World Of MG: Homecoming | S02E03 | Garmi Ka Jugaad | Ft. Aisha Ahmed & Ayush Mehra

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • After bidding adieu to the magical state of Assam, Aisha Ahmed and Ayush Mehra have made their way to Bomdila in Arunachal Pradesh. But everything doesn't go in Ayush's favour because he has a nasty encounter with Bhut Jolokia, the infamous Indian ghost pepper, and even gets a little sloshed after some Apong. This leg of Aisha and Ayush's tour of north east India is a rollercoaster!
    Hosts - Aisha Ahmed, Ayush Mehra
    Directed by - Aryaman Pathania
    D.O.P - Saurabh Yadav and Aryaman Pathania
    Field Director - Amit Malik
    Edited by - Pranshu Aggarwal
    Production Manager - Kishant Rana
    Production Assistant - Himanshu Chaudhary
    Stylist - Adete Dahiya
    Hair & Make-up - Pavitra Rastogi
    Script and Screenplay - Siddharth Sujan
    Executive Producers - Akhil Verma, Siddharth Sujan, Udit Malhotra
    Social Media Team - Namita Mittal, Gunjan Upreti, Sonalika Debnath
    Design Team - Kriti Goyal and Gaurav Sharma
    Opening Title Sequence - Vidisha Pandey and Abhinav Sharma
    #AishaAhmed #AyushMehra #IndianWebSeries
    More about Bomdila in Arunachal Pradesh:
    Bomdila is one of the 60 constituencies in Arunachal Pradesh, most famous for the Bomdila monastery. Bomdila remains extremely cold throughout the year. Bomdila monastery is a great place to seek peace. The best time to visit Bomdila monastery is during the Losar Festival. You must come here if you're in north east India.
    More about Bhut Jolokia:
    Bhut Jolokia, also known as Ghost Pepper, was certified as the world's hottest pepper in 2007 by the Guinness Book Of World Records. In their journey across north east India, Aisha Ahmed challenges Ayush Mehra to try a bhut jolokia chilli. Does he accept her challenge?
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  • Tripoto
    Tripoto  Month ago +54

    Would you ever try Bhut Jolokia??

    • fahmida islam
      fahmida islam Month ago


    • Kunal Das
      Kunal Das Month ago +1

      Love from Assam 😍

    • ajay kalita
      ajay kalita Month ago

      Yeshh ofcourse ,lots of love from Assam , Guwahati

    • jeutirekha haloi
      jeutirekha haloi Month ago +2

      Yess,,actually it's in our kitchen...waiting salu for next one..

    • Aastha Nath
      Aastha Nath Month ago

      Tez stands for 'blood' not for the not for the hotness of bhut jolokia. And the pronounciation of 'apong' is also wrong. Anyways I loved the episode and bhut jolokia is my quite favourite....

  • RBasumatary Life
    RBasumatary Life 10 days ago

    Ap lok nah Bhairabkunda, Udalguri route seh ahna chahiye tha thab aur bhi Majha hota, kyunki aplogo koh Bhutan joki neighbour Foreign Country kah v thora toh Chehera dhekneko miltah, joki merah home town hain. Hotel you had lunch is near to my place that we travel that places every week. Tenzingaon, Shergaon and Apple Garden of Shergaon.

  • Rajni sharma
    Rajni sharma 19 days ago

    They both♥️

  • Rajni sharma
    Rajni sharma 19 days ago

    How can i be part of ur journeys

    • Tripoto
      Tripoto  19 days ago

      You are a part of every journey when you watch our videos :)

  • shiny basu
    shiny basu 23 days ago

    Hey i m from Tezpur... nd i hope u two had a amazing trip to northeast.... but u should hault to tezpur for one day atleast as it is a City of Eternal romance

  • Dr.Meera Ambaliya
    Dr.Meera Ambaliya 27 days ago

    Why all lines which are names of episodes ... Said by aayush?

  • sumitra kasireddi
    sumitra kasireddi 27 days ago

    Such a lovely episode!! Feels like a virtual trip with these guys in the amazing north-east.. Tq Tripoto for such a series.. Love you ayush n aisha :)

  • Nabeel Ahmad
    Nabeel Ahmad 28 days ago

    More than travel videos, I like their friendship.

  • Smitakshi Borah
    Smitakshi Borah 28 days ago

    How was your experience in Assam?... Msny people don't know about Assam...So thnks for exploring.How was Tezpur? I am from Tezpur...If i knew you guys were coming would definitely met you..

  • chatoi s
    chatoi s 29 days ago

    It’s spelled Apong not apong.

  • Kattapa 007
    Kattapa 007 29 days ago

    3.39.I see a ghost in the back seat,may be because of Bhoot Chilly🤣

  • Prince Bansal
    Prince Bansal Month ago +1

    hey is your budget to low,because at 6:28 aisha's leggings have a hole.
    just kidding tripoto actually all these minor things are nothing in front of mind blowing content. so just keep it up.

  • Abhishek Modak
    Abhishek Modak Month ago

    Tripoto do you even know where the name Tezpur came from? It's not because of the chilly. "Tez" means blood in Assamese. It was named as Tezpur because there a huge battle was fought and the river there was red for a long time due to the blood. Without any proper research how can you say such stupid things about a place in a video. But you have a notion that India k TheXvid viewers to ullu hai; they would buy anything. Please do a proper research about our Assam next time. It's a request 🙏

    DEVINA DESAI Month ago

    Loving each part of these videos

  • Dibya Jyoti Sundi
    Dibya Jyoti Sundi Month ago

    U have crossed my hometown (Mazbat) while going to tawang.. Missed the opportunity to meet you guys

  • Iam Rohit
    Iam Rohit Month ago

    Sahi hai paid trip and get paid for fun and explore the india... yaar es cheez se badiya to kuch bhi nai duniya mai

  • Nandini Basu
    Nandini Basu Month ago

    Lovely ... i enjoyed Bomdilla with my two lovely kids..Ayush n Aisha... waiting for more trips with them..God bless u my kids

  • Megha katyal
    Megha katyal Month ago

    Love the twining of both of you

  • Manoj Soni
    Manoj Soni Month ago

    Ayush voice really cool...little bit childish note😉

  • Rounak Narayan
    Rounak Narayan Month ago

    One day I'll be tripping with you♥️ through the sites of this place

  • Rabita Nowreen
    Rabita Nowreen Month ago

    imagine yourself getting paid to roam around your own country in a CAR

  • A Hope
    A Hope Month ago +1

    I love this starting music... वीणा sound

  • Ambreen Malik
    Ambreen Malik Month ago

    Love u ayush & aisha want to see you in all the seasons of home coming

    AMAR PRAKASH Month ago

    Ayush wish to meet 😃😃😃😃

  • Sridevi S
    Sridevi S Month ago

    It ended so quick....

  • vibhashree B S
    vibhashree B S Month ago

    I feel like going to the place was such a intense feeling...❤️thank you guys!!!

  • nisarga jagadish
    nisarga jagadish Month ago

    The sun sets at 5PM in Andaman too

  • Vrusha Baxi
    Vrusha Baxi Month ago

    Superr awesome mast😍
    These episodes make me crave more!!

  • Komal Ruparel
    Komal Ruparel Month ago

    I want to join u both

  • Ashapurna Das
    Ashapurna Das Month ago

    I feel proud to be from northeast india

  • mansi khandelwal
    mansi khandelwal Month ago

    Please episodes ko thoda lamba kardo


    Go to god place like shegaon

  • Dpika Vashisht
    Dpika Vashisht Month ago +1

    I'm in love with India just because the way you guys showed it
    Thanks Tripoto
    Love Aisha n ayush ♥

  • Ilma baig nasheeza
    Ilma baig nasheeza Month ago

    I loved it!!!!!

  • Ankitraj Saikia
    Ankitraj Saikia Month ago

    Konsi jagah se border cross Kiya Arunachal Pradesh Jane ke liye? I mean "Banderdewa" ya "Gohpur" ?

  • Syed Tauqeer
    Syed Tauqeer Month ago

    I just wanna see Ayush have that chilli 😂😂

  • Suryakant Sharma
    Suryakant Sharma Month ago +3

    Kudos to behind the camera guys..💗

  • meena kumari
    meena kumari Month ago

    You people are just great
    Veery niceeeee episode just loved it
    Keeep doiiiing aaaaamzing work
    Ayush and aisha great job 👏👏

  • Nandani Shyamal
    Nandani Shyamal Month ago

    Its amazing yar both of you

  • Sushnata Goswami
    Sushnata Goswami Month ago

    Tezpur is not named after ghost chilly. Its named after the battle fought between Hari and Hara there where lot's of blood were shed. 'Tez' means blood in Assamese and 'pur' means city. Hence Tezpur means city of blood.

  • tushar kotnala
    tushar kotnala Month ago

    One thing is for sure that Ayush's dressing sense is awsm. I don't know whether he chooses it or designer gives him but whatever he wears it suits him.

  • Sadhana Kumari
    Sadhana Kumari Month ago


  • Jahid Laskar
    Jahid Laskar Month ago +11

    How can these two NOT fall in LOVE 😅❤️

  • Priyal Bhandari
    Priyal Bhandari Month ago

    Yrr they both look so cute together ...I love both of them and this series 😍😍

  • Ashwini Meravi
    Ashwini Meravi Month ago

    Thank you for telling us something new ❣😍

  • Ayush Gaur
    Ayush Gaur Month ago

    Bhai kabhi aapki chavi gadi mein nhi chut thi

  • Kavita Singh
    Kavita Singh Month ago

    I want Aisha to drive this awesome car....

  • Kavita Singh
    Kavita Singh Month ago

    Aisha drive kyu nahi karti...

    MICKEY BARAIK Month ago +1


  • löst soul
    löst soul Month ago

    That intro music is damn nice 💗bohot suna suna lag raha he

  • J P
    J P Month ago

    Sab jaga ghum rahe ho to odisha me bhi ghum lo.... Bahat achhi tourist place bhi he yanha.. pls Odisha me bhi aana

  • roshin kuriakose
    roshin kuriakose Month ago

    Still waiting for Aisha to drive.. 😂😂😛

    • Tripoto
      Tripoto  Month ago +1

      Ayush chalaane hi Nahi deta, Aisha Is also waiting 🙄

  • Nandini Rajput
    Nandini Rajput Month ago +2

    Ayush and Aishaaa😍😍😍
    These two are my favourites.. I love to see them with eachother. I enjoy seeing them together..
    And ayush😍😍😍❤ ke pj are amazingg😂
    Oh my gawwwd.. I always go so deep in the episodes it takes me few seconds to come out of the episodes....
    Beautiful episodes with beautiful two souls.. and hats off to tripoto.. to make these two seasons thank you so much!!❤❤❤❤

    • Tripoto
      Tripoto  Month ago +1

      Thanks for your kind words Nandini

  • Willson Patra
    Willson Patra Month ago

    Kya yaar kitna tadapayoge aap log. Wish i could join you guys.
    As always love from #Odisha👍🤘✌👌❤🇮🇳

    • Tripoto
      Tripoto  Month ago +1

      Love to you in Odisha

  • Sneha Srivastava
    Sneha Srivastava Month ago +9

    Watching Ayush and aisha has become my every day routine 😻❤ !!! Also this is so beautifully shot like I'm outta words rn !!

  • Sejal Laddha
    Sejal Laddha Month ago

    It's very very beautiful 💜💜

    • Tripoto
      Tripoto  Month ago

      Even more stunning in real life

  • chandan kumar
    chandan kumar Month ago

    Mind blowing..... wonderful ❤️❤️
    I wish ki ye journey chalte rhe...

    • Tripoto
      Tripoto  Month ago +1

      Manzil se behtar lagne lage hain ye raaste

  • Gopi Krishnan
    Gopi Krishnan Month ago

    Come to KERALA please.......

  • neeharika mandloi
    neeharika mandloi Month ago

    Guys please atleast make a 10-15 min video ... it finishes so fast yaar 😅

  • Saaransh yadav
    Saaransh yadav Month ago +5

    These series are the best series till know when ever I come back from my coaching from pakau sir I just watch these episode again and again I just love it .
    Beacuse it doesn't have romance not a fight just a causal behavior I just love it.
    All thanks to tripoto for letting our mind fresh.
    Please make a 5 season of it because it's a very cool series.
    Please and lot's of love.