• Published on Jul 4, 2017
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a blacksmith from Norwich in the UK. I make fun things every day for my daily TheXvid videos! Lots of sparks, lots of hard work and crazy amounts of fun!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!
    I also do a live show, once per week (Saturdays approximately between 3-5pm EST)!
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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2017
    Norwich, UK
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  • Sir.Tony Blair jr
    Sir.Tony Blair jr 27 days ago

    Hey, does Sam can't talk about y'all new shop? He must not it the camera?lolhaha. And is Sam coming to America that would be cool?
    Talk soon.thanks

  • Keith Burns
    Keith Burns 3 months ago +1

    Alec whatever coffee you’re drinking in this video you need to get some for your shop out there in Montana you guys are slowing down keep up the good work guys

  • Michael Robison
    Michael Robison 4 months ago +1

    Watching in 2019 just after the move to Montana.

  • Leib33
    Leib33 7 months ago

    I watched this today (2nd time - 1st was when it came out) because I was amazed at how short a time he spent in the new shop only about a year and a half. And how much he accomplished in it during that time! Best of success Alec in your new shop in Montana, I do hope you become a Dental Floss Tycoon!

  • Jinwua Lee-Nightingale
    Jinwua Lee-Nightingale 7 months ago

    and a year or so later hes moving again but to america this time

  • Jw Slay
    Jw Slay 8 months ago

    this is my second account

  • Jw Slay
    Jw Slay 8 months ago

    I glad I started to watch old episodes, now I know how you got a new place

  • matt69savage
    matt69savage 8 months ago

    An oven Alec? I thought you would cook on the forge, for content not flavor.

  • Rico Kamp
    Rico Kamp 8 months ago

    Your drivingwheele is on the wronge side

  • doreen miller
    doreen miller 8 months ago

    How exciting?! It must be fun setting up a new shop. Congratulations!

  • Josh Mutch
    Josh Mutch 9 months ago

    this is a clip that resonated with me alec. There is nothing more exciting than having a new empty space and imagining what can be done with it. So great to see it already in action to this day. Love you vids keep em coming.

  • readyss20
    readyss20 9 months ago

    Wait you mean you don't use your forge as an oven? hmmmm

  • Todd Lindsey
    Todd Lindsey 9 months ago

    Alec, not to be too personal but what does a space like that cost in England?

  • Eason Yiappp
    Eason Yiappp 9 months ago

    so that means Alec is editing the video of him editing a video after he finish shooting him editing a video

  • Nikolas
    Nikolas 10 months ago

    why so many Texas flags?

  • Meme Mater
    Meme Mater 10 months ago

    i have never left my workshop probobly becouse i am still working on havig atleast a fordge

  • Prince Nephron
    Prince Nephron 10 months ago

    Finally hit the sub button... just because of the AvE reference. LOL

  • caps lock
    caps lock 10 months ago

    I got that reference!!!

  • perlygatekeeper
    perlygatekeeper 10 months ago

    best phrase EVER "sorry there was more yack yack than whack whack" !!!
    Kinda cool to see how the new shop came all together!

  • Danimal 86
    Danimal 86 10 months ago

    Sooooo, say i wanted a car made of Damascus?

  • j246802
    j246802 10 months ago

    I can't believe you did not get into a car accident driving on the wrong side of the road, I mean you must have missed only by inches.

  • Aegon Stark
    Aegon Stark 11 months ago

    6:00 What is that music called? Is that perhaps the "Alec-Steele-Theme-Song"?

  • AssassinsCAT
    AssassinsCAT 11 months ago

    This is so exiting i love such stuff
    even though im a year too late

  • Montana White
    Montana White 11 months ago

    What do you drive? Do you drive a truck, I know Europe people don’t seem to drive trucks as much

  • dakotamax2
    dakotamax2 11 months ago

    Wow! Almost a year ago and on the day we celebrate our independence from British rule. o much fun following your journey Alec. Congratulations on 1,ooo,ooo subscribers!

  • yeet channel abandoned
    yeet channel abandoned 11 months ago

    *fruit ninjering*

  • Jordan Valladares
    Jordan Valladares 11 months ago +2

    Alec is an American at heart.

  • Nicholas Ovel
    Nicholas Ovel Year ago

    Very nostalgic! The feeling when you KNOW expansion requires sacrifice... Mostly from your bank account! So the "new" place has better accommodations than your current shop, current apartment, current everything!

  • The Crude Lab
    The Crude Lab Year ago


  • Joe Rouss
    Joe Rouss Year ago

    How does this make money lmao

  • JaevlaSkit
    JaevlaSkit Year ago

    What was the purpose of making that security bar if you was going to move shops a week later?

  • Khaffit
    Khaffit Year ago

    less whak whak
    more yack yack
    I like it xD

  • frncois jacobs
    frncois jacobs Year ago


  • Dave The Satellite

    I've never seen that green banding before, looks kinda cool!

  • speedxdreems
    speedxdreems Year ago

    forge burners??? cant find em...

  • Christopher Purdy

    You had me at the AvE reference...

  • AdoGinge
    AdoGinge Year ago

    Does anybody know where he purchased the flask??

  • Adam Wills
    Adam Wills Year ago

    did not know you were a josh turner fan! repping the hometown girl!

  • Javier R. Castillo

    What an amazing shop! I could live there

  • Ollie Brian
    Ollie Brian Year ago

    This guy is actually a very good TheXvidr. I’m going to watch all the time

  • Rex McStiller
    Rex McStiller Year ago

    What is now in your old workshop?

  • James M
    James M Year ago

    Hello from the other side of the pond, in the good old US of A. Gonna take a blacksmithing class here pretty soon, so watching your videos has been fun. Don't know how to tell you this, but they put your steering wheel on the wrong side of the car my friend (wink wink, nudge nudge).

  • Jacob Lövström
    Jacob Lövström Year ago

    When is the new shop tour?

  • parody 404
    parody 404 Year ago

    For 300 quid I could set up you own private WiFi net port access and you could make money off it by charging other companies for space and rang lol

  • Paul G
    Paul G Year ago

    really wish i found this channel months ago

  • kamakazi339
    kamakazi339 Year ago

    How do you afford all of this lol

  • Garfoid
    Garfoid Year ago

    4:11 Austin Powers Baby

  • Hydra
    Hydra Year ago

    Been watching his videos for a little bit, but i never knew where he was, 'i then took one look at the electrics and knew he was in britain.

  • jake killen
    jake killen Year ago

    WHY.........Video wrecked show us the car under the tarp next time plz :(

  • thedoctor907
    thedoctor907 Year ago

    I was looking at the bridge port behind him and was thinking about AvE and then he made a reference it was magic.

  • simon-pierre larochelle

    AvE didn't comment :(

  • guilherme ferreira araujo

    Fala rápido pra

  • Hawke
    Hawke Year ago

    After recently finding you and watching your newer videos, seeing you move into this beautiful workshop in the country (Which in that one cut did actually look a lot like New Zealand

  • MarkoRollo
    MarkoRollo Year ago

    I've just been on Rightmove doing my usual search for an apartment or bungalow we can afford and randomly found out that the old church near one of my junior schools (in Oldham) is for sale, I currently dont have the skills for doing this kind of work but if I did how amazing would that be for a workshop!!!!. Obviously you need special permissions for things like that in ex places of worship, but, would like, plus it's right next to a bungalow lol....

  • Starbright
    Starbright Year ago

    id noticed that he had a lot of flags in the background in this video and more recent ones does anyone know where he's from or where the interest in the flags came from?

  • Cathal Shannon
    Cathal Shannon Year ago

    This dude basically just doesn’t work.He has the best job.

  • Jdog62895
    Jdog62895 Year ago


  • Lou Connor
    Lou Connor Year ago

    I want to live in a place like that

  • Scott Buchanan
    Scott Buchanan Year ago

    Omg your cars driver side looks so weird (I'm used to it on the left in America)

  • Loz Turner
    Loz Turner Year ago

    how much docent something like cost per month please

  • FullOilBarrel
    FullOilBarrel Year ago

    build a motorcycle

  • Arturio Emerys
    Arturio Emerys Year ago

    The Les Nessman walls are awesome.

  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott Year ago

    Yay for AvE reference!

  • Moose Man
    Moose Man Year ago

    wifi is NOT synonymus with internet... ffs :)

  • Matt Barakat
    Matt Barakat Year ago

    U deserve way more subs.

  • AlienatorX
    AlienatorX Year ago

    “I shouldn’t call my friends disabled” mate come to Australia and listen to the shit we say

  • samsalabamgames
    samsalabamgames Year ago


  • William Toosey
    William Toosey Year ago

    What does sam do

  • Justin Mcinroe
    Justin Mcinroe Year ago

    congratulations on your new shop get the Texas flag up. some hot girls wouldn't hurt yeefuckinghaw

  • Michael Barone
    Michael Barone Year ago

    so. whats up with the flags? you went to school at ATM? i wasn't curious enough to ask until i saw the confederate flag pin on your car's sun visor. why would a british guy who lived in texas for a handful of years want to keep that on his sun visor?
    i mean maybe its a personal gift or sentimental or something. but. its just kinda a curious thing

  • Austin Phillips
    Austin Phillips Year ago

    Heck yeah. Country music. 😍😍. And you wear boots. You are pretty awesome man. And your videos are really cool. I'm actually from Alabama and grew up in a little town. I really like your channel Alec.

  • Karim Jawhar
    Karim Jawhar Year ago

    You need to start a small company

  • Vaneater
    Vaneater Year ago

    Oh no not the blue dykem!! Thank god he didn’t spill it. Feewwff.

  • Suicidaljello
    Suicidaljello Year ago

    Solid ave reference I have a thumbs up for that!

  • Frank Demo
    Frank Demo Year ago

    Love all the Texas Flags you have. Especially the A&M Aggies flag. Showing respect ✊ from Houston Texas. Love the work.

  • Rob C
    Rob C Year ago

    Good news is always excellent stay awesome

  • Captain Turk
    Captain Turk Year ago

    Does anybody notice that Sam looks like the Sam from Lord of the Rings?

  • Phil Plechsmid
    Phil Plechsmid Year ago

    Lmao anyone notice his burnt hair

  • Shawnna The Fam
    Shawnna The Fam Year ago

    Way to go Alec & Sam!!! I may not know you guys on a personal level but I am so very proud of you! I just returned to civilization after taking a 2 month vacation away from society and am now catching up on your vlogs (Alecsteeleathon) This is absolutely perfect for you! Can't wait to get all caught up on your new journey!! Forge on!!

  • colt harrmon
    colt harrmon Year ago

    I'm so jealous of that new workspace XD

  • name less
    name less Year ago

    What type of camera do you use

  • douglas coulthard

    Is the floor rated for the weight

  • Joseph Norton
    Joseph Norton Year ago


  • Sgt_Wilkes
    Sgt_Wilkes Year ago

    i would sleep on the mezzanine and live there

  • xan davis
    xan davis Year ago

    An arm and a leg and your brothers body expensive?

  • nikman2
    nikman2 Year ago

    This is awesome how do you pay for all of this at your age lol I barely keep my lights on XD

  • Andrew Stockton
    Andrew Stockton Year ago

    new to the channel, what's up with all the Texas stuff in the workshop?

  • JinaSolo
    JinaSolo Year ago

    I actually think the gap by the sink is for a dishwasher... Very useful devices...

  • Lawrence Withrow
    Lawrence Withrow Year ago

    I've had a number of shops and none ever stayed huge for long. You tend to grow with your environment, like a fish. It will be cramped again before you know it.

  • TeEnDrInKiNg
    TeEnDrInKiNg Year ago


  • Bob Haehn
    Bob Haehn Year ago

    New subscriber, old machinist and hobby bike builder/fabricator. Congrats! Good to see you moving up. You deserve the space that will allow your mania to blossom further

  • Terese Duffy
    Terese Duffy Year ago

    Love it!

  • Smyf22
    Smyf22 Year ago

    Any idea where i can have a go/get lessons on smithing in the UK?

  • Brandon Sosebee
    Brandon Sosebee Year ago

    room for more flags

  • sinephase
    sinephase Year ago

    wow grats! it looks great!

  • Raquel Bauman
    Raquel Bauman Year ago

    congrats on the new workshop, glad to see all your work paying off.

  • Glamisemt24
    Glamisemt24 Year ago

    congrats. glad to see you moving up

  • S C
    S C Year ago

    Who is Sam?

  • Michael W.
    Michael W. Year ago


  • Florian Feraud
    Florian Feraud Year ago

    why are the lights blinking in the timelaps?