ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" Dance Practice

  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
  • ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" Dance Practice
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  • Ella Hendrix
    Ella Hendrix Day ago

    I have the biggest crush on Yuna.. 😋

  • Icyink :3
    Icyink :3 Day ago

    Why does yeji look like jennie

  • Nadia R.
    Nadia R. Day ago +2

    I think ITZY is going to be really big and I can’t wait for that comeback! I love you 💕💕💕

    PEQUENA SUICIDA 2 days ago +2


  • Cute Star
    Cute Star 2 days ago +1

    I love ITZY😻My bias:Yeji😍How about you everyone??

    • Ani
      Ani Day ago

      Have no bias yet

    • THETREE go
      THETREE go 2 days ago


    • Alien Cars Fan
      Alien Cars Fan 2 days ago +1

      Yeji too! Lia is such a bias wrecker too tho ☺️

  • 아영양
    아영양 2 days ago +1

    예지 님이 입으신 바지 정보 아시는 분 계시나요 ㅜㅜ

  • jiminie pabo
    jiminie pabo 2 days ago

    does anyone know what type of pants are they wearing?

  • SaYoRi Balançoire
    SaYoRi Balançoire 2 days ago

    Chaeryeong 😱

  • 첀료료_
    첀료료_ 2 days ago

    저이거 장기자랑으로 해요!

  • 조모씨
    조모씨 2 days ago

    외국인 왜케 많아

  • Rose Chan
    Rose Chan 2 days ago +1

    JYP all the way!

  • desiree ramirez
    desiree ramirez 3 days ago +1

    they are dancing as one, also their hair LMAOO

  • Jessalyn b
    Jessalyn b 3 days ago

    Sounds like "Me Too"

  • Bri Khamp
    Bri Khamp 3 days ago

    The fandom should be called Bitzy! Call us bities. It'd be like ITZY BITZY

  • Thanos the Snapper
    Thanos the Snapper 3 days ago

    Its not fair. I already love ITZY but now you gave me ITZY + ponytail. My heart is going to burst.

  • Asta Giedraityte
    Asta Giedraityte 3 days ago

    When i watched this, i remembered Liza from bp

  • dongho {k}
    dongho {k} 3 days ago

    몇일전 우리학교 여자애들이 수련회에서 이 노래로 춤을 춰서 남자애들에 눈이 멀게 된 사건이 있었죠 저도 그 희생량중에 한명입니다...

  • Vette Latrioux
    Vette Latrioux 3 days ago +1

    These ladies are going to be SLAYERS!

  • Pandora xxx
    Pandora xxx 3 days ago +1

    Yeji lookin like a white blood cell

  • Musical DoOdLe
    Musical DoOdLe 4 days ago

    Is dalla dalla playing twice because it’s sounds overlapped

  • just love bts
    just love bts 4 days ago

    Itzy I love you so much

  • Jin's Epiphany
    Jin's Epiphany 4 days ago +15

    *Their dance routine is more cleaner than my ROOM*

  • 위너사랑
    위너사랑 4 days ago


  • Jhonloyd Acoba
    Jhonloyd Acoba 4 days ago


  • I have a name
    I have a name 4 days ago

    No offended but this song intro hear like meghan trainor me too. Hahaha maybe it's just me lol

  • OtakuXHunter
    OtakuXHunter 4 days ago

    I’m obsessed with Itzy’s Dalla Dalla!
    ପfෆr yෆu*೨⋆*✩(ෆˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈ෆ)❤⃛
    Every movement in Sync and crisp and asdfghjkl AMAZING!!!

  • Ihaveno Idea
    Ihaveno Idea 5 days ago +1

    2:10 I liked this part!!

  • Gash Awx
    Gash Awx 5 days ago

    They dance even with their hair

  • Deniz Yazar
    Deniz Yazar 5 days ago +5

    Yeji, Chaeryoung, Lia : "Let's all wear ponytails and not tell Yuna and Ryujin." 😂😍

  • Vivian Descham
    Vivian Descham 5 days ago +1

    So i just got to know itzy, dUDE i love their choreo and synchronized dancing! Can y'all tell me some information? I know their names just tell me their position and some important facts thanks!!💜

    • yeji needs to stop being hot asf
      yeji needs to stop being hot asf 4 days ago

      @Vivian Descham no problem , thank you for supporting them 💚

    • Vivian Descham
      Vivian Descham 4 days ago

      @yeji needs to stop being hot asf thank you so muchh!! Might stan them💜

    • yeji needs to stop being hot asf
      yeji needs to stop being hot asf 5 days ago +1

      _Hwang Yeji_
      (in all white) Positions;
      *Leader , Main Dancer , Lead Rapper , Lead Vocalist*
      Yeji first became a trainee in 2015 so basically she trained for 3+ years. She appeared on Stray Kids survival show in 2018. On December 2018 , she appeared on The Fan show representing "Ain't My Fault" for her first stage. and that continues on after "New Rules" and "Up" performances. Unfortunately , she was eliminated in Ep.5 and was introduced as an ITZY member few months later.
      _LiA (Choi Jisu)_
      (white crop top w ponytail) Positions;
      *Main Vocalist*
      Lia trained for 1 year in JYP and was supposed to be an SM trainee but she auditioned and did not accept the offer for SM. She appeared on a Disney Channel for singing ( you can search it up ) she may really lack stage presence and such but she's really good in rapping despite being the main vocalist. You can take a look of her rap in "Want It?" ITZY's side track.
      _Shin Ryujin_
      (in all black w short hair) Positions;
      *Center , Main Rapper , Face of The Group*
      Ryujin was first introduced in the public for her appearance in BTS' Love Yourself Highlight Reel as Jimin and Jhope's partner. A year later , she participated in MixNine , a survival show produced by YG entertainment and was placed 1st among the trainees but as you know the debut is cancelled due to conflicts. She appeared on Straykids survival show w Yeji in 2018.
      _Lee Chaeryeong_
      (all black w ponytail) Positions;
      *Main Dancer , Lead Vocalist*
      Okay you've probably heard her sometimes. She was in Kpop Star survival show along with her sister , Chaeyeon , who's in IZ*ONE now. She became a trainee in 2014 (???) and trained for years in JYP's dungeon before appearing in sixteen in 2015 but she was eliminated and continued to train there and also appeared on Straykids survival show in 2018 before introduced as an ITZY member.
      _Shin Yuna_
      (w red hair) Positions;
      *Main Visual , Lead Vocalist , Maknae*
      Yuna first appeared in Straykids survival show too , along with Yeji , Ryujin , Chaeryeong. When she and her team didn't make it to debut , her team members all left JYP but Yuna continued to train there for years. After Somi's departure , Yuna was selected to become the new ITZY member even though she was supposedly to be in a JYP gg for the new generation later. Somi was originally going to debut with 4 others , but JYP wanted to make a 5 members gg , so Yuna was like a replacement , but it's really a good decision of him. She also appeared on BTS' Love Yourself Highlight Reel as Jungkook's partner.

  • Bernadett Dobi
    Bernadett Dobi 5 days ago

    what's the name of the girl wearing Adidas leggings and a white sleeveless top?

  • south korea
    south korea 5 days ago +3

    0:27 hair in sync wow

  • Gabrielle Chavez
    Gabrielle Chavez 5 days ago +2

    1:30 is so damn hot asf

  • Lan Nhi
    Lan Nhi 5 days ago


  • Adrian Bayones
    Adrian Bayones 5 days ago +1

    What did JYP feed them?

  • Isabelle Taylor
    Isabelle Taylor 5 days ago

    was Lia a sm trainee before?

  • Diego eag
    Diego eag 6 days ago

    El diegordito

  • xMrs Pandix
    xMrs Pandix 6 days ago +6

    I just love this whole concept
    It isn’t that cute anymore
    More hip hop and baddie whuii

  • yubbi Rose
    yubbi Rose 6 days ago +8

    ok one thing i need to say....

    I love this group💜

  • Gacha Unnie
    Gacha Unnie 6 days ago +1

    Yes QUEENS

  • munchy wonny
    munchy wonny 6 days ago +5

    I've seen a lot of dalla dance cover but no one ever did 1:35 better than yeji, i stan.

  • Ben Fong
    Ben Fong 6 days ago

    love the background music...

  • Alluj Illop BTS
    Alluj Illop BTS 6 days ago +3

    Who choreographed this dance? It is soo good😍

  • Nicole Byun
    Nicole Byun 6 days ago +1


  • Jon Chester de Leon
    Jon Chester de Leon 6 days ago +1

    Lets recognize how in synch everyone in this team. The transitions are good and not messy.

  • Jonathan Rudamas
    Jonathan Rudamas 6 days ago


  • Asha Ali
    Asha Ali 7 days ago +2

    Let's all wear weird baggy pants and not tell lia

  • snehhz owo
    snehhz owo 7 days ago

    tried learning this dance and failed

  • Best Kpop, Jpop, etc-Pop Playlists

    Confession: I hated Dalla Dalla when it came out, but after listening it to again, I LOVE IT. New experiences sometimes need repeated exposure to become addictive: like coffee. Itzy can really dance, are beautiful, and have their own groove. Anyone else do a 180 degree turn towards loving Itzy's Dalla Dalla? Can't wait til their comeback! It's overdue!

  • Em
    Em 7 days ago +2

    I love lia :(

  • trần mai
    trần mai 7 days ago

    Lia body!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Styrka
    Styrka 7 days ago +11


  • DemJibooty
    DemJibooty 7 days ago +1

    I keep checking my speed because i thought i was watching a 2x

  • Taliah Wellons
    Taliah Wellons 8 days ago +2

    They all act like sisters i wouldn't be surprised if they were related or all friends before they auditioned.

  • Ariana Santos
    Ariana Santos 8 days ago


  • Emily Su
    Emily Su 8 days ago +83

    me: * attempts hair flip *
    hair: uh-oh
    glasses: * flies off *
    me: I cAn'T SeE!

    itzy: _swish_

  • Jatirik Echi
    Jatirik Echi 8 days ago

    Ryujin~Itzy Love

  • 쩡 쩡
    쩡 쩡 8 days ago +1


  • Milena oliveira santos
    Milena oliveira santos 8 days ago +4


  • just fans
    just fans 8 days ago +2

    they can handle their hair amazed

  • hey haidee
    hey haidee 8 days ago

    Idky i feel like ive heard this song in a target add on tv

  • antonenricoo
    antonenricoo 8 days ago +1

    Who's your bias?
    Me: *the pretty one*

  • LAYFST loudre fumiyam theshawn

    *stan itzy for better hair*

  • Just Saph
    Just Saph 9 days ago

    is it just me or does the audio progressively get more and more out of sync

  • Kim Jong Dae
    Kim Jong Dae 9 days ago +2

    Can someone tell me who is who

    • Kim Jong Dae
      Kim Jong Dae 8 days ago

      @naushin kanna thanks

    • naushin kanna
      naushin kanna 8 days ago

      Yeji : 19 years old. Leader, main dancer, lead vocalist,lead rapper
      Lia : 18 years old. Main vocalist, rapper
      Ryujin : 18 years old. Main rapper, lead dancer, center, vocalist
      Chaeryoung : 18 years old. Main dancer, lead vocalist,lead rapper
      Yuna : 15 years old. Lead vocalist,lead rapper, visual, maknae

    • naushin kanna
      naushin kanna 8 days ago

      All white - yeji
      White top and black pant, black hair - Lia
      All black, black hair - Ryujin
      Black top, black pants with a little bit white in the front, has a ponytail - Chaeryoung
      White top, black pants, red hair - Yuna

  • Geo Panerio
    Geo Panerio 9 days ago


  • 내 사랑은 융콕이야.내 사랑은 융콕이야.

    Love😍😍 ltzy🌜🌜🌞🌞💜💜❤❤🌚🌚🌜🌜👑👑🍰


    Ryujin:Lets all wear black pants and not tell Yeji

  • Little Pineapple
    Little Pineapple 10 days ago +3

    For people confused about names, here:
    The one wearing all white is Hwang Ye-ji
    The one in the white top and leggings that has a ponytail is Lia
    The one in the black shirt and pants that has her hair down is Shin Ryu-jin
    The one with the reddish-orange hair and white pants and black sweatpants is Shin Yuna
    The one with the black sweatpants and shirt that comes up to her elbows that has dark blond? hair in a ponytail is
    Lee Chae-ryeong

  • Sophie Frost
    Sophie Frost 10 days ago +1

    PRODUCER: how many hair flips are you all going to do?
    ITZY: yes

  • uma kpoper qualquerzinha

    Eu estou apaixonada nelas mds.
    Ryujin já é minha utt ❤
    Bias são todas

  • ざっしょくぺん
    ざっしょくぺん 10 days ago


  • Naty the maknae
    Naty the maknae 10 days ago

    Stop at 1:27 or 26 and look at yuna omg 😂😂😂😂

  • Kim Nguyem
    Kim Nguyem 10 days ago

    Love you, ITZY!

  • marry nguyen
    marry nguyen 11 days ago

    Bọn mày nhảy xấu vãy chó

    • Kim Nguyem
      Kim Nguyem 10 days ago

      It's ok if you think that but thank you for sharing your honest opinion^^

  • rose padilla
    rose padilla 11 days ago

    Wsh la team France !!! Qui est là ?!!

  • Djsksk l
    Djsksk l 11 days ago


  • Djsksk l
    Djsksk l 11 days ago


  • Deepshikha singh
    Deepshikha singh 11 days ago +1

    25 million views but why not that much subscribers

    • Kim Nguyem
      Kim Nguyem 10 days ago +2

      Bc not everyone is going to subscribe to them and it could be thr old subscribers watch it over

  • Francisca Valenzuela
    Francisca Valenzuela 11 days ago +4

    I'm not fan of itzi, but this coreo is wow is incredible 🙌🙌👍

  • Ythan Ohdude
    Ythan Ohdude 11 days ago +3

    1:28 Can Someone Do That?

  • Samantha Gwyneth
    Samantha Gwyneth 11 days ago +3

    *my wig left the group*

  • _Blink_ _Buddy_
    _Blink_ _Buddy_ 11 days ago

    Shin Yuna

  • Josh Park Jihoon
    Josh Park Jihoon 11 days ago


  • chmn vel
    chmn vel 12 days ago


  • Rosie Stories
    Rosie Stories 12 days ago +5

    Can we please be called Litzy’s?? 🥺😭💖💖

  • Rosie Stories
    Rosie Stories 12 days ago +4

    If you listen to itzy you are considered lit.
    Lit + Itzy = Litzy
    You know why? Because together we are lit like a fire! Who wants us fans to be called Litzy’s?? 🤩🌍💗

  • BTS Taehyung_mochi
    BTS Taehyung_mochi 12 days ago +4

    The hair is what distract me the most. MUST FOCUS ON HAIR

  • 인조잉
    인조잉 12 days ago

    이런컨셉 가진 아이돌이 성골할꺼에요!!
    제2의 블핑이 되길

  • 귀여운몽실이
    귀여운몽실이 12 days ago

    춤이 딱딱 맞아 쾌감쩐당

  • nikkyworm YT
    nikkyworm YT 12 days ago +4

    Im not a fan of itzy but look... i like this song 😂😂❤😍

    Edit : after 1week watching itzy.... im now a fan of itzy ❤❤😍😍 mah favorite is yeji!!!! ❤❤😍😍 *start fangirling*

  • naushin kanna
    naushin kanna 12 days ago

    Yay 25M

  • Totoro Totoro
    Totoro Totoro 12 days ago


  • Walter one in a million

    Hype x1000

  • Arthitaya Mhrk
    Arthitaya Mhrk 13 days ago

    RYUJIN ❣

  • BTS army Jungkook
    BTS army Jungkook 13 days ago +4

    They ain't like most girl groups. A lot of girl groups are just here because they have a beautiful body but Itzy has talent.

  • Mega Peny
    Mega Peny 13 days ago +4

    Best coreographer of k pop ever

  • Ma vis
    Ma vis 13 days ago +5

    they look really tall

    • naushin kanna
      naushin kanna 12 days ago

      The tallest is 5'8 ( she's only 15 so she will get even taller) and the shortest is 5'4

  • Hello World
    Hello World 13 days ago

    People are comparing them to Blackpink because of their style and fierceness,
    But I wonder how "ITZY" performs LIVE? Yeah singing and dancing. Will their energy be the same?

    • naushin kanna
      naushin kanna 12 days ago +2

      You should watch their mr removes they are super stable. And no one at first liked ITZY but became a fan bc of their live stages

    • Merry
      Merry 13 days ago +8

      They have amazing energy on stage, stable voices and everything, rookie queens

  • Dominique Dulpina
    Dominique Dulpina 13 days ago +2

    even the hairflips are synchronized , yeji's hair i stan