Skhumba Talks About Ronald Muchengwa

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • Good Friday with Skhumba and Ndumiso - 18 October 2019

    Skhumba and the team talks about Ronald Muchengwa social media post and how he has ruined Samthing Soweto's song, "Akulaleki."
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    Skhumba and the team talks about Ronald Muchengwa social media post and how he has ruined Samthing Soweto's song, "Akulaleki."

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Comments • 180

  • James Gordon Phiri
    James Gordon Phiri 3 days ago

    Stop running your mouth like the menstruating prostitute Skhumba.Roland is not wanted in Zimbabwe at all.The case was resolved ages ago. It never went to court as the charges were dropped. U sound like a jealous idiot.There is more to a human being than his or her looks.Why don't you concentrate on Roland's business acumen?Hater

  • Charmaine Duma
    Charmaine Duma 5 days ago


  • Makolobe Komape
    Makolobe Komape 6 days ago

    Skhumba is sooo well informed, I love him

    • James Gordon Phiri
      James Gordon Phiri 3 days ago

      He is lying though that Roland is wanted.The case was resolved ages ago

  • Keneiloe Keneiloe
    Keneiloe Keneiloe 17 days ago

    Hacks se matexin 不不不不

  • Xolani Mdlalose_
    Xolani Mdlalose_ 17 days ago

  • Rachel Mashego
    Rachel Mashego 17 days ago

    As for king kong不不不

  • Busani Xulu
    Busani Xulu 18 days ago


  • The Unappreciated One
    The Unappreciated One 18 days ago +1

    I bet Mapholoba's left side is painful Everytime he leaves the studio on Friday... The way Skhumba touches him Everytime he speaks... Uyamghwebha sho...!

    SFUNDO IRVINE 20 days ago +2

    skhumba why do you complain it because you dont have enough money to spend with beautiful ladies plz stop being selfish

  • Vin Rux
    Vin Rux 20 days ago

    this fat ass skhumba guy is stupid mara

  • siyabonga mabaso
    siyabonga mabaso 21 day ago +1

    Igyser ye RDP

  • Siyabonga Maphanga
    Siyabonga Maphanga 21 day ago

    This guy won't see heaven yazi唐屢屢

  • qaphela musa
    qaphela musa 22 days ago +1

    amablom esihlahleni
    double garage

  • qaphela musa
    qaphela musa 22 days ago +1

    skhumba loooooooooool

  • Emkay Bhebhe
    Emkay Bhebhe 22 days ago +3

    I really like Skhumba and I agree with the deportation of the wife beater but I really think he has an issue with Zimbabweans.

    • Emkay Bhebhe
      Emkay Bhebhe 3 days ago

      @James Gordon Phiri well if that's the case it's okay; the point I was trying to make is that, Skhumba seems to have an issue with Zimbabweans.

    • James Gordon Phiri
      James Gordon Phiri 3 days ago

      The case was resolved ages ago.He is no longer wanted

  • David Mugo
    David Mugo 22 days ago

    Your YELLOW BONES are very cheap n EASY to access so shut upppppp!MONEY BUYS HAPPINESSSSSSSS

  • St. Homeland
    St. Homeland 22 days ago +1

    Ndumiso's awkward, doesn't belong there!#

  • Thabang Moloi
    Thabang Moloi 22 days ago +1

    King Kong 不不不

  • Taurai Gurupira
    Taurai Gurupira 22 days ago +1

    This guy z is ignorant he doesnt know wat he z talking about and I dont know wat the bosses of this radio station still hires this fake comedian

  • Winky Bapela
    Winky Bapela 23 days ago

    Ministers of I'd

  • Lindiwe Mbanjwa
    Lindiwe Mbanjwa 23 days ago

    Geyser yamahhala yama RDP HEEEEEEEEEEEEE .

    FAISON CHIKHO 23 days ago +4

    How are they looking for him when he is in Zimbabwe do some research

  • Cee jay Wellington
    Cee jay Wellington 23 days ago +2

    ma ngbon uSamthing Soweto ngcabang impumulo kaRonald kkkkk

  • andile mbongwe
    andile mbongwe 23 days ago +2


    SAKHIWE MARK PIKE 23 days ago +1

    le country mayivalwe

  • Interzone digital Enterprise

    hahahahahaha you the guy skhumba, skhukhula .. haha u khukhula kwa sani.

  • clifford baloyi
    clifford baloyi 23 days ago +4

    Why is Skhumba addressing in Tsonga when referring to Zimbabwe

    • Lucky Msomi
      Lucky Msomi 22 days ago

      不 I'm also disappointed, I was waiting for that Zim from him ai bakithi

  • brighton Nyonie
    brighton Nyonie 23 days ago +3

    Ronald Muchengwa he's a truck operator and fuel dealer Vs Skhumba The comedian and TV presenter some people must get life out there

  • Rodney Ngqabutho Gwaza

    Two cents nje

  • honour dumane
    honour dumane 23 days ago +1

    MARA UYABHEDA WENA YAZ ....... ma ungayibona le mbungulu uyitshele ukuthi siyilindile 遲滕遲滕遲滕遲

  • honour dumane
    honour dumane 23 days ago


  • Mmapaseka Mazibuko
    Mmapaseka Mazibuko 23 days ago +2

    Skhumba you will never see heaven.....King Kong

  • Setandzile Mthupha
    Setandzile Mthupha 23 days ago +1

    My peoples Bae #Skhumba my everyday panado

  • Fistos9
    Fistos9 23 days ago +3

    "U Mnagwagwa le bhari" LOL

  • Bongani Mnisi
    Bongani Mnisi 23 days ago +1

    Why is Skhu ba speaking Tsonga when addressing Zimbabweans?

  • Lil Poli
    Lil Poli 23 days ago

    you are an uninformed arrogant moron who believes in fake stories from the media. it's not Ronnie it's Roland. He is in Zimbabwe all the time. sad pathetic

  • doctor grace
    doctor grace 23 days ago

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  • Nompumelelo Mhlungu
    Nompumelelo Mhlungu 23 days ago

    School shoes edabukile

  • lerato nkaota
    lerato nkaota 23 days ago +4

    I don't find this funny

  • Triva Gravia
    Triva Gravia 23 days ago

    kodwa ngempela Skhumba niyafana nje nalu Ronald umehluko wenumfitshane

  • Pfarelo Sikhwari
    Pfarelo Sikhwari 23 days ago

    Lol skhumba mara

  • Kukhanya Mbhele
    Kukhanya Mbhele 23 days ago

    不 不 不 不 SKHUMBA ... "Uyphethe impumlo"

  • lungile kubheka
    lungile kubheka 24 days ago +1

    We need an extradition bill nje na wonke amaKwantri la eAfrika they need to take labantu babo

    • Mhatter Of Fact
      Mhatter Of Fact 21 day ago +1

      Lol. Don't forget that your people are in other countries as well......

  • sifiso emmanuel
    sifiso emmanuel 24 days ago +2


    • Mhatter Of Fact
      Mhatter Of Fact 23 days ago

      Pure jealousy over his wealth is what it is. The guy is wrong for his crimes, but all this other talk of king kong is silliness. Especially when the Dj is a fat, chubby, and unattractive guy.

  • Themba K Hot updates
    Themba K Hot updates 24 days ago +5

    Nothing funny here

  • Akona M
    Akona M 24 days ago +4

    What's funny about someone's big nose, is making fun of people's appearances is what sells? To go as far as calling him King Kong 丹撾儭

    • Mhatter Of Fact
      Mhatter Of Fact 23 days ago +2

      Pure jealousy over his wealth is what it is. The guy is wrong for his crimes, but all this other talk of king kong is silliness. Especially when the Dj is a fat, chubby, and unattractive guy.

  • ayanda ndaba
    ayanda ndaba 24 days ago

    Skumba kaloku Skhumba 不...that nose was made for asoze uyinuke struuu...#bay'funa不

  • Thoe Ndlovu
    Thoe Ndlovu 24 days ago +2

    yakuruza I king kong

  • Ziyanda Pamla
    Ziyanda Pamla 24 days ago +2

    was waiting for this

  • Gugu Vilakazi
    Gugu Vilakazi 24 days ago +3

    Apart from the serious accusation of assaulting his wife, uSkhumba namanye amadoda alana Nino MONA NJE STRAIGHT bese nina bo girl niyazazi niyithande kabi impilo elula given a chance ningaba laphana 不不不 Mncim we see you

    • Lucky Msomi
      Lucky Msomi 20 days ago +1

      @Gugu Vilakazi mina personally anginankinga noDaddy but uma ezoba abusive kumkakhe then I have a problem. Ngisho angaphatha abantwana abaBlue nabaGreen I don't mind... But neFro akayiphathe kahle

    • Gugu Vilakazi
      Gugu Vilakazi 20 days ago

      @Lucky Msomi because udaddy uphatha abantwana aba yellow

    • Lucky Msomi
      Lucky Msomi 22 days ago +1

      Mphemphethwa... Sinomona ngobani?

  • perseverance mahlaba
    perseverance mahlaba 24 days ago

    Iyoooohhh skhumbauya ka hell serious

  • Palesa Masemola
    Palesa Masemola 24 days ago +1

    I have been waiting for this不不不

  • Xoliswa Nkolisa
    Xoliswa Nkolisa 24 days ago

    Hai lol joooweeee

  • Pux Mvimbi
    Pux Mvimbi 24 days ago +1

    不 不 不

  • silver mercury
    silver mercury 25 days ago +11

    Jealous people, Roland Muchengwa is way richer than you so stop hating.

    • James Gordon Phiri
      James Gordon Phiri 3 days ago

      @Lucky Msomi It would comedy if he had balanced his act and not relied on hearsay.For example Roland is not wanted in Zimbabwe at all

    • James Gordon Phiri
      James Gordon Phiri 3 days ago

      @collins masuku He is not wanted in Zimbabwe. The charges were dropped years ago

    • James Gordon Phiri
      James Gordon Phiri 3 days ago

      And he is not wanted in Zimbabwe at all. The case was resolved ages ago. The man is always in Zimbabwe. He was in Zimbabwe this past week.People believe lies

    • Mhatter Of Fact
      Mhatter Of Fact 20 days ago

      A racist or hateful or intolerant joke, is still that - hateful, racist and intolerant. No matter how many times you throw in Trevor as an example of a comedian who makes fun of people. This guy's jokes stink of Xenophobia and we picked up on it. Which is why we are condemning them. He went further than trying to be funny by expressing sentiments of hate for that which is different. Until your kind stop hating on foreigners for the simple reason that they are from a different place, we will call you out, whether you like it or not.

    • Lucky Msomi
      Lucky Msomi 20 days ago

      @Mhatter Of Fact no no no no I beg to differ my friend, you just choose to be rigid on something with no basis. I used Trevor Noah as an example of how for year he centered his jokes around former president JZ, and for about 4 years now he's onto Donald Trump. Let's be honest and rational mfo, we all dig deep and dwell in or on anything that seems to be working for us. We all have certain individuals we impersonate better than every body else, so in this case Skhumba can easily impersonate AmaZulu, AmaXhosa and Zimbabweans... Just like all comedians, they better researches and follow more stories of what relates to their line of relevancy.
      Again I say this my friend, and I'm not expecting you to take it in easy. But the nature of comedy is based on mockery of something or someone... It's always not so easy to swallow to the one on the receiving end but their maturity in understanding comedy is what makes most of them not to catch a feeling about it.
      Nonetheless please don't think that anything is all about Xenophobia, give yourself time when analyzing matters don't let what's happening around cloud your judgment of any matter you're assessing.
      It was nice exchanging thoughts and perceptions with you, keep well my brother!

  • absolute spher gift
    absolute spher gift 25 days ago +3

    Skhumba kodwa Jesu ayngeke 不不不不不不

    SAM SAMMY 25 days ago

    King Kong hahahahaaa

  • Chidochashe Kunyenya
    Chidochashe Kunyenya 25 days ago +3

    Skhumbaaaaaaaaa! 不不不

  • Bongani Arthur
    Bongani Arthur 25 days ago +9

    School shoes esdabukile

  • Siyabonga Mofokeng
    Siyabonga Mofokeng 25 days ago

    Piyerrr nose