Making music with LEGO

  • Published on Mar 5, 2018
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    Guitar by Jay Jillard:
    "If You're Always Alone" - not properly released yet but you can hear the whole thing in this video:
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Comments • 1 611

    ANDREW HUANG  18 days ago +500

    This was so much funnn!
    You have to go see the video on LEGO's channel where I got to SMASH A LEGO GUITAR:
    Also check out Jay Jillard, who built the guitar that I did *not* smash:
    Thanks for subscribing!

  • TacoTuesdayy Drawingz
    TacoTuesdayy Drawingz 44 minutes ago

    The people who disliked this were probably jealous of his wonderful musical ability

  • Drawing with Jessica

    “So basically we’re just gonna build a wall.” -Andrew huang & Donald trump.

  • Marbly The Marble
    Marbly The Marble 3 hours ago


  • VG Live
    VG Live 6 hours ago


  • broken halos
    broken halos 10 hours ago +1

    ;-; I did not expect that, good job

  • Senpai
    Senpai 12 hours ago +1

    Let's go? Shouldn't you say LEGGO!! HAHA GET IT

  • EricTEG
    EricTEG 15 hours ago +1

    i thought he was zach king when i saw the thumbnail XD

  • theoof
    theoof 16 hours ago

    1.5 sounds like a ad

  • Aranely Morales
    Aranely Morales 18 hours ago


  • Ryan MB
    Ryan MB 18 hours ago

    He is Canadian but he still is gonna build a wall

  • victor joaquin
    victor joaquin 19 hours ago


  • Deja de usar mi cuenta
    Deja de usar mi cuenta 22 hours ago

    sounded like a hotline miami soundtrack

  • Crazy Cupcake Star

    i lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that song great job!

  • Jayesh Jaswani
    Jayesh Jaswani Day ago

    what is the guitar chord progression andrew? its really good

  • Bradypug Boy
    Bradypug Boy Day ago

    1:07 ...and make America great again

  • Kyan Kale Verbo
    Kyan Kale Verbo Day ago

    Donald Trump conspiracy theory, Andrew Huang is Trump

  • TheDemon
    TheDemon Day ago

    It's time to build a wall

  • Rbrine
    Rbrine Day ago

    Who does that remind you of?

  • s a s h a
    s a s h a Day ago

    so cool!

  • UgguBlackBlood The Funny one

    I like the spacy vibes, keep it up man

  • fierce deity LoNk


  • twins bros make big

    When you notice something is weard

    The beat

  • Kerensky SamuraiWil

    The centre section of that guitar where the pickups are located does not look like it's made of Lego.

  • BradDoesKids
    BradDoesKids Day ago +1

    I had to look twice at the title wtf

  • xraser
    xraser Day ago


  • Earth-Chan
    Earth-Chan Day ago

    Remember me this guy look like NIGGAHIGGA guy

  • Ghostah Edits
    Ghostah Edits Day ago

    What were those guitar chords

  • TheReal ABI516
    TheReal ABI516 2 days ago

    Lego is fun for building and making music unless you step on it

  • Tristan Heartt
    Tristan Heartt 2 days ago

    Dye your hair grey at the top.

  • But Why Doe ?
    But Why Doe ? 2 days ago

    who else thinks he KIND OF sounds like Zach King

  • XxTwiKixX
    XxTwiKixX 2 days ago

    Whoa! That is so cool! 😮😄

  • Lebrun Jemz
    Lebrun Jemz 2 days ago

    This should be the new season 4 fortnite music 😂

  • Unknown player_117
    Unknown player_117 2 days ago

    like if you got the "honey bunches of oats ad alot

  • FRISK adams
    FRISK adams 3 days ago


  • The anonymous Boy
    The anonymous Boy 3 days ago


  • DaTheorizer
    DaTheorizer 3 days ago

    Donald Trump: 1:07

    ILIKE HATS 3 days ago

    LE GO!

  • killy music
    killy music 3 days ago

    We are gonna’ build a wall
    -Donald Trump

  • Džiugas Jasukaitis
    Džiugas Jasukaitis 3 days ago

    What is the son of his from 0:33 till 0:44? is it released yet?

  • WaterfoxalGaming
    WaterfoxalGaming 3 days ago

    Build a wall 1:06

  • TheDarkSeeds - SCM
    TheDarkSeeds - SCM 3 days ago

    0:50 Now the guitar is not 100% lego then. But anyway, this is incredibly cool then. ^^

  • rei rei
    rei rei 3 days ago

    Imagine it breaking

  • D-WAM
    D-WAM 4 days ago

    make music with shoes, and is possible can you make it Walk It Talk it

  • Hybrid Troll
    Hybrid Troll 4 days ago

    Man those eyebrows

  • ON SHO
    ON SHO 4 days ago

    Andrew Make That Is Despacito Song

  • Yoann RE
    Yoann RE 4 days ago

    It almost sounds like a 2010 Arctic MOnkeys song

  • TripLumGD
    TripLumGD 4 days ago

    Haha bass plate

  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes 4 days ago

    “I’m gonna start with this baseplate, I’m gonna build 👌 a 🖐 wall 👌🖐👌”

  • Bill Carl
    Bill Carl 4 days ago

    Really nice

  • Bill Carl
    Bill Carl 4 days ago

    Nice this sounds like viceroy at the Beginning

  • TheyCallMeZero
    TheyCallMeZero 4 days ago

    whats witht he eyes

  • Kevin Menzel
    Kevin Menzel 4 days ago

    Oh dang it's been years since I've seen that guitar.

  • Savage Entertainer
    Savage Entertainer 4 days ago

    We need to build a wall

  • 재박
    재박 4 days ago

    So much education from Lego!

  • Levi Herrmann
    Levi Herrmann 4 days ago

    1:06 lol

  • Be Amazed
    Be Amazed 4 days ago

    HOW u do dat

  • 柳肖
    柳肖 4 days ago


  • Caden Soccer7
    Caden Soccer7 5 days ago

    1:07 im gonna build a wall

  • TheLegend27
    TheLegend27 5 days ago

    Play it at 1.25x speed. You're Welcome

  • April Remirez
    April Remirez 5 days ago +1

    Who else thought of trump on 1:07

  • MnNemz
    MnNemz 5 days ago

    1:05 Trump's plan

  • L
    L 5 days ago

    Haha. Kick drum, “I’m gonna start with this *‘bass’* plate.”

  • Corey Brooker
    Corey Brooker 5 days ago

    Teach me

  • xShadowBunnyx
    xShadowBunnyx 5 days ago

    I’m sorry, but those eyebrows doe

  • Jacob Fuller
    Jacob Fuller 5 days ago

    What song is that

  • Kit kat and Kit kie
    Kit kat and Kit kie 5 days ago

    .......CREATIVE!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  • Raven Strafe
    Raven Strafe 5 days ago

    This sounds like something from hotline miami

  • Ethan Mosquera
    Ethan Mosquera 5 days ago +1

    That beat was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • KittyPowers56 VonMoore

    I’ll be the vocals!
    *puts LEGO under foot*
    *steps on it*

  • WhiskersMH
    WhiskersMH 5 days ago

    And I said *YO* I have just the thing.

  • Money PW
    Money PW 5 days ago

    I'm gonna BUILD A WALL

  • Anna Brewer
    Anna Brewer 5 days ago

    You look like Zach king!!!!!!

  • GangstaSanssyYT Stay Gangsta

    that song fits in oxenfree

  • Galaxxy DoesStuf
    Galaxxy DoesStuf 5 days ago

    We have to build a wall

  • W4ter_MELON_Man
    W4ter_MELON_Man 5 days ago

    Tf is going is going with his eye brows?

  • Laquoia tahy
    Laquoia tahy 5 days ago +1

    Can u make music out of blocks on minecraft

  • RiftTacs
    RiftTacs 5 days ago

    You should've just said Lego instead of lets go

  • Your Bus driver
    Your Bus driver 5 days ago

    Music 0:40?

  • The Bro Grady
    The Bro Grady 5 days ago

    Andrew u are the best at TheXvid you should have 2 trillion sub's ur awesome 👍👍👍👍 keep up da gud werk

  • The Bro Grady
    The Bro Grady 5 days ago +1


  • E Uni
    E Uni 5 days ago

    I would honestly buy that song

  • Paw eye reek
    Paw eye reek 5 days ago

    You need to Make Longer Video's.

  • Fizzy Fizzy
    Fizzy Fizzy 6 days ago

    Now if this song won't appear in the next LEGO movie, everyone down here gonna get mad a bit, is too awesome :v

  • SeaStarBeast
    SeaStarBeast 6 days ago

    My birthday is the same as yours Andrew, you're a great musician, keep up the cool work!

  • kurt Garcia
    kurt Garcia 6 days ago

    I love lego

  • Gaming HD
    Gaming HD 6 days ago

    Why this sound like baby let me whisper in your hear

  • Yavor Kotsev
    Yavor Kotsev 6 days ago

    Thats awesome

  • Hibito Fukuta
    Hibito Fukuta 6 days ago

    build a wall

  • infinite magus
    infinite magus 6 days ago

    yo i am a big fan of lego but i could never think that😱😱

  • WhoAreYouReading
    WhoAreYouReading 6 days ago


  • Andrei Calma
    Andrei Calma 6 days ago


  • panda pik dont be an oder

    I thought it was going to be you smashing it to the floor and saying I guess its music

  • Diamondstone 16
    Diamondstone 16 6 days ago

    Im gonna build a wall lol

  • Zombaz
    Zombaz 6 days ago

    Btw that riff is flipping awesome.

  • Zombaz
    Zombaz 6 days ago

    Btw that riff is flipping awesome.

  • Zombaz
    Zombaz 6 days ago

    Hey, can you tell me what effects you used in this video as I have been playing the guitar for 4 years now I'm starting to try and write some songs. Thanks!

  • RockedWow
    RockedWow 6 days ago

    A Lego guitar

  • King KeyyySavage123
    King KeyyySavage123 6 days ago

    Sid anyone notice he said "I'm going to build a wall".

  • Jerrybel Pelias
    Jerrybel Pelias 6 days ago +1

    You are creative i like you and you have good idea and i love your music i always want to hit that like button hard but my screen may broke so i buy a boutton and every time i want to hit the like button hard i always do it