Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus Bring The Old Town Road To The BET Awards Live! | BET Awards 2019

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
  • Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus go totally country to perform their hit collaboration "Old Town Road."
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  • BETNetworks
    BETNetworks  5 months ago +3707

    Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus rode horses to the BET Awards! Want to see how the rest of the celebs got there? Watch Rick Ross, Mary J. Blige, Queen Naija, DDG, Kida The Great & more turn up on the BETA Express train!

    • victoria gogolashvili
      victoria gogolashvili 3 days ago

      @immyownpresident 333😢😈😡😠😡😕😬

    • Mick Guenz
      Mick Guenz 5 days ago

      BETNetworks tw.

    • Donna Brasher
      Donna Brasher 8 days ago

      immyownpresident GM u him plan Lo uh pop
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      Hi um I’ll l him th. Hey (lo km I’m mom m I b in in uh
      M. Za Lmn
      M uh h tv FCC tv us in j myb

    • Princess Allen
      Princess Allen 9 days ago

      @salamandmike mss is right there at the same time that you are in the it guy who is this I don't

    • Princess Allen
      Princess Allen 9 days ago

      @Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show I probably ooooo

  • Feelings Over Facts
    Feelings Over Facts 16 hours ago

    With the same chords as Pearl Jams "Alive" you can anything you want.

  • Kim Crandell
    Kim Crandell 18 hours ago

    Billy Cyrus is such a douche.

  • erikdraven1731
    erikdraven1731 18 hours ago

    I never thought I would say this about a country and/or rap song... but I wish it was a lot longer!

  • NiksonRZ
    NiksonRZ Day ago

    Why is this in shadow759's 10 words or less playlist?

  • James Allen
    James Allen Day ago


  • Matheus Mergidio


  • Marcos Antônio
    Marcos Antônio Day ago

    Lil is hot here

  • Jude Romanus
    Jude Romanus Day ago +1

    Lil nax make more videos from old town road

  • Zorica Marjanović

    Is a cardi B omg

  • Eric Augillard
    Eric Augillard Day ago

    I'm sick of this song but you know it's kinda becoming platinum

  • Jeannette Ostrom


  • Cynthia Smith
    Cynthia Smith Day ago

    I old town road

  • joseph lucido
    joseph lucido Day ago


  • Daniel Choi
    Daniel Choi 2 days ago

    That was probably one of the worst live performance i have ever seen and heard in my whole life, and i actually love this song which is the sad thing... dude was mumbling/whispering the whole goddamn time.. u can tell he has literally no experience singing live.

  • Ivan Zhurba
    Ivan Zhurba 2 days ago

    Is this some kind of "no white" awards ?

  • Jack Schiltz
    Jack Schiltz 2 days ago

    I saw cardi b like if you saw were

  • Alexander Marshall
    Alexander Marshall 2 days ago

    Absolutely awful...
    It felt dated at the time but 6 months later it’s like a nightmare from a hideous alternate dimension.

  • Shawna Sandman
    Shawna Sandman 2 days ago

    Love you

    GENERAL 2 days ago

    I still feel that this song is garbage

  • Kira Akira
    Kira Akira 3 days ago


  • Klever Augusto Bonatto
    Klever Augusto Bonatto 3 days ago +1


  • Elle Cox
    Elle Cox 4 days ago +1

    Tbh..this song is legendary

  • Elle Cox
    Elle Cox 4 days ago +11

    Billy Cyrus needs more recognition he can singggg and he’s so dope for this collab

  • Quế Nguyen
    Quế Nguyen 4 days ago

    Hay quaaaaaaaaaaaa ma sao toan tiêng anh không vây

  • Yuanquan Davis Haley

    Anyone notice Lil NAS X lip Syncing?

  • Wallace 18
    Wallace 18 4 days ago

    Country is its own thing and rap is its own thing the two were never meant to come together this song may be a hit but that's because this generation is fucked they don't know what music is this is not music it's just tragedy country is a great kind of music it's not meant to be mixed with rap or any other kind of bullcrap

    • sp123
      sp123 3 days ago

      Have your heard Haystak all by myself? There are a few rap county songs out there

  • Amir_1012 Raider
    Amir_1012 Raider 5 days ago +16

    Billy Ray was probably the only white guy there.

  • Evan Anthonie
    Evan Anthonie 5 days ago +3

    Imagine Cardi B Just Jumped on Stage And Started Singing

    • Da Funky Zookeeper
      Da Funky Zookeeper 2 days ago

      Oh yeah she also exists lol. Damn I forgot about her quick.

  • Kevin1776
    Kevin1776 6 days ago

    It's LIT!

  • Kirill Borovets
    Kirill Borovets 6 days ago +4

    THIS is America, not that political propaganda by Glover.

  • kelvin
    kelvin 6 days ago

    0.34 min jajajjajja

  • Romney Galvez
    Romney Galvez 6 days ago

    o town road wow pp

  • Ben Ganz
    Ben Ganz 6 days ago

    This arrangement is EPIC

    • sp123
      sp123 3 days ago

      Yeah, nothing beats live instruments

  • salvo guastella
    salvo guastella 6 days ago

    Who is the girl at minute 1:02? Is beautiful

    • sp123
      sp123 3 days ago

      rin okumura I never realized how pretty she was until people all over the world asked for her on this vide

    • rin okumura
      rin okumura 4 days ago

      Draya Michelle

  • EL Mehdi
    EL Mehdi 7 days ago

    Who is the girl dancing in 2:04

  • Emre Alkan
    Emre Alkan 7 days ago

    I think I'm in love 😒

  • AAronn TimE
    AAronn TimE 7 days ago +3

    They need louder microphones or I have too much wax in my ears.

  • Ken Wilson
    Ken Wilson 7 days ago


  • Jay Perez
    Jay Perez 7 days ago

    I got chills throughout the video

  • tooorggo youtube
    tooorggo youtube 7 days ago

    Love lil nas am mom y padre

  • senhor Odim
    senhor Odim 7 days ago

    Queria estar ai😢😢

  • Shelsea eden
    Shelsea eden 8 days ago

    2:50 Davidoo 😂😂😂

  • Marc Lake
    Marc Lake 8 days ago

    Going and ride my man sorry my horse till I can't ride no more

  • Marc Lake
    Marc Lake 8 days ago

    Going and ride my man sorry. my horse till I can't ride no more

  • Pecolia Williams
    Pecolia Williams 8 days ago

    I have to admit. This was awesome

  • Kenneth Matteson
    Kenneth Matteson 8 days ago +1

    An Amazing song amazing artists just wow .. I can't wait to see more ...

  • Darmen Gabitov
    Darmen Gabitov 8 days ago

    Я тут один русский?

  • Emily Eilia
    Emily Eilia 8 days ago


  • Vuong Nguyen
    Vuong Nguyen 8 days ago

    Who is singer at 1:03 in the video?

    • Vuong Nguyen
      Vuong Nguyen 3 days ago

      Thank you

    • sp123
      sp123 3 days ago +1

      You are the 1001th person to ask: Draya Michelle

  • funny game
    funny game 8 days ago

    Ai việt nam k?? 🇻🇳 🇻🇳

  • Marwa A.
    Marwa A. 8 days ago +1

    Who is she?😅

    • sp123
      sp123 3 days ago

      You are the 1000th person to ask: Draya Michelle

  • corno quem comenta encima do meu comentário

    Não canta nada.
    Ou eles precisam achar um jeito de todos os instrumentos ficar em harmonia.

  • Viky Galaxy3
    Viky Galaxy3 9 days ago

    Je to dobrý

  • Neil Parrish
    Neil Parrish 9 days ago

    Who is the chick at 1:01??? 👀👀

  • Rhonda Ross
    Rhonda Ross 9 days ago

    I can not think of anyone who does not like this! They performed this at CMAFest in Nashville! They brought the Titan Stadium down!

  • Родион Воробьёв


  • Social Tube
    Social Tube 10 days ago

    who is the girl at 1:01 please

  • Kristina Tini
    Kristina Tini 10 days ago

    jeeeeeeeej lil nas x billy jjjjjjjjjjjjjeeeeeeeeeeee