Joe Rogan Watches Coast Guard Intercept Drug Sub

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1394 w/Matt Farah:

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  • ZeusTheGod
    ZeusTheGod Month ago

    Its alot easier when our military and CIA flies in C130's full of heroin and coke into the country.

  • Stephen Hawkins
    Stephen Hawkins Month ago

    Thank U.S. Coast Guard you are unsung heroes and you are ALSO the worlds 2nd LARGEST Navy only the U.S. Navy is bigger, we got some bad ass sailors doing it for us night and day. Thanks 🙏 Guys keep up the good work.

  • A B Bikes Cars N’ Guitars

    240 in a 1/2 mile in a street car that is fucking insane.

  • Omne Obstat
    Omne Obstat Month ago

    Im so glad the coast guard steals all that coke to give the pigs something to sell to the drug dealers and plant on people to have a reason to shoot them
    rolling my eyes at that shit

  • drummerman1206
    drummerman1206 Month ago

    Dude got a huge kick outta the smugglers in the truck. Hahaha.

    LORD AMZ Month ago

    Joe “meth em up and fuckin send them into war” Rogan

  • Darko240
    Darko240 Month ago

    Every single Kia and Hyundia is tested at the Ring. They have a 100 Million dollar testing facility at the track.

  • Mr. Pritchard
    Mr. Pritchard Month ago

    The officials at the Nurburgring close the course every year in places to fix the track. They talked about having to fix that dip a couple of years back

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith Month ago

    Bales of cocaine falling from low flying planes! Reverend Horton heat

  • Joyce Laurito
    Joyce Laurito Month ago

    Durg laws only make the worst people rich no one learned from the laws against alcohol. 💀

  • Joyce Laurito
    Joyce Laurito Month ago


  • Q C
    Q C Month ago

    Dudes so unlikeable.

  • Turok, not the dinosaur hunter, the adult film star

    “Fourth-Reicht” is an alt right dog whistle. Just saying.

    • William Wallace
      William Wallace Month ago

      Turok, not the dinosaur hunter, the adult film star are you fucking serious bro gtfo with white guilt , dude was literally just saying german shit is better because like everyone knows it is.

  • jackstraw0000
    jackstraw0000 Month ago

  • MrMiguella
    MrMiguella Month ago +1

    The nurburgring was around before Hitler, the crash was at spa not the n,ring

  • darrenwilsonV2
    darrenwilsonV2 Month ago

    This dude was a very ordinary guest.

  • Josh Rinlee
    Josh Rinlee Month ago

    Did he just say fourth riech?

  • Jeremyxlewis
    Jeremyxlewis Month ago

    It actually starts at 4:20
    Start is just talking!

  • John C
    John C Month ago

    Wtf is a “tablet of meth” Hahahaha such a white guy comment

  • A Ghost.
    A Ghost. Month ago +2

    Stop cucking us with not showing the videos.

  • Soulife
    Soulife Month ago

    8 minutes of a JREclip for 8 seconds of what the title describes

  • Soulife
    Soulife Month ago

    5:50 I read that this sub was malfunctioning and that was the lowest it could submerge.. Which is what got them to surrender; they were caught and couldn't do anything about it short of being taken out by military action ( the US wouldn't casually let them get to the US just because they didn't open the door. They could have been a terror cell for all they knew)

  • Scott Knight
    Scott Knight Month ago

    Joe was not interested in this shit at all , the first time I've seen Joe yawn

  • Loki the sly one
    Loki the sly one Month ago

    That's gotta be scripted, who the fuck would open the door on a sub full of coke out in the middle of the ocean. Were they expecting papa johns?

  • Brian Zimmerman
    Brian Zimmerman Month ago

    When you take pre workout, then get called on QRF

  • Kirk Carpenter
    Kirk Carpenter Month ago

    this dudes fucked up beard line is making me loose concentration

  • Devin Michael Roberts

    It doesn't say a lot for cartels that they can't even make good subs that can submerge.

  • Jacob Abraham
    Jacob Abraham Month ago

    Hes the lazy version of Joe Rogan

  • BraaapAllDay
    BraaapAllDay Month ago

    5:45 these are semi submersible submarines. They can only go down as far as their snorkel will let them. There was a whole documentary on it usually only use them for one drug run. They will find these abandon in the ocean

  • Martti Tanner
    Martti Tanner Month ago

    Joe Rogan and Josè Rogañe

  • Tony M
    Tony M Month ago

    if anyone thinks that the authorities "destroy" hundreds of millions of dollars in cocaine after seizing it you're a moron. they sell it back to the drug dealers for a premium

  • TheZad101
    TheZad101 Month ago

    Thay got one of those subs in Europe recently

  • Enlightened CAFE
    Enlightened CAFE Month ago

    Joe looks high as a ASTRONAUT'S ass

  • phillo phil
    phillo phil Month ago

    I wana smack the shit outta this guy joes bald head

  • Jacob Turner
    Jacob Turner Month ago

    I heard if they submerged the Coast Guard would destroy them

  • Justin bustin
    Justin bustin Month ago

    It's not a sub, it's a boat with a seal top that sits low in the water, doesnt have the ability to fully submerge.

  • minibike madman
    minibike madman Month ago

    My boy Box Builder Idaho bbi ftmfw

  • Wyatt Martinez
    Wyatt Martinez Month ago

    This guy seems like a beta bitch boy trying to pass off as alpha, like a more annoying version of joe

  • Ryan Kasik
    Ryan Kasik Month ago

    Its not a submarine since it can't go under that far

  • Rito Tron
    Rito Tron Month ago


    • Hugh Mungus
      Hugh Mungus Month ago


  • 000
    000 Month ago

    This guy talks a lot of shit.......

  • Tate
    Tate Month ago

    He needs his search terms 😂

  • gostate 2014
    gostate 2014 Month ago +2

    For every 1 that gets captured. There are 20 more that docked just fine

  • waaaaa64
    waaaaa64 Month ago +6

    The other day Joe was talking about catching himself wasting time reading google articles then I realized I was wasting my time listening to a guy talk about how he’s wasting time reading google articles.

  • Britton Carter
    Britton Carter Month ago


  • Ryan Dare
    Ryan Dare Month ago

    So we're fighting methed up soldiers in death submarines! Yeah I'm sick that day!

    • S R
      S R Month ago

      Yea...huh lol

  • don't care
    don't care Month ago +1

    Drug subs are such old news, the cia guy talked about them on this podcast a long time ago and again when they spoke about how useless the wall will be. Another guy explained to joe on his podcast that like 90% of the drugs don't come in by land and explained the drug subs are old news. They hire engineers who lost their jobs and stuff like that. I can't remember all the details but joe needs to do a sober life challenge because his memory is terrible and he claims its great.

  • J Kozy
    J Kozy Month ago

    Should just shoot a hole in the sub... let it sink

  • Arthur Camargo
    Arthur Camargo Month ago

    It remembers me a Vin Diesel's meet here in Brazil, when two guys were presented to each other and they thought that they would meet Vin Diesel, one of them really thought the other guy was Vin Diesel and cried

  • Sean til dawn
    Sean til dawn Month ago

    this guy's reaction to things is irritating

  • Tj Drama
    Tj Drama Month ago

    1500 horse power definitely isn't for everyone. Most asshats cant drive their Chevy Malibu's without doing their stupid shit they do. Lol

  • Be Ja
    Be Ja Month ago +1

    Legalize Drugs Pussies

  • don fillinger
    don fillinger Month ago

    this guy is 38.

  • Boofer T. Washington
    Boofer T. Washington Month ago +2

    My buddy is in the CG. He sends me pics of their busts all the time.

    • Duran
      Duran Month ago

      I heard that they sometimes get millions as a prize for busting smuggled drugs..
      I would be excited too..

  • mikfax
    mikfax Month ago

    Nurburgring GTR airborne

  • Clint Porterfield PTV

    Drug subs been around for awhile.

  • Bryan Adkins
    Bryan Adkins Month ago

    pretty sure he meant the 3rd Reich. The term "Fourth Reich" has been used in a variety of different ways. Neo-Nazis have used it to describe their envisioned revival of an ethnically pure state, mostly in reference to, but not limited to, Nazi Germany.[1] Others have used the term derogatorily, such as conspiracy theorists like Max Spiers, Peter Levenda, and Jim Marrs who have used it to refer to what they perceive as a covert continuation of Nazi ideals.[2]

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez Month ago

    I don’t like this guy

  • Frank Hall
    Frank Hall Month ago

    That's not CG, that's Navy SWCC

  • bondonsky 500
    bondonsky 500 Month ago

    Cartel wtf you think stupid or the government