Get a Job. - Radeon VII Review

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
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    7nm is finally here with AMD’s new Radeon VII - But with a price tag to match. Can AMD claw back GPU market share now that Nvidia’s gotten complacent?
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Comments • 6 675

  • Lubomir Ivanov
    Lubomir Ivanov Hour ago

    You didn't test 4K gaming right? That's why you don't see the use of 16GB HBM2 ;) I guess nVidia pays well ;) hah

  • One Zero
    One Zero 13 hours ago

    Linus is a tool


    Stunned the industry in the hole. Yes it did

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M 3 days ago

    Maybe you don't understand me Lambo.
    nVidia have to be punished for the 6800 series. "It's a VPU not a GPU" nVidia 🖕
    I was a die hard nVidia user up until that point. There are many other reasons why nVidia have to be punished.
    What I'm saying to you is I will not buy another nVidia product no matter what the situation.

  • Rohan Poddar
    Rohan Poddar 4 days ago

    Linus predicted the GPU name way back in February that Apple was going to use in their Mac “Pro” 2:03

  • John Henderson
    John Henderson 4 days ago

    If they made an 8 Gb version of this card I would buy it. Priced around $599 would be an excellent value over the 2080.

  • rsx123
    rsx123 4 days ago +2

    Hey would the AMD card be better for flight sims? Those require a ton of memory.

  • rsx123
    rsx123 4 days ago

    So 3600 and 2070

  • M C
    M C 6 days ago

    The radeon vii will become better with the driver updates and the falling price.

  • just a random guy who likes stuff

    And now, amd has a solid gpu lineup and beats intel in the cpu lineup. Amd forever.

  • Sherudons
    Sherudons 6 days ago

    I find it funny when linus says dig deeper into our wallets...

    Up next check out this $10000 monitor/tv that beams the games direct to your brain.

  • Antonio Alejandro AA


  • khrom
    khrom 8 days ago

    back to confusing graphs again i see

  • dimebagdavey
    dimebagdavey 8 days ago +1

    You touch Anthony and we're gonna have a problem Linus

  • Rafael Atempa
    Rafael Atempa 8 days ago

    Yes! it's a beast for productivity! Especially when career is first and gaming has to take a back seat.

  • Gallons Of Milk Gaming
    Gallons Of Milk Gaming 8 days ago +2

    Alex should have his job title changed to sound effects person

  • Bilal Alhendi
    Bilal Alhendi 9 days ago


  • rudy issa
    rudy issa 10 days ago

    I used to think AMD sucked but then I picked up a fury for $275 and had very close performance to my 980ti which was $730. Ive been an AMD fan ever since. Shit you can pick up a Vega 56 for $300 right now. Best value I feel.

  • Mansoor Mughal
    Mansoor Mughal 10 days ago +1

    what is that monitor at 6:15?

  • Aamir Farooq
    Aamir Farooq 11 days ago

    I think raedon 7 is the better choice :
    If u get rtx card u have to get gsync monitor which will be twice the price of freesync monitor of same features (1080p 1ms 240hz)
    Also ryzen CPUs will be better and cheaper than Intel
    16gb vram will also be future proof just in case
    Nvidia's rtx feature gives u serious frame drops and there's still not much support in games
    You can also wait for Navi


    where can I get the stand with the chip in it. I need that!!!

  • Musical GUY
    Musical GUY 13 days ago


  • Jack The toilet bowl gamer

    Looking back at this after purchasing a gtx 2080ti and a radeon vii mmmm they are both fucking great the radeon vii is a cheap rtx 2080ti without rtx features of course lol. It also doesn't look to kool and it heats up pretty good but I enjoyed it.

  • Wei Chan
    Wei Chan 15 days ago

    All I want to know is this card PCI-E 4.0 ready?

  • Frank Martinez
    Frank Martinez 15 days ago

    The Radeon Vega Frontier Edition was Complete trash. Do you guys recommend upgrading to this one? For both Workstation and gaming usage.

  • Kaptainxd
    Kaptainxd 15 days ago +3

    Linus: "we are going to be digging more into our wallets then.."
    Me: lemme just get my pickaxe then

  • Batz
    Batz 16 days ago

    Glad to own a 2080ti

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones 16 days ago


  • Tony Boss
    Tony Boss 19 days ago +1

    Re do this with the new amd drivers

    • Tony Boss
      Tony Boss 14 days ago

      @kidzak98 nah I seen it on a large pc magazine that it trumps 2080 and is better than the ti in some games

    • kidzak98
      kidzak98 14 days ago

      its still identical performance in games. because im guessing you are basing it off of Timmy Joe PC Tech
      click bait video.

  • muklis alisyahab
    muklis alisyahab 22 days ago

    Novideo is ded

  • Eero Rantala
    Eero Rantala 24 days ago

    I use it mainly for mining and get 80 Mh/s ETH 60C and silent, I can run it with 85/90/95 but not so silent, my 1080 Ti's run at 51-54 MH/s. Not many cards beat it in ETH mining.

  • Sarat Kumar Behera
    Sarat Kumar Behera 26 days ago

    Thanks bro love from India. But I never give a dislike ur videos bro .

  • captainVR
    captainVR 27 days ago

    No clue where your benchmark scores came from but they're not accurate, I ran both a Radeon VII and 2080 together, Since they cost the same, And tried about 20 diff games, All running in 4k and max settings, But 2080 was always in front by 5 to 10% performance, Also the Radeon runs hotter too, Also noticed many others reporting the same.

    FILIP HEDMAN Month ago

    2:03 MIND BLOWN

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker Month ago

    Time to unsubscribe this joker who has been buttfucked by jensen :V

  • metalperslfx
    metalperslfx Month ago

    I'm glad for this card just because it can be a versatile gpu for productivity and gaming. Like it doesn't always be for gaming gaming and gaming.

  • Alacrity intrepid
    Alacrity intrepid Month ago

    Warthunder: Free premium play for 3 days

  • Pradnya Gurao
    Pradnya Gurao Month ago

    I play war thunder.

  • Mentoriii
    Mentoriii Month ago

    2:46 i lol at that for 30 min

  • CinoBro
    CinoBro Month ago

    Well it's nine months later and only three games have ray tracing...

    • TheDavo233
      TheDavo233 Month ago

      and its not even true ray tracing.. only a portion of effects are ray traced and it still takes too big performance hit

  • Luke Duke
    Luke Duke Month ago

    Thank you thank you for shouting out War Thunder

  • Annoyedspartan
    Annoyedspartan Month ago

    It’s funny to read the comments about people arguing who’s better Nvidia and AMD, lets take that anger somewhere else like I don’t know....Epic store exclusives.

  • Xabier Granja
    Xabier Granja Month ago +3

    It was worth to re-watch this video just for GPU/Riley's rage fit :D

  • Spykerhond
    Spykerhond Month ago

    700 $ + R6000 stealmoney they sell it here . mining still rules the value of such cards.

  • Spykerhond
    Spykerhond Month ago

    R16000 it make a good anus plug for AMD.

  • CB Anime
    CB Anime Month ago +3

    *laughing in T-34*

  • the normal-one's in tg

    hey maby if you want to get a gpu on time just wait till 300 thousand people pre-order it then get it its better than waiting another month for the gpu

  • Shemsy
    Shemsy Month ago +1

    7:00 does Linus not know that an equivalent of shadowplay exists on AMD called ReLive?

  • jay mahony
    jay mahony Month ago

    Ray tracing just kills your fps at this point and is useless.

    • Jack Bailey
      Jack Bailey Month ago

      When a low end RTX card can do 1440p 60+ FPS at High/Ultra setting, I will be interested. Until then, currently it just isn't worth it.

  • TheStaniG
    TheStaniG Month ago

    US folks complaining theyre the same price, meanwhile over here in Australia the VII is $1200 dollars and the comparable 2080 is like $2400 dollars.
    Fuck our electronics pricing, but yeah, that makes the VII a no brainer.

  • Vladislav Kurashov
    Vladislav Kurashov Month ago +3

    You probably want to say
    "Sleepers by day, content makers by night" xd

  • Gent Halili
    Gent Halili Month ago +1

    why does the Nvidia ceo look like the Amd ceo’s evil brother.

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 Month ago

      @QFish they are not, that was a rumor

    • QFish
      QFish Month ago

      they're related

    PEARL EMERALD Month ago +2

    So, Radeon VII is better

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago

    The board is made for miners, 16gb is more money to be made

    LORD ODIN Month ago

    Wtf are these charts

  • survivormon
    survivormon Month ago +2

    LTT you should revisit this card, the updated drivers have really increased performance on the VII.

  • B-Rai87
    B-Rai87 Month ago


  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter Month ago

    Absolutely silly that they reduced the number of compute units and therefore stream processors compared to Vega 64. At the very least they should have matched Vega 64.
    With Vega 64 being available at $300 now, the VII is impossible to recommend. Stunned there haven't been any price drops in the VII, surely they want to sell at least of couple of these things before Navi, right??

  • Subdistinction
    Subdistinction Month ago

    5:18 A very close call

  • Andrew Triforce
    Andrew Triforce Month ago

    finally a good sponsor

  • sorryidc
    sorryidc Month ago

    I want to buy this card, but NVIDIA has the better video encoding and many other features that I really like. I have an AMD CPU, but I think I will pass on Radeon for now.

    • Batuhan Cansın Özer
      Batuhan Cansın Özer Month ago

      I bought it its really good cart also in test on mk 11 maximum settings (1080p 60 hz) its working perfect no worries.

  • Ahmed Alqabandi
    Ahmed Alqabandi Month ago

    4k is no longer something to be slept on anymore. It's been there for quite a while. And they need to realize that. How could you advertise your product to run 4k games when the latest titles won't reach it with yor latest top of the line hardware. Any one could get their hands on a 4k monitor only to realize that none of his games could run smoothly and he has to upgrade. Only to realize that he has to pay a premium. 4k is everywhere.
    One more thing. They shouldn't encourage overclocking on these products I think its an immature move whilst i still think they should keep the overclocking potential for everyone. But advertising it is immature because that's their business. Not the consumer.
    I just can't stand how expensive it is to build a 4k gaming rig.

    • Lookout Piano
      Lookout Piano Month ago

      This might sound overly simplistic. But, looking at one of those images where they show what a 1080p screen would look like within a 4k screen (as rectangles), it does not surprise me how long it has taken for GPUs to catch up. You are talking about a massive difference in real estate.

  • HVTGamer
    HVTGamer Month ago +1

    RADEON VII It’s worth it’s price RTX Not so much since only 3-4 games has real time ray tracing

    • Saeedsc
      Saeedsc Month ago +1

      I think this statement to be true, because even as ray tracing usage is optimized and becomes more mainstream, there will be newer and better hardware by then to support it. No reason to throw money at it now

  • 07wrxtr1
    07wrxtr1 Month ago

    Still leaning on Nvidia even though I roll with an R7 1700 because:

  • ninjaa22
    ninjaa22 Month ago +1

    I have a ryzen 5 1600 that kicks ass!

  • Game Time
    Game Time Month ago

    I find it weird that raytracing is an nvidia/microsoft thing right now, but the xbox and ps5 will support ray tracing and use AMD hardware.
    I feel like there is a huge conspiracy here. Also, fuck, man Im just confused at this point. Fuck it Im going to bed

  • louis bảo
    louis bảo Month ago

    in vietnam they sell the radeon 7 about 150 dollars less than the rtx 2080, is that a cop?

  • Marc Wager
    Marc Wager Month ago

    Why did he run the crappy AMD CPU for the benchmarks? Shouldn't he have just ran both GPU on the Intel Test Bench?

    • Sokami Mashibe
      Sokami Mashibe Month ago

      @Harlem 1312 Don't worry, he clarified over two weeks ago.

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 Month ago

      The 2700x is not a crappy processor

    • Marc Wager
      Marc Wager Month ago

      @Sokami Mashibe True enough but for gaming everyone knows you're asking to bottleneck your GPU with an Intel CPU 9 times out of 10

    • Sokami Mashibe
      Sokami Mashibe Month ago +1

      I wouldn't call that a 'crappy' processor at all, but that the test itself is inherently flawed for using two different processors.

  • 3polygons
    3polygons Month ago +19

    Content creator here... graphics worker... this is MY minnnneeeee.... Geez, 16GB. The GPU renders for large 3D scenes......

  • TheGuitarsWill
    TheGuitarsWill Month ago

    omg why so much dislike :o

    CRAZY KITTY CAM Month ago

    I feel that the radeon will be stronger with new titles

  • Wifi
    Wifi Month ago

    Great video! Linus, do you ever get any sleep? Even at 1080p youtube resolution, below your eyes look a bit red

  • Concept Uno
    Concept Uno Month ago +36

    "You were supposed to Destroy Nvidias Price tag not join them!!!!"

    • Aigis Chan
      Aigis Chan 12 days ago

      "I hate you!!"

    • kumbandit
      kumbandit 19 days ago +1

      Actually their earnings margin with that card is almost non-existing, do you know how much would Ngreedia 16 GB HBM2 card cost???

    • Imrich Andráš
      Imrich Andráš Month ago

      sell or sell not there is no try

    • KazMiller
      KazMiller Month ago +1

      Yup, i think we all was hoping for R7 to be the chosen one.

    • Concept Uno
      Concept Uno Month ago +1

      @fallshimjager1 XD

  • One Taker
    One Taker Month ago


    HYPER GAMING Month ago +18

    Radeon VII is far better than RTX 2080 on paper
    Too bad
    We don't play games on Paper

      HYPER GAMING 2 days ago

      @TheWarBat I am sorry but it was not when they launched Radeon VII, AMD has been killing it lately.

    • TheWarBat
      TheWarBat 2 days ago

      You're such an immature kid

  • Bear In Bush
    Bear In Bush Month ago

    A GTX 1080ti in 2019 still destroys any other card from both Nvidia and AMD at the price per performance..
    A GTX 1080ti offers more fps at less VRAM
    A Radeon VII offers less fps at more power consumption in order to cram in pre-mature architecture that can't be fully used anytime sooner than RTX's ray tracing..
    A Radeon VII may be a slightly better price per performance than the RTX series, but only encourages crazy game enthusiasts to stick to Nvidia nonetheless for having the more powerful flagship..

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 Month ago

      @Bear In Bush well u resorted to ad hominem

    • Bear In Bush
      Bear In Bush Month ago

      @Harlem 1312 When someone says thank you you're supposed to say something like "you're welcome". People must have a hard time taking your advice after correcting how they take it before you applaud them for at least listening to it. :(

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 Month ago

      @Bear In Bush refute my argument instead of resorting to ad hominem

    • Bear In Bush
      Bear In Bush Month ago

      ​@Harlem 1312Wow you're a genius. So basically if I unplug my power supply I'll draw even less power. I never realized how useless power in my system was until now! thanks!

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 Month ago

      @Bear In Bush your powerdraw argument is dumb, you can undervolt and you know that appliances like dryers use 3000 watts????

  • TheYuxiaodi
    TheYuxiaodi Month ago

    Linux, if the card was free you would still be underwhelmed and go Nvidia... you may quit pretending.

  • BlitZe365
    BlitZe365 Month ago

    that thing is gorgeous

  • NickPicker WI
    NickPicker WI Month ago

    Man, what the hell were those graphs?

  • Darknothing
    Darknothing Month ago +1

    you need to revisit this asap.. its much better now.

  • Toby Stewart
    Toby Stewart Month ago

    Solid review.

  • Timmy Joe PC Tech
    Timmy Joe PC Tech Month ago

    I love the 3 video games tested, why does Linus LOVE Deus Ex? It's a dead game, if it's a matter of having the old data from many cards shouldn't you retest with current drivers?

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 Month ago

      @Timmy Joe PC Tech hi timmy!

    • Timmy Joe PC Tech
      Timmy Joe PC Tech Month ago

      So many things... At launch it was known board partner boards were not happening and reference 2080's are 799.99 so comparing these side by side is silly, you need to buy the cheapest RTX board partner card, not that it matters. I'm also sure Linus hasn't even looked at this card since this review, so he'll continue to discount it instead of doing followups to content after launch date. Yes the launch was botched but 2 months later and it's a compelling buy for gamers, it's slightly faster that the 2080, it can be overclocked and I've found that newer drivers bring down the noise levels significantly. Guh, one day I'm going to have my own media company, with blackjack and hookers!... aww screw the media company

  • Are Riz
    Are Riz Month ago

    cs:go is paid actor

  • makavich
    makavich Month ago

    amd just became nvidia's whore

  • Foot L Johnson
    Foot L Johnson Month ago

    Radeon is garbage, I bought a 480 a while ago thinking it would be a budget buy, and boy was I wrong, their drivers are fucking trash, never under any circumstances buy a radeon card.
    My screens literally flicker for no reason and the sound drops randomly. I'll never buy radeon again.

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 Month ago

      @Foot L Johnson well u fixed it? I dont see the issue

    • Foot L Johnson
      Foot L Johnson Month ago

      @Harlem 1312 I have 3 4k telivisions and the 480 struggled horribly, one of my screens would flicker after boot up until I adjusted the scaling. Worst card I've ever used.

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 Month ago

      @Foot L Johnson that's completely not true

    • Foot L Johnson
      Foot L Johnson Month ago

      @Divyjot Minhas Oh you're damn right. I am totally bias now. Radeon has failed me as a consumer, and they won't ever be seeing my money again. Nvidia delivered.
      Bias? Guilty as charged with no remorse. I'm not a PC expert, I make my money with my own skills, so when I pay for a product I expect it to be made and supported by skillful people. Radeon just has shitty software and support, therefor I have taken my business elsewhere, and I'm more than satisfied. RIP radeon.

    • Divyjot Minhas
      Divyjot Minhas Month ago

      @Foot L Johnson Nice bias

  • Hector Rahil
    Hector Rahil Month ago

    even the 2080 is better eh i hope this card will drop nvidia s prices :)

  • Enzo Pedreira
    Enzo Pedreira Month ago

    So about the 1st sponsor, that game is actually called BirdsOfSteel.

    BIOSHOCKFOXX Month ago

    I wish nVidia would simply make a non RTX card with just the features for gamers, only with DLSS and maybe that Encoder, the rest I don't need, so that the price can be cut down. Something like GTX1680Ti if there was such a card...which would sell for around 500 and had 8 or 10GB VRAM. I think people would be happy enough with it, oh, and other stats like core clock and frequency that would beat 1080Ti by at least 30-50% in practical world.

  • takumi nightcore
    takumi nightcore Month ago

    but i could see it more optimized on a mac then is on a pc

  • JCE Qecsxus
    JCE Qecsxus Month ago

    the power consumption is fucking ass

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 Month ago

      It's fine, you can undervolt and are you aware that an average dryer uses 3000 watts?

  • soul4donuts
    soul4donuts Month ago

    it's not RTX competitor, there i no DXR and DLSS

    • der_Balrog 13
      der_Balrog 13 Month ago

      Who needs dlss? According to the tests of gamers nexus/ hardware unbowed it's not worth it, loses too much image quality for too little performance gains. And Ray tracing is nothing more than an overpriced gimmick which on one hand isn't supported by more than some very select games and on the other hand costs a massive decrease in performance to the point where you need a high end card to remain playable fps at a low resolution. Who buys a near 1000$ card to play either at low fps or at 1080p?

  • Paul Rone-Clarke
    Paul Rone-Clarke Month ago

    @ 4:20 Linus says; "Which, come to think of it, is why we stopped using synthetic benchmarks years ago. I mean this isn't really indicative of real world performance"
    Yet - when "showing off" how powerful AMD CPU's are. The benefits of "moar cores". It's synthetic benchmarks first, middle and last. It's synthetic benchmarks all the way.

    • Derek Jonez
      Derek Jonez Month ago

      Clearly you missed the point then. If a synthetic benchmark doesn’t represent performance in any actual program its data is worthless.

  • Sachin Lalwani
    Sachin Lalwani Month ago +1

    I read radeon 7 is the cheapest graphics card that supports 10 bit video output which you only get in quadros if you go with team green

    • Samuel Henson
      Samuel Henson Month ago

      Actually you can buy an entry level WX Radeon card for much less, and get 10 bit colour.

  • DaKrawnik G
    DaKrawnik G Month ago

    3 fans, HBM, two 8 pin PCIe power connectors = overclocks like ass. #cuzamd #rebrandeon

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 Month ago

      @DaKrawnik G what temp do u think it gets upto

    • DaKrawnik G
      DaKrawnik G Month ago

      @Harlem 1312 please show me these reviews that don't say it throttles....

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 Month ago

      @DaKrawnik G it does not, but mine is watercooled

    • DaKrawnik G
      DaKrawnik G Month ago

      @Harlem 1312 you didn't answer my questions....

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 Month ago

      @DaKrawnik G its watercooled but if u want some more info on stock ones, go to the not an apple fan discord

  • William H
    William H Month ago +1

    So it’s an overclocked Vega 64 with lots of fast ram and runs hotter than a GTX-480? Way too expensive.

    • Divyjot Minhas
      Divyjot Minhas Month ago

      Hotter than a gtx 480?
      Gpu edge temps of about 82 aren't nowhere in that territory
      Edge temps cannot be compare to die temps

  • N-word Jim
    N-word Jim 2 months ago +1

    Cryengine has realtime raytracing that runs on most modern GPUs it doesn't require nVidia rtx

    • Derek Jonez
      Derek Jonez Month ago

      N-word Jim they have a demo. There are no games running that engine, yet, so now isn’t the time to pat them on the back just yet.

  • i5 8400 Asus ROG Strix 1060 6gb

    It has bad aesthetics and thats being generous.

  • Random person you don’t know

    I honestly don’t care about Nvidias features I like more vivid and better looking games so that’s why I go for r7

  • Hokage Espada
    Hokage Espada 2 months ago +8

    I have the Radeon 7. It is a MONSTER. I game in 4k - BDO, Apex, Destiny, Division, Oculus Etc. I also edit RED Dragon 6k and BMPCC4k footage in Davinci Resolve. I is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY better than the Titan XP I replaced it with and for the price I may pick up another. DX11 is the past.

    • Hokage Espada
      Hokage Espada Month ago

      Harlem 1312 Awesomeness!!!! I’ve been playing my games using vsr which is when the game is rendered higher but then resized to fit your monitor. Games look amazing. Be careful though as I had an older dvi cable and it caused flickering but when connecting my good hdmi everything worked properly

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 Month ago +1

      @Hokage Espada hello fellow radeon vii owner!

    • YetiJack TV
      YetiJack TV Month ago

      @Hokage Espada yeah i know ^^ and because my AMD Vega 64 Rog is dead today... I have destroy warrantly for new thermal paste.... No luck

    • Hokage Espada
      Hokage Espada Month ago

      AMD is also Releasing an AMD Radeon 7 50th Edition on April 29. You may want to wait for that one as the specs will be a little more beefier than the current

    • Hokage Espada
      Hokage Espada Month ago +1

      YetiJack TV let me check when I get home from work also remember that Vega and the Radeon 7 are GREAT for dx12 and Vulcan apis. Dx11 api is a lack luster

  • Lykurgos88
    Lykurgos88 2 months ago

    In 2009 Radeon 5870 was the best single-core GPU available, since Geforce 400 series was postponed to 2010. And even then Geforce 480 was awful as it overheated greatly. So Radeon 5000 was actually the last competitive series from AMD/ATI in the top performance category. After Geforce 580 was released in November 2010, AMD has been in a downhill since. It didn't help that AMD messed up with the naming of Radeon 6800 series and fooled customers with its performance point (the new high-end series being the 6900s). Overall it has been a sad decade, since the lack of competition for flagship GPUs have driven prices into absurd levels. While Radeon VII is disappointing, there is still a chance with future 7nm cards.

    • Divyjot Minhas
      Divyjot Minhas Month ago

      HD 7xxx and R9 2xx series were fairly competitive