$870 Per Pound Fresh Black Truffle Mushroom Ramen

  • Published on Nov 11, 2018
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    $870 Per Pound Fresh Black Truffle Ramen from Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada
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Comments • 178

  • Shawn Gilland
    Shawn Gilland 10 months ago

    Wow yummy 🤤

  • Takahiro Igarashi
    Takahiro Igarashi 11 months ago


  • VudoGaming
    VudoGaming Year ago

    What's the brand of the noodles he used?

  • Levi Velarde
    Levi Velarde Year ago

    Looks yummy 🤤

  • trevor aldrich
    trevor aldrich Year ago

    ooooooooooomami :D

  • Zach Zamec
    Zach Zamec Year ago

    Who needs truffles

  • Dennis Dombrowski

    Does anybody know where Hiro san works anymore? I just found out NoVe closed down

  • Mystic
    Mystic Year ago +4

    11:38 that was so clean how you just picked everything up. I dont know why but that satisfied me

  • The odd cook
    The odd cook Year ago

    It's called white beech mushroom

  • Tim Galati Outdoors

    I collect maitake, oyster mushroom, and others every fall--wish they were worth more like the truffle, and I wish I didn't grow allergic to them.

  • Alan Spivey
    Alan Spivey Year ago

    Awesome cooking!

  • Arachnofondler
    Arachnofondler Year ago

    Hiro’s English has really improved since when I first started watching this channel

  • rob gorney
    rob gorney Year ago

    this dude is my hero right now

  • neettim
    neettim Year ago

    Do they still work at their restaurant or nah?

  • Samuel Rubio
    Samuel Rubio Year ago

    Truffle where can I find I find it. 800 for it. N the nutters 57 cents 😂😂. ...no. Really that looks good. Takns cheff

  • AnotherJohnDoe
    AnotherJohnDoe Year ago

    I had a bad experience with shrooms back in the days, are they safe to eat at that percentage of cooking?

    • AnotherJohnDoe
      AnotherJohnDoe Year ago

      @Hiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef Thanks alot for the answer! I appreciate the fact that you gave me a little of your time! Keep it up!

  • Westerlund
    Westerlund Year ago +1

    Anyone know the song in the beginning?? Sounds like an artist I followed in the past named Blank Body..

  • Jeremy Eden
    Jeremy Eden Year ago +1

    BLM call this racist because black truffle is way cheaper than the white truffle.

  • e kin
    e kin Year ago

    Yes this is the most expensive mushroom in the world. If wild type, it will be much more expensive than this.

  • Jewel Fudalan
    Jewel Fudalan Year ago

    Looks amazing

  • 1Me
    1Me Year ago

    Can I leave out the mushrooms? :-)

  • Jaime Salazar
    Jaime Salazar Year ago

    Wow eating the whole plate wouldnt leave you mushroom for desert!

  • Michael Hotchkiss

    i do spend the money for the japanese noodles sooo much better

  • Michael Hotchkiss

    i would love to see it in a roll

  • Bill Wang
    Bill Wang Year ago

    Wtf is a seahood mushroom.

    FLYINHAWAIIAN37 Year ago

    Where do us regular folks buy truffle at? (Im in Houston)

  • Gary Shaw
    Gary Shaw Year ago

    dig in lol, the presenter couldnt wait to dig in :0)

  • Yanin Echevarria
    Yanin Echevarria Year ago

    I would hate to share 😭

  • Georgie May
    Georgie May Year ago

    Did he just use his finger to test if the pan is ready for cooking

  • Enny Gima
    Enny Gima Year ago +1

    Hiro, I would love to see you experiment with Morel mushrooms! They have a very unique flavor, and are very popular where I live.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Year ago

    Fantastic as always my man. Good afternoon!

  • Diao
    Diao Year ago

    why your videos not showing in my feed anymore???

  • ncsam 000000
    ncsam 000000 Year ago

    Lmao so you made mushroom and truffle oodle of noodles how basic

  • Nabil Awkal
    Nabil Awkal Year ago

    Super delicious cocktails of mushroom 🥰

  • トイレの花子

    I can eat that in the morning,lunch, and dinner

  • jackychannel
    jackychannel Year ago

    this dish need truffle oil.

  • Sprezza tura
    Sprezza tura Year ago

    that ramen would be too earthy for my taste but it looks awesome!

  • Dwayne Wladyka
    Dwayne Wladyka Year ago

    I love mushrooms very much. You made a great dish with the mushrooms and the ramen. Where I live, we have Italian supermarkets. They also sell black truffles. They do cost a lot of money. I did try cheese with black truffle in it. It was really good. Hope you and your cameraman have a good afternoon and a great week, Chef Hiro.

  • Robert J. Holtz
    Robert J. Holtz Year ago +1

    I'm definately a mushroom lover and this dish looks sensational. G88D AFTERN88N!!

  • Robert J. Holtz
    Robert J. Holtz Year ago +2

    Chef, a lot of professional cooks have switched from corn oil or canola oil to grapeseed oil. Higher boiling point, healthier, more neutral, mire sustainable, great performance. Have you considered grapeseed oil? I highly recommend it.

  • Nick
    Nick Year ago

    Looks gross

  • Mike Lepelaar
    Mike Lepelaar Year ago

    Looks amazing! Is there something else you can use instead of the Black Truffle?

  • Lucas José
    Lucas José Year ago

    Mushrooms kinda scare me... they really don't like something you should be eating normally.

  • Waylon Jeffers
    Waylon Jeffers Year ago +1

    hey why did you close nove kitchen & bar

  • Ricknastty
    Ricknastty Year ago +1

    King crab dish ????

    Also pasta with shrimp and crab meat is amazing

  • Important guy commenting

    I always wonder who is the person always recording these videos?

      FLYINHAWAIIAN37 Year ago +2

      The same camera guy from the RealityKings videos

  • lv parungao
    lv parungao Year ago

    Nice dish I'm a mushroom 🍄🍄🍄lover😀👌👍💗tnx guy's

  • Millenia Williams

    This looks sooooo! TASTY! Now! To make my a NORMAL Ramen noodles..... :(

  • yuri
    yuri Year ago

    You're not in a low budget if you buy one mushroom for 34 dollars

  • Johnathan Berner
    Johnathan Berner Year ago

    One of the best intros I have ever seen hiro do!!! We want to see/hear you talk more!!!

  • Chochohtwe Chocho

    Hi good morning

  • Pyro Falcon
    Pyro Falcon Year ago

    But will it work with Psilocybin mushrooms?

  • ReDalGo
    ReDalGo Year ago

    Mouth-watering and wallet-drying

  • Josh Breha
    Josh Breha Year ago

    Like all the all other comments Hiro DAMN

  • E K
    E K Year ago

    add lobster meat and use homemade noodles instead of ramen and that would be an even more awesome dish!!

  • MrPhotographer4
    MrPhotographer4 Year ago

    Please get yourself a better camera, close up's are so annoying when it won't focus.

  • Seth Gohn
    Seth Gohn Year ago

    Looks great! I want to try for sure. Also want to make the same but instead of soy, make a butter, wine sauce. Almost like a BB sauce. Now I have to wait til dinner 😂😂

  • William Lillard
    William Lillard Year ago

    Looks good just to many 🍄

  • Jaiden
    Jaiden Year ago

    Good afternoon :)

  • Markku Paltola
    Markku Paltola Year ago

    That looks good. I have to simplify that recipe for lack of ingredients but I am going to try that with Finnish wild mushrooms. Can you describe the taste of oba? I don´t think that I will get it from our stores in Finland but if I can find some substitute instead?