NEW Super Lock Jackpot Slot Machine Max Bet Bonus | SEASON 5 | EPISODE #21

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • new lock it link slot machine - NEW Super Lock Jackpot Slot Machine Max Bet Bonus | SEASON 5 | EPISODE 21
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Comments • 84

  • Lin Rowback
    Lin Rowback 17 days ago +1

    You I’m pleased you do not spare us from reality of slot machines 😄

  • Kike 33
    Kike 33 18 days ago

    I don’t like that new slot machine 🎰

  • Jerry mae Balansag
    Jerry mae Balansag 18 days ago

    i hope you viset here in philipines

  • Jerry mae Balansag
    Jerry mae Balansag 18 days ago

    watching from philipines

  • Choekyi Norzom
    Choekyi Norzom 21 day ago

    I played this machine since last four months I New York casino . This machine is pretty cheap .

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  21 day ago

      Choekyi Norzom yeah i agree hard to win big for sure !

  • Choekyi Norzom
    Choekyi Norzom 21 day ago

    I don’t like this machine

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  21 day ago

      Choekyi Norzom its fun but hard to win big !

  • AutoMan Dan
    AutoMan Dan 21 day ago

    Oh man what a tune 1:46

  • Matt Slots
    Matt Slots 23 days ago

    Good show man

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  23 days ago

      Thank you Matt Slots

  • Missy B
    Missy B 28 days ago

    LIKE....was it just me? Lost the volume even though mine is showing 100 per cent and vid is not muted. hmmm And YES, I watch FOR the REALITY you give with your vids. Oops, sound is back! Is it my imagination or are the newer games more and more volatile???

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  27 days ago

      Missy B lol ! thanks for all your comment, hope you are doing well !

  • Marie Jackson
    Marie Jackson 28 days ago

    Great video NG

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  28 days ago

      Thank you for watching Marie Jackson

  • MGSlots 21
    MGSlots 21 29 days ago

    Great super lock it game but seems really tight, bro. You’ll get it next time!

  • Ian Flannery
    Ian Flannery 29 days ago

    22 is 2x11. Good luck 👍

  • Phil Riri
    Phil Riri Month ago +1

    Hi NG😊 hey everybody👋
    When you Win I Celebrate your Win😄...When your having terrible Luck. I wish you better Luck for next time NG😊👍your videos are still good content.

  • Donna McCann
    Donna McCann Month ago

    OUCH !!!

  • votoji narmecau
    votoji narmecau Month ago +1

    Next time ng..big win..

  • Glen Cameron
    Glen Cameron Month ago +2

    Thank you!

  • Gloria Carballo
    Gloria Carballo Month ago +1

    I just started watching and subscribed, love your videos, I’m in New York👍🏻😍😊

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  28 days ago +1

      Gloria Carballo thanks a lot ! Welcome to my channel my friend

  • sabu king
    sabu king Month ago +2

    Wow bro so hard to win something now day at casino, thank you for sharing NG see you tomorrow bud

    WEST LOYA Month ago

    What casinos u play at. Location

  • Trace TheAce
    Trace TheAce Month ago +2

    Thanks for all the sessions.

  • Aurora Ang
    Aurora Ang Month ago +3

    Good luck NG !

  • Orando Morris
    Orando Morris Month ago +2

    I don’t even watch tv anymore NG, I rewatched every last video you posted at least 3 times lol love you bro. When are you doin give aways? $orandoMorris my cashapp

  • Count Olrak's Slot Adventure Channel

    OMG good luck with that rng in the next episode my friend NG. Trying to stay hopeful over here for another seasonal come up Narek! You can do it! GO NG GO! Powerful bonuses await!🤑😄

  • Anna A Slots
    Anna A Slots Month ago +1

    Better luck tomorrow Narek jan good luck 🍀

  • Dia o
    Dia o Month ago +1

    I always enjoy your video.
    Thank you NG

  • Art Girl
    Art Girl Month ago +1

    Love your videos, NG, but lately too many ad interruptions..

  • offiehead JLC
    offiehead JLC Month ago +3

    Hi NG Slots. The reality of slot machines isn’t winning every time you go to a casino. I loose more than I win. This is why we watch you guys. Ty and I still enjoy your videos

  • spacies
    spacies Month ago +2

    yep the very poor $45 payout on bonus reels is a sign that machine wont be paying out anytime soon GOOD LUCK NG NEXT TIME

  • Margarita Ortiz
    Margarita Ortiz Month ago +2

    my friend was brutal!!!!I if you win or not l enjoy to see you playing☹

  • Slotty by Nature
    Slotty by Nature Month ago +2

    The hubby and I played this one and we really enjoyed it. I was glad to see it again. 💕

  • matabeleman
    matabeleman Month ago

    terrible video I am afraid to say....

  • litho529
    litho529 Month ago +1

    Never Boring NG!!!! I'm looking for the October 21 Slot Fest: NG against DEJAVU SLOT- maybe I have the time wrong. I watched DEJAVU-looking for NG SLOT. GOOD LUCK!

  • matt liegakos
    matt liegakos Month ago +1

    Hey Mr. Copyright hit the likes button and quit playing with ng videos

  • sabian cvc
    sabian cvc Month ago +1

    Better luck for tomorrow

  • Jan M
    Jan M Month ago +1

    Your videos are never boring NG!

  • Ionel Barbu
    Ionel Barbu Month ago

    Next one is awesome.. I know that

  • Brenda Barney
    Brenda Barney Month ago +2


  • Terramex
    Terramex Month ago +1

    Super luck machine.......You need to be super lucky....What an awful machine

  • Mary C
    Mary C Month ago +1

    Really tight machine! Usually if you get just a little on the bonus, the machine will apologise by giving another bonus right after that. That is what should have happened.
    I do not get bored because you lose, I only get bored if you are not having fun. 😉 Have fun, win or lose! That is the object because this is entertainment, not a money making job! We all know that, in the end, the Casino always wins. If you play regularly, there will be days you lose. Just remember, tomorrow is another day and the Casino will still be there, so if you are having a losing day, just comeback tomorrow and you will probably win.

  • Joanna Deville
    Joanna Deville Month ago

    Fun game great video 💋

  • Debby S
    Debby S Month ago +1

    Appreciate your time & effort entertaining us. Some don't realize the work involved. Enjoyed!

  • Emma Love
    Emma Love Month ago

    NG Slot I enjoy watch your videos win or lose. Let know how machines Do you 1000 like 👍

  • Claudia Irons
    Claudia Irons Month ago +1

    Oh my goodness NG! That is the nature of the beast! Tomorrow is another day and I wish you good luck! 💰🍀💵🍀💰🍀💵🍀💰🍀💵🍀💰🍀💵🍀💰🍀💵🍀💰🍀💵💵🍀🍀💰💰

  • Cristina Fab
    Cristina Fab Month ago

    It's a new machine. . So it had to get money in before it let's it go. Good luck next time NG.

  • Baby Girl
    Baby Girl Month ago +2

    Good morning NG! I like watching your videos, whether it’s long or short, win or lose, you show the reality of if, the good and the bad. That’s the reality of slots. Thanks for sharing my friend. Better luck next time! 👍 Have a great day my friend. 🤗

  • LadyBadness
    LadyBadness Month ago +1

    Something happen to sound NG

  • Joyce Maestas
    Joyce Maestas Month ago

    Are you here in Las Vegas?? Try Henderson might have better luck

  • LadyBadness
    LadyBadness Month ago +1

    Good Morning NG
    Start of week so this is the beginning of your GPhandpays💰💰💰👍✌

  • R G
    R G Month ago +2

    Thanks 4 showing us a new game. I've already made my comments about the Wynn. Better luck tomorrow NG.

  • Hakop D
    Hakop D Month ago +1

    That’s slots for you NG, keep showing the reality of it. It’s only fair.

  • Liliana Alvarez
    Liliana Alvarez Month ago +2

    have a great day my friend

  • Darwin Gutierrez
    Darwin Gutierrez Month ago +1

    Hi my friend when I see that machine like 10 time dragon on first and second nothing on third and then dragon on fourth I knew it that mashie was killer especially after pay 45 dollars for 6 dollars bet. My friend you can try 20 spin with the minimum bet maybe 50 cents before bet maximum. And maybe you see the power of 50 cents bonus. Good luck 👍🏼

  • Awoopa_ Paul
    Awoopa_ Paul Month ago

    Thanks for playing NG 👍
    Btw I'm missing copyright free music because this time there was only silence 😕

  • Kyle R
    Kyle R Month ago +1

    Love these monthly episodes NG! thanks for reminding us this is for entertainment. Not a way to make money. Good luck NG!!!

  • Patrick Rossilli
    Patrick Rossilli Month ago

    Hang in there ng! I wasted 2,000 bucks yesterday on 5 dollar bets try to get the bonus! So bad! Some times it dosen't matter how much money you throw at it!

    TDV TDV Month ago +2

    No one should be complaining about content. The content is real and the reality of slots. Anyone who has been around slots on a regular basis....knows what is shown is the reality of slot gaming. Yes, nice, big wins happen...but many losing sessions come with that as well. Good luck and better luck.

  • Olivia Soliz
    Olivia Soliz Month ago +2

    Good morning NG we all will watch you play the slot it's not at all boring hey casino are out to take money but next time you will hit a big one have a great day and good luck.

  • shawn mcfarland
    shawn mcfarland Month ago +2

    Let's get a bonus Handpay

  • shawn mcfarland
    shawn mcfarland Month ago +1

    Good morning NG

  • Michelle lilljack
    Michelle lilljack Month ago +2

    Home from work today....early morning on the East coast. ..nice way to start my morning!. I like these super locks.