Behind The Story Season 1 - Lerato Kganyago

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • Pearl Thusi sits down with the multi-talented Lerato Kganyago in this season one recap of Behind The Story.

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  • Farai Timani
    Farai Timani 18 days ago

    Lerato is so cool

  • Deborah Murorua
    Deborah Murorua 18 days ago

    Pearls shadeyy 😂

  • Pearl Leshona
    Pearl Leshona 18 days ago +1

    I love you Pearl and you are doing an amazing Job Mami.Keep doing what you are doing,am a big Fan of yours.

  • Ñtobiso Mwelase
    Ñtobiso Mwelase 20 days ago +1

    What happened vele kuBonang no Pearl ngoba bengazwani?

  • Makgotso Ngakane
    Makgotso Ngakane 20 days ago +4

    Lerato is so beautiful an classy gosh the lady is amazing

  • Busiswa Stokwe
    Busiswa Stokwe 20 days ago +6

    So now it makes sense this pearl, lerato and zintle squad is going on because they have to discuss how Queen B is a Monster shame they really need to find a new hobby especially Pearl

  • Cebile Dlodlo
    Cebile Dlodlo 21 day ago +1

    But Peal sisi why umzonda kangaka uBonang wakwenzani vele. It must be huge

  • Moleboheng Monaheng
    Moleboheng Monaheng 22 days ago +2

    Pearl really hates Bonang shame

  • Keitumetse Kgaabi
    Keitumetse Kgaabi 23 days ago +5

    Lerato and Pearl are fighting Zinhle's fight which she is not even involved in! Bring Bonang in the show for the real smoke and tea please...

    • Mbali Cindy
      Mbali Cindy 21 day ago

      Keitumetse Kgaabi I second that hey 😜

  • Keitumetse Kgaabi
    Keitumetse Kgaabi 23 days ago +6

    when is Bonang appearing in the show?

  • Carol Nosipho
    Carol Nosipho 24 days ago +3

    Pearl this happened donkey years so can you let it slide , why always bring B into everything

  • Nom nom
    Nom nom 26 days ago +3

    They need to talk about Bonang to stay relevant...

  • musa msonga
    musa msonga 28 days ago +11

    Lerato is such a warm heart ❤️

  • Agang Leta
    Agang Leta 29 days ago +11

    Bonang left Metro and never looked back as far as talking about people that took over or whatever but people want to make it about themselves very foolish if you ask me....The show is now ran by 3 personalities imagine that, Lerato needs to focus on being a better broadcaster and leave the petty...

  • Agang Leta
    Agang Leta 29 days ago


  • miya davin
    miya davin Month ago

    Stoan seats plssssssss

  • miya davin
    miya davin Month ago

    Stoan seats next pls

  • B Cute
    B Cute Month ago +9

    Pearl is very childish and shallow.

  • Ezah Ntintili
    Ezah Ntintili Month ago +16

    Lerato is so amazing, she carries herself like a love

  • Akona M
    Akona M Month ago +13

    Haibo Pearl had to ask that question, it's not obsession over Bonanang. You would've expected her to ask.... say Minnie or Thando

    • Qenehelo Mahamo
      Qenehelo Mahamo 19 days ago

      but the way she asked the question has an undertone of hate.

    • Naledi Mathedimusa
      Naledi Mathedimusa 23 days ago +2

      The show is called behind the story fo a reason

  • Palesa Shalom
    Palesa Shalom Month ago +6

    Pearl became cheaper than she already was as soon as she shaded Bonang.

  • Tshupelo Mabutho
    Tshupelo Mabutho Month ago +17

    ...and Lerato needs to stop thinking Bonang left metro fm because of her...girlll Bonang is more talented and more real than you'll ever be!!!!!!

  • Tshupelo Mabutho
    Tshupelo Mabutho Month ago +32

    Pearl needs to get over Bonang...Her obsession with Bonang is tiring honestly

    • tsholofelo mashaba
      tsholofelo mashaba 16 days ago +1

      @Siyamthanda Pepese lol okay Pearl!!

    • Siyamthanda Pepese
      Siyamthanda Pepese 17 days ago

      Tshupelo Mabutho Kant’s behind the story ngeyantoni guys???I mean do yo,ll even know the questions to ask at an interview?🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ yhuuu hay abantu ngoxeka. You should actually get over your obsession with Pearl yaz.

    • tsholofelo mashaba
      tsholofelo mashaba 28 days ago +3

      Ya bora ebile obsession e

    PHUMLANI XOLO Month ago

    I like this show

  • Fatu Daniel
    Fatu Daniel Month ago

    I love how (in the end) they forgot that they were on camera, it’s like they were at home chit chatting 😂😍💖👌🏼😊

  • Nonkululeko Mashinini
    Nonkululeko Mashinini Month ago +1

    Why is everyone running to music?

  • Edith Kholofelo
    Edith Kholofelo Month ago

    I soo love LKG

  • Sam Magwacles
    Sam Magwacles Month ago +1

    Are all these interviews 10 minutes long?! Or is it clips??

  • zakithi mthethwa
    zakithi mthethwa Month ago +1

    Can not wait for the single!

  • zakithi mthethwa
    zakithi mthethwa Month ago +13

    Lerato handles hereself like a goddess.. her poise is unspeakable she’s such an inspiration great interview!

  • willian masoga
    willian masoga Month ago +22

    how did this interview become about Bonang all of a sudden?

  • morongwa mabeba
    morongwa mabeba Month ago +55

    I don't see how pearl is wrong for asking lerato about what happened i mean this is behind the story

    • Siyamthanda Pepese
      Siyamthanda Pepese 17 days ago

      morongwa mabeba 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ abantu bayathanda ukuxekaaa

    • Orapeleng Tawana
      Orapeleng Tawana 27 days ago

      so what does that mean? if it's behind story why is it on youtube? I dont get it really. please explain this. Does it mean they are not being honest?

    • R entertainment
      R entertainment Month ago

      Thank u.

  • Nolisindiso Hazel
    Nolisindiso Hazel Month ago +5

    Then I am not the country.. I am not interested in Lerato's music!

  • Siphokazi Tau
    Siphokazi Tau Month ago +15

    How is this interview about Bonang and not about Lerato? Urrrgggggg a Pearl's interviewing sucks.

  • Miss Zee
    Miss Zee Month ago +23

    Pearl irritates me sometimes , I think she is obsessed/Jealous with Bonang PERIOD!!!!!

  • hyde7sharon
    hyde7sharon Month ago +42

    Lerato is so classy ❤️

    • Junior Masilela
      Junior Masilela Month ago

      I was about to say that.... Class not gloss. Two different things...

  • Infinity Tigga
    Infinity Tigga Month ago +2

    Nbathanda boy2
    I love them both

  • Miranda Gcayiya
    Miranda Gcayiya Month ago +6

    mother is beautiful hey

    DOLLED UP EMMY Month ago


    CEBISA BIDLA Month ago +34

    pearl is so obsessed with bonang

  • Puleng moatshe
    Puleng moatshe Month ago

    Mxim Pearl o itlhasetse ka Bonang.Gal o shetla life Queen B

  • David KT Tsoari
    David KT Tsoari Month ago +67

    Pearl clearly doesn't like Bonang. And in the past Bonang has shown that she doesn't like Pearl either. However, the only person that has worked with Bonang and has never complained about being treated badly was probably Loot Love. I think this has a lot to do with their different imagery. Minnie, Pearl, now Lerato, only to mention a few, have allllllllllllllllllllll rather kept quiet than to comment on their work relationship with Bonang. But we are supposed to sit here and pretend like she (Bonang) is the 'victim' or the hated one? Logic has always failed me there. But hee, ditaba di a tena.

  • Mamisisi Mokoena
    Mamisisi Mokoena Month ago +9

    Wow I've waited so long for this... Ke kopa ya Dineo Ranaka.

  • Promise Mofokeng
    Promise Mofokeng Month ago +31

    I wonder when will Pearl get over Bonang. Huh guyz this is tiring iyoh.

    • K6 M2
      K6 M2 Month ago

      @Busisiwe Busi amen🙌🙌

    • Busisiwe Busi
      Busisiwe Busi Month ago +4

      She's jealous of her success that's why coz what she does in this industry is way below Bonang Moghul is going higher nd higher nd Pearl is beneath Bonang

    • Promise Mofokeng
      Promise Mofokeng Month ago +5

      Bra you can tell how happy she is to hear Lerato's response. Hai Pearl mara

    • K6 M2
      K6 M2 Month ago +4

      When bonang beat her ass

  • Blinky M
    Blinky M Month ago +7

    I feel like women will be stronger once the lesson is learnt that ,professional aspirations should not get in the way of building each other up. Once you get a gig, use the platform to grow, move up, pull another into the space you left, teach , mentor, be mentored and just keep the line moving🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Mel B
    Mel B Month ago +46

    The way Pearl asks questions🙄 assumes everyone knows what she is talking about. OMW shes sooo terrible.

  • Asande Mpitso
    Asande Mpitso Month ago +16

    I'm glad Bonang didn't associate with Lerato, Bonang is strategic, she new her brand wouldn't clique with ya lerato

    • Khanya Mdingi
      Khanya Mdingi Month ago

      Wait khona what happened between her and Lorna? I think she stopped following Lorna

    • asanda sukazi
      asanda sukazi Month ago

      @Nombulelo Hadebe well said🔥

    • Fatu Daniel
      Fatu Daniel Month ago +1

      What brand

    • morongwa mabeba
      morongwa mabeba Month ago

      Nombulelo Hadebe I agree with you

    • Nombulelo Hadebe
      Nombulelo Hadebe Month ago +12

      That is because she doesn't want another woman shine above her... Look at lorna and pinky blowing every where

  • bonnie chimanikire
    bonnie chimanikire Month ago +17

    Pearl's vehement dislike for Bonang is tiring. We know she is not your cup of tea but bringing her up all the damn time. Sokubhowa, anyway I digress, Lerato is beautiful intelligent, mature and and so grounded. Thanks for bringing her onto the show BET.

  • Norleetha M
    Norleetha M Month ago +95

    Pearl likes everyone who doesnt like Bonang 🙄🙄

    • Michy MNM
      Michy MNM 21 day ago +3

      Kgopotso Motshana they only became besties after the Bonang issue that’s convenience friendship

    • Norleetha M
      Norleetha M 24 days ago +2

      @Poochie Loo What has Keri Hilson hav to do With my comment?? /..why bother replying to my comment?? You are a fool.. U dumb fvck

    • Poochie Loo
      Poochie Loo 24 days ago +1

      Norleetha M I already made it fool

    • Norleetha M
      Norleetha M 24 days ago +2

      @Poochie Loo your point??

    • Poochie Loo
      Poochie Loo 24 days ago

      Keri hilson looks better

  • Chilufya Nkoloma
    Chilufya Nkoloma Month ago +3

    Thanks for sharing the interviews, I missed them on mtv Base and BET is bringing them all. Please bring more of these especially for Denise Zimba and Somizi. Thanks BET

  • Snaye Khayon Mdubu
    Snaye Khayon Mdubu Month ago +51

    Pearl is good in this presenting thing.I feel like you are all not noticing.She's holding a conversation,she's not presenting..

    • David KT Tsoari
      David KT Tsoari Month ago +1

      They are friends, it feels like a conversation because of that. Check her interview with JUB JUB.

  • thobeka skosana
    thobeka skosana Month ago +13

    And the single is absolutely amazing. Definitely has been my Favorite since last year.❤❣
    She's grown uLerato yaz

  • Lerato Mopeli
    Lerato Mopeli Month ago +48

    This "interview" is HORRID! Leading questions and vague/cryptic non-answers should be reserved for office chats designed to throw your boss off your scent.

    • Lerato Mopeli
      Lerato Mopeli 16 days ago

      @Phumeza Tshandu Facts! This is South African tendency to adapt "tv personalities" to every kind of show is so played out! Popularity does not a journalist make.

    • Phumeza Tshandu
      Phumeza Tshandu 16 days ago +2

      @Lerato Mopeli It's like the anti-Bongang show .The host has no sense of being objective.

    • Lerato Mopeli
      Lerato Mopeli 17 days ago +2

      @Depuo Mbambo EXACTLY! My immediate impression at the title of the show was "fantastic! The kind of candid interviews young South Africans want" and then this happened. I've watched a bunch more episodes hoping I was wrong but it all follows the same subjective and judgmental thread, particularly from Pearl.

    • Depuo Mbambo
      Depuo Mbambo 17 days ago +2

      I didn't watch the whole video because I felt the same way. I like the concept of the show but the execution has it let it down. You can ask the questions that people want answers to without involving yourself and personal issues in it.

  • K6 M2
    K6 M2 Month ago +19

    "This particular human being", wow pearl the disrespect

    • Qenehelo Mahamo
      Qenehelo Mahamo 19 days ago +1

      @Snaye Khayon Mdubu she has to be professional, Bonang interviewed her ex Slikour but you couldn't even tell. we don't need the hate, we just want Lerato's behind the story

    • K6 M2
      K6 M2 Month ago

      @David KT Tsoari she could've said "your cohost on the show" not " this particular human being"

    • K6 M2
      K6 M2 Month ago +2

      @Snaye Khayon Mdubu I honestly wish they could solve their beef in a boxing ring so bonang can beat the shit out of her

    • Matshidiso Moloi
      Matshidiso Moloi Month ago +2

      David K give her the benefit of the doubt how when all she ever talks about is Bonang especially when its rivals. Remember when AKA was with B, she started beefing with him and now he’s back with her bestie ku awkward 🙄. She’s talented and needs to get over Bonang

    • David KT Tsoari
      David KT Tsoari Month ago +1

      @Matshidiso Moloi Maybe she does, but you guys also need to give her the benefit of the doubt.

  • Sihle Msutu
    Sihle Msutu Month ago

    Search " WeideEC " for good music