KEVIN THE CUBE is back in Fortnite...

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • Kevin the Cube and Simpsons easters eggs in Fortnite Chapter 2▶
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    KEVIN THE CUBE is back in Fortnite...
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Comments • 79

  • Chaos
    Chaos  Month ago +31

    Kevin will always be with us...

    • Jatman
      Jatman Month ago

      @Rocky Wisecup he already had 3 Seasons worth of vacations

    • Rocky Wisecup
      Rocky Wisecup Month ago

      Yes he will.. maybe go on vacation for a few

  • Met Product33061

    I wonder if Epic games could bring back the original Kevin the cube and Kevin could head to kevolution energy

  • Super John
    Super John 20 days ago +1

    How did I miss that? The name. The Kevin Cubes on that.

  • Shubham Gusain
    Shubham Gusain 22 days ago

    I would like a PS4 so I can play with my best friend (I live in India)

  • Primarina Sun
    Primarina Sun 22 days ago

    My name is KevinTheCube64 in fortnite 🤣

  • Ghoul Editz
    Ghoul Editz 22 days ago

    Omg what did epic do to Kevin 😥😥😭😖

  • Shapeshift_Moon
    Shapeshift_Moon 26 days ago +1

    The question is:
    How Kevin is used as power?

  • jackmathews2015
    jackmathews2015 26 days ago +10

    Kevin is being tortured in steamy stacks
    He’s being melted
    Like to free Kevin and allow him to re-form

  • TriDent
    TriDent 26 days ago

    Ah, so they grinded Kevin to make shields, eh?

  • Truth Speaker
    Truth Speaker 28 days ago

    Cool observation didn't think of it, Kenyanboi still here for that ps4 my handle is @mode_gode

  • Scratchfan321
    Scratchfan321 29 days ago


  • turtle_senpai lol
    turtle_senpai lol 29 days ago

    I hope he comes back in fortnitemares

  • Mohammad Jawad
    Mohammad Jawad 29 days ago


  • Mr Nightmare23
    Mr Nightmare23 29 days ago

    Naaa mate I think it's meant to be Chernobyl

  • Juiczr
    Juiczr 29 days ago

    Why not create a new event that won't be predictable with a damn cube.

  • Choppahwiddascope _
    Choppahwiddascope _ Month ago +1

    Season 5, u have returned- Thanos voice*

  • Netanel Schwell
    Netanel Schwell Month ago

    I would like to win the PS4 cause I love gaming and don't have a good device to play on, i mean it gets to the point that Minecraft lags on my PC😩 my Twitter is @Netanel31821491

  • Austin King
    Austin King Month ago

    me and my friends tried to leave and rejoin then we just thought it was in downtime, but it was longer than we expected. I want a ps4 because I want to play with my older brother and my nephew

  • Gregory Seen
    Gregory Seen Month ago

    Chaos, edge of the map, in a bush, square H6. Sincerely an OG Black Knight.

  • trey sieler
    trey sieler Month ago

    Omg why do those to building on the map look like smash balls? Is fortnite gonna be in smash?

  • OverhandFrog
    OverhandFrog Month ago

    To be honest..that looks like any generic nuclear fission power plant :/
    Not really exactly like the Simpsons' one

  • MTF Captain
    MTF Captain Month ago

    Kevin The Sea Cucumber.

  • TheillestBeast
    TheillestBeast Month ago

    Hey chaos nice video as always

  • 7Spadez
    7Spadez Month ago +4


  • The79.5th Dimension
    The79.5th Dimension Month ago +3

    I believe that there will always be a different form of kevin its like the same game but altered a bit and i believe the map we played in before is not the first map anyway still here for that ps4 @Gomentallydera1 xoxo

  • MBF
    MBF Month ago +1

    So it's back and live I thought we had to wait til Thursday

  • SuperMandibleclaw
    SuperMandibleclaw Month ago +2

    You do realise that power plants exist in real life right? Not just simpsons

  • Ethan Bolda
    Ethan Bolda Month ago +1

    It really is just the same Chaos, just a different map and UI

  • Ice Dragon
    Ice Dragon Month ago

    Can you do a patch. Video

  • Tadhg Murphy
    Tadhg Murphy Month ago


  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious Month ago

    *laughs in Mylta*

    FIREPHANTOM 115 Month ago +1

    so 2 big silos automatically mean the Simpsons?

  • Friner
    Friner Month ago

    Kevolution damn 😂

  • ___ Troy ___ lewis ___
    ___ Troy ___ lewis ___ Month ago +15

    Just cause it’s a power plant doesn’t mean it’s the Simpsons,
    To be honest this is just lazy

    • The GameFreak
      The GameFreak 28 days ago +1

      Well actually there’s an Easter egg inside the power plants where in a control room on the control panel there’s a ton of pink sprinkled donuts hinting at good old Homer Simpson

    • Haydeez
      Haydeez Month ago


    • Love
      Love Month ago

      You don't know that for sure

  • FISH bOI
    FISH bOI Month ago +1

    Oh Kevin 👾

  • penetration 45
    penetration 45 Month ago

    Have yet to get first but 36th is my new best

  • Unbandoge
    Unbandoge Month ago +3


  • Dino Dynamite
    Dino Dynamite Month ago +2

    Is it just me or did i see a super smash bros logo on top of the power plants

  • Stokey
    Stokey Month ago +22

    Anything purple in fortnite...
    Everyone: IT'S KEVIN!

    • El hermano
      El hermano 28 days ago +1

      It says keveoulotion energy,or something like that. He is used for energy in this new chapter

  • o 7
    o 7 Month ago +4

    O M D if ghoul back that's mad dope come for Kevin buzzing for ghoul gg 🤜💯

  • GHS_Harryson
    GHS_Harryson Month ago

    Anyone got their first win yet? I have and whats your favourite new location? Mine are Lazy Lake and Risky Reels

    • o 7
      o 7 Month ago

      @GHS_Harryson a joke was an old grime video called risky roads

    • GHS_Harryson
      GHS_Harryson Month ago


    • o 7
      o 7 Month ago

      Thought was gonna be risky roads 😂🤣🤣

  • Rens
    Rens Month ago

    Pls no fortnite content

  • DD walker
    DD walker Month ago +3

    That is so cool hahah

  • Death Gamer360
    Death Gamer360 Month ago +2

    Love ur vids bro 👌🏼🙌🏼👊🏼✊🏼

  • sonic1135
    sonic1135 Month ago +2

    Every time i think of Kevin the cube i think of the show Reboot everytime a cube drops on the cartoon " warning incoming game." "Warning incoming game"

  • Oof king
    Oof king Month ago +1

    Already got a win today woooop!

    • Lok_ko1
      Lok_ko1 Month ago

      It was from a game full of bots

  • Trollbait Mage
    Trollbait Mage Month ago +7

    It shows they do hear us sometimes

  • Kalab Knott
    Kalab Knott Month ago +3

    What if this dimension is what sent kevin to the old map originally

  • Junaid Khan
    Junaid Khan Month ago +1

    I wanted to join your clan but it's full

  • Junaid Khan
    Junaid Khan Month ago +2

    I sent you a friend request on cod mobile

  • Junaid Khan
    Junaid Khan Month ago

    Hi chaos

  • Moses Decuir
    Moses Decuir Month ago

    15th viewer

  • SCG_ official
    SCG_ official Month ago +1


  • Alex Santos
    Alex Santos Month ago

    yo sup

  • SoaR Flushy
    SoaR Flushy Month ago +3

    Who else clicked fast asf?

    Btw im gifting my next 10 new and loyal $ubs that stay loyal on my channel

  • CalvinFN
    CalvinFN Month ago


  • Elijah Parker
    Elijah Parker Month ago


  • Spencer Jacobs
    Spencer Jacobs Month ago


  • Dimitri Saleh
    Dimitri Saleh Month ago +3

    1st in here

    S1LENT EZZPIZZ Month ago