Battlbox Review and Field Test : Mission 20

  • Published on Oct 12, 2016
  • Sensible Prepper Presents: The Battlbox Subscription serivce review and field testing. We look at the Mission 20: Shelter Building and Tinder Collection box for Oct. 2016. Battlbox is well established in the Subscription Box market and doing a great job.
    Battlbox website:
    Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00
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Comments • 164

  • tojare1
    tojare1 5 days ago

    That tarp might cover one foot if you are lucky, pretty small at 12 by 9 and 1/2 inches :)

  • Rick Bourne
    Rick Bourne 2 months ago

    Throw weight brings back memories of hanging bear bags at Philmont Boy Scout camp.

  • P Beatty
    P Beatty 2 months ago

    Don't forget the rubbers! Haha

  • Voice of truth
    Voice of truth 2 months ago

    Usually there gear us top quality name brand stuff....this one looked like a bunch if chinese cheap crap

    USM-4 KAGNEW 2 months ago

    Too much redundancy. I wouldn’t want to carry all that stuff into the woods.

  • Angel Haycock
    Angel Haycock 4 months ago

    I've been getting Battlebox for five months now. I love it. By the way, you did the best Battlebox review and test I've seen. Please Keep em' coming Sensible Prepper.

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey 8 months ago

    Hahahahaha dont let me see u cuttin your grass. Nice.

  • Alice Sigford
    Alice Sigford 9 months ago

    like it

  • Roadhand Viking
    Roadhand Viking 11 months ago

    Only bad I've heard out of the gear you've shown there is about the Zippo 4-in-1 tool. From what I've seen and been told the axe handle is prone to breaking near the head. As far as I know there is no fix for or way to repair it if it does fail. With that in mind , I wouldn't stake my life on it. Just my opinion. Great video as always.

  • Pedro LEON
    Pedro LEON 11 months ago

    Excellent!!! Atte: Pedro LEON

  • Nancy M-R
    Nancy M-R Year ago

    always wear safety glasses when chopping wood. my brother one-eye learned that the hard way.

  • 409rommel
    409rommel Year ago

    Decent stuff I guess.... Thats alot of saws...😂😂

  • myrandomlife
    myrandomlife Year ago

    The kits are awesome for people who are starting from nothing. I already have all that stuff lol. Would still be cool to have more tho.

  • Michael Fisher
    Michael Fisher Year ago

    That throw weight 😂😂 what a waste of weight to carry 😂


    Love that 4 in 1 Axe. Nice work mate. ATB Moose.

  • East CHCH Kea
    East CHCH Kea Year ago +1

    Are you sure that the 'cord cutter' on the little axe isn't actually a gut hook?

  • Crazy Horse az
    Crazy Horse az Year ago

    The zippo axe is a great tool, a really great saw. You should all have one.

  • Crazy Horse az
    Crazy Horse az Year ago

    He's a great guy, and I really believe he helps guys, good advice,, but you can do better with some other tools, just buy what you need and want, try them out on a day you got nothing to do, before you bet your life on them please.

  • Crazy Horse az
    Crazy Horse az Year ago

    I've got a China machete, way better than the knife.

  • Crazy Horse az
    Crazy Horse az Year ago

    These are toys

  • Crazy Horse az
    Crazy Horse az Year ago

    Battle box junk,,
    JUST buy real products, or spend all night trying to get the job done.

  • Arrant Survival
    Arrant Survival Year ago

    What music did you use in the intro?

  • JediTim
    JediTim Year ago

    Love the tree hugger comment lol

  • Nick H Deep 6 Leather Works

    Love Battle Box. It's a surprise every month.

  • elizabeth davis
    elizabeth davis 2 years ago

    This was a great video but I wish that you would tell us about the weight and costs of each items and provide links to buy individual items on amazon

  • Zwordsman
    Zwordsman 2 years ago +2

    I'd like a bowie knife. though not with a saw back.
    shiny stuff.
    Kind of wish the Zippo thingy also had some sorta fire starter in it too. THough might be able to fit it. just cause..
    zippo xD

  • Dan Connaughty
    Dan Connaughty 2 years ago +9

    instead of tarp clips, if you need an attachment point simply press a pebble into the tarp and tie it off with the line you're using as a tie down so it looks like a lollipop. waaaaay stronger and smarter than trying to poke a hole and tie a knot or buying and carrying clips

    • Ron Rio
      Ron Rio Year ago

      Dan Connaughty awesome !! thanks for the tip ... just what i needed

  • William Drake
    William Drake 2 years ago +1

    you have an axe why the saw?

  • David Magaña
    David Magaña 2 years ago

    your intro SOng suckz@!

  • Rusty Shacklefort
    Rusty Shacklefort 2 years ago

    Are you going to review any other Battle Box?

  • xxn0thing
    xxn0thing 2 years ago

    Pretty cool kit... though too many redundant items in the top end kit for me personally. If I buy the top end kit I'd prefer to see the smaller hatchet with something different, for example.

  • Fenectio
    Fenectio 2 years ago

    Loot crate f*ck that battlebox HELL YEAH !!!

  • David Kay
    David Kay 2 years ago

    Looks like the Zippo 4 in 1 and the Wicked saw are the only things worth the money. I will stick with scouring the internet for good stuff. Thanks for showing this to us though.

  • Adrian Hester
    Adrian Hester 2 years ago

    Finally, someone actually reviewing the items in a Battlebox. Nice review of what seems to be a good set of bush craft gear.

  • YK
    YK 2 years ago +1

    Trump supporter

    • P Beatty
      P Beatty 2 months ago

      Democrat hater!!👿👿👿

  • RoughHands Co.
    RoughHands Co. 2 years ago

    Out of curiosity, do they deliver to Poland?

  • Whitney Smith
    Whitney Smith 2 years ago

    i know this isn't a survival video but why doesn't anyone ever put bolt cutters on there backpack

  • The Loobis
    The Loobis 2 years ago

    that Axe looks like a piece of junk

  • Sral Neman
    Sral Neman 2 years ago +4

    why would anyone need or buy a throw weight?
    you could just use a rock and those are usually for free.

  • nicksfix8609
    nicksfix8609 2 years ago

    tinder making is easy with a dry stick a 1\4 " in thickness and a pencil sharpener from anywhere cheap! boom a tinder maker

  • Hugo De La Sancha
    Hugo De La Sancha 2 years ago

    What kind of watch are you wearing 0:20? Name and model please

  • Freedom Flapjacks
    Freedom Flapjacks 2 years ago

    I allready have a zippo saw but the saw blades rattle around inside

  • Doug McArtin
    Doug McArtin 2 years ago

    It must be very difficult after a while to keep coming up with new themes and new stuff to put in the boxes. After all, there's only so much gear out there. It was an interesting thing in the beginning but I think the days of the subscription box are numbered. Thanks for the look see and the demo though, always good stuff.

  • Buddy Mathis
    Buddy Mathis 3 years ago

    I have a saw like that coated 25 dollars by its self

  • RaggedsEdge
    RaggedsEdge 3 years ago


  • Spammy 1
    Spammy 1 3 years ago

    You may want to consider a prepping video for surviving a nuclear war.

  • Dc cd85
    Dc cd85 3 years ago +1

    hello sir, i love your vids. thank you for all you do for us. I would like to ask if you could do a video on urban survival/edc kits, i live in London, UK and we cant carry knives.However the city is busy, we use a lot of public transport and if SHTF.. what do we do? RIOTS and criminals everywhere...thanks a lot!

    • Dc cd85
      Dc cd85 3 years ago

      great point, here them too!

    • Overcome theIllusion
      Overcome theIllusion 3 years ago

      ~~~ same in Germany! Now, we have those dreadful Clowns here, too! ~~~

  • Kodey Graeff
    Kodey Graeff 3 years ago

    i think that cord cutter is sctually a gut hook

  • miz528
    miz528 3 years ago +1

    love your channel buddy, i like and i subscribe!

  • Jadon Ingalls
    Jadon Ingalls 3 years ago

    "Pretty decent little knife" a 12 in blade

  • Yogi Lilly
    Yogi Lilly 3 years ago

    not a fan of subscription services....
    now if they listed the various months and contents and let you choose what to order when you wanted... would be more interesting...
    not interested in committing to $100 a month (5 ounces of silver) for a surprise.
    "get what you want when you want"
    agree the wicked saw and zippo ax were great items. have had the bean throw bag for a few years and have yet to use it.

  • Clifton Wink
    Clifton Wink 3 years ago

    Does that zippo tool use standard hacksaw blades?

  • 1234coolman
    1234coolman 3 years ago +1

    I like how you actually use the items instead of just unboxing them like other accounts.

  • Pure Jefferson Culture

    Can you do a Fiskars axe review?

  • Jim Staton
    Jim Staton 3 years ago

    Here's my 2 cents...and that's about what my opinion is worth :) It looked like the folding saw worked better than the chain saw. The hatchet and the Zippo was too light to be useful. so basically a person could save a lot of money by not getting the battlebox and instead getting a folding saw and a good machete. I personally like the Ontario SP 53 but to each his own.

  • Nate
    Nate 3 years ago

    Love your channel! Please review the Maxpedition Riftcore backpack. Thank you.

  • Louis Becke
    Louis Becke 3 years ago

    I'm an American living in the Philippines. My problem with Battlebox is the size and the cost of shipping here. I have to be selective or end up with what happened 6 months ago. I ordered 20 industrial 50 gallon bags ended up costing me $400.00 for $30 dollars worth of bags LOL!! Ouch!

    • David B
      David B 3 years ago

      @Louis Becke Ah thank you.

    • Louis Becke
      Louis Becke 3 years ago

      Better to go to Thailand than here. It is not safe here at all. If you know the ins and outs of everything you can get buy. Thailand is much more modern, safer and cheaper plus Thailand has fast internet. The Philippines internet is so slow it's second to Afghanistan.

    • David B
      David B 3 years ago

      Lol that sucks. How is the Philippines though? I've always wanted to travel there.

  • jtridley1234
    jtridley1234 3 years ago +1

    great videos. I have been going through your channel for a couple of days and i love how you review lots of no nonsense practical stuff. You got my sub cant wait to for more thanks.

  • Locke's Node
    Locke's Node 3 years ago

    The axe looks cool, but I have no doubt that I can design a better one.

  • Rider
    Rider 3 years ago +25

    I like that you use only dead vegetation / trees to demonstrate. It shows us that you really care for nature ... thumbs way up for that ;-)