"There's More Cheese In Here Than There Is In Holland" | Hell's Kitchen

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • Just a bit too much cheese.
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    In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.
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  • CoolMan Caravan
    CoolMan Caravan 7 hours ago

    This is why I dont work in restaurants anymore. A showcase of how neurotic humans are at their core. They don't realize that if they slowed down and stopped screaming at eachother it would actually run more efficiently over time. A bunch of losers putting insane amounts of pressure on eachother until one of them inevitably breaks down, when in reality its JUST COOKING. when you cook at home, does it end in tears?

  • Rainman
    Rainman 8 hours ago

    I like cheese. Yes i am dutch.

  • Aceman 69
    Aceman 69 10 hours ago

    Ashley is FINE!!!!!!

  • mincraftcreeper boy
    mincraftcreeper boy 12 hours ago

    Dude perfect

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 17 hours ago +1


  • BFT Neelix
    BFT Neelix 21 hour ago

    There is no such thing as "Too much cheese". As someone who has developed an amazing true to form Chicago Deep dish recipe, these are words I live by. BTW, I don't know about Holland's cheese, but I've been to a cheese market in Wisconsin, one of the benefits of once being a relationship with a Wisconsin native, I've seen what REAL cheese looks like. I've seen Cheese wheels that are big enough to be used as tires to a 4x4 with a lift kit, thats some amazing cheese.

  • Fun N' Stuff
    Fun N' Stuff Day ago

    As a person from holland this is hilarious to me

  • Hideo_22
    Hideo_22 Day ago

    women in the kitchen down talking a marine for not using team work in a kitchen. lmfao what a bitch. You can tell she feels real special after saying that, like shes the top gun or something.

  • The Kameleon
    The Kameleon Day ago

    Iam Dutch and dont like cheese.
    Raw. Dry. Bland.


  • degamer _nl
    degamer _nl Day ago

    i live in holland

  • Shawn Whitfield
    Shawn Whitfield 5 days ago

    I wold have been snapped on frank he pisses me off on a whole new level fucking pig

  • Happy hours Together

    Ashley starts crying
    Le gordon-: get me risito

  • Frank The Tank
    Frank The Tank 6 days ago

    From where I come from, when we cook something wrong we usually just pour the food out and wash the pan..... Not throw the whole bloody pan into the bin.

  • Solid Fear
    Solid Fear 6 days ago

    Jackie stay talking shit

  • Surrounded byCowards

    The bitch at 00:39 have no place in any kitchen ... she's a disgusting bitch !
    I fear for Ramsay to be poisonned by these managers one day or these psychopath chef ...it's maybe already done : Alzeimer, parkinson, ect ... ?
    When the owner or the manager do not want to eat their own food there is a problem & when they eat it (to please Ramsay) , they made a wince
    The American dream for the immigrants was to poison the American people ... a lot of immigrants own restaurant (TOO MUCH ) !
    they have succeeded! ... bastards !
    When i see the client waiting impatiently their food, it make me sick ...they are so primitives °!
    The people (client) are ready to be poisonned because they are primitives about good food & the restaurant manager know this but they don't care about the people (they poison them intentionnaly )...of course people are stupid & primitives ... they are goyims & they act exactly like that !
    THe role of Ramsay is to stop the restaurants that poison the people since the last 50 years ..& it was about time !
    People eat shit since 50 years & they like it...they can find that this food is better than an other but it's still shit !...some shit a just better for some than other food !

  • Slyth.edits
    Slyth.edits 7 days ago

    I was looking for Tom Holland clips on my recommended for an edit and I saw Holland and now I’m “binge” watching Hell’s Kitchen clips. A new level of procrastination

  • Dash Shehadeh
    Dash Shehadeh 8 days ago

    I love cheese, I'd eat that hmmmmmmmmmm

  • rtpnqty
    rtpnqty 14 days ago

    He got so soft over the years

  • Cap Colombie
    Cap Colombie 15 days ago

    Someone needs to heat up a saute pan until it's red hot and then smack Frank in the face with it.

  • Pinky Lust
    Pinky Lust 17 days ago +1

    Sick of ads

  • Adam McCarthy
    Adam McCarthy 17 days ago

    Rizowto .. thick Yankers

  • M Benzo
    M Benzo 17 days ago

    Jackie is the worst, no culture no class u can tell in the way she talks

  • Gunzlingr_K
    Gunzlingr_K 17 days ago

    2:37 what ya were looking for

  • Iarwain
    Iarwain 18 days ago

    There is no such thing as too much cheese.

  • Flaming Basketball Club


  • Aubergine Bellen
    Aubergine Bellen 18 days ago

    I learned a great way to get someone to respond to you in the kitchen if SCREAMING their name doesn't work: throw a pan at them. "Why the fuck did you throw a pan at me?!" "Because it got your fucking attention asshole."

  • Daniel Soto
    Daniel Soto 18 days ago

    Just makes them all grilled cheese sandwiches. Much easier.

  • ms381
    ms381 18 days ago

    Rizz zooohh toe! LOL America

  • Pamon Santos
    Pamon Santos 18 days ago

    you don't throw away food like that.. i don't mind eating it with extra cheese 🤣

  • IGet Kills
    IGet Kills 18 days ago

    Ashley a cutie

  • xavier paesch
    xavier paesch 19 days ago

    I’m Dutch and that’s literally my breakfast everyday

  • Will Mac
    Will Mac 19 days ago

    Frank is a fag.

    DUTCH FUQBOY GAMES 19 days ago


  • East Is Up.
    East Is Up. 19 days ago

    I hate Jackie.

    QUIET GIRL 19 days ago

    This season was wack.

  • Neuro Eudaimonia
    Neuro Eudaimonia 19 days ago +1

    I live in Holland, and I confirm this is true.

  • David Sastre
    David Sastre 19 days ago +1

    Jackie is such a pig

  • I M
    I M 19 days ago +3

    Under pressure. Burners on full blast. You got Gordon Ramsay wanting to say HEY ALL OF YOU every 5 seconds. These Scallops are FUCKIN RAW FFS. *JFC THE LAMB SAAAAUUUUUCE* RISSSSOOOOTTTTOOOOOO. Overcooked Beef Wellington? *FUCK OFF!*

  • Cmurrayy
    Cmurrayy 20 days ago

    Gordon is literally a god of the kitchen
    Throws pan at the side of table still goes into the sink somehow

  • Flexamillious ok
    Flexamillious ok 20 days ago

    Scrambles eggs tacos and hotdogs would all be cooked in flexamillious's kitchen and all walks of life would come and eat

  • Mike H.
    Mike H. 20 days ago

    Reminds me of the service when Chef Marco made Gordon cry for over cooking the pasta. Ah, the memories...

  • Skip Mccrabs
    Skip Mccrabs 20 days ago

    2:36 thank me later

  • Vo AcAbA c O LoL
    Vo AcAbA c O LoL 20 days ago

    no but seriously, are you OK????????????

    IRS MEME COLLECTOR 20 days ago

    FVCK that man mike

  • dsafasdfsdaful
    dsafasdfsdaful 20 days ago

    "This was worth waiting for". Well it better have been. Your enjoying a top class, five star dining experience for free. I sure hope it was worth waiting for.

  • Thomas van den Belt
    Thomas van den Belt 20 days ago

    I am from Holland, I can confirm this is true

  • hwang1607
    hwang1607 20 days ago

    looks like a nice risotto

  • abcpea
    abcpea 20 days ago


  • EmptyWalletMultimedia
    EmptyWalletMultimedia 20 days ago

    1:29 and that shoulda been a kick out

  • rSlash is my daddy.
    rSlash is my daddy. 21 day ago

    More cheese than in holland?

  • Daiko Hiki
    Daiko Hiki 21 day ago

    Absolutely class throw at 2:59

  • fuckface
    fuckface 21 day ago

    All you need to know how it is to cook fish scallops Beef Wellington and risotto and ur good to become the next winner

  • Tangerine-OG
    Tangerine-OG 21 day ago

    we got alot of cheese in holland

  • Parker Dodson
    Parker Dodson 21 day ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay: 2 Beef Wellington, 2 Scallop, 2 Risotto

  • ErenTheBombJaeger
    ErenTheBombJaeger 21 day ago

    I went to this restaurant forgot what it’s called but it was visited by Guy Fieri and when I ordered the Mac and cheese I’m not joking I literally was eating a bowl of melted cheese. I found like 8 pieces of pasta in it.

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 21 day ago

    More cheese in a risotto than in Holland. Good one! LOL 😆😆😆

  • hans goerh
    hans goerh 21 day ago

    Looks like a puddle of puke with a shrimp on top - oh my goodness

  • Caveira Fan6
    Caveira Fan6 21 day ago

    Auch that hurts because im from holland😂

  • Jakob Coronado
    Jakob Coronado 21 day ago +7

    Gordon ramsay:(eats steak)
    Also Gordon ramsay: its raw and over cooked also its underseasoned and its over seasoned

  • Caroline g
    Caroline g 21 day ago

    This show stresses me out and I’m not even there.

  • Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports

    Ramsay could make the hardest mufuka break down in tears.

  • Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports

    It’s like a cheese fondu 🧀

  • Aquamelon 008
    Aquamelon 008 21 day ago

    She you hear someone say Risoooootoooooo

  • Peaceful Dusk
    Peaceful Dusk 21 day ago

    Gordon just isn't as loud as he used to be.

  • Jesse Birch
    Jesse Birch 22 days ago

    The way he throws the pan at 2:59 is mesmerising

  • beezzarro
    beezzarro 22 days ago

    This man is the avatar of anger. Joe pesci was on his way, but he had too many nice moments.

  • Gino Tuano
    Gino Tuano 22 days ago

    2:59 What did the pan do to deserve that? 😂😂😂

  • Runway runner
    Runway runner 22 days ago


  • Ian Pat
    Ian Pat 23 days ago

    I like cheese though.

  • RandyChimp
    RandyChimp 23 days ago

    That dude cooking the risotto isn't focussed so much he can't hear her, he's ignoring her on purpose. You can tell from his face. What an asshole.

  • Lulu
    Lulu 23 days ago

    And Holland is like THE LAND OF CHEESE

    • Fuubad
      Fuubad 21 day ago

      Lulu *Netherlands is like THE LAND OF CHEESE.
      Holland are just 2 provinces of ours, North and South Holland. We have 5 more so you would only be saying that 2 provinces are the land of cheese which would be incorrect

  • Djasko M
    Djasko M 23 days ago

    it's called the Netherlands, not Holland.

    • rosepetal34
      rosepetal34 21 day ago

      @Djasko M ahhh i didn't realise that Holland was provinces of the Netherlands, just looked up provinces, thank you for replying was useful

    • Djasko M
      Djasko M 21 day ago

      @rosepetal34 Perhaps not to those who are actual Hollanders, which refers to 2 provinces only, North Holland and South Holland. Any other dutch person might not like being called one, Frisians in particular.

    • rosepetal34
      rosepetal34 22 days ago

      its called both though commonly, is saying holland offensive?

  • Jill Alexander
    Jill Alexander 23 days ago +3

    Like Frank was not trying to hear her🤭🤭

  • Mackenzie yEET
    Mackenzie yEET 23 days ago

    I hate frank so fucking much

  • Breslin James
    Breslin James 24 days ago +1

    That one dude was a complete douche to the woman on the team. What he did to the girl was kinda fucked and underhanded. That is definitely his personality showing out. Nothing about that behavior would fly in any military branch. May even be considered treason during a conflict...