How I SCHEDULE to balance my life and be PRODUCTIVE - A work day with me balancing it all

  • Published on Jan 25, 2022
  • AD Here's a productive work day alone, staying at the office and getting work done! New Year New Me Vibes! Hey lovely people it’s been a while since my last day in the life video so I’m taking you behind the scenes to share my top tips on how I balance my day-to-day work, family, life etc. Huge thanks to @Intel for sponsoring this video! My Envy laptop is now my go-to and helps me get all of this done!
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  • Pickie & the Foodie

    This video couldn’t of come at a better time! Currently juggling 3 course, 2 children under 3 years of age and a husband sick with Covid!! Not to mention my cat who also needs my attention. If Patrica can do it so can I! Thank you for the tips!!

  • Hope Daniel

    Every time I see Nova, I remember when you were pregnant with Nova and it just makes me realize how time flies. you have such a beautiful life Patricia and don't ever let anyone or anything or any circumstance makes you feel otherwise. Grace and Nova added color to today's vlog.

  • Lauren Mangels

    I absolutely love you!! I’ve been watching you grow like crazy lately and you’ve still been the same genuine , funny , real , down to earth person. Every time I watch a video after you’ve leveled up and see the same Patrica it makes me so happy. You inspire me to be my truest self since I’ve started watching

  • Ciecie Newson

    You're blessed to have a husband that works with you to allow such a self fulfilling lifestyle. I am single with no children and I don't get as much done for myself as your perfect schedule would suggest one should be living.

  • Gold Sand
    Gold Sand  +11

    Love this because as a boy mom, I’ve been feeling like I’m not doing enough or doing too much! This was so lovely to see. And I am definitely taking notes on how to better manage my schedule/routines

  • Patricia farnell

    Oh Patricia I am so proud of your accomplishments and success I wish you nothing but the best and I will continue to support you in your endeavors ! God bless !

  • Kristen
    Kristen  +51

    Can we get an updated skin care routine? Your skin looks unreal!!!

  • The Lady Engineer

    You've got to appreciate Patricia in this video. I like how composed she seems and speaking softly. I'm not sure if it's just me, I'm not enjoying videos in which someone is busy shouting, it's just not cutting it anymore.💎

  • Nelly Cinders

    I'm always inspired by your videos. They always come across as well thought out and intentional. I love the work, career, family and life balance and how involved Mike is and how supportive he is of your dreams. You both make me happy. You're a good mom and an inspiration to me especially since you're a Nigerian girl making it happen. Keep it up 💕

  • Vibrant Hues

    Wow!!! So simple, yet so inspiring. Us 20 something are so grateful for you Auntie P!!!

  • Lucy Stokes - Oceans of Notions

    You are so lucky to have a proper support system to facilitate your job. I’m a working mum too, but if something with the kids goes wrong (for example their teacher catches covid and there’s no school), I don’t have a good support system in place. That’s my biggest stress.

  • Kenya Staples

    Such an inspiration! I recently launched my own business and I’ve been in a totally new routine. So this came right on time! ❣️

  • bohn only's

    This is.. incredibly helpful, actually. Just the idea of blocking out time for things that happen every day like organization & self care instead of JUST writing down the "external pressures" (as you put it) on a calendar, has gotten me excited. Placing them so late in the day (normally i start stressing about them before I've even brushed my teeth) would give me the freedom to actually get caught up and spend some creative time thinking about how to manage those events and make them easier and more productive. maybe this is obvious to other ppl out there but for me it was enlightening. thanks for sharing!

  • Caterrias Quinn

    Thank you! I'm in the process of creating my routine & in the market for business laptop. This video was definitely right in time.

  • Teryn Aliya

    Ugg I have been working on being productive so much lately. It's so much easier said than done but your video gave me the little boost of encouragement that I needed for my channel. Thanks for making this video and keep making great content!

  • Dayanar Daily

    I am inspired how you schedule your time properly.I really need that especially right now when am trying to balance school and my TheXvid channel.loved the tips.greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

  • Concept Louis

    Loving all these tips!!! 😊

  • Emefa

    This couldn’t have come at a better time! ♥️

  • Leite N-Maleck

    Love this video, very inspiring

  • One Ontumetse

    Thanks for this. I am a do as much as you can kinda of person and it always make me anxious because I over commit and always under so much pressure. This helped a lot.