656 Days of Fortnite Progression...

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • 656 Days of Fortnite Progression...
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    Guys I hope you enjoyed this video 656 Days of Fortnite Progression... (xbox to PC) (Console to PC)
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  • Yung Chip
    Yung Chip  19 days ago +1045

    I'm glad to be back!

    I've missed you guys and I've missed uploading so it's time for the grind to begin aha ha

  • Rex Rog
    Rex Rog Hour ago

    Wow 237 from a green pump ! Those were the days ay

  • Skull
    Skull 2 days ago

    Hey the number 656 is illegal

  • anthonyz Hn
    anthonyz Hn 3 days ago

    Hey Yung chip I like you ur my best youtuber I wish to play with u I play on EU servers and I'm from UK

  • Thunderbolt Gaming
    Thunderbolt Gaming 4 days ago +1

    You and ducky the gamer should play together

  • Epicgamer Yt
    Epicgamer Yt 4 days ago

    Also read my thing prolly it said I know comment is giving money

    DEADLY SIRAJ 4 days ago +1

    I started playing fortnite on pc yesterday and I think I’m not too bad for playing it for 2 days especially my aim which is a lot better than it was on console
    The issue is because I had a lot of wins on console the games I get into are harder too 😂😭

  • Kelly pope
    Kelly pope 5 days ago +1

    June 2018 at that time that back bling wasnt released

  • 욘직민
    욘직민 6 days ago +2

    Weird fact:
    I never watch one star Wars movie.
    Just wanted to comment something..

  • CloudGames✔
    CloudGames✔ 6 days ago

    Chip you are not a bot i will take your bot word and you take my pro word

  • Danielius Dranseika
    Danielius Dranseika 7 days ago

    Fack you idiot

  • Hell Montage
    Hell Montage 7 days ago

    656 days without sex

  • Nicksweet
    Nicksweet 7 days ago +1

    Should I switch to keyboard and mouse on ps4 or no like for yes dis like for no

  • Trident davy
    Trident davy 7 days ago

    No differents between youre skills from season 1 tot the current

  • aLongLostBrother
    aLongLostBrother 7 days ago

    Anyone notice how it's not a year. Its 356 days.

  • Anthony Gremlin
    Anthony Gremlin 7 days ago

    I joined pre season

  • Liam Baumann
    Liam Baumann 8 days ago

    Feburary... geez this guy is sweaty

  • 6V6X6
    6V6X6 9 days ago +1

    u could wait more 10 days to the tittle be:
    666 days in fortnite progression

  • VaultZ
    VaultZ 9 days ago

    No cap best video I've watched for fortnite in a while good work chipppoooo

  • WonTTed
    WonTTed 9 days ago

    Sensibility please?

  • Apex Gaming
    Apex Gaming 9 days ago

    If you didn't do that lame begging for like I would have liked the vedio😡

  • Maha Albraikan
    Maha Albraikan 9 days ago

    He never gave up I love u man🌚

  • J'son Simpson
    J'son Simpson 9 days ago

    You were dog and now your like clapped clapped

  • _TiToom
    _TiToom 9 days ago

    Il met plus les même balles à la saison chap 2 😂merci fortnite

  • Aldodh Alnadrh
    Aldodh Alnadrh 10 days ago

    u can also see pump Progression from legendary to complete trash

  • Otis Mixon
    Otis Mixon 10 days ago

    No more swearing 🤬

  • Bady Dia
    Bady Dia 10 days ago

    8:45 song ?

  • OL Cubing
    OL Cubing 10 days ago

    werent you a controller player???

  • mantas Kusokstys
    mantas Kusokstys 10 days ago

    In the 3.6 seconds I was already In the Simmental section🤣

  • Mister Musztarda
    Mister Musztarda 10 days ago

    Graphic Have downgrade in this season

  • joS
    joS 10 days ago

    My record is 28 in solos

  • Mr.Pickle
    Mr.Pickle 10 days ago

    you hacked pinky

  • Phoenix Shirley
    Phoenix Shirley 10 days ago

    No u

  • Bedrock
    Bedrock 10 days ago

    Fortnite is traaaaaaaash

  • Uriel Garcia
    Uriel Garcia 10 days ago +1

    This brought back so many memories😩🥺😢

  • X E N O
    X E N O 11 days ago

    What is the music of april 2019

  • Saint Nich33
    Saint Nich33 11 days ago

    Chip is bald hahaha

  • Kevnev123Da g
    Kevnev123Da g 11 days ago

    Can you do more tournaments vids and arena vids?

  • Fort Killer
    Fort Killer 11 days ago +1

    l started in 2017

  • Replayscam YT
    Replayscam YT 11 days ago

    Do another

  • Replayscam YT
    Replayscam YT 11 days ago

    Do another

  • Fábio Ruben
    Fábio Ruben 11 days ago

    I just pressed the like and sub bomb! very nice video , nice progression

  • Chungusblade
    Chungusblade 11 days ago


  • timgie Hannover 96
    timgie Hannover 96 11 days ago

    Januar Geburstag von mir hehe

  • MST deathz
    MST deathz 11 days ago

    My record is 23 but not in solo squads, I get it in solo

    DH D4RKEEN 11 days ago +1

    Hi, what are you doing thumbnails and where do you get photos of these skins?

    WILDZIA 11 days ago +1

    But I’m already bald 👩🏻‍🦲 waaa

  • Not_Inipanda Lol
    Not_Inipanda Lol 11 days ago

    Season 4 but 2018

  • Chase Penwell
    Chase Penwell 11 days ago +1

    6:21-6:29 the call outs are really

  • Giovanni Crestanello
    Giovanni Crestanello 11 days ago

    Song name in March 2019 please ?

  • Mad JCD
    Mad JCD 11 days ago

    10:47 let’s NOT go

  • Yazhi
    Yazhi 11 days ago +1

    Your first fortnite video is my birthday January 28th

  • Samuel Melus
    Samuel Melus 11 days ago +1

    3:54 *btw double pump 4:09 eliminated by superdoublepump

    YT UNIVERSE 11 days ago

    I miss the bolt sniper sound when u hit a headshot

  • Jake
    Jake 12 days ago


  • Jaelene Trinidad
    Jaelene Trinidad 12 days ago

    Who plays fornite

  • Jaelene Trinidad
    Jaelene Trinidad 12 days ago

    How plays fornite anymore

  • Jake
    Jake 12 days ago


  • Mr Crabs
    Mr Crabs 12 days ago

    Who else remembers when he played play station

  • rlultra
    rlultra 12 days ago

    I am actually bald