Jose Mourinho's Tottenham were unplayable in win vs. Burnley - Steve Nicol | Premier League

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • ESPN FC's Mark Donaldson and Steve Nicol break down Tottenham's 5-0 win vs. Burnley and Harry Kane and Son Heung-min's performances. Nicol credits Jose Mourinho, saying Tottenham were just too good for Burnley and probably would have beaten just about everyone else.
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  • Ivan Draginov
    Ivan Draginov Month ago +1

    And then la Liga was weak.. Son run from his own penalty area to the goal, and not one player challenged him for the ball - not a single challenge!

  • Cheung Ting
    Cheung Ting Month ago

    U are rubbish nicol ,jose always attack when the team got balance looking back him at Madrid how they score 100+ goal beaten super ever Pep Guardiola team

  • Robinson Ayuk
    Robinson Ayuk Month ago

    Did dude just finds it so difficult to give Mourihno credit. You can feel the pain in his voice.

  • H M
    H M Month ago

    Is This A Same Idiot Pundit Who Ditched Jose Before He Took Over Spurs Job ❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔🤪🤧🤒😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👻

  • marboy walling
    marboy walling Month ago +1


  • Mark B-A
    Mark B-A Month ago


  • Stjepan Blagaj
    Stjepan Blagaj Month ago

    Nicol is talking lots of rubbish some timehe is Liverpool man yes but to be on TV never say anything to bad about Liver.

  • Mark Power
    Mark Power Month ago

    Burnley are not a top 10 side. Relax

  • Richard Grover
    Richard Grover Month ago

    Burnley was cursed if I was a fan I would kill Campbell the war criminal. he's gonna bring you bad luck.

  • Eduardo Landolt
    Eduardo Landolt Month ago +1

    I mute the vid and read the comments...

  • chubbs_malone
    chubbs_malone Month ago +1

    If only they could play Burnley every week

  • Garry Cohen
    Garry Cohen Month ago

    Wait Nicol didn't hate Mourinho?

  • prazey
    prazey Month ago

    If it wasn't Spurs and their bottling DNA when it matters, Jose could have a crack at CL. Maybe Jose is the man to stop the Spurs rotten luck/performances in big moments and they finally announce themselves to the world.

  • Critic One
    Critic One Month ago

    Bayern is waiting

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Month ago +2

    I like the new Jose

  • cjewelz
    cjewelz Month ago

    Err... yeah... it was Burnley, not Bayern.

  • Brian Kin
    Brian Kin Month ago +5

    Spurs will beat Liverpool next.

  • Ways To Play
    Ways To Play Month ago

    Bruh it’s Burnley chill yourself you reject pundits

  • Douche Cassavetti
    Douche Cassavetti Month ago +1

    They played Burnley if they play like that against the top 5 or 6 then you can start praising them like they won the league. Tow mugs who couldn’t get a job in any sport program in Britain working for American sport tv station who still calls it soccer, that should tell you how much they know about football. 🤦🏻‍♂️😆

    • ben bim
      ben bim Month ago

      Nicol is one of the most versatile players that football has ever seen. He was a great defender as well as superb in attack. He scored some brilliant goals, showing off masterful finishes that would put most strikers to shame. He even lead the goalscoring charts at the beginning of the 1987-88 season, after scoring seven goals in his first seven games, including a superb hat-trick against Newcastle.

      Nicol's importance was officially recognised with a FWA player of the year award in 1988-89, after filling six different positions that season, including deputising for the injured Alan Hansen alongside Gary Ablett at centre half.

  • Isak wayne
    Isak wayne Month ago +9

    Son is best player Tottenham👍

    • ben bim
      ben bim Month ago +2

      kane scored 2 great goals and set 1 up as well.

  • Hiu-Man Cheung
    Hiu-Man Cheung Month ago +1

    Bayern is waiting.

  • Strange Fiction, Stranger Truth

    How can you not do a full ESPN FC show after the weekend of Football we've just had? Man United v Man City for one. What a stupid day to have off!

  • slinkiegirl2001
    slinkiegirl2001 Month ago

    burnley where truly awful but fair play to the tots you can only beat what is in front of you

  • mannygomez24
    mannygomez24 Month ago +14

    Not a fan of Spurs but something about them under Mourinho is just very exciting and fun to see play

    • john moore
      john moore Month ago

      mannygomez24 until they play the top 6 then we will see his true colours 🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌 😂😂😂😂

  • Tattoo하는 국제커플

    I am so proud of Son as a korean!!!!!! I wish i could have watched the game there!!!

  • Excel
    Excel Month ago +1

    A sure puskas.

  • Supa Copper
    Supa Copper Month ago +3

    I wonder why the pundits in ESPN hate Mourinho and Man Utd so much.. they literally have almost nothing positive to say about them, and it was even worse when Mourinho was managing Man Utd..

  • Son of the Universe
    Son of the Universe Month ago +4

    It’s burnley tbf

  • wohnungsnomade
    wohnungsnomade Month ago +40

    I like Mourinho, and I start to like the Spurs more and more. And ofc I like Sonaldo! 👌

  • Il Re
    Il Re Month ago +53

    I know it hurts Nicol heart strings to talk something good about a Jose Mourinho side

  • ghostjacker 13
    ghostjacker 13 Month ago +4

    Son should quit football and take up slalom 🎿. Goal of the season. Fighting.

  • Linecrew
    Linecrew Month ago +18

    Officially the longest ball dribbled and scored by a player in EPL history. 80 Meters. Broke the club record of Gareth Bale who had 55 Meters

    • Trickz
      Trickz Month ago +1

      No dribbling was involved in that goal, but still fun to watch. Terrible defending.

    • Sand Island
      Sand Island Month ago

      He said Prem has any of those player other than Ronaldo played in the prem??? And even Ronaldo have not dribbled that 80 meters

    • Black Cat Moto
      Black Cat Moto Month ago

      Look up Peledona Ronomessi. He dribbled his way from the goal line to his mom's house.

    • Roddy S
      Roddy S Month ago +2

      @Teufel Hunden not the longest dribble... google what 'dribble' means and watch the goal again. Now, Bye Felicia!

    • Roddy S
      Roddy S Month ago +1

      @Teufel Hunden world cup is full of fishermen n farmers, right...

  • drakey
    drakey Month ago

    Tottenham bouta win the championship league

  • Santanu Sk
    Santanu Sk Month ago

    Lol Ole above Mourinho in d table

  • THFC
    THFC Month ago +2

    Steve can shut his mouth now

    DILLY D Month ago +1

    The United vs City video is coming out after 3 days... Jus 30 seconds 😂💀

  • Jamie Mcintosh
    Jamie Mcintosh Month ago +1

    Son, the 2nd best player currently in the premier league.
    (Mane is first)

    • Sunny Chow
      Sunny Chow Month ago

      Agree Mane is the best, Son second might be a bit arguable ...

    • Andrew Joyce
      Andrew Joyce Month ago

      Haaa kane sterling de bruyne silva on and on

  • Mourning Ireland
    Mourning Ireland Month ago +138

    "...ran past 7 or 8 players..."
    You don't hear that very often! If it was Messi they'd have a whole video for it.

    • Kibanroi Shlem
      Kibanroi Shlem Month ago

      @Aviral Trivedi 🤣🤣🤣 i hv watch... those sideline defenders who were not attacking him dont count idiot. If so then Maradona dribble 10 players so many time than Messi dribble nver did it once 🤣🤣🤣 Messi clown

    • Nine Five
      Nine Five Month ago +5

      @Kibanroi Shlem I disagree. I love son but he just 'ran' past 7-8 players, while Messi dribbles and completely outplays those defenders. Plus Messi has been doing it for many years.

    • Aviral Trivedi
      Aviral Trivedi Month ago +2

      @Kibanroi Shlem 6😂😂😂 his best run is 8 vs getafe ..... you idiot😂😂 and 7 vs real Madrid go watch carefully

    • Niranjan Rajesh
      Niranjan Rajesh Month ago +8

      Because he 'ran past' and didn't 'dribble past'. He literally just used pace all the way. As a chelsea fan, i love son,but stop being so salty. J see that you want to jump on the bandwagon of hating on this channel,but use your brains once in a while. Messi did it for a decade and a half,son did it for the first time in his career

    • Michiel Vorster
      Michiel Vorster Month ago +3

      Messi does it every day

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    60th comment ⏳⌛️🛠💣

  • Amin Ahmed
    Amin Ahmed Month ago +46

    Sonaldo Nazario 💥💥💥⚽️

  • Koala Bear
    Koala Bear Month ago +3

    Jesus christ Mourinho has made a huge difference how? He's washed up someone should remind him

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago +1

    Cmon Nicole, it's Burnley

  • K Peres
    K Peres Month ago +101

    Weren’t they the one that said Jose isn’t a good coach 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Connor Mcgregor
    Connor Mcgregor Month ago +89

    Just a week ago, they were like 'we finally saw Spurs true colours'

  • Mutugi
    Mutugi Month ago +5

    Can’t wait for Steve Nicol to react to the United win vs City

  • Enzo Alvarenga
    Enzo Alvarenga Month ago +12

    Can’t wait for the boys to unfairly diss Man United and not praise em

  • Shkar Azad
    Shkar Azad Month ago +18

    Wating for english version

  • Golazo123
    Golazo123 Month ago +128

    Mourinho will turn this Tottenham team into Real Madrid 2011/2012. Electric fast counter attacking football.

    • tutu kuluku
      tutu kuluku Month ago

      tottenham wishes they were like real madrid for a single season

    • Yurhomi 24
      Yurhomi 24 Month ago +3

      Toori Baba you might as well give him the payment now

    • SWAT 1611
      SWAT 1611 Month ago +1

      @Fallen Colossi vertonghen and alderweireld have to be convinced, even if eriksen leaves, mourinho wont have much problem.

    • Fallen Colossi
      Fallen Colossi Month ago +1

      @Chirag Sharmasounds like they need more than what you suggest………
      Good luck convincing Toby, Eriksen and Vertonghen……😢😢


    • Golazo123
      Golazo123 Month ago +3

      @Roddy S They have Sonaldo.

  • Serena Poketeen
    Serena Poketeen Month ago +3

    Mou is a real manager meanwhile lampard nope

  • Ismael Ramirez
    Ismael Ramirez Month ago +29

    Here after Man Utd beat City, having made them (City) look poor in the first half by being superb themselves. But I guarantee Nicol and the others on the panel will spin it instead as an awful performance by Man City, which made Man Utd look good. And I guarantee Nicol will have some nonsense spewing out of his mouth like he always does when United perform well.

    • Godzilla Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
      Godzilla Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do Month ago

      At the moment , United have the advantage of being underestimated by the big teams owing to their inconsistent performance . Do not get your hopes high up. As of now United still struggles against teams that are in between , the Top 4 and the relegation zone.

    • rotimi aruwajoye
      rotimi aruwajoye Month ago

      @Tyler Solvestri they only showed up in the last 15 minutes and should have been 4 nil down at half time so no they didn't outplay utd

    • Tyler Solvestri
      Tyler Solvestri Month ago +2

      Awful performance when it comes to finishing and defending counter-attacks, overall they were way much better than Manchester United, they controlled almost the whole game, but as usual they don't score until they know that the game is in its final minutes, typical Man-chocks-eter City how I said a day ago in this channel.

    • Drew Coate
      Drew Coate Month ago +2

      Guaranteed mate lol

  • Arnav Karandikar
    Arnav Karandikar Month ago

    And Stevie how was bissaka performances

  • Arnav Karandikar
    Arnav Karandikar Month ago +1

    Make a vid on Man U vs man city

  • ki civil
    ki civil Month ago

    Just watched MU vs MC it was 💥

  • Ronaldo Kohli
    Ronaldo Kohli Month ago

    Tottenham on the way for title

  • Deeptarka Bhattacharyya

    Can't wait to see steve nicols reaction to united's win vs city. 😂😂

  • Basic C
    Basic C Month ago +1

    They played freakin Burnley ...

    • KidAAA
      KidAAA Month ago +1

      Burnley aren't a bad side, many good teams struggle to score even 2 goals past them

    • Ultra Neos
      Ultra Neos Month ago +1

      Basically Games Liverpool have struggled against many teams this season, it doesn’t happen often.

    • Kris Zhao
      Kris Zhao Month ago

      Wich united cant win

    • Basically Games
      Basically Games Month ago +4

      I mean yeah. But 5-0 against any premier league team unless ur liverpool is an amazing result

  • HWAN J
    HWAN J Month ago +155

    Son.. his movements like Maradona

    • kwyjibo33
      kwyjibo33 Month ago

      @jason garcia Maradona didn't have the speed of lots of people! That's not the point. Maradona's greatest strength was his incredible ball control. Second to none. That's something Son can't match. Although he is most likely faster, yes.

    • Jason Kim
      Jason Kim Month ago

      @Richard Grover Can't you tell a racist remark? Many white people are like that!!! Didn't you know?

    • Richard Grover
      Richard Grover Month ago

      @john moore what are you talking about.?

    • john moore
      john moore Month ago

      HWAN J 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he makes the curry for the team his eyes is always shut 😜

    • Richard Grover
      Richard Grover Month ago

      @Jason Kim it was the referees fault not maradonas . George best said many times he is the greatest footballer ever and that tells you everything.

  • Mr Miyagi
    Mr Miyagi Month ago +58

    Sonny just scored the best goal ever

    • john moore
      john moore Month ago

      Mr Miyagi and a great curry maker 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Klutch Boi
      Klutch Boi Month ago

      @Farben that was pure technique

    • Farben
      Farben Month ago +2

      Suarez was much more impressive.

    • ZPSBestProfileName
      ZPSBestProfileName Month ago +5

      Dude, calm down. He only had to dribble around 2 players. The rest didn't challenge him. Great goal nonetheless

    • Roddy S
      Roddy S Month ago +6

      not seen many goals have we

  • Bart Allen
    Bart Allen Month ago +50

    Stevie would have enjoyed that United beat Man City. Although he might say that United were lucky or that they didn't create anything from open play.(whenever it suits his narrative).

    • Fallen Colossi
      Fallen Colossi Month ago +1

      @Bart Allen nah they need at least 5 more world class players.
      Keep on spend another half a billion pound 😂😂

    • Bart Allen
      Bart Allen Month ago +1

      @Andre Emmanuel they also need another forward and a left-back.

    • lokat4 ci
      lokat4 ci Month ago

      If United win any match against any team with their dogshit players and fans it should be because of luck fact

    • Harjodh Mann
      Harjodh Mann Month ago

      Too biased

    • Andre Emmanuel
      Andre Emmanuel Month ago +7

      Stevie would just say City poor performance allowed Utd to seem better. He is one of the most annoying pundits on the panel.
      To me, Man U just need a attacking mid, and a backup striker to deal with low block teams like Villa, etc

  • Caribbean Flava
    Caribbean Flava Month ago +150

    Son is gonna be a top 10 balon dor contender under mourinho by next year if he keeps up this form

    • john moore
      john moore Month ago

      Caribbean Flava he's already the best curry maker at Spurs 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • stephen choi
      stephen choi Month ago

      @Rizwan Islam Nope. For ballon d'or 2019, Son did not get a single vote from china, japan, or any of the Asian countries. The only vote from asia he got was from south korea, his home country.

    • Chris Bautista
      Chris Bautista Month ago

      Rizwan Islam Asia is huge continent. South Korea is only part of South Asia. There are countries in Asia that used to be part of the USSR. You have the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East. So you can’t expect asian journalists to vote for Son because he identifies as asian. Son would have to win the EPL, Champions League with Tottenham & the Asian Cup or World Cup with South Korea. To be even considered as a contender. Yet I doubt that isn’t even enough.

    • The Hood
      The Hood Month ago

      @Jamie Mcintosh 2nd Best?

    • TheTruthsayer
      TheTruthsayer Month ago +1

      Fallen Colossi Modric won it because he had a great year