Joker Director Breaks Down the Opening Scene | Vanity Fair

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
  • Director Todd Phillips takes us through the opening scene of the movie "Joker". He explains how the necessity of an unsettling dynamic tension throughout the film was the driving force that dictated his artistic decisions. Through location, costume, makeup and lighting Phillips created a truly frightening world.

    Joker is in theaters now!

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    Joker Director Breaks Down the Opening Scene | Vanity Fair
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Comments • 8 501

  • Mafaman
    Mafaman 4 hours ago

    We need directors as dedicated and talented as him; bravo!

  • DeJuan Ballard
    DeJuan Ballard 9 hours ago

    this isn't joker, u suck

  • The Secret History Living in Your Aquarium

    this is brilliant! id love to see this on far more films! especially the pen overlay

  • Dick Blunoff
    Dick Blunoff 22 hours ago

    Classic 👏👏👏

  • ZombieDasher
    ZombieDasher 23 hours ago

    He seems to care a lot about directing a great movie, but the media calls joker an incel movie and dismissed the whole film.

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark Day ago +1

    no question the best movie of the year. absolute masterclass in every way possible.

  • Youngest Flexer
    Youngest Flexer Day ago

    This guy is a genius, wow.

  • SynKronikSpyder GG

    This movie was good but I couldn't tell you one memorable part about this movie, it feels like just another Hollywood movie put out just to make money, was not impressed.

  • Audra Evans
    Audra Evans Day ago

    I want more!!

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 2 days ago

    “Everything in the movie is meant to be unsettling...”
    You fuckin nailed it

  • Justin Hopper
    Justin Hopper 2 days ago

    Great film. I love the gritty vibe it has to it. It reminds me of one of my favourites “taxi driver”.

  • Hollistar
    Hollistar 2 days ago +1

    The director: *the whole movie is CG world building, the only real part is Joaquin running*

  • Kasia
    Kasia 2 days ago

    It's an achingly beautiful story. Beautiful with its painful truth. I don't think I have the strength in me to rewatch it, because even watching it for the first time, I saw too many of the things I had been struggling with during my own life in it.
    An aspergian girl with underprivileged background and broken family.

  • TuaMadreNonSiLamenta

    Tommy Wiseau did it better...

  • Recabilly
    Recabilly 2 days ago +1

    I could watch an entire director's cut in this style

  • nicole xlml
    nicole xlml 2 days ago

    I didn't want this to end.

  • Grey Goose
    Grey Goose 3 days ago

    Excellent Movie in my opinion

  • vincent brignoni
    vincent brignoni 3 days ago

    A story of an uncommonly gentle man.

  • Christopher Austin
    Christopher Austin 3 days ago +1

    And the amazing part about this masterpiece. It’s soooooo relatable. It represents the society we live in. You can’t help but truly feel for him throughout the movie. It will make you sad, mad, afraid and happy all at the same time. Best movie ever made imo

  • Maximus Augustus
    Maximus Augustus 3 days ago

    watch out fake Jimmy Fallon

  • Josh Wilson
    Josh Wilson 3 days ago

    That square shot is a fine example of practical and cgi working together brilliantly.

  • tasnim hossain
    tasnim hossain 3 days ago +1

    Still can't believe this guy made this masterpiece

  • CiGi Bee
    CiGi Bee 3 days ago

    Please let this wonderful man do every scene for me like this. Poetry

  • Brother Andy
    Brother Andy 3 days ago

    This man keeps saying, "We wanted it to look like 1979..." Why? Why all the ugliness? Why the relentless inhumanity of man? What's the point to wallow in sickness? He's speaking seriously about all of this as though a great artistic achievement and enlightenment of the human spirit. Original? Educational? Innovative? Inspirational? Offering any alternatives? Sad...

  • Begoodto Yourself
    Begoodto Yourself 4 days ago

    Wow, I need to see this film!!

  • Delemma
    Delemma 4 days ago +7

    “Hi I’m Todd Phillips and my movie had been nominated for like, 10 oscars.”

    • skully
      skully 3 days ago

      Delemma i thought 11?

  • Learsi Oyorra
    Learsi Oyorra 4 days ago

    I just want to know if the character was real in movie or it just was a Joker's dream. You know what I'm talking about, the same hour in all clocks.

  • SolsticeMuzix
    SolsticeMuzix 5 days ago

    I thought so... 😃

    DAMAGEBEATS 5 days ago

    Easily the 2nd best joker

  • ZickPranks
    ZickPranks 5 days ago

    Bruh I dont think anyone noticed the water coming out of the flower.

  • Rachel Roussel
    Rachel Roussel 6 days ago

    Phenomenal movie. Acting was AMAZING!

  • Gary W-l-o-t
    Gary W-l-o-t 6 days ago

    "If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice: HA HA HA!"

  • Murray Franklin
    Murray Franklin 6 days ago

    i have told no lie

  • Trevor G
    Trevor G 6 days ago

    Tbh i didnt think it would be good like i thought it’d be more like an action type of superhero movie like a batman movie but i think this was a great movie nonetheless.

  • Sly25
    Sly25 7 days ago

    I feel they've finally done a joker that it would make sense to be like the Arkham city joker with the thugs etc
    It is somewhat a champion to the downtrodden, he isn't killing his own men all the time

  • Sly25
    Sly25 7 days ago

    Some kids stole the sign
    Who would steal a sign? Just give it back
    Why would I steal a sign?
    I don't know people are weird
    *internally screaming *

  • Sly25
    Sly25 7 days ago +1

    I thought he was just grabbing a rib or something didn't notice the flower

  • Yaz Al
    Yaz Al 7 days ago

    i watched the movie last night on 4k and never noticed the water coming out of the flower >

  • James Tyler
    James Tyler 7 days ago

    3:17 - homage to Peter Lorre's scene in M?

  • Youngthrift King
    Youngthrift King 8 days ago

    I watched this movie 10xs already and figure out something different everytime

  • Elisa Castro
    Elisa Castro 8 days ago

    The more I watch and learn about this movie the more I love it.

  • V B
    V B 8 days ago +1

    The Joker Movie is the modern day Taxi Driver Movie with Robert DeNiro.... Joaquin reminds me of Robert DeNiro, both are intense serious actors. LOVE them both.❤️💋🌺🥂

  • Caleb Godard
    Caleb Godard 8 days ago

    More videos like this, please! This is excellent...

  • Peanut B
    Peanut B 8 days ago

    We need more great film's like these in the theater's there's just alot of theme park's & proganda these days

  • Stefania Ogun
    Stefania Ogun 9 days ago

    I don't like watching this kind of film because I am too empathetic so I always feel very mad when they make fun of people I can't even read a book without getting angry

  • Angel Noel
    Angel Noel 9 days ago

    This movie is just frickin wild, scarier than a scary movie, I never felt like I never expected what to see and still feel as so

  • Scarlet Jester
    Scarlet Jester 9 days ago

    I still can't believe the man that directed the Hangover movie handled this movie

  • Arcanjo Miguel
    Arcanjo Miguel 9 days ago

    i didnt realized he pulls the water out of the flower lol

  • Alcxy
    Alcxy 10 days ago +1

    is it just me or does he look like the bloke that plays House

  • Jason Wood
    Jason Wood 10 days ago

    Does Todd Phillips have a cameo in Joker?

  • Pale Zombie
    Pale Zombie 10 days ago +38

    Let’s be honest, Joaquin is a little nutty, that’s why he was absolutely terrific in every scene.

  • Henrey
    Henrey 10 days ago

    LETS HEAR IT FOR GOLDEN GLOBE WINNER Joaquin Phoenix 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I PREDICT He will win an OSCAR too for JOKER👌🏻👍🏻 I Liked that Joaquin THANKED The Hollywood Foreign Express for making the Golden Globes event all PLANT BASED tonight 😇 I will mention this on my next vlog ON MY TheXvid CHANNEL 😃

  • megan martens
    megan martens 10 days ago

    I hope theres a sequel!

  • gavin Addington
    gavin Addington 10 days ago +4

    It’s insane how a single scene in this movie can rock you to your core. This is the best movie I have ever seen.

  • Dad •
    Dad • 10 days ago +1

    He did a really good job.

  • Carol Mahoney
    Carol Mahoney 11 days ago +1

    Bravo Todd Phillips - you deserve all the praise you get for this amazing movie.

  • Gake Jaskin
    Gake Jaskin 11 days ago +2

    A well deserved Golden Globe. The dedication not only Walking but Todd and Laurence and everyone put in was astounding.

  • PommeVanille
    PommeVanille 11 days ago +3

    I could listen to this for hours

  • DeathBringer Gaming
    DeathBringer Gaming 11 days ago

    In the immortal words of Chris Ray Gun: "Joquan Phalanx"

  • Charles Mondon
    Charles Mondon 11 days ago +4

    This video is way too short, I could listen to Philipps for hours, literally.