Noah Centineo Clears Up To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You Love Triangle Rumors

  • Noah Centineo explains why he risked his fans' fury (and chemical burns) to bleach his beard, shares his dad's reaction to him winning a Critics' Choice Award and clarifies that love triangle in To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.
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    Noah Centineo Clears Up To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You Love Triangle Rumors

Comments • 80

  • Joan Warlarpih
    Joan Warlarpih 2 days ago

    Did they just say that they're working on the third film? Does that means that we'll get to all the boys I've love 3? 😲 Cuz if that's it then I'm ready

  • [Azriel Duncan]
    [Azriel Duncan] 6 days ago

    Honestly I feel like John ambrose deserves better... and deserved Lara jean but also I ship Lara and brain on some crack

  • Ella Arevalo
    Ella Arevalo 27 days ago +4

    Noah talking and smiling
    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Me: Smiling like an idiot.

  • Leativaōsalafai Christina Si’uaana

    he looks and talks like Mark Buffalo

  • Matilde Soranzio
    Matilde Soranzio Month ago

    I actually like him with shaved hair. He looks so particular.

  • Elena Lazaro
    Elena Lazaro Month ago

    Ain’t nobody going to talk about the video? 😳

  • Ryan T
    Ryan T Month ago

    I’ll miss his hair, but he’s still gorgeous regardless

  • Dipika Shrestha
    Dipika Shrestha Month ago

    Oh my God...he speaks exactly like Mark Ruffalo..the heavy voice, pause, then his expression..damn

  • Celeste Suarez
    Celeste Suarez Month ago

    I love Noah Centineo but i really don't like his hair cut i love it when it was long and curly ❤😍

  • jacqueline Moore
    jacqueline Moore Month ago

    he's sooo cute

  • laura
    laura Month ago +4

    idc what y’all say Noah looks good with whatever haircut he has🤩

  • Riza Tumulak
    Riza Tumulak Month ago +1

    Noah: "yeah yeah yeah."

    • Shazana Mansoor
      Shazana Mansoor Month ago +1

      Noah's "yeah yeah yeah" is Peter's "woah woah woah" from the first film 😅

  • Yo leo, Yo comento
    Yo leo, Yo comento Month ago

    His voice reminds me of another voice but I can't figure out whose!!! T_____T

    • Yo leo, Yo comento
      Yo leo, Yo comento Month ago

      @Aliyah Ukaye don't think so because I see his movies in Spanish, not in original version 🤔🤔

    • Aliyah Ukaye
      Aliyah Ukaye Month ago

      Mark Ruffalo

  • Ben Aier
    Ben Aier Month ago

    Noah is so adorable ❤ I keep falling in love with him 💓💗

  • talkslikejune
    talkslikejune Month ago

    Can we take a second and look at all of these comments that are ripping him to shreds (haircut, personality, career) and remember that this is a fairly young man, who made a small movie and literally overnight the whole world decided they're gonna have opinions on his every move? He's a fairly average person, he lives a normal life, doesn't have an army of people working for him and is still trying to figure his life out. He got a freaking haircut, like all guys I know who just don't want to deal with styling their hair every morning, and people are ripping into him like they have a say in the matter. People need to learn that actors and celebrities are human.

  • Jm Gande
    Jm Gande Month ago

    Ay ambot ah kalaw ay mn cmu

  • Teresa Dao
    Teresa Dao Month ago +1

    okay, if you close your eyes and listen to him... he sounds like Mark Ruffalo!

  • Vy khánh
    Vy khánh Month ago +1

    I think he still looking good in this appearance. Please you guys don’t own him. I love his energy so you guy stop being so bad blood. You’re not korea netizen right?

  • 종대는믿듣첸
    종대는믿듣첸 Month ago +1

    am i the only one who actually finds this haircut cute? i want to touch his head all the time

  • walao eh
    walao eh Month ago +4

    Amount of people having so much opinions and strong feels about his appearance is kinda unhealthy man, that’s his body man, let him do what he wants to do

  • Sara Joyous
    Sara Joyous Month ago +3

    4:17 Peter and Lana’s!!! 🥰🥰

  • Lauren Knicely
    Lauren Knicely Month ago

    0:48 i was shitting at a hair salon

  • duckylmexican
    duckylmexican Month ago +1

    I can definitely see how he comes off and sounds like Mark Ruffalo but he also, in some way, reminds me of Hayden Christensen. Lol.

  • Civ Aycardo
    Civ Aycardo Month ago +1

    I love Noah as PK!!!😍😍😍😍

  • Izzy M
    Izzy M Month ago +12

    Seriously, am I the only one that thinks he’s rocking the buzz?!

  • pips marf
    pips marf Month ago

    i mean who are we to control his haircut for our own satisfaction by saying he looks good with curls 😑

  • Jasmine Mejias
    Jasmine Mejias Month ago +1

    I guess I'm the only person who's in love with Noah Centineo lmfao and not just his character

  • mazuin mukhtar
    mazuin mukhtar Month ago +1

    He used to be much happier before..

  • k j
    k j Month ago +1

    i love you noah, more than i love peter, brooks, johnny and jamey. ❤️

  • Caitlin Dawley
    Caitlin Dawley Month ago

    I wish they did assassin like they did in the book, the movie just felt boring without it

  • Ryan Armakovitch
    Ryan Armakovitch Month ago +2

    Peter and Lana's first date
    Nope, lanas CHARACTER Lara Jean
    he cleaned that up real quick

  • J HF
    J HF Month ago +23

    Looks like I’m the only one who likes his hair like this

    • Jocelyn Sarinas
      Jocelyn Sarinas 18 days ago

      You're not the only one gurl

    • Shei
      Shei Month ago

      Whoa whoa whoa you and me both lol

  • elsa tafhasaj
    elsa tafhasaj Month ago +4

    might sound underrated but i likee him wayy better with this hair



  • Kaylee Quist
    Kaylee Quist Month ago +1

    I’m so sorry ... but I STAN the shaved head. It’s sexy AF. So much more mature looking. Droooooling🤤🤤🤤

  • Nerissa Kusain Adam

    No matter what hairstyle I'm still a fan❤️

  • mollie olivares
    mollie olivares Month ago

    you guys am i the only one who actually loves his hair like this ? no matter what i think hes still absolutely attractive with curly hair or not.

  • needy hogoblin
    needy hogoblin Month ago

    I love you ncentineo! ❤️🇵🇭

  • NeverMind Gaming
    NeverMind Gaming Month ago

    His fans are so toxic they don't care about talent they only care about looks

  • Minori Ohta
    Minori Ohta Month ago +1

    But he is the hottest guy all over the world

  • Quinn Hen
    Quinn Hen Month ago

    He sounds like John Travolta. Freaky.

  • Earth Angel
    Earth Angel Month ago

    “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, murderers, whoremongers, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” Revelation ‭21:8

  • Lerna Dean
    Lerna Dean Month ago +1

    He looks and sounds exactlyyy, like Mark Rufallo

  • Ana Paula de Maño
    Ana Paula de Maño Month ago +1

    My future daughter's boyfriend

  • Shanna Coker
    Shanna Coker Month ago +1

    Everyone says he looks like a young mark Ruffalo but all I see is an older benny's from the sandlot!

  • Power 96 - Miami's Party Station

    You can tell he is from Miami, he's tripping bro!

  • Elley W
    Elley W Month ago

    I miss the curly hair

  • Lopaya Siyan
    Lopaya Siyan Month ago

    I always knew him from the fosters, and then he blew up, and now look at him thriving with a buzz cut.

  • Anne
    Anne Month ago

    why does Jimmy kinda looks like hailey bieber at 2:19 lol

  • Skylare Berge
    Skylare Berge Month ago

    I am so sad that Noah shaved his head I love his beautiful curls 😥 I am so sad nooooo

  • Anwar Razali
    Anwar Razali Month ago

    He look like young incredible hulk

  • Kim Hayeon
    Kim Hayeon Month ago

    He looks as hot with this hairstyle as he looks with curls

  • Nicole Lanier
    Nicole Lanier Month ago

    Grow it back immediately

  • Nicole Lanier
    Nicole Lanier Month ago

    We're is your hair

  • Name: Me
    Name: Me Month ago

    His hair tho why

  • Charity B.
    Charity B. Month ago +1

    Noah -pretend to be mad for at least 5 minutes.He always looks so happy. I would love to meet you! And your buzz cut is clean!😍😍❤️💕😍🤩😜😝Did that make you frown?

  • Rache Fdez
    Rache Fdez Month ago

    He looks cute anyway! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Chelsea Lopez
    Chelsea Lopez Month ago

    His curls Definitely made him look good

  • Chelsea Lopez
    Chelsea Lopez Month ago

    He better bring back his curls because no offence he looks better with them

  • Sen A
    Sen A Month ago +1

    Noah looks like Michael from prison break

  • Gyallie ?
    Gyallie ? Month ago

    I've seen his dick wtf and he better get em curls back

  • Marybel Quispe
    Marybel Quispe Month ago

    he looks ugly now

  • A E S T H E T I C
    A E S T H E T I C Month ago

    Who's here after his video was leaked???

  • Matt Stevens
    Matt Stevens Month ago

    He saw a “salonist”

  • PrettyInPlus365
    PrettyInPlus365 Month ago

    He reminds me soo much of young Mark Ruffalo (is that how u spell it? Either way THE HULK) from the voice and his mannerisms, love!

  • Ranya
    Ranya Month ago

    🖤🖤🖤the clip
    He is sooo adorable 😍

  • Shreya Kawade
    Shreya Kawade Month ago

    His voice 😩♥️

  • Hello JD
    Hello JD Month ago

    Noah with curly hair is mooooore attractive ❤️

  • Jong-Ihl Jeong
    Jong-Ihl Jeong Month ago +1

    Ok if NOAH kisses my hand like that ILL DIE

  • Phillip Scott
    Phillip Scott Month ago

    This dude is the definition of basic. I don't get the hype at all.

  • ZZ Xoxo
    ZZ Xoxo Month ago

    Omgggggggggg that scene had me jumping up in my seat! Everyone on the bus was looking at me! But I don’t care 😂😂😬🥰

  • naomi e.
    naomi e. Month ago


  • Olivia Lee
    Olivia Lee Month ago

    I am a big fan of Noah. I really wanna add Korean subtitles on this clip. But, I know there is a copyright issue. So, if you approved me for translating, I would like to do it. Please let me know whether you approve or not.

  • Ruby Lewis
    Ruby Lewis Month ago

    But like just read the books I’m so excited for the movie but truly if you read the book you’ll know what happens it’s also incredible and I finished it within 2 days

  • GALaxy Queen
    GALaxy Queen Month ago

    both noah and tom decided to shave their hair

  • Matilda Cool
    Matilda Cool Month ago

    so i guess i’m the only one who prefers his hair like this

  • Grace Belcher
    Grace Belcher Month ago

    Noo not the hair😭😭😭

  • Serenity Soark
    Serenity Soark 2 months ago +2

    That hair first Tom Holland now him WHY.

  • Ayeisha Gaile
    Ayeisha Gaile 2 months ago

    He's hair!!! 😢

  • Tanaya Paliwal
    Tanaya Paliwal 2 months ago

    Noah centineo is a fucking piece of artttt.