Get a Job. - Radeon VII Review

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
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    7nm is finally here with AMD’s new Radeon VII - But with a price tag to match. Can AMD claw back GPU market share now that Nvidia’s gotten complacent?
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Comments • 6 470

  • Frank Martinez
    Frank Martinez 17 hours ago

    AMD Wins for Gaming & Rendering 3D Animation + Design.

  • Hircine
    Hircine Day ago

    they should make 3 versions for this: 16GB / 11GB / 8GB. so the price can be on different ranges. thats how they compete. because not everyone needs 16GB and have to pay for something they won't use or not necessarily needed. if AMD does not do it, they're stupid.

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 11 hours ago

      That wont work, they do not make hbm in those capacities

  • farhan ari
    farhan ari Day ago

    *Nvidia left chat

  • Idrees 778/YT
    Idrees 778/YT Day ago

    I disagree with all the negativity linus said

  • Yair Sollel
    Yair Sollel 2 days ago +1

    AMD is literally just lowering the prices for everything
    healthy economy i guess ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • SSchithFoo
    SSchithFoo 2 days ago +1

    RE2 remake consumes over 13GB video memory and even with my FX8350+650watt bronze psu and 1066 DDR3 ram I am playing it all maxed out aboved 60FPS at 4k.

  • Peter P
    Peter P 3 days ago

    Deadpool and Radeon!

  • ShadoWolf
    ShadoWolf 4 days ago +1

    Way too expensive for budget builds to pair with any ryzen build AND that is why people will go for gtx 1660 instead of any AMD gpu this year.

  • Dustin dees
    Dustin dees 5 days ago

    Whoever makes your Benchmark charts needs a new job, Those charts could be used as a reference for everything not to do when making bar graphs.

  • Paul Hopwood
    Paul Hopwood 7 days ago

    Yet AMD make both, which neither Intel or Nvidia do (yet anyway) and are COMPETITIVE WITH PRICING AT THE SAME PERFORMANCE LEVEL! CPU's are SUPERIOR VALUE and GPU's are competitive. Not everyone can afford the best gear. Bang for buck AMD does a great job. I am no AMD fanboy, My Pc is an intel, but I am not biased either like you have been shown to be consistently Linus.

  • Mark David White
    Mark David White 7 days ago


  • Curious Cat
    Curious Cat 8 days ago

    Why can´t graphic cards have this look more then those weird shrouds full of angles and weird shapes? Or atleast one of them with a simple design and other with a more weird design. I´m looking to the cards I might buy and the only ones that look good (to me) are these radeons and the Asus with the blower design, but they are so expensive, damn.. All others are so strange and full of crap...

  • Warsun
    Warsun 8 days ago

    I think you're missing the point Linus. As an AMD user. I never cared about Faster frame rates. I wanted quality over quantity. If i want more FPS i`ll turn off 1 or two modes in a game or program. Guess what? The game now performs at almost double the performance. Why? You where never meant to turn those modes on.

  • Brent Doolittle
    Brent Doolittle 9 days ago

    Love the videos, hate the charts

  • kishetes
    kishetes 9 days ago

    TheXvid turns awesome when you put the autosubtitles on...this video turned out to be something about andy utilizing wot-man to beat invidious...still better story than the last jedi

  • RunFor OurLives
    RunFor OurLives 9 days ago

    I won’t steal away 2080 fans but it will get amd fans a good reason to stick with amd gpu

  • Chinglenkhomba ngangom

    Will an i5 2400 be a good match for rx 570 4gb gpu?

  • Dio Black
    Dio Black 11 days ago

    Or just play the waiting game until prices come down. Thankfully crypto mining is dead.

  • ardiles americanu
    ardiles americanu 11 days ago

    what LG monitor is there at the asian dude ?

  • FVKK
    FVKK 12 days ago +1

    i really go for the VII, it's hella cheap then overpriced 2080Ti and VII is almost similar to its performance...

  • Riidwan Rahat
    Riidwan Rahat 12 days ago

    I think you should stop using those lame thumbnail

  • r0llinlacs
    r0llinlacs 13 days ago +4

    It has two 8 pin connectors because it barely draws 30 watts from the pci slot. It gets basically all it's power from the connectors. And also gives room for extra power needs from overclocking

  • King HH
    King HH 13 days ago

    High price without Cuda

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 11 hours ago

      Its an extremely powerful card

  • JayY1Thousand
    JayY1Thousand 16 days ago

    I guess at the end of the day if you're a PC gamer, Nvidia is always the way to go. Radeon exists for Macs, Stadias, Xboxes and PlayStations.

  • ATI nsider
    ATI nsider 17 days ago +2

    Despite Bulldozer's problematic design, AMD did great in keeping competitive price/performance with Piledriver cores just until AMD launched its ZEN Design that slapped Intel upside the head. GPUs are next with NAVI, that's going to once again slap Nvidia upside the head and rule the Mainstream. Wait & See.,

    The Radeon VII was an everything GPU, not just a gaming card. It served its purpose to show AMD can be competitive with a old 2011 GCN based GPU lol, and they succeeded. NAVI and beyond will be pure gaming designed in mind. Huge Difference.

  • Marco Wulur
    Marco Wulur 17 days ago

    still using pentium 4 with agp vga

  • René Vos
    René Vos 18 days ago

    If they made the card 6gb for 550$, l think we'd have a real revolution in gpus. The price per performance has dropped the last 5 years by like 40%. This may not sound like not much, but l think it was like 70% 5 years ago. So you'd then pay 30% for 5 year old performance instead of the now 60%.

  • D Kizilkaya
    D Kizilkaya 20 days ago

    That wallet, dang.. it has some milage on it doesnt it? But hey, those are the best.

    OMEGA 21 day ago

    No ray tracing or crossfire capability. What the poop?

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 11 hours ago

      It can raytrace, not realtime

  • Patrick
    Patrick 21 day ago

    its a lil unfair to use the i9, theres like almost 80 percent price difference. i7-8700k is way better fit pricewise. even amd pits it against 8700k

  • David Seguin
    David Seguin 21 day ago

    eve online 6 accounts simultaneously. memory hungry asf. see about that game, it's cpu/memory/graphicalmemory intensive, i literally can run 3 accounts on medium and lows with no post processing or aa with an rx 480 8gb, with a bunch of the settings on and be okay on 2 screens with 1080p and one at roughly 720p due to it all being windowed and my taskbar along the edge of the other smaller screen. that's a very intensive mmorpg game that is unforgiving, i mean really unforgiving, if you get sucked into it, im sorry.. but i hope to see you on the battlefield of at least some of the games i play someday. ;p

  • spacedrone808
    spacedrone808 21 day ago +1

    Clearly pre-paid video.
    In short: Nvidia is for richy playful childs. Amd for creative persons.
    ps nvidia ray trace lags even on top 2080. Many buzz, less deeds.

  • X pod X
    X pod X 23 days ago

    Why. Doesn't. Anyone. Test. In. 5k?!?!
    5k. Bo4. Ww2. Fc5. 3 titles that will easily use over 12gb of vram at 5k!

    • X pod X
      X pod X 23 days ago

      +hbihu i can play ww2 at 5k ultra high 58 to 64avg (1080ti]
      And used 5k monitors for $450 to 750, and im sure its a nice clarity jump over 4k.

    • hbihu
      hbihu 23 days ago

      +X pod X Current gpus can only just handle 4k@60fps at high settings, so why would introducing more be a good idea? 5k monitors aren't widely available, and the ones that do exist are extremely expensive. And it's not even much of an upgrade over 4k.

    • X pod X
      X pod X 23 days ago

      +hbihu why?

    • hbihu
      hbihu 23 days ago

      Because no-one plays games at 5k?

  • MarTx FinaL
    MarTx FinaL 24 days ago

    Cry AMD Fanboys

  • Connor De wit
    Connor De wit 24 days ago +1

    Doesn’t amd get it we don’t care about hbm2 it doesn’t effect performance enough to be worth the cost the Radeon 7 could’ve had more cores higher clock speeds and instead of the stupid hbm2 just use 8gb of gddr6 and reduce the price by 150-200$ then people would actually buy the bloody card

    • 2D神
      2D神 24 days ago +1

      I'm with you. I was banking on R7 to be at least the same or even 5-10% better than 2080 and undercut them by exactly the price you said and what they give me was same performance as the 2080 but with 8 more VRam. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't R7 their flagship GPU?

  • dieubermensch
    dieubermensch 25 days ago

    Isn't the uncle of amds CEO being nvidias CEO a major conflict of interests?

  • neoxide h
    neoxide h 25 days ago

    1 month later: Nope it sucks ass. Also amd might have just thrown ryzen down the toilet too by using high latency chiplet design which is terrible for gaming. amd's comeback might be short lived but we will see

  • Sam K
    Sam K 25 days ago +1

    - DLSS sucks its been proven. it makes the game looks worst.
    - Raytracing, Check Crytech raytracing demo running a Vega 56 at 4k 30fps, a (250 euro card)....
    RTX is a scam!
    Linus Tech Tips, techpowerup, tech of tomorrow = Nvidia shills.

  • Marek Herda
    Marek Herda 25 days ago

    Interesting review, what super wide monitor I have seen in this review?

  • Blei1986
    Blei1986 25 days ago +2

    implying AMD and Intel actually want to fight each other
    They both know how to suck the money out of the gamer without having to compete with each other
    there is no competition at all.

    • Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon
      Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon 22 days ago

      *applause* thank you for showing you have the intelligence to see the truth of this market

  • Adam Erickson
    Adam Erickson 26 days ago +3

    The 16 GB of memory may not mean much to gamers, but it means a lot to deep learning researchers, and it is probably the only sub-$2k card with this feature. Meanwhile, the 1080 Ti went from costing $700 to now twice that.

    • Adam Erickson
      Adam Erickson 21 day ago

      Eldritch Not so much these days: and

    • Eldritch
      Eldritch 21 day ago

      Sure, but as a DL guy myself, you have the *sliiiiiiiiight* problem that every goddamn thing in DL is CUDA-only.

  • Justin Braun
    Justin Braun 26 days ago +81

    AMD: 16gb VRAM

  • CultResearch
    CultResearch 26 days ago

    Imagine a Radeon VII X2

  • Christian
    Christian 27 days ago

    Not me Nvidia lost out on a costumer I dont buy anything for PC anymore since they Ripping people off and I just dont buy AMD but guess what Xbox one x LOOKS GREAT LIKE IF IT HAS RTX . and GREAT as a price.

    • Joe Savero
      Joe Savero 26 days ago

      You're joking right? You do realize just because something is at 4k resolution doesn't mean it looks like it has RTX features. I don't think you understand what ray tracing can technically do. It's global illumination,shadows and reflections probably more than i even know. You can crank the resoultion up as much as you want it won't change the issues with the way shadows and other things are currently implemented in gaming this is why ray tracing could be a big deal if they get it working as people expect it to.

  • John Moore
    John Moore 27 days ago +18

    The 2 CEOs are related? This is why people believe in the Illuminati.

  • your uncle pim !
    your uncle pim ! 28 days ago

    Son I ain't playing that thunder crap

  • Generic Scottish Channel

    why are the captions in hindi

  • Javier Padrón
    Javier Padrón 28 days ago

    300W TDP???? wooooooooooooow!!!

  • Muranaman
    Muranaman 29 days ago

    AMD did just the opposite of what we need for folding.
    Less memory, slower, but more cores.
    AMD did just exactly the opposite. And even then, it still uses more power than NVidia for folding and bitcoin mining!
    They're a total disaster!

  • Nancy Drew
    Nancy Drew Month ago +2

    why would you pay MORE for a 2080 just for less memory, less memory bandwidth, bad content creation performance, gimmick features that don’t work and worse dx12 performance LOL. all for what? just less power usage and 5 more frames? it’s not even close amd won by a land slide. just grab a radeon vii. if all the major channels weren’t paid by nvidia everyone would’ve had a complete different opinion about the radeon vii.

    • 二次元くん
      二次元くん 25 days ago

      Linus is right. You need to beat nvidia in price yet they set the same price and it perform roughly the same but with 16gb vram. You not going to win Nividia user with this.

    • Deano
      Deano 29 days ago

      Of course, the classic "He doesn't share my views so he MUST be paid by the competitors". Sorry to break it to you, but the Radeon 7 just isn't as good of a card as the RTX 2080. It's louder, buggier and harder to find, for the same price. Does that mean it's bad? No. Its just that TheXvidrs that review tech for a living don't think this card is great. Simple as that. This is coming from an AMD user with an R5 1600 and RX 580

  • Keith Brooks
    Keith Brooks Month ago

    Double the memory, but still miising 2 features that the RTX's have.
    Ray Tracing isn't a big deal yet, but the other one (I forgwt the name of) is in games now.
    Questions remain to me though.
    RTX 2070, RTX 280 or Radeon VII????
    Considering my upcoming monitor is gonna be a ips 4K one, it looks like the RTX 2080 is the winner, so far.
    For @100=$150 more I get 1/2 the memory and better DX11 & 4K performance.
    I don't really see many games needing more than 8gb's vram at the mpment and Assetto Corsa Competizione, which I have already support's that 2nd feature I forgot the nae of.
    It's DLSS or something like it, I think.

    • 二次元くん
      二次元くん 25 days ago

      When 16gb is needed there will be a card that beat this card in performance.

  • Joseph Pockets
    Joseph Pockets Month ago +3

    Your statistics graphics are always terrible and always have been. I've been watching for years. The text is small and hard to read on a 6 inch display. There are so many columns and rows, it is so messy. The dark and light colours on the same bar thing sucks. The transparency around the graphs is super distracting. The whole thing is a mess and needs to be cleaned up MASSIVELY. Please use a new format for your bars and graphs.
    Other than that, good video as always, always love Linus' very apparent passion for all things tech :)

  • adam rule
    adam rule Month ago +1

    Wished they had just added an m.2 slot on the radeon 7..then add an optane drive. to reduce the card load.. and increase storage..just an idea..

  • Archon
    Archon Month ago

    Yea...I'm not giving my money to Nvidia fuck that company...

  • Ian Ide
    Ian Ide Month ago

    I am sure that the graphs made %100 sense to the person that created them. I had to stare for a bit to make heads or tails of the information. wtf ltt

  • TheEli128
    TheEli128 Month ago

    How is the card doing in mining crypto compared to Nvidia?

    • TheEli128
      TheEli128 Month ago

      It does more than double the Hashrate as a RTX 2080 mining Ethereum, that should be considered Linus!

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera Month ago +1

    Since when did AMD support CUDA? Anyone?

  • Jain.G
    Jain.G Month ago

    Freesync dose not work at 55 fps, it shoud but not, my monitor 48hz-100hz but (believe me it is not Gsync, if something free it is not usefull) its works from 65 and more. And Radeon vii is not able to run games like AC odyssey or shadow of TR at 65 or up on this resolution even if you playing medium settings. Before Radeon vii i had Gtx 1080ti and it worked fine on this resolution with freesync and could make my Freesync to sync in any game much better. So i though what is this i have spend lot of money for what for Amd product whitch can not even work with its freecync technology. Then ok i gat it. AMD IS NOT ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH NVIDIA NEVER. IT IS NOT A COMPANY FOR GAMERS. DO NOT BELIEVE ADVERTISEMENT. I started hate Amd, and Radeon vii. And never buy any Amd product anymore. thing before to buy.

  • jonathan hudgens
    jonathan hudgens Month ago

    why do these folks from amd like to shoot themselves in the nuts all the time?!

  • 0xc1d3
    0xc1d3 Month ago +2

    War Thunder!!!! Oh BTW I'm buying the card too test

  • Denis Zyza
    Denis Zyza Month ago

    FX 💚

  • tOni serf
    tOni serf Month ago

    graphs are shit

  • Sam Lim
    Sam Lim Month ago

    please avoid this graphics card. those care no matter how low you load ur gpu, it will have insane jet engine like fan noise...... if you already lost your hearing? sure why not, but other then that...avoid.. go to 6:03 and see how low this fan noise is from at least 5 to 6 foot away from the rig...

  • The21Dabbing Jeff
    The21Dabbing Jeff Month ago +3

    Tbh I think AMD wins in cpus to Intel because Intel's prices are way to high but loses to Nvidia at gpus

    • Secretcodrin
      Secretcodrin Month ago

      it's not just the price. everytime i was looking at intel, the cpus were weaker and more expensive than their equivalent counterparts.

  • sasa ha
    sasa ha Month ago

    if the radeon7 was be sold at 550 or 600 bucks it would be a steal, at 400 it would be basically free and nivida would have been crushed

    • sasa ha
      sasa ha 13 days ago

      i bought a vega 64 saphire nitro+ for 400€ now, seems a good deal for tha price including the great cooling of the card. I'm just thinking about undervolting this card since the powerdraw of the vega 64 is huge

    • Deano
      Deano 29 days ago

      We would of all loved that but AMD's strange decision to have 16GB of very expensive memory made the profit margins very low which means the price isn't very flexible

  • The Mongoose
    The Mongoose Month ago

    PCI Express 3.0 has officially reached bottle neck status..

    • Supremax67
      Supremax67 Month ago

      So what you are saying is that AMD should sell it with PCI Express 4.0 motherboards?

  • sasa ha
    sasa ha Month ago

    atleast the radeon 7 doesn't include the shitty space invader games with its bundle compared to the rtx cards that love to show you the space invader games after 5 days xD

  • Lord Kingdom
    Lord Kingdom Month ago

    is this good?

  • iSemi
    iSemi Month ago

    will the Radeon VII run warthunder?

  • sense fyre
    sense fyre Month ago

    The RTX cards are certainly better for consumers. AMD just isn't a good competition for Nvidia. Nvidia was able to release DLSS and Raytracing last year and all AMD has had to fire back so far is an overpriced card, that's mostly unavailable, with significantly less features. But don't worry, guys, it has 16 gb of vram. Get real. Anybody who isn't an AMD fanboy looking to buy cards in this price range can see that the RTX 2080 is clearly better. Sorry AMD, I love your CPUs but you guys need to get more competitive for me to buy your GPUs.

    • Alessandro Celoria
      Alessandro Celoria Month ago

      I guess it's better for productivity. I myself would buy it if it didn't cost 500 bucks since I do a lot of rendering and pretty much no gaming.
      BTW I agree I hope we will see the same thing in amd's graphics department that happened with ryzen in the cpu department... Gotta keep competition up and prices down

  • Maor Haster
    Maor Haster Month ago

    thank you for all your great work . I know that it might be the wrong place to ask but who knows... maybe .

    few months ago I bought a GIGABYTE R7 25XOC 2GB GDD5, which was making blue screen ,freezes or crash,(display driver crashed and had to recover) mostly when opening steam , or when I was playing Ghost Recon wild-lands.
    after a while it got stable, and could play GRW without crashing , but on steam couldn't play ,used to crash all the time.
    the reason I have it is because it is one of the very few cards that fits with my cpu (i5 660) without bottleneck.
    and seemed to be powerful enough for what I need and could afford.
    I noticed that if I install the radeon driver as it is, the radeon program makes it freeze too, so on youtube someone posted that it is better to do a manual setup using 7zip, which helped and stopped it from crashing from the RADEON prog' . but still kept crashing with steam and games I tried to play from steam.
    the last crashing started few days ago , when trying to play mafia 3, at start I could play, but then I unplugged the HDMI cable ,left with the vga cable only, and since then ...I crashed the game everytime.
    tried to uninstall and reinstall drivers ,the game , steam ... nothing helps.... no idea what to do
    when installing a driver , must I first install the manufacturer driver for the card first, and then the AMD DRIVER?
    can you recommend on a stable driver for me?
    can you advise please? I have no clue of what to do....
    thank you

  • Herbert Meier
    Herbert Meier Month ago +7

    I am getting 112 fps average on my radeon vii in farcry 5 ultra preset - those graphs are not userfriendly with color and positioning. in total the radeon vii beats the 2080 in games I actually play

  • JaayOnPC
    JaayOnPC Month ago

    Linus: When amd released their geforce rtx....
    Me: ???
    Linus: competitor
    Me: oh

  • just a random guy who likes stuff

    No one cares about dlss and rt. Those are for next gen.

  • Anon Mason
    Anon Mason Month ago +20

    7:04 But AMD has even more features than NVIDIA.
    I find it hard to believe you haven't seen AMD's superior control panel. They even have their own version of shadow play.

    • Anon Mason
      Anon Mason 8 days ago

      +John Moore I agree. But then, they're probably getting paid minimum wage relative to NVidia so I guess we can't expect much.

    • B0NES YT
      B0NES YT 21 day ago +2

      Either on AMD and Nvidia dsoftware, I don't use any of the damn features like 90% of gamers

    • John Moore
      John Moore 27 days ago +3

      Everyone seems to think AMD doesn’t have a Shadow Play competitor. They’ve had Relive for years now. Honestly a lot of the fault is on AMDs marketing team, they need to be fired.

    • Supremax67
      Supremax67 Month ago +2

      +Karl Wolfgramm -- Even if you notice right away, they get mediocre appeal overtime. People notice flaws more than perks. Fun Fact btw. I am still gaming at 4K with an R9 295x2. Waiting for the AMD Navi GPU

    • Karl Wolfgramm
      Karl Wolfgramm Month ago

      +Supremax67 agreed! Consistent, smooth performance. I don't even think you would notice the difference in graphics.

  • Anon Mason
    Anon Mason Month ago +27

    Meanwhile in March... What Radeon VII?
    Can't find one anywhere.

    • Hircine
      Hircine Day ago

      +Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon who gives a shit about how GPU look. it will be inside the goddamn case.

    • Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon
      Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon 7 days ago

      +Anon Mason Good for you I don't give a fuck, most people aren't doing that kind of work and for the record, I'm an adult too jackass. So why don't you fuck off with your "productivity" argument, because there are plenty of more professional cards designed for that if you were being serious. This card was made to rival a gaming card, the productivity numbers don't matter because most people who are serious about it will be using professional grade graphics cards.

    • Anon Mason
      Anon Mason 8 days ago

      +Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon They don't perform the same. 16GB, I'm not playing Fortnight in my mothers basement. I'm doing work in my own house I own.

    • Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon
      Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon 8 days ago

      +Anon Mason appearance holds a factor regardless of whether you like it or not if two products perform the same, why would you buy the one that looks like garbage?

    • Anon Mason
      Anon Mason 8 days ago

      +Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon I'm not asking you to use it. Please do not buy a hand saw either if you don't know what it's really used for and want to put pretty blinky lights on it.
      Also, stay away from angle grinders.

  • Peder Hansen
    Peder Hansen Month ago +2

    it might be something wrong with my computers or placebo. but ive always have had better picture quality with radeon products. both on `youtube` and in games

  • Carlos Nvidia
    Carlos Nvidia Month ago

    👎👎👎AMD Radeon vii 👎👎👎👎

  • jn ep
    jn ep Month ago

    2x1080ti, cheap and better

  • MegaLatexxx
    MegaLatexxx Month ago

    The radeon vii is 950USD where I'm at and an rtx 2080 starts at 850USD new..... Not to mention the fact that the Radeon is out of stock mostly everywhere. Now, I don't buy Nvidia out of principle and for what I play AMD's cards have been sufficient, but for this price the Radeon can rot on a shelf somewhere, I went with a used vega 64. Maybe Navi will show something that's more interesting. AMD is doing pretty good on the CPU market giving great alternatives to intel's stuff, fighting on 2 fronts must be tiresome. :))

  • Elektrik Magnetix
    Elektrik Magnetix Month ago

    You failed to tell everyone how buggy the drivers are, but then I guess you needed all that extra time to advertise instead of properly review this product.

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 11 hours ago

      The drivers are not buggy now

  • Josh12342
    Josh12342 Month ago +24

    Wait, I did not know Lisa Su and Jenson Huang were related, it must be very akward in family gatherings 🤣🤣🤣

  • HitsuTwistedTalong
    HitsuTwistedTalong Month ago

    that intro with amd cpu and gpu division actually true hahahaha. I hope the GPU division will get that money too! my money! lol I switch from intel to ryzen and its fucking awesome. But my gpu is stil gtx 1060 and I'm looking to this new amd gpu.

  • cdreid9999
    cdreid9999 Month ago

    All that hyperfast memory sounds like this card was designed for rendering not gaming

  • atelierx naru
    atelierx naru Month ago

    Bought 1080 ti strix for 400 euro.....

  • ignafiltro
    ignafiltro Month ago

    WTF are those charts, Just leave the cards fixed in the same place and let the bars ove around

  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    DON'T FORGET FREESYNC IS FREE... and your gaming monitor choices cheaper as a result.

  • ravdobrzynski
    ravdobrzynski Month ago +16

    1TB/s , 16GB = VR

  • ATARI800XLfan
    ATARI800XLfan Month ago Nope don't care about any of the Nvidia extras

  • ronanmtba
    ronanmtba Month ago +1

    Isn't GCN limited to 64 CUs?

    • Zonned
      Zonned Month ago

      It was limited to 4000 stream processors which would probably be something in the range of 2500CU if you equate to Nvidia's standards. However Vega 2 and the upcoming Navi architecture remove those limitations.

  • Elaine MMDF
    Elaine MMDF Month ago

    LOL good try AMD, but still nothing from AMD that can out perform my old 1080ti...

  • chrismas
    chrismas Month ago

    Macs don't support Nvidea eGPU natively in 2019. May buy this if it's compatible with Adobe Creative Suite.

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago

    Titles video get a job, next video is hiring announcement

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson Month ago +13

    Except the 2080 is still $100 more than the Radeon VII...

    • Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon
      Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon 22 days ago

      depends on which version, the sick looking rgb tricked out ones are, but the standard aren't

  • InSomnia DrEvil
    InSomnia DrEvil Month ago

    i would not have thought id be AGAINST high VRAM, but with this card i am, it just adds alot of unnecessary cost and most games are more than fine with 8 gig
    just imagine this card at 8 gig VRAM, but only 500$
    people would lose their nuts...

  • Brett Augustine
    Brett Augustine Month ago

    Just to save you time . 0:22

  • C7
    C7 Month ago

    Best part of this thing, it doesn't have RTX!! YES!

    • Kamii
      Kamii Month ago

      why lol? if anything having rtx is an advantage and you can turn it on and off by choice

  • freddy swag
    freddy swag Month ago

    Please tell him to make it better graphics card Linus and don't drop it lol

  • Frank HEUSER
    Frank HEUSER Month ago

    I play Dungeon Keeper 2 ; i request ray tracing + 4k lol