Portable Hot Shower put to the Test

  • Published on Oct 6, 2018
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Comments • 510

  • MrMasterNugget
    MrMasterNugget 3 months ago

    This seems like too much work for too little outcome

  • VIPER410
    VIPER410 5 months ago

    That's cool :) would be nice having a hot shower while camping

  • JFrogZ57
    JFrogZ57 5 months ago

    Perfect for van life & use the larger propane bottles.

  • America it’s getting great America

    Thats some funny accent lol

  • Lee Bear :P
    Lee Bear :P 7 months ago


  • Delta dawn Green
    Delta dawn Green 7 months ago

    Love it. So great for camping.

  • Ernie Lara
    Ernie Lara 7 months ago

    Where can we buy this.

  • zwarst
    zwarst 7 months ago

    Would have been nice to see a cute Russian lass enjoying that warm shower 🚿 at the end for full demonstration purposes of course - boom 💥!

  • Y sh
    Y sh 7 months ago


  • Moveid Naqvi
    Moveid Naqvi 8 months ago


  • Ethan S
    Ethan S 8 months ago

    Did he just say feringate 😂😂

  • Sharayen Pather
    Sharayen Pather 8 months ago

    Pls do a house tour

  • R Wilson
    R Wilson 8 months ago

    you have to keep the pump going and water flowing when the heater is running

  • RattPack 13
    RattPack 13 8 months ago +1

    This video is a repost I've seen it before in one of his camping gadget videos just letting every 1 know

  • Clip Clips
    Clip Clips 8 months ago +2

    Where does he keep all his gadgets???

  • Maia The Red Furry
    Maia The Red Furry 8 months ago +3

    I'm surprised how he builds *without* knowing the instructions or he reads it off camera

  • Capt’n Chris
    Capt’n Chris 8 months ago

    Would be great if they used the residual heat from the gas flame and a geared turbine to pump the water instead of a battery 🤓🧐

  • Hijauku Daunmu
    Hijauku Daunmu 8 months ago

    Khabib russian hacker😂😂😂😂

  • Generic shitty Fat boi
    Generic shitty Fat boi 8 months ago

    Taras Has The Greatest Unboxing Gadgets.

    DAVID JONES 8 months ago


  • Fredriana Smith
    Fredriana Smith 8 months ago

    U should put it in ur pool

  • Yaniv cohen
    Yaniv cohen 8 months ago

    wow that's great where do I get one

  • James Soppe
    James Soppe 8 months ago

    Kitchen Gadgets and experiments

  • TheCotzi
    TheCotzi 8 months ago

    Im Showering always with 17°C water

  • David B
    David B 8 months ago

    Too cool. 👍

  • dess lanos
    dess lanos 8 months ago +1

    2:00 There is a lil pump

  • Blue Hooligan 1987
    Blue Hooligan 1987 8 months ago

    Who's bringing a gas can to camping ?

  • michael hopper
    michael hopper 8 months ago

    hi to russian dude great showfrom mhopper in aussie

  • Mtt Gtlm
    Mtt Gtlm 8 months ago

    Wooooooooooow!!!! Its definitely awesome 👊🏻 booooooooooooooooooooom

  • Ghaith Ghost
    Ghaith Ghost 8 months ago

    I got alot of hoes if you want

  • Sad Guroo
    Sad Guroo 8 months ago


  • stuthelotusguy
    stuthelotusguy 8 months ago

    "Safety is the first priority"... then ignores the manual and just crams it together... hmm.... Still love your videos!

  • dboymax1
    dboymax1 8 months ago

    Is there an electric version?

  • dejanscary999
    dejanscary999 8 months ago

    Where can i get this thing and how much is it for real i need this its so cool

  • Village Ninja
    Village Ninja 8 months ago

    I haven't done a hot shower in 4 months

  • EasyBangerz Gaming and Vlogs

    And then we have a lil pump🤣🤣

  • Pedro Torres Asdrubal
    Pedro Torres Asdrubal 8 months ago

    Nice vid, overcomplicated product.

  • Alex Pustilnik
    Alex Pustilnik 8 months ago

    hinting up the wata

  • Alex Pustilnik
    Alex Pustilnik 8 months ago


  • James Dickman
    James Dickman 8 months ago


  • Mr. D
    Mr. D 8 months ago

    It's always fun and entertaining watching his videos.

  • خالد السليطي


  • kymbo72
    kymbo72 8 months ago


  • Best Experiments
    Best Experiments 8 months ago


  • Tomas Whitefield
    Tomas Whitefield 8 months ago +1

    " Its so cool, look how hot it is." ....smh

  • Nate King
    Nate King 8 months ago

    Really cool!

  • Hunter Ege
    Hunter Ege 8 months ago

    Do a hacking video

  • Reuben Salazar
    Reuben Salazar 8 months ago

    Best camping shower

  • Clark Lindquist
    Clark Lindquist 8 months ago

    We wash dishes with it and ourselves too

  • Clark Lindquist
    Clark Lindquist 8 months ago

    You need to circulate the water from the pump to the bucket and it heats better

  • Clark Lindquist
    Clark Lindquist 8 months ago

    I've used the propane showers for years, love them

  • Lun3y Arevalo
    Lun3y Arevalo 8 months ago

    Boom and it stopped instantly...

  • Dolan Duck
    Dolan Duck 8 months ago +1

    Russian Unbox Therapy

  • Elextriccoolaid 0113
    Elextriccoolaid 0113 8 months ago

    2.00 lil pump 🤔

  • infringinator
    infringinator 8 months ago

    if you want to put it to the test go find a stinky homeless guy, give him a shave and a hot shower.

  • Raymond Perez
    Raymond Perez 8 months ago

    I want to know how much fuel did it use up?

  • stefan a
    stefan a 8 months ago +2

    Can you do a new kitchen gadget video???

  • Rob van Bokhoven
    Rob van Bokhoven 8 months ago

    Thums up for showing °C👍👍

  • Zsoca Varga
    Zsoca Varga 8 months ago

    Orban Viktor ! Is a Boss!

  • Derek Naylor Metal Detecting UK

    Awesome review taras mate looks like a good bit of kit 😀👍...have you ever tried a camping washing machine ?

  • sandesh jain
    sandesh jain 8 months ago

    Set playback speed to 1.5x enjoy a better accent instantly.

  • Hassan Mehdi
    Hassan Mehdi 8 months ago

    5:08 hack of the year. Boom

  • Mayank Dawar
    Mayank Dawar 8 months ago

    You can make black water by mixing water with humic acid

  • Jude Delaney
    Jude Delaney 8 months ago +1

    Can you do a draw my life

  • Tom the Fish
    Tom the Fish 8 months ago

    If you get like 4 of those and a bathtub you could make a hot tub

  • Jake N
    Jake N 8 months ago

    Can you review knife sharpeners?!

  • Curly VersaceChoppa
    Curly VersaceChoppa 8 months ago

    When I make home made hot tubs I always just use a 5 Gallon pale

  • Jay Hayes
    Jay Hayes 8 months ago +1

    Whats up errybody, welcome to ma labavoritoy

  • Hiking Archer
    Hiking Archer 8 months ago

    Nice, could be used for doing dishes while camping as well

  • Damian Barbeito
    Damian Barbeito 8 months ago

    Taras What do you think about khabib nurmagedov

  • Steven chill
    Steven chill 8 months ago


  • Sarah Jacobs
    Sarah Jacobs 8 months ago

    You got to do a 24 hour survival with all your fave camping gadgets

  • Lukey Dukey AUS
    Lukey Dukey AUS 8 months ago

    Looks like a good totally portable water heater.👍

  • Tommo Rides
    Tommo Rides 8 months ago

    01:45 - Very niceee

  • dafuqART G
    dafuqART G 8 months ago

    2:01 gucci gang

  • Γιαννης Βασιλοπουλος

    1:59 and there is a lil pump

  • Rodger Cottrill
    Rodger Cottrill 8 months ago

    Crh do one that works off your car or truck

  • Kodumunuoğulları Inc.

    H O T

  • Rodger Cottrill
    Rodger Cottrill 8 months ago


  • Jason Noreen
    Jason Noreen 8 months ago

    Take the whole Fam Damily on an adventure with some Gadjiks.

  • Maxim1706
    Maxim1706 8 months ago

    I wonder how many gadgets he owns..

  • Chicken Butt
    Chicken Butt 8 months ago


  • RMoribayashi
    RMoribayashi 8 months ago +3

    Wish you'd tested it on *_really_* cold water, say 5°C /41°F. The kind you'd find when camping late in the year.

  • Baloodini
    Baloodini 8 months ago

    Seems the baggie inside will get moldy if you put it away damp, even the slightest bit. They should have made the baggy breathable.

  • Julio César
    Julio César 8 months ago

    BOOM! *propane tank blows up*

  • Steve C
    Steve C 8 months ago +2

    Celebrating Khabib's victory with the best russian reviewer on youtube

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy 8 months ago

    2:00 the truth about lil pump

  • Colorado Kush Master P Aka. Z

    Khabib beat Conor!

    • James Mara
      James Mara 8 months ago

      And for some reason you're hear to tell us this?

  • Hon lix 507
    Hon lix 507 8 months ago

    So if I put that to circulate in a lake will that heat the lake up?

  • Euann AC
    Euann AC 8 months ago

    6:52 "Farengate"

  • T-MAN M
    T-MAN M 8 months ago


  • Amit SK
    Amit SK 8 months ago

    Great stuff Tara's but I think heating water in bucket will damage pump.

  • lenny d
    lenny d 8 months ago


  • Sharon W
    Sharon W 8 months ago +7

    How much propane did it use?

  • Kaox Galaxy
    Kaox Galaxy 8 months ago

    Would love to see the new atomic beam flashlight put to the test. It’s supposed to be able to take a beating.

  • shauni trevino
    shauni trevino 8 months ago +2

    I love how he still does the unboxing even though he already opened the box beforehand.

  • SherifYagami
    SherifYagami 8 months ago +1

    2:00 Esketit

  • TaylorFranklynMusic
    TaylorFranklynMusic 8 months ago


  • in motion
    in motion 8 months ago +1

    Do a portable hot water heater .

  • Steve-O54
    Steve-O54 8 months ago

    Very cool I like it 👍👍