGAINSTGuns
    4. AGAINST Religion
    5. FOR Big government
    6.FOR Raising taxes
    7. FOR Ms 13
    8. FOR Drugs

  • Ace Rothstein
    Ace Rothstein 6 months ago

    Really? Trending a month later AGAIN.

  • Charles Lawrence
    Charles Lawrence 6 months ago

    I don’t see a problem.

  • 109ejg
    109ejg 6 months ago

    It’s about time.

  • chase
    chase 6 months ago

    This just means all those freeloaders are going to have to step up to the plate and foot the bill on their own for birth control and/or getting some chick pregnant. That's all... Nothing more.

  • dee jay
    dee jay 6 months ago

    Shut up
    Cancer to AMERICA
    Fake news

  • Leonard Wells
    Leonard Wells 6 months ago

    Trump 2020!!

  • Matthew Nance
    Matthew Nance 6 months ago

    !!!GO TRUMP!!!!

  • Nick Osmann
    Nick Osmann 6 months ago

    america deserves trump

  • Real Californian
    Real Californian 6 months ago

    TheXvid is hiding the baby body part comments!

  • Viktor Mason
    Viktor Mason 6 months ago

    I'm pro-choice, but pay for your own stuff. Dont expect the government to f00t the bill.

  • it's barbie bitch
    it's barbie bitch 6 months ago

    Thank god for Trump, he's good for babies and women!

  • Tonman57 Tonman57
    Tonman57 Tonman57 6 months ago +1

    Bush did 9 /11

  • William Grant
    William Grant 6 months ago


  • Nicholas Santos
    Nicholas Santos 6 months ago


  • Brent Bunnell
    Brent Bunnell 6 months ago

    It's gonna be funny when some real man knocks up Melania and he can't get an abortion 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Justin Z
    Justin Z 6 months ago

    Good Trump

  • Boo Garcia
    Boo Garcia 6 months ago

    Why should I have to pay for a Woman that doesnt have the common sense to keep her Legs closef@#$^&

  • Ford LTD
    Ford LTD 6 months ago


  • Juan Rincon
    Juan Rincon 6 months ago

    Good job Trump


    Why someone hasn't killed him by now is beyond me.
    Stupid Americans. 🖕🏼