• Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • Will it bounce?!
    A big thanks to Springfree Trampolines for supporting us on this epic project. Their trampolines are amazing and the perfect present for your kids this year! Use promo code HOWRIDICULOUS when you buy a trampoline to get free shipping and a bonus basketball hoop (US, Canada & Australia only).
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    We are passionate about seeing children released from poverty and we would love you to consider sponsoring a child with Compassion. We visited our sponsor children in the Philippines and were blown away by the difference that child sponsorship can make. To find out more about sponsoring a child right now, check out:
    What Slow Mo Camera Do We Use? The Chronos 1.4
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  • Ghost Fox
    Ghost Fox 19 hours ago

    That helicopter is around 150% of the Tesla model s price

  • Ross Eicholz
    Ross Eicholz 19 hours ago

    if I were you I would be spinning the ball as I drop it because you'll get less air resistance if you do that it's kind of like rifling on a gun it spins the bullet so that way it stays straight or I think this may help you all be more accurate

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 19 hours ago


  • Dieselwolf
    Dieselwolf 20 hours ago

    You guys are absolutely hilarious!!!

  • Tiffany Adams
    Tiffany Adams 20 hours ago


  • Pablo Freigeist
    Pablo Freigeist 20 hours ago

    metric system is the best

  • Jake Wagner
    Jake Wagner 20 hours ago

    13 attempts

  • Mitchell Hollis
    Mitchell Hollis 20 hours ago

    He made it on his 13 shot

  • Im Bucky
    Im Bucky 20 hours ago

    Didn't even show the go pro footage from the one on the trampoline...

  • Unigalug Magestilug
    Unigalug Magestilug 21 hour ago

    At 7:54 thats what she said

  • boak jj
    boak jj 21 hour ago


  • Robert Antelo
    Robert Antelo 21 hour ago


  • Jonathan Speer
    Jonathan Speer 22 hours ago

    115 tries

    WOOFWOOF 22 hours ago

    How often do Y’all need to do day two on projects like this. glad y’all stuck past the first day tho.

  • Jacob Quebedeaux
    Jacob Quebedeaux 22 hours ago

    44 attempts #fortyfourclub

  • Matthew Ham
    Matthew Ham 22 hours ago

    Awesome video as always hope the fires aren't affecting you guys to much

  • Endigion
    Endigion 22 hours ago


  • Angrypanda15
    Angrypanda15 22 hours ago

    75 attempts till the big bounce

  • Sara Klute
    Sara Klute 22 hours ago

    Where abouts in the red dirt country did ya go? Looks further then Narrogin

  • Кирилл Мельничук

    Tried finding the track at 11:28 with no luck! HELP!

  • Dayvon Hambrick
    Dayvon Hambrick 23 hours ago

    My prediction ten attempts or more

  • Dayvon Hambrick
    Dayvon Hambrick 23 hours ago

    Is this the first time they threw something out of a helicopter

  • star Lord
    star Lord 23 hours ago +1

    That sacrificing sound of the ball hitting the ground.

  • DewkChronic
    DewkChronic 23 hours ago

    Drop a bowling ball on a car

  • Gage Edwards
    Gage Edwards Day ago

    Someone ripped off your guys channel and made it a mobile game called drop and smash😂

  • Asia Baesia
    Asia Baesia Day ago

    This video is stressing me out 😭

  • less kiss
    less kiss Day ago

    Plot Twist: they are actually making a reanactment of the movie Holes

  • Jonah Bayne
    Jonah Bayne Day ago

    52 Attempts

  • CrazyKidYT
    CrazyKidYT Day ago


  • Tanner Yielding
    Tanner Yielding Day ago

    They could have done it from shorter because it would hit its maximum speed at like 165 meter

    • less kiss
      less kiss Day ago

      are we not going to address the fact that these bowling balls are actually surviving a 1000 FOOT DROP!

  • blu_Cow Boi 44
    blu_Cow Boi 44 Day ago +1

    It took 369 attempts because multiplication

  • Zach
    Zach Day ago

    9 goes

  • ItsZentra
    ItsZentra Day ago

    Aight, we’ve developed helicopter that can now teleport like an enderman.
    Yes mate

  • Jo Mart
    Jo Mart Day ago


  • Amy Heaton
    Amy Heaton Day ago

    14 Attempts

  • Nikolai1245
    Nikolai1245 Day ago

    Anyone else doesn’t understand feet to well so can we have it in meters

  • Josh Lawrence
    Josh Lawrence Day ago

    Wait, did you just say "feet"? WTF is this shit?

  • DJ BR
    DJ BR Day ago

    6 tries

  • Lucky Artist
    Lucky Artist Day ago

    12:20 and 12:27 News reporters: "There has been a reporting of a flying t-rex in the Australian outback . . ."

  • Matt Uroda
    Matt Uroda Day ago

    Hey guys, it would be cool to see y’all go to New South Wales and help with anything about the Wild fires whether that be handing out food or clothes. Just would be cool👍🏽

  • wheelzz wheelzz
    wheelzz wheelzz Day ago

    That was cool

  • Just game 4 life


  • Elishua Lo
    Elishua Lo Day ago

    11:02 The line that brought it all together.

  • AweAwe196
    AweAwe196 Day ago

    are we not going to address the fact that these bowling balls are actually surviving a 1000 FOOT DROP!

  • Square W
    Square W Day ago

    Finally you're in Aussie Australia boys

  • pickle rick
    pickle rick Day ago

    10000000000000000000 til you ht the trap

  • brandon perdue
    brandon perdue Day ago


  • Scott Burns
    Scott Burns Day ago

    They gotta do all this after a couple of hours of Fosters beer!

  • Wedeano03
    Wedeano03 Day ago

    110 tries

  • Nick Heebsh
    Nick Heebsh Day ago

    Videos that are 20 times longer than they should be

  • Steven Paige
    Steven Paige Day ago

    7:00 YES HE SAID IT!

  • Edward Sanville
    Edward Sanville Day ago

    The United Kingdom used to do the same thing in the middle of nowhere in the Australian Outback, except with nuclear bombs.

  • Jay McClure
    Jay McClure Day ago


  • Ethan Matte
    Ethan Matte Day ago +1

    Drop a car off the tower

  • Charles Delaney
    Charles Delaney Day ago

    I was wondering if you removed the holes on the ball if it would fly true?

  • ob1kenobi 1980
    ob1kenobi 1980 Day ago

    Drugs, lack of education, and winning the lottery = desert style basketball from 1,000 up in air. Still funny as hell to watch!

  • Nerf Master blaster

    7 attempts... cos lucky 7 :D

  • Mr. Yeety
    Mr. Yeety Day ago

    Guess: 14

  • Chaim Goldman
    Chaim Goldman Day ago