What If You Were Stranded In the Sahara Alone?

  • Published on Jul 16, 2021
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    OGAANSHO 10 months ago +7096

    Did you know that Sahara means in Arabic Desert , when you say Sahara desert it's like saying " Desert Desert " - thanks RealLifelore

    • Lissa M
      Lissa M Month ago

      For a second I thought it said dessert dessert. LOL And I thought of pizza pizza. 😂 🤪

    • tiny sad violin
      tiny sad violin Month ago

      Well given that Sahara actually means deserts (plural) isn't that, in a weird way....technically correct?

    • tiny sad violin
      tiny sad violin Month ago

      @Richard Gooding calm down boi

    • tiny sad violin
      tiny sad violin Month ago

      @Disgruntled Wookie I know what you're talking about and can't remember the name either but iirc it's actually "lake lake lake lake" 😁

    • tiny sad violin
      tiny sad violin Month ago

      @Silver Ring Ring I love banh mi but never realized it just means bread lol, its a sandwich at every place I've ordered it from tho, not just bread so does the "mi" part mean something else or is the whole thing literally just "bread"

  • TurboG
    TurboG 10 months ago +1223

    A movie should be made about this event just to highlight the bravery and willingness of this man to survive all those near death situations.

    • JackBlackNinja
      JackBlackNinja Month ago

      he did try to commit suicide though

    • Darduel
      Darduel 2 months ago

      I would say perseverance, to come back years later and race again, this is what makes humans great

    • Aljoriz 14
      Aljoriz 14 3 months ago

      @D_ans no

    • Laszlo Bandi
      Laszlo Bandi 3 months ago

      any step by step guide how to not fail on suicide?

  • James Burton
    James Burton 9 months ago +101

    My man literally walked from Morocco to Algeria. Wtf? Human beings are incredibly resilient.

  • Alek Sy
    Alek Sy 10 months ago +374

    This gave me a reality check and reminds me to count my blessings. Man, that was terrifying. I would have died in 3 days or less if that was me.

    • tiny sad violin
      tiny sad violin Month ago

      @John Xina lol they won't care

    • tiny sad violin
      tiny sad violin Month ago

      I feel like I would die of heatstroke on day 1 😂

    • John Xina
      John Xina 7 months ago

      @AshyKnees only kind of. and he did suffer EXPONENTIALLY

    • AshyKnees
      AshyKnees 7 months ago

      why count your nlessings? I can't lie, he did kinda bring this upon himself

    • John Xina
      John Xina 7 months ago +2

      i wanna show this to the 14 yr old depressed teens

  • fasx56
    fasx56 10 months ago +119

    This has to be one of the most dramatic stories of survival in the past many years.This endurance Runner was in excellent physical condition, and his body strength and stamina far above the average man's. His physical condition is what brought him through this lost in the Desert nightmare and as mentioned there was permanent damage to some of his body organs. If he had not found that small Oasis with water he would have died in that Hell Hole that has only a few living small animals that can survive there.

  • ReelMoxy
    ReelMoxy 10 months ago +11136

    "He was so dehydrated he couldn’t bleed"
    Achievement Unlocked: Immortality

  • katherine nagel
    katherine nagel 7 months ago +44

    Absolutely amazing! But I am curious why he didn't go west by following the sun? Knowing that if he went east he would have went further and further into the Sahara, and if south would have also gone further into the Sahara. If he went west he would probably would have found a village of some sort earlier on. But either way this is an amazing story

    • Calum w46
      Calum w46 Month ago +1

      Its not as easy as that. To the west is pretty baron and to add to it its close to the Morocco western sahara border which is contentious

    • Saitama Baldy
      Saitama Baldy Month ago +1

      I wondered if he had a map, or any other ways of navigation aside from the conpass

  • Pan Dragon
    Pan Dragon 9 months ago +43

    Wonderful. Really kept my attention from beginning to end. Vivid commentary without the (distracting and annoying) vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar mistakes so common in these sorts of videos. Thanks! Just subscribed for more of these quality videos! Now, I'm off to read more about this guy, Mauro Prosperi, online... 🤓

  • David G
    David G 9 months ago +60

    What a story. The courage he displayed after initially giving up is truly inspirational. I can't believe I'd never heard it before. I see an epic movie story there.

  • mrcatfish2100
    mrcatfish2100 8 months ago +39

    My goodness, this is an incredible story. One that tests human limitations.

  • Christina Kinch
    Christina Kinch 10 months ago +1287

    The fact that he didn't let that terrifying, near death experience stop him from continuing his passion, he's a strong, admirable legend of a man.

    • Stretop Overmind
      Stretop Overmind Month ago

      @Pasan De Silva Oh, but it is not a matter of opinions - it is a matter of facts.
      - who in the right mind would be determined to be an alcoholic?
      Who? Many, _many_ , *many* people. They, of course, would call it differently: "I have the right to relax", "I should not be a stick in the mud", "Just to drown my emotions" and so on, and so on - you probably heard all of those. But "a rose by any other name..."
      - Would you be 'determined' to be an alcoholic?
      Theoretically? Maybe. Practically? Not really, for a simple reason: alcohol does not affect me as it affects most people. Humans (as I've heard) usually experience some kind of euphoria after imbibing it. Me? It just slows me down and gives me a headache. So I am not a relevant example.
      - It's the circumstances that enables you/forces you/makes you to be an alcoholic.
      No. The circumstances can *_prevent_* you from becoming an alcoholic (for example, simply by not having any alcohol available to begin with), but the opposite does not work.
      You do not _passively_ absorb ethanol from the environment by some kind of osmosis - you have to *_actively_* go, buy the stuff and then drink it. You can stop at any step of the process. Yet most people *choose* to continue this to completion.
      Circumstances work on population statistics level, predicting how likely there will be _this many_ alcoholics in _these_ social conditions; but on an individual level - you always have your existential freedom.

    • Pasan De Silva
      Pasan De Silva Month ago

      @Stretop Overmind The fact you pointed that it requires determination to be an alcoholic destroys your entire analogy. It works in a literary sense, but in practical terms who in the right mind would be determined to be an alcoholic? No one. Would you be 'determined' to be an alcoholic? I hope not. It's the circumstances that enables you/forces you/makes you to be an alcoholic. One may intepret it as determination, but on real terms, it is not. Anyway, it's your opinion, and this us mine. Let's agree to disagree

    • Stretop Overmind
      Stretop Overmind Month ago

      @Pasan De Silva It works just fine. Being an alcoholic also requires determination: determination to persevere in this pointless and self-destructive behaviour.
      Running ultra-marathons (just as doing ultra-anything-else) is the same: a pointless and self-destructive behaviour, nothing more. Moderation is a virtue, excess is the source of peril.
      - those were quite challenging and require significant preparing
      Long-time hard drinking is also quite challenging and also requires significant preparation =)
      Now multiply this by *_years and years_* . So, my dude, yes, this analogy works admirably.

    • Pasan De Silva
      Pasan De Silva Month ago

      @Stretop Overmind Not a good analogy since any fool could become an alcoholic which require neither willpower nor determination. Ultra marathon running on the other hand is a completely different story. I have only run several 10K distance running in my life (Im not an athlete) and those were quite challenging and require significant preparing, and if you don't have determination there's no point even participating. Now multiply that effort by 20+ times. So my dude no, this analogy doesn't work at all.

    • Radithya Satria
      Radithya Satria 4 months ago

      @𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓁𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉 he's chad enough to go back to that race again and again and eventually getting his achievements

  • Perfect Students
    Perfect Students 9 months ago +68

    Opposite to the very hot Sahara marathon, there's an equally grueling and dangerous marathon across the icy cold North Pole.

    • Jordan Thomas
      Jordan Thomas 7 months ago +5

      If I’m in that North Pole race I’d say wazzup to santa

  • Schnuffel Schnuffel
    Schnuffel Schnuffel 7 months ago +43

    i cannot imagine the joy and relief he felt when he saw those tents in the distance

  • Amith Ramachandran
    Amith Ramachandran 3 months ago +2

    Can't imagine the pain he went through. Truely inspirational.
    One doubt out of curiosity, the narration mentioned that he had a compass. Isn't it better to stick to geographic north or south with the help of that compass and strictly follow it in such scenarios ?

  • AJGeeTV
    AJGeeTV 8 months ago +10

    This is an incredible story and I was on edge watching this video. I love endurance/survival stories and this is one of the best. Thanks for the video...

  • Recraw7
    Recraw7 10 months ago +4720

    Surviving in the Sahara would be extremely hard alone;
    Thankfully, you can learn how to be a more sufficient survivalist than ever with skillshare.

    • Noko
      Noko Month ago

      @D_ans Y O U M U S T B U Y T H E S K I L L S H A R E

    • Naila Mohamed
      Naila Mohamed 5 months ago +1

      @MrAmhara The bedouins have adapted to their environment and have lived in the desert of thousand of years. Perhaps the Italian man had a little bedouin blood lool

    • Phill W.D
      Phill W.D 5 months ago +1

      all these comments are so funny 🤣🤣

  • Michael Ihde
    Michael Ihde 3 months ago +1

    This in an incredible story. That book is probably insanely beautiful. I’m very glad that man survived, and I hope his story inspires others to learn about water availability in Africa and other places, suicide awareness, survival skills, and sheer human perseverance and courage.

  • Softan J
    Softan J 8 months ago +277

    "So he took out his compass but all he could see was sand in every direction"
    Yes that's why following the compass would have been so useful. They were invented for situations exactly like that, so you can navigate when there's no visible landmarks to help guide you.
    Why did he go south when he had a compass? He must have known where in Africa the race was, then he should know that no matter what direction he ran off to it would be preferable to walk north or northwest but instead he walked south. The only thing I can come up with is that he confused the needles and thought the red needle pointed south. Good thing he got so lucky.

    • Megaman 2407
      Megaman 2407 3 months ago +2

      bruh the comment below literally adress this 😭😭😭

    • CyberNut930
      CyberNut930 3 months ago +4

      A lot of people saying he should have did this or that but you have to remember that this poor guy had been in the desert for days suffering from severe dehydration. I’m just gonna go ahead and assume he wasn’t in a strong state of mind. The important part is he survived which is probably more than any of us here would accomplish. Honestly, he’s only real mistake was letting he’s competitive nature get the best of him and deciding to run through the initial sand storm instead of just sheltering in place then picking up the trail after it passed.

    • kakashi Hatake
      kakashi Hatake 3 months ago +2

      His compass was damaged internally during the storm but he didn't realize it. He kept following the instructions given by the damaged compass

    • Danny Flood
      Danny Flood 4 months ago +1

      Since his destination was to the north, he should have kept the setting sun to his left. Or he could have followed the setting sun to head west which would have taken him out of the desert.

  • Dougtube
    Dougtube 6 months ago +3

    I love going into the desert. I’ve been in the desert in some extreme heat. The highest I’ve personally experienced is 118F. One thing that taught me is if I were ever lost in the desert I’d be completely screwed.

    • Timmy Svensson
      Timmy Svensson 5 months ago

      What desert? Ive seen some videos about people crossing the deserts on the West arabian pensulviana. And damn without those camels people wouldnt stand a chanse it feels like. ( Not thriving atleast. )

  • Adam H
    Adam H 6 months ago +8

    Being stranded in the Sahara for two weeks and making it out alive is almost as much of an achievement as making it to the Wetherspoons bogs and back and living to tell the tale 🍻🇬🇧

  • Flash life
    Flash life 10 months ago +3196

    not only did he survive for 9 days, he survived after running multiple marathons.

    • K
      K 6 days ago

      I typed this with my toe

    • Kenza Rezyarifin
      Kenza Rezyarifin 3 months ago


    • Megaman 2407
      Megaman 2407 3 months ago

      @Dan H bruh if there was a video of him geeting lost then it not Really "getting lost" unless marathon you have to have a camera for some reason????

    • Zak Zwijn
      Zak Zwijn 3 months ago +2

      Meanwhile, people are complaining that they're offended for not being spoken to with the right pronouns.

    • Flash life
      Flash life 4 months ago +1

      @3rdEye well, must have been running pretty fast to slip that tight border control

  • RAF Dahouk
    RAF Dahouk 3 months ago +1

    This is the most amazing story I've ever heard. Told so well. Incredible. Talk about inspirational!!!!

  • All Aware
    All Aware 2 months ago +1

    Always bring two signal flares, one to signal and a second to make it easier to locate you for any rescue services you see responding to the first flare.
    His name was also prosperi, not for no reason

  • Jane Ross
    Jane Ross 8 months ago +1

    Makes me wonder if we could be terraforming the most inhospitable places on the planet. And if it turns out we can, then should we, and what kind of environmental impact would that have.

  • Hershy
    Hershy 8 months ago +243

    Brain: Just let me bleed out.
    Body: I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move.

    • ඩී
      ඩී 7 months ago

      That happened because of skillshare :D

  • Dale
    Dale 10 months ago +10116

    Imagine his wife's reaction when he said he was going to try again.

    • Julian Roddy
      Julian Roddy Month ago

      @karuzo411 is your information correct? Not at all

    • Julian Roddy
      Julian Roddy Month ago

      @karuzo411 your opinion is not a fact

    • Automatic Ninja Assault Cat
      Automatic Ninja Assault Cat Month ago

      ​@The collector
      That was exactly what karuzo411 said in his initial statement.
      Don't be so eager to argue you don't bother to comprehend what the other is saying.

    • The collector
      The collector 7 months ago +1

      Only one person ever spoke out claiming this wasn’t true. There’s plenty of evidence the story is completely real.

  • Just playing games
    Just playing games 9 months ago +102

    Question : If he starts in morocco and lost in the sahara and have a compass isn't the safest option in to head north west ? I mean if he drips to far north he'll end up in algeria's population center if he drips to far west he'll just go back to morocco's south even if it's far from the marathon

    • I ам иот яսssiаи sошу
      I ам иот яսssiаи sошу 5 months ago +4

      In his book he mentioned his compass broke during the sandstorm ! But he didn’t know.

    • Dead Pizza
      Dead Pizza 6 months ago +1

      @riceismyname yes it would your brain doesn't even bother thinking about it because that energy is being used on living

    • Vista17
      Vista17 8 months ago +2

      @Zzul Ma That stuff happens in Central Africa 🇨🇫 and it's apparently covered in lush green forests

    • Zzul Ma
      Zzul Ma 8 months ago +7

      I was thinking of the compass the whole video and when it wasn't mentioned I thought that there could be magnetic fields in the Sahara like in the Gobi desert that make compasses go crazy 🤷‍♀️

    • riceismyname
      riceismyname 8 months ago +15

      @Mario Rodriguez would your decision-making really be that impaired to prevent you from knowing that you're heading south away from civilization, so you should head back north? i'm surprised he wasn't staring at his compass during the first sandstorm, having no sense of direction would fuck me up at least

  • Kenza Rezyarifin
    Kenza Rezyarifin 3 months ago +1

    I once visited a sand dunes and in about an hour I already gone dehydration, nausea and dizzy without hat and water, if I were thrown to a similar conditions, I probably die in a day. Respect to the man because his training increase his survivability.

  • Caleb Correll
    Caleb Correll 3 months ago +3

    Listen, I have anxiety being in "the middle of nowhere" which, to me, is 60 miles from a population center. I simply cannot imagine what this guy was feeling and am grateful he survived this. What a story. That feeling of success he probably felt when he found that oasis absolutely has to be unmatched.

  • sopisticated glasses
    sopisticated glasses 3 months ago +1

    in the introduction I just kept thinking "can this place get any worse?" 0:52. just imagine stepping on hot sand is so painful, but sand in the Sahara in the sandstorms is like so deadly.

  • Maxwell A. Gaming PS4
    Maxwell A. Gaming PS4 10 months ago +1510

    The part of finding the Oasis and not being able to drink it must have been one of the worst tortures you could feel.

    • Saitama Baldy
      Saitama Baldy Month ago

      Sola Scriptura that was also parodied by Futurama's strange door

    • Omar Al Qaracha
      Omar Al Qaracha 2 months ago +1

      @Andres Pinto North ifriqiya don’t got lotta mirages son

    • Andres Pinto
      Andres Pinto 2 months ago +1

      Could've been worse, it could've been a mirage.

    • Omar Al Qaracha
      Omar Al Qaracha 3 months ago

      @Sola Scriptura I remember watching that in class. Poor guy even made dates for when he’d read each book.

    • _Dell
      _Dell 5 months ago +9

      @Sola Scriptura omg I remember that one! it was so sad. He was the last one on the planet, only with his books... then his glasses dropped.

  • Jiroh
    Jiroh 8 months ago +6

    Great inspiring and emotional video up until the ending - the segue into an ad...
    You shouldn't end videos like that imo, it takes away the magic of what you just informed us on

  • Stephen Van Dulken
    Stephen Van Dulken 8 months ago +2

    Epic endurance, but I'm puzzled why he went so far off course. He had been running northeast, so the sun was on his right. When he ran off course, he went southwest, so the sun was on his left. Didn't he notice ? Also, a compass would have been helpful.
    Nowadays they would have GPS with them I hope...

  • Andrew's Channel
    Andrew's Channel 8 months ago +8

    That is one of the greatest survival stories I’ve ever heard.

  • Sharon Zaks
    Sharon Zaks 8 months ago +2

    This is one of the most amazing, incredible, unbelievable, crazy, insane, brutal rescue story I'd EVER heard of in my entire life. I'm shocked and speechless.

  • Chosen Dark Lord
    Chosen Dark Lord 10 months ago +4466

    they should honestly make a movie about this

    • Piece D
      Piece D Month ago

      @Andre Bubbles Its a really strange story
      Suicide for his wife , Helicopter , Plane , Girl , he go West instead of North , Bath blood , Urine
      But who knows even if its hard to belive

    • Piece D
      Piece D Month ago

      I would just go North without stop
      Desert is to large , so North is the bether option
      And he had the tools to go North

    • tiny sad violin
      tiny sad violin Month ago

      @Admirable Design have you never seen a survival movie? The survival IS the plot lol

    • tiny sad violin
      tiny sad violin Month ago

      I'd watch it

    • Saitama Baldy
      Saitama Baldy Month ago


  • Robert Plissken
    Robert Plissken 9 months ago +31

    The publisher of his book needs to have it translated into English (and other languages). I'd buy it.

    • Lautaro Tessi
      Lautaro Tessi 7 months ago +2

      Perhaps the hype this post made could make some editorial to take that chance. We'll see...

  • Mick , yet another one

    my home in Tucson, AZ sees temps around 45 C every year in late June. I've seen it hit 48 a few days in a row one year, and about every second or third year it reaches over 46. and this comes after a solid 3 months of no rain and 2 months of humidity below 10%, with daytime humidity rarely reaching above 5%.

  • Travisbickle75
    Travisbickle75 9 months ago +1

    Impressive story. But I wonder why he didn't choose to walk towards north to avoid getting more submerged into the Sahara. He had a compass, and in case it was broken, the night sky.

  • Selman Yasir
    Selman Yasir 8 months ago +3

    This is actually harder than it sounds. Once I was in Sahara, only out for 10 minutes during the midday, in the month of January. It absolutely cooks your brain if you don't have a hat. In January!!

  • **nothing**
    **nothing** 10 months ago +2211

    Not only did this man survive the Sahara, but he came back for more. Fucking legend.

    • Mak NYC
      Mak NYC 10 months ago


    • ThePhoenixXM
      ThePhoenixXM 10 months ago +14

      @Garrett Powell Why do you hate him so much? Are you just jealous?

    • Vendetta
      Vendetta 10 months ago +2

      Yeah I notice people who have sky doving accidents, shark attack bites tend to go back to what they were doing.

    • Anglo-Aspid Mapping
      Anglo-Aspid Mapping 10 months ago +12

      @Garrett Powell …

  • Anunnaki Warrior
    Anunnaki Warrior 5 months ago

    damn, that shows you if an experienced person could get lost like this in the desert, just imagine what are the odds for those who are completely unprepared for it.

  • darko714
    darko714 8 months ago +1

    Elite athlete. Incredible training regimen. Excellent preparation. If anyone had a chance of survival in such a hostile environment, it would be this dude.

  • Do not Ask me my name
    Do not Ask me my name 6 months ago +2

    Stories like this one were very common in Algeria before communication technology has developed. You can make heartbreaking movies of survival or fatal endings of these stories. When strong wind storms blow up they change the area geography and sand dunes mountains get displaced. Someone wouldn't recognize the area where he is. Also you can walk for days to end up in the same area where you started after making a circle of dozens of km in diameter. This happens because walking in the desert takes the form of a circle due to lack of landmarks to guide you and the difference between a right and left foot step length.

  • Jeffrey Pisarek
    Jeffrey Pisarek 4 months ago

    What an insane story! Wow. Based on the title I assumed this was a theoretical scenario. Boy was I wrong.

  • Vio Venda
    Vio Venda 10 months ago +3946

    I can't imagine the immense feelings of relief and joy when he found that oasis

    • tiny sad violin
      tiny sad violin Month ago +1

      @Leroy S. just give up dude lol

    • tiny sad violin
      tiny sad violin Month ago +1

      @Leroy S. lolwut he literally said he should go west where the sun sets

    • Bulma Brief
      Bulma Brief Month ago +1

      @Leroy S. Jesus christ you are dense. "Why would you head west while being lost in the western part of the desert???" He KNEW he started in Morocco, regardless of where he was at the moment, it literally only made sense to go west.

    • patrick gorski
      patrick gorski 2 months ago +1

      @Leroy S. he clearly said "west," and clearly said "headed to shore the sun was setting"
      Did he not?

  • Y2K
    Y2K 5 months ago +1

    Fun Fact: The Tuareg who are experts at travelling this dessert call the Sahara the land of fear. The ones brave enough to make the journey have a lot of respect in their culture.

  • Game Racer
    Game Racer 9 months ago +3

    I used to fly over the Sahara twice a year when I lived in Ghana. It did cross my mind if this plane goes down and we miraculously survived. That would be the start of our problems.

  • Vincent Perratore
    Vincent Perratore 8 months ago +2

    What if you were stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?
    What if you were stranded at the uppermost pinnacle of Mount Everest?
    What if you were stranded at midnight at a lonely railroad station or bus depot in the middle of winter?
    If, if, if!

  • Mikael Gohari
    Mikael Gohari 8 months ago +4

    He was in his prime there imagine if he would have runned to the right direction. You could see the distance he managed to get to, i think he would have won that race if he hadnt gotten lost but im not aware of those races cause i didnt follow them but i imagine he was the best contender

  • Levi Fontaine
    Levi Fontaine 10 months ago +4344

    Being an Olympic athlete was definitely an advantage for him lol

    • tiny sad violin
      tiny sad violin Month ago

      @Pusfilth it actually made zero sense tbh

    • tiny sad violin
      tiny sad violin Month ago

      @Leo Trollstoy me too, without even getting lost lmao

    • G. Deyanov
      G. Deyanov 2 months ago +1

      Or from another point of view. It was the single reaspn for his stranding. The desire to win or more accurately keep your placing under any circumstance. His olympic spirit is both what got him into that nightmare, and what managed to take him out of it.

    • Ryuk
      Ryuk 5 months ago

      Ya think? Lol

  • Highgrade Zaza
    Highgrade Zaza 8 months ago +10

    Wow listening to this is heartbreaking, glad he was able to make it out alive. 🙏🏼

  • Miks
    Miks 9 months ago +1

    I love learning about people who have withstood such harsh realities

  • Sam
    Sam 9 months ago +1

    I feel like the strength and determination of some people is really under utilised. So much drive, so much courage, and it's spent running around in the desert.

  • Nye Davis
    Nye Davis 8 months ago +18

    The Sahara is a fantastically beautiful place and Morocco is a wonderful, culture rich country. Don't let this video put you off, being alone in the desert is one of the most amazing feelings (although probably not being lost and dehydrated as in this case)

    • M. NAWAZ
      M. NAWAZ 5 months ago +1

      It would be great they said, the shimmering brightness of stars at night and the passing breezy wind dancing by the day...🥴

  • Coco1723
    Coco1723 10 months ago +1008

    This race sounds like a horrible idea. I totally understand the thrill of running in such a place. Seriously though this could happen to anybody even with better flares.

    • KaBob799
      KaBob799 10 months ago +1

      They need to have a rule against running during sandstorms.

    • Paul JJ
      Paul JJ 10 months ago

      Well, these days a GPS tracker will guide you in the right direction, but to be honest it seems his compass was severely damaged, however surely you can find the north just looking at the sun and the stars at night...

    • clownavenger
      clownavenger 10 months ago

      @four twenty I moved a house on a 110 degree day in Houston. That was fun

    • AtreVire
      AtreVire 10 months ago

      @sweet embrace @no no how so? I dont think that wanting to have crazy or extreme experiences is limited to only the upper class, but for the most part, only people who are well to do have the time finances, and lack of nothing better to do in order to support these kinds of activities. Kind of hard to run a death marathon when you dont have enough money to fix whatever's been rattling in your engine for the past three weeks

    • Noi Jadis Cailleach
      Noi Jadis Cailleach 10 months ago

      @Shaikha ali Actually, when you think about it, he's pretty bad at navigation that time. His excuse why he couldn't use the compass was pretty lame. Either that or he just couldn't think straight anymore from all the dehydration.
      But i'm pretty confident any guy who knows how to navigate with the compass can hardly get lost as long as it's working.

  • Nitheezkant
    Nitheezkant 7 months ago

    This is extremely sad that he had to go through all this. This is beyond a nightmare.

  • The Gr8 Malachite
    The Gr8 Malachite 9 months ago +10

    Before he ran off when the sandstorm started picking up, he should've used a compass to pinpoint the direction to go back to the last spot he was (I believe that in a sandstorm he would've been running in a pretty straight line).

    • optrin
      optrin Month ago

      The compass was broken. He says so in the book.

    • PiPArtemis
      PiPArtemis 8 months ago

      @Waffles still it would probably be a good idea to check the compass periodically to see what relative direction you're headed (assuming you can even see it in a sand storm) that way if something like this occurs you can at least back track in a consistent direction to before you lost track of the trail
      Ifs, ands, and buts though and none of us were there so we can only speculate

    • Waffles
      Waffles 8 months ago

      Based on this video it makes it sound like he wasn't just randomly running, he got a bit off track and then started following a path that he thought was the marathon path but it wasn't.

  • Senegoid
    Senegoid 5 months ago +3

    Not close to his survival story, but I got to toot my own horn! This past year I biked from downtown Toronto to British Columbia, took me 53 days!

  • Andrew
    Andrew 9 months ago +42

    Mouro: continues running a marathon through a sandstorm
    Me: dies after walking up the stairs

  • Mark Aldrin Abegonia
    Mark Aldrin Abegonia 10 months ago +753

    Imagine being lost in Sahara for over a week and then suddenly discovering presence of human such as foot prints. Man that would be the most hopeful time you'll had.

    • X Y
      X Y 10 months ago

      Well first came the goat scat. Just for protocol 😜

    • Ben
      Ben 10 months ago

      Yeah but bare in mind it could be ISIS terrorists around there.

    • SPG_ Superfine
      SPG_ Superfine 10 months ago

      Dude it was like 48 decrees Celsius in Canada the other day. Good thing I don’t live in bc.

    • Jesse Fouts
      Jesse Fouts 10 months ago

      That moment when the foot prints are only vaguely human but you keep following it

    • Meelek Edits
      Meelek Edits 10 months ago +1

      Then you realize its your own footprints and you went in cricles, dehydrated hungry and completely sunburned losing your last hope for survival, otherwise known as mondays

  • givethatwolfabanana 🍌
    givethatwolfabanana 🍌 7 months ago +1

    46 degrees doesn't sound too high. I expected it to be more like 50-60 as it's often above 40 in the Mediterranean in summer.

  • vxtsxr
    vxtsxr 8 months ago +9

    This is a beautiful story. He's such a strong man.

  • • Abę Brosiczki •
    • Abę Brosiczki • 5 months ago +1

    I honestly can't imagine the stress he's been through..

  • h a r r i
    h a r r i 7 months ago +7

    this nearly made me cry. just imagining that desperation is impossible unless you’ve been in that situation.

  • Magnificent Chihuahua
    Magnificent Chihuahua 4 months ago +1

    But good question, how do you randomly get stranded in a humongous desert?

  • Zack Nicley
    Zack Nicley 9 months ago

    So basically, go into the situation incredibly well prepared with a few provisions and people looking for you, find a shelter and an oasis.

  • Crazy Dud 33
    Crazy Dud 33 3 months ago +1

    That Italian law of having to wait 10 years with no body is SEVERELY flawed, and would encourage suicide in some circumstances, as seen here.

  • David Gordon
    David Gordon 4 months ago

    That must have been the most agonizing thing ever to happen to him. Having a low flying helicopter fly over him, but not notice him. That seems to be a recurring theme in a lot of peoples survival situations. Rescue always seems so close, yet so far away. That is why I stick to the populated areas of the North Suburbs of Chicago, and I would never take a hike into the desert...

  • Megan Lukes
    Megan Lukes 10 months ago +2716

    I still can’t believe anyone ever wanted to do this race. I feel thirsty just watching this

    • tiny sad violin
      tiny sad violin Month ago

      Ikr this video had me reaching for water ngl 😅

    • LIT Gamer
      LIT Gamer 3 months ago

      The first thing one must do is find an adequate source of water, first and foremost. Next, a source of shelter is it a large palm tree, overhang, abandoned municipals site, etc, etc. The direct sunlight will get you first and exacerbate any dehydration and possible heatstroke if you are aged 60 years of age+ Then always leave a trace of where you been so you don't entangle yourself in a web of backtracking and walking in circles, they call the death spiral in some indigenous tribes

    • Amanda M
      Amanda M 6 months ago +1

      @Henrique yup

    • Amanda M
      Amanda M 6 months ago +3

      thankfuly i was drinking orange juice when watching but i kinda felt guilty when drinking it

  • Antoni & America Latina

    Unbelievable story! Thanks for making this video!

  • BadAsh786
    BadAsh786 2 months ago

    Came across this video randomly. So glad I watched it because this story was incredible

  • Emman Cua
    Emman Cua 9 months ago

    Dang! He is truly a survivor. The Sahara is unforgiving and he barely scratch the surface of it. Kudos to his survival skills with a bit of luck.

  • Foxina
    Foxina 7 months ago

    Im going to learn celestial navigation SPECIFICALLY because of stuff like this. A compass isnt much help if you dont know where you are. And stars are significantly easier to see in remote locations like africa because theres less light pollution.

  • I Am V0id
    I Am V0id 10 months ago +1999

    "He was so dehydrated he couldn’t bleed"
    Going by the rules of "if it can bleed, you can kill it" he is immortal.

    • Digi
      Digi 7 months ago

      @Ahimtar HoN 1.7k upvotes for a joke that went way over your head

    • Ahimtar HoN
      Ahimtar HoN 7 months ago +2

      1,7k upvotes for a basic logical mistake, cool cool (if A then B doesn't mean that if not A then not B)

    • John Paul Buce
      John Paul Buce 7 months ago

      @Elinawaterson wow youre so confused

    • Luis
      Luis 7 months ago

      @Elinawaterson So are you trying to say women are inmortal?

    • Digi
      Digi 8 months ago +1

      @Elinawaterson If it CAN bleed, you CAN kill it. The guy in the video CAN'T bleed, so you CAN'T kill him... what more is there to understand

  • Speed Junkie
    Speed Junkie 8 months ago

    really makes you appreciate technology
    this wouldn't happen today, you wouldn't be lost since everything can be tracked... and even if you did get lost you just whip out your solar-powered GPS device and just hike through the Sahara as much as you're able to

  • lizzfrmhon
    lizzfrmhon 11 days ago +1

    I went hiking in Dubái desert one day. We thought it would be fine at 9 am. After 1 hour i already felt like I was in trouble. We started making our way back to the car and I really thought I would pass out and die. The desert is no joke. It will kill you quick.

    • David Ferrari
      David Ferrari 10 days ago

      If you want to do something in the desert you must do it at 4 or 5 am or after 8pm, the heat is terrible if the sun is out, no matter the hour

  • Mediterranean Mint
    Mediterranean Mint 8 months ago +5

    You don’t have to spend much time in the desert to decide that it’s not the kind of place you want to go for a jog.

  • Will Pomeroy
    Will Pomeroy 9 months ago +1

    What exactly is the advice for drinking your own urine in this situation? I’ve read conflicting tips, some saying to do it and some saying it will actually kill you faster. What do official survival handbooks say that military units use?

  • Adityachk2002
    Adityachk2002 10 months ago +1274

    He only survived because he was a fit person capable of such endurance. Being fit always helps. He was an amazing runner

    • X Y
      X Y 4 months ago +1

      @Benny någon lol that's fascinating because I honestly didn't read it. It's just common sense from watching this video.
      Well maybe I should read it since I'm also learning italian anyway... ty Benny have a good one 🥂

    • Benny någon
      Benny någon 5 months ago +1

      @X Y in the book he said that he wanted to go north to head back to morocco but his compass broke in the sandstorm so you were right according to his own story

    • Benny någon
      Benny någon 5 months ago

      @kairon5 in the book he said that he wanted to go north to head back to morocco but his compass broke in the sandstorm.

    • X Y
      X Y 9 months ago

      @Faruk Abdullah My guess is he wanted to go north by northeast which would've been the direct way back to the trail, since he wanted to finish the race as well. The reason why he ended up going into the opposite direction was probably confusion due to dehydration, a broken compass and a sandstorm, like i said. In a situation like this, your body being under a lot of stress and at its limit you often make irrational choices. I can only speculate why he never tried to go north. Or maybe he did try. I don't know. But i do know we'd all be less successful in this specific situation. It's easy to judge about this some thirty yrs after from your phone or computer. I think we shouldn't judge this man too harshly on everything and respect his achievements and his life choices. And if you really want to know the truth, go read the book he wrote.

    • Faruk Abdullah
      Faruk Abdullah 9 months ago

      @X Y Or maybe just maybe see where the sun sets and go that direction. Sun sets in the west where most definitely the closest civilization is relative to him. Instead he foolishly kept on running south going more deep within desert. He definitely has the physical and mental strength but really isn't the brightest bulb around.

  • Diario Carnivoro
    Diario Carnivoro 3 months ago

    I'm Italian, but I didn't know about this incredible story and this incredible man. I will read his book! Thank you!

  • Patrick H.
    Patrick H. 7 months ago +1

    Wait a minute. Has he never heard of the fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west? I thought that's common knowledge since ages.

  • streamofthesky
    streamofthesky 9 months ago

    First three days: close to a usual marathon length, mostly linear path
    Day 4: 53 miles, in a twisting path that has you turn a 180 over the course of completing it
    What could possibly go wrong?
    Seriously, who designed that course?!

  • CiloMechant
    CiloMechant 7 months ago

    Shouldn't we give the person the gold medal? He litteraly ran through 100+km of the sahara and went from Morocco to Algeria without dying

    ZENITH 10 months ago +205

    Ultimate Respect for this man for surviving the impossible.

  • Mickey81566
    Mickey81566 9 months ago +4

    Me: Knowing that I won't be going to the Sahara desert, not on my list.
    Also me: *just in case*

  • dads midnight creation
    dads midnight creation 4 months ago

    I love it when people say there is more stars I the sky than grains of sand on this earth like yes really have you seen the Sahara desert alone?? its impossible... there's to much

  • Amin Beshara
    Amin Beshara 6 months ago +1

    Couldn’t he just have used the compass to go north and eventually reach the race track

  • Ryan Palet
    Ryan Palet 5 months ago

    Watching this reminds me of living in Saudi Arabia where our highest temp reached 120 degrees F while I was living there :)

  • Ryanqube
    Ryanqube 10 months ago +13484

    Imagine being so dehydrated to the point where your blood literally won't come out of an open wound.

    • Josh Stixx Fata
      Josh Stixx Fata 7 months ago

      Also when that happens . Your flesh is a lot tougher cut through. Because there’s no fluid/water in the body to soften the body… it’s like cutting dry steak which must be painful

    • KidRara
      KidRara 7 months ago

      @NeDeS LMAOOOO

    • TheFrontyardScientist
      TheFrontyardScientist 10 months ago

      Sounds awesome

    • Robert Regnier
      Robert Regnier 10 months ago

      @Fjgjgjd I've put up some pretty intelligent responses, and the techno... Ahem, people who live on computers and feel it's ok to call names while deleting comments... Delete the comments.
      I'd be surprised if the underdeveloped emotions allow this comment to stand.
      Long and shirt, I've been there done that. Trained many years in desert environment, take care of athlete's in extreme situations pretty regularly. Some situations are lose-lose and you'd better be able to laugh during or after, or else you do things like half-ass attempts at suicide
      *Edited for grammar, not content

    • Fjgjgjd
      Fjgjgjd 10 months ago

      @Robert Regnier you probably think you are funny

  • InvictvsNox
    InvictvsNox 8 months ago +7

    Well that was traumatic to watch. Can't imagine how it had to be to live.

  • Aurora Wolfe
    Aurora Wolfe 8 months ago +17

    This guy: badass surviving 10 days alone in the Sahara
    me: can't even stand being outside in 100° weather for 5 minutes

  • emoryligas
    emoryligas 5 months ago

    they should definitely 100 percent make a movie about this guy and his journey. it would be best movie of the year no doubt

  • Mohamed Aboelenein
    Mohamed Aboelenein 5 months ago

    Imagine being a young girl walking literally alone in the no where, to find a weird looking man running at you out of the no where.

  • Thunder Fox
    Thunder Fox 10 months ago +187

    I have read the book by Prosperi (I’m italian) and one important piece of information he mentions in the book is that during the first sandstorm his compass broke but he didn’t realize that. That’s why he ended up being a lot more to the south, he was actually trying to navigate to the north to Morocco.

    • Another Youtube account
      Another Youtube account 2 months ago

      @slm ...what

    • Project Infinity
      Project Infinity 2 months ago

      Bro i was wondering why he went so far south even with a compass

    • PlayNow
      PlayNow 2 months ago +1

      Even if go east he will still ended up in Algeria as it has borders with Morocco from the east and little bit from the south.. When you see algeria on map you will understand so he could just see from where the sun rise, he will then conclude where the north is and walk towards it

    • slm
      slm 3 months ago +1

      @Ashwyn Ludher I'm gonna piss so many people off for making this joke. Dude's an athlete, you expect him to know shit except sports? And now im getting cancelled

    • Ashwyn Ludher
      Ashwyn Ludher 3 months ago +3

      Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Determine the direction of the rising or setting sun and you can orient yourself north or south.

  • cocon't
    cocon't 7 months ago +1

    i would first gather food and find shelter, or if it comes down to it dig my own shelter in the roots of a cactus so i can have a roof, and gather food of course during dawn and such, and make my way to the edge and escape (i know the sahara doesn't have cactus that was just a example, any plant with strong roots will work)

  • littleroot
    littleroot 6 months ago

    Funny Story. I saw this video and decided I want to make a quiz about this guy, Mauro Prosperi. I particularly wanted to know the coordinates of the marabout. I searched for a few days and found nothing. Then I decided to go all out and just friend him on facebook. To my surprise, he accepted the friend request! I chatted with him a bit, back and forth and he said he doesn't know 'em, but a friend of his, who worked on his netflix episode with him, might. Crazy! What's even crazier is that he wished me a Happy Birthday on my facebook timeline, lol.

  • NEON
    NEON 3 months ago

    My grand uncle, during the Korean War, had to carry the body of his dead childhood friend across the dunes of the desert (not the Sahara, but still gigantic dunes) and he had to burry himself with the body during the day, and walk the night. The whole war was so traumatic for him that when he got home in Canada, whenever he would hear dogs, planes, or helicopters he would throw himself on the ground and start crying out of fear. He eventually died of gangrene.

  • elDec0y
    elDec0y 8 months ago +4

    I can’t imagine someone who is seconds or minutes away from certain death not be overwhelmed with regret and think along the lines of ‘I should have settled for an office job’, despite many of their family and friends trying to justify their death with cliches like “they died doing what they loved.”

  • Noah Lyne
    Noah Lyne 10 months ago +797

    Imagine having a good chance of dying, being in one of the worst situations a human can experience, but you continue because you don’t want to fall behind in a race...

    • Adarsh Mehta
      Adarsh Mehta 10 months ago

      @vincent schuurhof Have you invested in cryptocurrency?

    • X Y
      X Y 10 months ago

      He continued to run mainly because he thought if he spent the night without a tent in a severe sandstorm it would probably be even more dangerous which is true. Got a little lost in that story imo.

    • Waterbug
      Waterbug 10 months ago

      @vincent schuurhof He's transforming the world with electric cars, made reusable rocket fuels and about to connect your brain to the internet with neuralink, that's not a good track record?
      the amazon rainforest is a really small area and a good trade for a significantly larger land like the sahara. more so, the sand nutrition is only a bonus for the rainforest which could be substituted with nutritioning from human effort.

    • Waterbug
      Waterbug 10 months ago +1

      @Quayledant the sand fertilizer probably isn't a huge deal, it's just a bonus to other continents.