Binging with Babish: Cheesy Blasters from 30 Rock

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • Note: this is not the new kitchen! Special thanks to The Harley School for letting me use theirs!
    Liz Lemon is much more than a fictional character to compare yourself to in your Tinder profile - she's dynamic, she's strong, and she's kind of gross in her personal life. One of her many gross attributes is a taste for Cheesy Blasters, the MeatCat™-approved snack containing jack cheese, hot dogs, and pizza. Can we make a sort-of-not-gross version of our favorite NBC Executive Producer's preferred midnight snack? Only one way to find out.
    First episode out the new BwB kitchen drops May 22nd!
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Comments • 2 887

  • Owen Hammers
    Owen Hammers 4 hours ago

    You should do the calzones from we bear bears

  • jk44rapperman
    jk44rapperman 14 hours ago

    I work for a 5 star pizza joint. A good tip is to use the Rico as a base and pour the souse in on the toppings then adding cheese. It leads to your calzone being more crisp and less chance of it falling apart. Love your vids and keep up the amazing work👌🏻

  • Nathaniel Jernigan
    Nathaniel Jernigan 21 hour ago

    "The Tang Gang" now that is what a call an awesome club name.

  • Isaac Sturges
    Isaac Sturges Day ago

    We had a group of guys in my school that called themselves "The 'Tang Gang", but I'm guessing it was a different kind of tang.

  • PassTekk
    PassTekk 2 days ago

    That looks absolutly disgusting wtf

  • Konata
    Konata 2 days ago

    the fuck is a cheesy blaster

  • Sojonnu 0
    Sojonnu 0 2 days ago

    *Now let's take a moment from corrupting America's youth*

  • Delta Sans
    Delta Sans 2 days ago

    I thought it said cheesy bastard

  • Tessa Sanchez
    Tessa Sanchez 4 days ago

    I'm legitimately going to do the first one and see if my parents notice xD

  • Kyrie Espayos
    Kyrie Espayos 5 days ago

    Pizza Time

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 6 days ago

    I wish I could have been one of those high schoolers

  • Carlton Smith
    Carlton Smith 6 days ago

    I see wegmans!!!

  • Delta 3.290
    Delta 3.290 7 days ago

    I thought the hot dog was shrimp

  • SoySauce GD
    SoySauce GD 7 days ago +3

    And then meatcat flys away on his skateboard....

    *I cAnT eAt ThIs*

  • • Krispy •
    • Krispy • 7 days ago

    Hey Wegmans!!

  • Mas Nagoh
    Mas Nagoh 8 days ago


  • Megan Behrmann
    Megan Behrmann 8 days ago

    You should make something from gillmore girls? Please! Maybe Luke’s famous pancakes

  • Simone Reckhaus
    Simone Reckhaus 9 days ago

    Neapolitanians are dying

  • Jay Ross
    Jay Ross 9 days ago

    God what's with shows and weird recipes that are very interesting

  • paddydoodle xx9
    paddydoodle xx9 10 days ago

    It s a boriteto

  • Soviet K.G.B
    Soviet K.G.B 10 days ago

    How to be obese

  • Mr Singh
    Mr Singh 11 days ago +1

    I read the title as *cheesy bastards*

  • Sharrowkin
    Sharrowkin 12 days ago

    This looks like the kind of thing that is leading to the obiesity problem.

  • gmr47
    gmr47 12 days ago +4

    Dude screwed Clean Plate Club how about dirty counter Club.

  • Onii- Chan . exe
    Onii- Chan . exe 12 days ago +1

    I made this... Don't regret it, but not doing it again.

  • FreddyFitX
    FreddyFitX 14 days ago

    Yoooooo I need this I’m cheating on my diet 😂😂😂
    Give a follow on IG @freddyfitx

  • J C
    J C 14 days ago

    A calzone over a pizza? Who are you; Ben Wyatt?

  • Hey Its Mufasa
    Hey Its Mufasa 14 days ago

    Ok i take away your tablet

  • neociid JC
    neociid JC 15 days ago

    Was it me or did the students share bites from the same half of the pizza thing? Without cutting it?

  • Cupcake Knight
    Cupcake Knight 16 days ago

    Dude I wanna get high as hell and eat some of these lmao

  • darwincity
    darwincity 18 days ago

    GREAT NEWS, FELLAZ! Telepizza of Spain has decided to offer the real-life version of the "Cheesy Blaster": the SPIRO DOG CLASSIC!

  • scareface1197
    scareface1197 20 days ago

    Ima go have some...kale....or something😅😅

  • mea cross
    mea cross 20 days ago

    Dame I’m hungry

  • Joseph Morales
    Joseph Morales 21 day ago

    Call it the babish blaster

  • wankydoodle
    wankydoodle 21 day ago +1

    You got cheesy blasters! Then all the viewers say 'Thanks, Babish!'. And then Babish flies away with his roommate, umm... Rasheed!

  • Dylan Buchholtz
    Dylan Buchholtz 21 day ago

    Calling the kids animals when you know you put down garbage plates like that in your teens.

  • Sailor Sparkle
    Sailor Sparkle 21 day ago

    “now that we’re done corrupting America’s youth”
    Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. The dark humor of Babish. HA. HA. HA.

  • Michael Mathers
    Michael Mathers 22 days ago

    tina fey is a terrible actress and a worse writer

  • Will Fiandach
    Will Fiandach 22 days ago

    omg, I saw you film this!

    SHOW MAKER 22 days ago +1

    1:55 looks like the start of a gangbang

  • IOnceAteAPinecone
    IOnceAteAPinecone 22 days ago


  • DJ Sammy Lewis Fireslighter

    That is a heart attack on a plate!! XD

  • Jesse Ling
    Jesse Ling 23 days ago

    Is that a Master Roshi tattoo on your wrist?

  • Captain Autismo
    Captain Autismo 23 days ago +1

    I have no intention of cooking half of this stuff but watching this is really relaxing and this is one of the few "good" channels left on TheXvid

  • Carter Voltfire
    Carter Voltfire 23 days ago

    Maybe.. You shoulda cut it into more pieces? I wonder how many of those guys brushed their teeth...

  • Coyote8TC
    Coyote8TC 24 days ago

    So you made a hot pocket

  • Kam Mike
    Kam Mike 24 days ago

    Fuck healthier choices, eat what you want when you want

  • Vince Marie Inguito
    Vince Marie Inguito 25 days ago

    And here we see an adult secretly hating children just for eating his food.

  • harsh ramadhurai
    harsh ramadhurai 27 days ago +1

    Collab with You Suck At Cooking!

  • Another John
    Another John 28 days ago +1

    ℐ 𝒽𝒶𝓋ℯ 𝒶 𝓇ℴ𝒸𝓀 𝒽𝒶𝓇𝒹 𝒸ℴ𝒸𝓀 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒾𝓂 ℴ𝓃𝓁𝓎 13 𝓌𝓉𝒻𝒻𝒻𝒻

  • Atomicbomb345
    Atomicbomb345 28 days ago

    *"Look at these animals go."*

  • Kanyon Bair
    Kanyon Bair 28 days ago

    the simpsons

  • jarno SA
    jarno SA 28 days ago

    Hmmm my favourite calzone pizza

  • Herbert
    Herbert 28 days ago

    Imma go eat some kale

  • Miguel Arenas
    Miguel Arenas 29 days ago +1

    “I can’t eat this.”

  • hungry0212
    hungry0212 29 days ago +2

    That "I can't eat this" abrubt cut is comedic genius.

  • [] Vkn0ne []
    [] Vkn0ne [] Month ago

    Thought that guy’s shirt said yeet

  • Maia Hochheiser
    Maia Hochheiser Month ago

    If I ever eat a ton of really unhealthy food, I come to this channel and I feel so much better

  • Evanski
    Evanski Month ago

    *"I cant eat this"*

  • Abdullah Almousalli

    Disgusting, *breathtaking*

  • Christopher Sikes
    Christopher Sikes Month ago

    This is probably one of the few legitimately disgusting things that I'll still shove in my maw due to the effort put in and self respect issues.

    The professional version, however, looks like a legitimate meal.

  • king xp
    king xp Month ago

    They was passing it around nasty

  • ebms5011
    ebms5011 Month ago

    That's called a panzorati

  • Ewan Wilson
    Ewan Wilson Month ago +2

    It has been scientifically proven that cheese can reach temperatures far exceeding 260 degrees kelvin.

  • JohnnyCageBanger Productions

    Eating all the same thing biting off eachother..DISGUSTING

  • king skoopy
    king skoopy Month ago

    yum, looks like diebeties

  • Lizzie
    Lizzie Month ago +1

    You should show us how to use mirin wine.

  • vegomaticbob
    vegomaticbob Month ago +78

    Bunch of teenage boys called The Tang Gang.

    • Top Secret
      Top Secret 4 days ago

      travis habursky
      Not sure where you guys are from, but I’d prefer the squad going after one at a time, no need for divisiveness

    • travis habursky
      travis habursky 25 days ago

      That would be such a good time. We’d get hammered and have failed attempts to sink the pink.

    • Chub Chubz
      Chub Chubz 25 days ago +1

      +travis habursky damm i which i could join them

    • travis habursky
      travis habursky Month ago +8

      $5 says that these young men mature into a group of problematic bachelors who refer to themselves as The Squad.

  • John Hull
    John Hull Month ago

    If you need to baste something but lack a basting brush fold then roll up a paper towel, make slices length wise on the open end instant disposable basting brush.

  • ichaukan
    ichaukan Month ago

    When you place the tomato sauce inside a calzone, does that make it a stromboli?

  • SoySauce GD
    SoySauce GD Month ago

    “Thanks, MeatCat!
    “I can’t eat this.”

  • Phil N' Friend's
    Phil N' Friend's Month ago

    The tang gang lol sounds like a gangbang porno 😂

  • isaiah Magana
    isaiah Magana Month ago

    Do Kevin’s office lunch from the office

  • Tianna Green
    Tianna Green Month ago +2

    "Corrupted America's youth"! That's funny, but true.

  • Stephen Norman
    Stephen Norman Month ago


  • Supreme Mango
    Supreme Mango Month ago

    Thanks meat cat for ruining my appitise, giving me type 2 diabetes, and corrupting my childhood

  • Ethan Jamison
    Ethan Jamison Month ago +1

    Super market? You mean the best market on the planet; WEGMANS??!!
    btw, what highschool?

  • Erich Chaplin
    Erich Chaplin Month ago

    It does not sound exciting but if babish cooks it I'm excited

  • The Crazed Canadian
    The Crazed Canadian 2 months ago

    Id stick to the orig honestly

  • SGWA
    SGWA 2 months ago

    Welcome to Season4

  • exe./file //
    exe./file // 2 months ago

    You’re so fucking amazing I love you

  • Supreme Mango
    Supreme Mango 2 months ago

    𝗟𝗲𝘁𝘀 𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗮 𝗯𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗸 𝗰𝗼𝗿𝗿𝘂𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗔𝗺𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗮'𝘀 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗵

  • Cxxkiefxktxry 202
    Cxxkiefxktxry 202 2 months ago

    Dudes having a yeet T-Shirt

  • MJTRadio
    MJTRadio 2 months ago

    So if you can get away with posting 30 Rock videos now, maybe it's finally time to revive that one lost episode from the grave...?
    It bothers me that the Lover's Delight episode exists but I can't watch it

  • Spacialvekter
    Spacialvekter 2 months ago

    Thanks, meat cat.

    Also, if I recall correctly, a calzone does not have sauce in it, a stromboli does? That's what I've always understood the difference to be.

  • Cough It Up
    Cough It Up 2 months ago

    lol tang gang...jesus christ

  • King Cola
    King Cola 2 months ago

    are we gonna ignore how tall the guy is at 1:57?

  • ssbmDrFate
    ssbmDrFate 2 months ago

    You're so fit, live a little!

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen 2 months ago +1


  • Caseless
    Caseless 2 months ago

    Disgusting. Breathtaking.

  • Matthew Mauricio
    Matthew Mauricio 2 months ago

    That’s just a calzone
    Just worded different

    • Ducky Duck
      Ducky Duck 2 months ago

      Yeah... that’s why he said “Calzone form”.

  • Isaiah Greep
    Isaiah Greep 2 months ago

    Every cheese on this channel is literally “low-moister mozzerella”

  • Water Malone
    Water Malone 2 months ago

    mmmm yessss fill my arteries

  • Silvana Felix
    Silvana Felix 2 months ago

    I can’t eat this.

  • Oscar James
    Oscar James 2 months ago

    Hey Babish, just a quick tip from my time living in Italy: Calzone is pronounced Calzoné, with the é like an eh

  • Carl Reyes
    Carl Reyes 2 months ago

    Was that Tammy II?

  • Jarrod Dillman
    Jarrod Dillman 2 months ago

    I clicked cuz I thought the thumbnail was a pizza with lobster claws in it smothered in hollandaise

  • Zachary Hatch
    Zachary Hatch 2 months ago +1

    Hey, is there any way you could do a diet series?
    You could devote episodes to things like KETO
    That would be really cool.

  • Jay Ghost
    Jay Ghost 2 months ago

    Just an example of how disgusting American food is no wonder everyone there is overweight

  • Unchained Alistar
    Unchained Alistar 2 months ago

    1:43 Maximillianmus is secretly Binging with Babish?

    oh yeah yeah.