How to get to new JYPE [My luckiest day in my life ]ran into TWICE and Stray Kids


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  • Kwin Shen
    Kwin Shen  10 months ago +3356

    Thank you for watching this video but I think I need to clarify something since I kept getting similar comments asking about these things.
    1. I showed at the very beginning of the video, it's a GoPro attached in front of my chest, you can easily see it if you're facing me. I didn't hide it from the first place.
    2. I have filmed the whole way going to the building, but it's like an hour long so I cut it into 3 minutes and leave the necessary part. I had never thought about TWICE being there as it was the day of their come back (7.9) .
    3. I did not intend to film them secretly, as you can see the majority of this video is my legs and hands. It's because I love them so much that I was extremely nervous and didn't even dare to turn my body or to ask for a picture or even greet. If there were just another random celebrity, I might just film them directly.( although it's kinda impolite)
    4. The cafe is open to the public and I believe filming inside is not restricted as I'm not the first or only one who has filmed inside. The JYPE staff can go into the cafe through a door connecting the main building and the cafe, other people can only go from the door facing the street.
    5. I'm a Chinese ONCE and I am in south Korea because it's summer break. I have studied in United States for 2 years and going to stay longer for college, so English is fine to me. I have learned some Korean so I can speak and understand a little bit of Korean.
    1. 我在影片的一开始有拍,我录制的相机是挂在我胸前的GoPro,如果你面对我的话相机实际上是相当显眼的,我并没有想着藏相机
    2. 我在过去的路上一直在拍摄,一个小时的路程我只留下了大概3分钟必要的内容。我从来没想过TWICE会在那里因为那一天是她们回归的日子(7.9)
    3. 我没有偷拍她们,毕竟这个视频拍的几乎全是我的手的大腿。我就是因为太喜欢她们才会紧张到不敢动或是要合照打招呼。如果是其他艺人我可能就会直接拍了
    4. 咖啡厅是对外开放的 在里面摄影应该也是允许的 我也有看到其他人在里面拍的视频。 JYPE的员工可以从一个连接着主大楼和咖啡厅的门进去,外人只能从外面的咖啡厅大门进
    5. 我是来自中国的ONCE,但是我已经在美国留学两年并且会留更久,我以前有学过一点韩语,所以中文韩文英文我都没关系。

    • Amber Noce
      Amber Noce 2 days ago

      +유니벨스YanYan there was Felix I think hyunjin and someone elae

    • 유니벨스YanYan
      유니벨스YanYan 6 days ago

      Who was the SKZ members in the cafe?

    • Amber Noce
      Amber Noce 7 days ago

      Oh my god i would have died.. Literally I'm a huge skz Stan and I wouldn't have been as chill as you you are able to maintain yourself and not run up to either of them omg as soon as I saw Felix I died.. He is one of my #1 bias' ughhhhhhbhb I'll trade lives with you

    • Farhan JJ
      Farhan JJ 12 days ago

      you are doing good

    • Vaff angool
      Vaff angool 14 days ago

      +lonewolf otaku
      *Omg that's hilarious,* she totally could have had a career in counter-surveillance.

  • Gtxplosion Gtx
    Gtxplosion Gtx 13 minutes ago

    If I'm in that situation, from the moment the door opened, being the introvert that I am, I would say "Nani!" then turn back and then come home immediately lol

  • Jx plays and vlog
    Jx plays and vlog 17 minutes ago

    Wow so lucky

    DINDA ZHILLATUL 4 hours ago


  • i want sum jimin flavored mochi uwu owo


  • Davihana Walker
    Davihana Walker 11 hours ago

    Why do I also feel nervous???

  • shamalaka44
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  • Qhmda
    Qhmda Day ago

    Omg I don’t know how you made it I’d be dead😂

  • Joy Sorvida
    Joy Sorvida 2 days ago

    How am I getting sweaty and stressed just by seeing this footage????? God girl, I ain’t even there but I feel the tension. I salute you. If I saw TWICE AND SKZ at the same place, I might have collapsed due to palpitations (I have a weak heart, I know you’re not asking, sorry).

  • Jeslyne suryanto
    Jeslyne suryanto 2 days ago


  • dust_ jo
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  • Jc Tapongot
    Jc Tapongot 2 days ago

    you are soo luck dahyun didn't found your camera haha

  • Rugilė V
    Rugilė V 3 days ago

    This camera movement makes me dizzy :(

  • TRIX
    TRIX 3 days ago +1

    I usually feel that kind of pressure around strangers or crowded people imagine if I met twice I think I would have a coma right away

  • TRIX
    TRIX 3 days ago

    U look like u have parkinsons

  • Bethany Paj Ly
    Bethany Paj Ly 3 days ago

    omg my heart was beating fast watching this too i was nervous for you 😭😂

  • Milkomeda
    Milkomeda 3 days ago +1

    I guess she could go up to sana right away because she was too...

    S H Y
    S H Y
    S H Y

  • lAgiMoLaLa? KWHSOSNS
    lAgiMoLaLa? KWHSOSNS 3 days ago +1

    Imagine you just pay for coffee but they serve you TWICE and 3 Members of Stray Kids😂

  • KpopMemes TRASH
    KpopMemes TRASH 4 days ago

    Woah you just ran into twice , changbin , felix , woojin

  • #BiancaLovesKpop
    #BiancaLovesKpop 4 days ago

    You are so lucky!

  • moonchild
    moonchild 4 days ago

    Wow! So lucky!!!!

  • Vale Jimenez
    Vale Jimenez 4 days ago

    Bro I don’t even stan TWICE and my heart was beating so fast lmao

  • Yo Homie
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  • # mannendake
    # mannendake 5 days ago

    15:35 the heartbeat omg!. It's real?

  • # mannendake
    # mannendake 5 days ago

    Thank for you. We love u so much.
    You make me wear earphones for the first time on youtube vlog.

  • # mannendake
    # mannendake 5 days ago

    4:52 dahyun found her camera

  • Taesticles _
    Taesticles _ 6 days ago

    Honestly if you saw me in that situation, I’d start crying. So I feel you sis, it’s totally okay to be nervous.... means you’re human.

  • 유니벨스YanYan
    유니벨스YanYan 6 days ago

    Who was the SKZ members in the video?

  • loveya ok
    loveya ok 6 days ago

    This is the second time I'm watching this video and I'm pretty sure the Stray Kids members there are Felix, Woojin, and Minho.
    (I didn't know much about stray kids the first time I saw this)

  • 雨Maya
    雨Maya 6 days ago

    Aw poor girl your hands are shaking!! I’m surprised you didn’t have a heart attack I would have, thank you for respecting their privacy tho♥️

  • adriana CNCO/KPOP
    adriana CNCO/KPOP 6 days ago +1

    If I walked in there and saw not just Twice but also STRAY KIDS!! I would silently cry or black out🤷🏽‍♀️😭

  • I love Suzy
    I love Suzy 6 days ago

    I am so happy for you that you could see twice and stray kids!!! And sadness manager! I can feel your love for them :')). Thank you for sharing your experience!♡

  • Elizabeth Amirejibi
    Elizabeth Amirejibi 6 days ago +3

    I got the chance to go see their old building a while back and I saw like almost all twice members, all got7 members, some day6 members, some Miss A members, jimin, some other idols as well as JYP himself!! I definitely got lucky. Also got7’s old dorm was next to the apartment i was renting while in korea.. they were basically my neighbors.
    I saw many more idols from other companies but that’s a story for another time 😂😂😂

  • Die Nutellaschnidde
    Die Nutellaschnidde 7 days ago

    Oh my my i would‘ve been dead in the moment when stray kids members showed up (I think felix but I couldn‘t recognize the other 2) oh Ma gawd I would‘ve been so fuckin dead

  • ikka chan.
    ikka chan. 7 days ago +2

    14:56 oww felix i see youuu
    man woojin's jawline is so fine
    changbin's jawline is quacking ;D)

  • Moon Jae Ji
    Moon Jae Ji 7 days ago

    I wish I could watch it in VR. XD

  • Sisypheap Mey
    Sisypheap Mey 7 days ago

    I would cry and do not give a damn.

  • hh yy44
    hh yy44 7 days ago +2

    her name is y/n

  • Sky_ Otter
    Sky_ Otter 7 days ago

    I know this video is not new but, my groups interacting is like-😱☺️😭

  • xXMidnightXx xXPhantomXx

    I dont understand how you made it out alive
    I would actually die if i saw them

  • DUBU
    DUBU 8 days ago

    then jyp himself showed up

  • DUBU
    DUBU 8 days ago

    when i go to korea im gonna find JYP's cafe

  • DUBU
    DUBU 8 days ago

    so jealous

  • yes sir
    yes sir 8 days ago +1

    If I were you, I wouldnt even dare getting inside the cafe lmao

  • Dorotsii Min
    Dorotsii Min 8 days ago +5

    Me be like: *finallY! You decided to take a sip of what u ordered*

  • Exotic Glyphs
    Exotic Glyphs 9 days ago

    when she got into the cafe I swear to god I was hyperventillating like crazy my anxiety was through the roof..i could not breath normally until the video ended

  • jimin kai
    jimin kai 9 days ago +2

    i just saw this video and girl, you’re so lucky omggg

  • I’ll fly with Bangtan Sonyeondan

    What cafe is this?and where is this?

  • JjangJjangJin
    JjangJjangJin 9 days ago

    I really thought that you didn't take a sip of the drink at all😂

    I've never encountered anything like this but I relate to your nervous and awkward behaviour at spiritual level.

  • Stephanie Manligues
    Stephanie Manligues 9 days ago +2

    who are the 3 members of skz that cam in? i only recognized felix

    • Leona
      Leona 7 days ago

      Felix, Woojin and Changbin

  • 하린
    하린 9 days ago +1

    i understand you are nervous and stuff but IF I WERE YOU I WOULD ATLEAST GO AND TELL THEM I LOVE THEM OR SUMTHINN

  • Fuzzy Woozi
    Fuzzy Woozi 10 days ago

    i wish i was this lucky

  • cheese galaxy01
    cheese galaxy01 10 days ago +2

    Omg girl I think your coffee is good now, you shake it for just like 3 minutes and you keep doing it lmao, I notice that you were nervous

  • Nesa's Lab
    Nesa's Lab 11 days ago +1

    if i was you, i've would litterally cried and ded at that moment, then i'll do uneccesary stuff *i don't know why, but my body naturally did this when i'm nervous
    omg! wtf 😭,ur sososoosososososososososososos lucky!!!

  • IStanweirddorks Pham
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  • Shafila Virly
    Shafila Virly 11 days ago

    Sometimes i said this video just so so

  • julia vlogs
    julia vlogs 12 days ago +2

    Where is this located?, I wish I am you

  • A.N.
    A.N. 12 days ago +2

    I would've been panicked as hell if I saw Twice but if I were to see Felix, Woojin and Minho I would've bolted out of there so fast in a panic fjsjsh

  • Amy Tazzik
    Amy Tazzik 12 days ago +1

    13:34 i see jeongsa moment 😍😍😅😅😘😘

  • Abcdef Furrer
    Abcdef Furrer 12 days ago +1

    Thank you for giving them some privacy💖 so happy for you

  • Valerie Dela Cruz
    Valerie Dela Cruz 12 days ago

    Why no Stray kids?

  • Queen Ocean Marie
    Queen Ocean Marie 12 days ago +2

    Your so lucky girl. I hope i can go there to :)

  • Shella May Sotto
    Shella May Sotto 12 days ago

    Your the luckiest!

  • Izza Cyowtchu
    Izza Cyowtchu 12 days ago

    Ahh? Isn't that the event for that one JYP survival show??

  • Joseph Atellin
    Joseph Atellin 13 days ago

    i only recognized felix when they passed by

  • Yee Kee Lim
    Yee Kee Lim 13 days ago

    omg you are so lucky to met twice jeongyeon and dahyun 😢😭

  • Awesome Cactus
    Awesome Cactus 13 days ago

    Omg internal screaming

  • Twiceu Daisuki
    Twiceu Daisuki 13 days ago +5

    Moral lesson:Dont go to Soul cup hahahahaah lol😂💕
    Owsheyt your so luckyyyyyyy congrats👍

  • Trisha MacamTV
    Trisha MacamTV 13 days ago

    Oh my g g i saw LEE FELIX ♥

  • I am Noob
    I am Noob 13 days ago

    I feel your anxiety 😂😖😂😖😂

  • Anjelica Venize DS Llanes

    Too lucky!!!!😭😭💖

  • Vaff angool
    Vaff angool 14 days ago

    *Everything at this cafe* is between $3.25 and $5.50 except for their El Injerto geisha coffee which is $11.00 a cup-and I hear that's pretty cheap for a cup of geisha.

  • Asia Dela Cruz
    Asia Dela Cruz 14 days ago +2

    Omfg felix, woojin, and (i think) minho, was in the cafè toooo :'(
    U so lucky af :(

    OLIVER S. 14 days ago

    I think you did a pretty brave job there 👍😊
    1. I would 've gotten weak knees while Sana (constant bias wrecker) passing by on the street. Result: constant staggering for rest of day.
    2. Failing to get to a free table by simply fainting after passing TWICE, incl. geyser-like nosebleed and hitting head to table while falling.
    3. Needing 30 min to order a simple coffee, my English gets worse while having napkins stuck up my nose.
    4. Making another mess (after the nosebleed) because after 45 min of constant stirring the bottom of the glass will just give in to my persistence.

  • anthea jasminech
    anthea jasminech 14 days ago

    member behind felix, is he wearing shoes and slippers?:'v

  • piesquishythingy
    piesquishythingy 15 days ago

    If i was there omg im going to be happy and take aa picture

  • Shugo灵犀 TV
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  • StayOnce ArmyCarat
    StayOnce ArmyCarat 15 days ago

    Who is the skz member wearing red,with a mask?

  • Kawaii Otome Nightcore

    Welll, I guess I'll go swimming to Korea tomorrow...

  • Amandaalifiar_
    Amandaalifiar_ 15 days ago

    Im sure,you'r lucky person in the world. You meet my bias Sana.

  • Kou Corpuz
    Kou Corpuz 16 days ago

    you're so luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • I stan a penguin
    I stan a penguin 16 days ago

    This deserves a million views😪

  • Robee Marundan
    Robee Marundan 16 days ago

    I will not be able to contain myself when whole stray kids went there

  • Madine Mortela
    Madine Mortela 17 days ago

    Is it really open to public? I wanna try to go there.

  • TWICE no matter what
    TWICE no matter what 17 days ago


  • ********
    ******** 17 days ago

    *TWICE is that one group in a cafe that talked and laughed so loud that can disturb the other customers 😂 I can clearly hear their laughter* 😂

  • 강신나
    강신나 17 days ago

    I see felix but who are the other 2? I swear i'll cry if i ever being in your situation. Just imagine sitting next to stray kids' table. My broke ass can't relate.

  • Mylen Gavina
    Mylen Gavina 18 days ago

    Omg. Im also nervous too. Your so lucky. What did uou do on your previous lice to be this lucky? Hahahaha just kidding.

  • Serene Yan
    Serene Yan 18 days ago

    好棒 !


    STRAY KIDS 😢😢😢😭😭😭😍😍😍

  • najeongmosajimidachaetzu fromis 9

    You're soooo lucky af

  • Jenlisa Kim Manoban
    Jenlisa Kim Manoban 19 days ago

    Sana-ssi is reall a great person inside and out💙👑🍭

  • Oli Herras
    Oli Herras 20 days ago

    "Finally the first sip"

  • Anaya Andrews
    Anaya Andrews 21 day ago

    Imagine if dahyun found her camera 😵😂😂

  • Quỳnh anh Hoàng
    Quỳnh anh Hoàng 22 days ago

    Twiceeee ❤❤❤

  • Yabbyfab
    Yabbyfab 23 days ago

    I would’ve shit my pants


    The lockscreen tho


    Thanknu for respecting them this is why u are blessed ahha


    If i will see them "accidentally" i think i will cry then pass out

  • Zhao Lei
    Zhao Lei 23 days ago +1

    If i was there i will fall down to the floor and loosing my mind 😱😱😵😵🙌🙌