E3 2018 Exclusive Gameplay Demos, Interviews and Special Guests - GameSpot Stage Show Day 1


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    DOKTOR MADHATTEN 7 days ago

    karma.......hmp collektiv

  • mubtasim ahsan
    mubtasim ahsan 7 days ago

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  • Joseline Rodas
    Joseline Rodas 8 days ago

    I can feel PewDiePie cringing on this

  • Michael Granger
    Michael Granger 9 days ago

    Yes WHATS GOOD! Great show GameSpot, and I am super jealous of Mike Mahardys new tattoo sleeve!

  • B_side 86
    B_side 86 10 days ago

    I was very surprised that there was no Superman game Announcement

  • Doruk Evcim
    Doruk Evcim 10 days ago +4

    voice sync is totally messed up after a point... Hope they fix it and re upload this is inexcusable

  • Jash92
    Jash92 10 days ago +2

    Anyone have the timelinks? Be nice to be able to jump between reviews

  • KreiziGames
    KreiziGames 10 days ago +6

    *GOOOD* Cyberpunk 2077
    Polska najlepsza!

  • Quinn Cunningham
    Quinn Cunningham 10 days ago

    bchsjdtzbf gucnvryyk,

  • KigreTheViking
    KigreTheViking 10 days ago

    The assassin creed boats are going at quite some speeds!!! Lol that looked dumb as FUCK! Where are the diesel engines!!!!??? HAHahahahaha, and of course it had to have a female commander. Smh.

  • Mischa van den Berg
    Mischa van den Berg 11 days ago

    What is the name of the song played before the Cyberpunk interview?

  • Laros82
    Laros82 11 days ago +2

    That Chat is so toxic lol FPS = First Person Shooter.. FPP = First Person View ... please people learn the difference lol
    I was also bit dissapointed at first, but mentioning the cybernetics and tall buildings FPP, makes sense... in CDPR we trust let's see gameplay and judge then

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 11 days ago

    Yes Jake, we will be known as the Pizza Boys! Let’s make it happen!

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez 11 days ago

    It was a pleasure chatting with you all. See you again

  • trigie
    trigie 11 days ago

    What is this game named?

  • DarthRaver86 86
    DarthRaver86 86 11 days ago +10

    Im a little disappointed that cyberpunk 2077 is first person only. I was hoping for a 3rd person mode. Hopefully theyll add that later on.

    • Skull & Bones
      Skull & Bones 10 days ago

      No way FPV is fresh and different. Trust in CDPR and stop worrying.

    • Dom O
      Dom O 10 days ago

      Same here, won't buy it if in First Person only. I can't play games in First Person (make me feel sick). Means I can't play most of the shooters which is a shame - mind you they are all the same anyway!

    • xX1N5ertC01nXx
      xX1N5ertC01nXx 11 days ago

      DarthRaver86 86
      No, they won't!!

    • hpvegan
      hpvegan 11 days ago +2

      This was my first thought about that game. Can you imagine being in third-person in a dense city? The Witcher 3 takes place almost completely outdoors and in large caves. That would be such a cluster fuck in CP. I don't know why everyone is put of by the FPP.

  • Epic Penquin
    Epic Penquin 11 days ago +16

    So there's romance options in an assasin's creed game... but not in a bioware game?!

  • Astragoth00
    Astragoth00 11 days ago +5

    Solo merece la pena Cyberpunk 2077

    • Statical
      Statical 11 days ago

      Hay algo sobre el en este video?? En cual minuto?? :/

    • Inspire
      Inspire 11 days ago

      y tu hermana

  • ThePlagueDoctor
    ThePlagueDoctor 11 days ago +33

    Getting hyped asf for CyberPunk. I’ve waited 4 years!

    • The Junk Main
      The Junk Main 6 days ago

      Edit: if they don't push it back, should be sometime next year.

    • The Junk Main
      The Junk Main 6 days ago

      Uh, isn't the game going to be released next year?

    • moodY
      moodY 10 days ago

      Yes, but I think they really started developing at full speed, after the release of Blood and Wine.
      So basically since 2016 at full production, probably.
      The 3 years before that, they maybe / probably tried to get people for the project and worked on the concept art, story and some other basic stuff. But they are working with a bigger team now, too.
      So I think they will release this when it's the right time, and I would maybe say the first half of 2020 (like May / June) for the planned release.
      If they have to push it back because of something maybe October / November 2020.
      That's how it feels for me at the moment. Even after they showed gameplay backstage to the press at E3.

    • Freffo
      Freffo 10 days ago +2

      2020 is probably the year for the game cyberpunk 2077 to be released. Waited over 5 years now since it first was announced.

    • moodY
      moodY 10 days ago +2

      The first trailer is 5 1/2 years old. And you will probably wait for another 2, or at least 1 1/2 years.

  • Brickyard
    Brickyard 11 days ago


    • Inspire
      Inspire 11 days ago

      in the lame line... up there is the first, the other lame individual

  • Addison Barrow
    Addison Barrow 11 days ago +1


  • Addison Barrow
    Addison Barrow 11 days ago +1

    Totally First

    • Inspire
      Inspire 11 days ago +2

      in the line for lame people