Leaving Things In Pool Water For 2 Months

  • Published on Aug 27, 2018
  • If you leave a Baby Ruth in pool water for 2 months, will it melt into goop or break off into chunks? Let's find out! GMM #1365
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Comments • 5 325

  • Melanie Flowers
    Melanie Flowers 7 months ago +5474

    I could listen to Link play the harmonica all day!

    KKENNEDYY Day ago

    why aren't people talking about links harmonica skills. like actually he is so good

  • Meme Glob
    Meme Glob Day ago

    13:26 that fat lady cut her off😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Me.Myself.andKai
    Me.Myself.andKai 2 days ago

    Pine sol

  • that was legitness
    that was legitness 2 days ago

    did anybody else rewind at the end to see if link’s glasses really were gone the whole time?

  • Cynn Cynn
    Cynn Cynn 3 days ago

    4:40 has to be my favorite part 😂✨✨

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 4 days ago

    I hate fortnight 😑😑😑😒😒😩

  • Annihilator
    Annihilator 4 days ago

    why is link actually good at playing the harmonica?!?! I didn't expect that!!

  • Pan Pan
    Pan Pan 4 days ago

    "I kinda wanna lick it"

  • elizabeth s
    elizabeth s 4 days ago

    His shirt reminds me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • Lucy Hale
    Lucy Hale 5 days ago

    Wow Rhetts nose in that thumbnail was blinding ... 😲

  • Les Bru79
    Les Bru79 6 days ago +3

    13:17, hey i didn’t notice link wasn’t wearing is glasses
    *Goes to check video if he was wearing them*
    *Instantly wheezes bc I’m so dumb and didn’t realize it was a joke*

  • Chesney Pettett
    Chesney Pettett 9 days ago +1

    Things left on a shelf has become one of my favorite things to watch!

  • •Used To Be Cole&Coke•


  • Nova Breuhan
    Nova Breuhan 11 days ago


  • GravityToy
    GravityToy 12 days ago

    You gotta lick it...before you cricket...

  • Chijji Bugga
    Chijji Bugga 12 days ago

    I want to see you put stuff in Honey for 2 months

  • Zoey Vincent
    Zoey Vincent 14 days ago

    13:10 your glasses were already on you just put them in their!

  • Broveh Records
    Broveh Records 14 days ago

    Chlorinated water doesn't smell unless it has urine in it just letting you guys know

  • Stay Genii
    Stay Genii 15 days ago

    Residual whiteness 😭

  • troubless sake
    troubless sake 16 days ago

    Chischis my fav restaurant and my fav player...
    I got to a restraunt named chi chis and i love it

  • Casey M
    Casey M 16 days ago

    every water makes your fingers wrinkly

  • WatchDog
    WatchDog 16 days ago +1

    Rhett - "Shrink and wrinkle."
    Me - "Rhett's nickname in high school." 😂 Lol

  • Alyssa Fletcher
    Alyssa Fletcher 17 days ago

    Anyone got an explanation for their noses? 😂 I’m so confused XD

    • Elizabeth S
      Elizabeth S 17 days ago

      Alyssa Fletcher it’s suntan lotion, or probably more likely zinc, like they’re at the pool.

  • Jasmin Calderon
    Jasmin Calderon 17 days ago

    “ is not funny but we are laughing”
    me and my best friend in class 💀

  • Grace
    Grace 19 days ago


  • Grace
    Grace 19 days ago


  • Grace
    Grace 19 days ago


  • YouTube is My therapy
    YouTube is My therapy 19 days ago

    “tHaT’s ReFrAcTiOn”

  • Jayda Crossan
    Jayda Crossan 19 days ago

    You sould do will it face paint

  • Arshia Bawa
    Arshia Bawa 21 day ago +1

    What is the white stuff on their noses?

  • hblake5213
    hblake5213 21 day ago

    It always Hurts me when people say it smells of Chlorine. Chlorine doesn't smell.

  • Ashley Clark
    Ashley Clark 21 day ago


  • Najwa Khanafer
    Najwa Khanafer 22 days ago +1

    I was actually extremely impressed by the way Link played the harmonica.. I wonder if he can actually play a whole song or 👀

  • Virgo Prater
    Virgo Prater 23 days ago +1

    ocean water would be interesting

    once i brought home a bunch of glowing jellyfish-type creatures that disintegrated by morning

  • The Dude 99
    The Dude 99 25 days ago +1

    Still chill

  • Christopher
    Christopher 26 days ago

    Try leaving stuff in blood or hotsauce!

  • Jon P
    Jon P 27 days ago +3

    How about leaving things in club soda? Its practically a cleaning agent.

  • DarkDonutt
    DarkDonutt 27 days ago +2

    "We have done coke"
    And Then they went on and did coke

  • Yael Moskowitz
    Yael Moskowitz 28 days ago

    Stuff left in wine?

  • Joshua S
    Joshua S 28 days ago

    I started screaming at my phone when link grabbed those tweezers for the baseball card XD

  • TheNickname7
    TheNickname7 29 days ago

    Do saliva

  • Jacqui Jeffries
    Jacqui Jeffries 29 days ago

    My sisters birthday was on the 15nth of August

  • TheMissTeah
    TheMissTeah Month ago

    I love this series ❤️

  • Cassidy Leitschuh
    Cassidy Leitschuh Month ago

    Why can link lowkey play the harmonica?

  • StevenFrom TMS1536
    StevenFrom TMS1536 Month ago

    Some of the answers are too specific but ok.

  • _.kerrigan
    _.kerrigan Month ago

    these are my favorite series

  • zangetsu kishimoto
    zangetsu kishimoto Month ago

    When link said coke rhett couldn't help but interpret it as most of us did 😆😆

  • Fábio Palma
    Fábio Palma Month ago

    You guys are just amazing! It just became normal to listen to you every day! Hugs from Portugal!

  • Darkis
    Darkis Month ago

    Residual whiteness was my nickname in highschool😂😂😂

  • Student Uber
    Student Uber Month ago

    I feel sorry for you guys! Did you know A pool has over 3 gallons of pee in it hahaha well just letting you know!

  • Nepeta Leijon
    Nepeta Leijon Month ago

    "we've done coke"

  • Joseph Pellerito
    Joseph Pellerito Month ago

    Link. You really made me upset by throwing that perfectly good candy bar. May possibly be the rudest thing you’ve ever done.

  • Chad A. Tubbs
    Chad A. Tubbs Month ago +1

    This channel reminds me so much of Bill Nye the science guy.😂

  • mic nuggers
    mic nuggers Month ago

    Why were your noses white?

  • Matthew Demonroe
    Matthew Demonroe Month ago

    But I still love yall forgiven lol

  • Matthew Demonroe
    Matthew Demonroe Month ago

    This was a lame one guys lol

  • Siner666
    Siner666 Month ago

    Leave link in a pool of soda for a year

  • Master Ruby
    Master Ruby Month ago

    Who else has an aunt Debbie?

  • Bitter ฺ Sweet ฺ Lemonade

    And I was actually watching this on a Monday, but not on the day it was posted. I’m from the future. I’m in 1019.

  • Bitter ฺ Sweet ฺ Lemonade

    “What happens when you leave speedos in pool water for two months?”

  • Amber Danielle
    Amber Danielle Month ago

    Link is such a hazard lol

  • Biggietheniggie
    Biggietheniggie Month ago +2

    He actually laughed at rhetts that was my nick name in hs joke

  • Trestan Ray
    Trestan Ray Month ago

    the amount of emphasis Link puts on the H in white is infuriating. wHite

  • Machinekitten73
    Machinekitten73 Month ago

    Residual whiteness

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192 Month ago

    Yknow the glasses would be more funny if he left them off all episode

  • Mavis Newton
    Mavis Newton Month ago

    Do leaving things in key for two months

  • SloMoe Official
    SloMoe Official Month ago

    I love it how everyone caught onto the "we've done coke" line except link 😂😂

  • sxxigii
    sxxigii Month ago

    13:08 what-

  • Miranda Ann
    Miranda Ann Month ago

    “We’ve done coke...” *comes back with white on their noses*

  • Julia Savvy
    Julia Savvy Month ago +1

    For smart guys, you’d think they’d know that chlorine bleaches shit 😂

  • Zsaiko X
    Zsaiko X Month ago

    Chlor is basically bleach

  • Amanda
    Amanda Month ago

    Never feed an iguana meat or bugs, they’re basically vegan.

  • Kyla Burchett
    Kyla Burchett Month ago

    _we disappeared a cricket_

  • Kyla Burchett
    Kyla Burchett Month ago

    No one:
    Link: hhhwhite

  • Caroline Johnson
    Caroline Johnson Month ago

    Just a FYI, iguanas are herbivores...

  • Coded Warrior
    Coded Warrior Month ago

    I assume the white stuff on ur nose is the coke yall were talking bout 😏👃

  • Kayla Davis
    Kayla Davis Month ago

    I love the little gimmicks you two pick up and continue for us. It makes it all so familiar and comfortable

  • Elise Stephenson
    Elise Stephenson Month ago +8

    13:10 Link is wearing glasses
    13:18 his glasses are off

    They do this every episode XD

  • Jana Häring
    Jana Häring Month ago

    Whats up with the white noses😂snuffed to much chlorine?

  • A Very Uncreative Person

    "If you're like me"
    I believe you mean, " If you're human"

  • Maddy Spellmeyer
    Maddy Spellmeyer Month ago

    it would be so cool if you could somehow let things sit in spit for 2 months just to see how our spit breaks things down

  • Murielle B
    Murielle B Month ago

    Ok that “pool” water has way to much chlorine

  • Lucy Treado
    Lucy Treado Month ago +4

    *comes out of water* I LIKE EM BIG I LIKE EM CHUNKY - Moto Moto

  • EvergreenHilux
    EvergreenHilux Month ago

    Iguanas are herbivores, no crickets for them.

  • Natalie Aleman
    Natalie Aleman Month ago

    All kinds of water makes your hands wrinkley. Lol

  • Jadon Hale
    Jadon Hale Month ago

    Do fast food left in front of Rhett for five Minutes. It will all disappear like the cricket.

  • William Laswell
    William Laswell Month ago

    We’ve done coke, starts the next scene with their noses covered in white stuff

  • WrestlingGuy87
    WrestlingGuy87 Month ago +1

    Left in Vinegar
    Left in Hand Sanitizer
    Left in Blood
    Left in Detergent
    Left in Whiskey

  • Shirley Fontiane
    Shirley Fontiane Month ago

    How can anyone dislike this?

  • Brayden C.
    Brayden C. 2 months ago

    9:16 Your Welcome

  • Just a college student
    Just a college student 2 months ago

    So it's a Monday and I didn't realize this was uploaded on a Monday so when they talked about it being Monday I was like woah 😮

  • Z G H
    Z G H 2 months ago


  • Nick George
    Nick George 2 months ago

    It's Spo-can, not Spo-cane (Spokane, Washington)

  • Hannah :P Hively
    Hannah :P Hively 2 months ago

    2019' anyone

  • Polar Ice
    Polar Ice 2 months ago


  • Kougou
    Kougou 2 months ago

    13:11 Like if you rewind to check if he really didn't had his glasses on ;D

  • J Herbert
    J Herbert 2 months ago

    Y'all gotta do antifreeze next

  • Viktor Ptychenko
    Viktor Ptychenko 2 months ago

    We've done coc...ehm

  • Isabel Rodriquez
    Isabel Rodriquez 2 months ago

    Rhett's face when Link says 'we've done coke' hahhahahahahahha