Nintendo Direct: E3 2018


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  • Михаил Зубенко

    no pve fortnire.....

  • Homie Frog
    Homie Frog Day ago

    35:06 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • WobblewokGaming
    WobblewokGaming 2 days ago

    Will their EVER be a Luigi's Mansion 3?

  • Lisa Schaeffer
    Lisa Schaeffer 2 days ago

    17:51 😂😂😂

  • Dream Eagle
    Dream Eagle 3 days ago

    X E N O B L A D E

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 3 days ago

    Where is the ARK Part ?

  • Super Mii Samurai
    Super Mii Samurai 4 days ago

    14:39 Music?

  • Jad Abdelmajid
    Jad Abdelmajid 4 days ago

    Reggie’s body was so ready for this direct

  • Planet Pihl
    Planet Pihl 5 days ago

    super smash bros ultimate is going to be exciting!

  • Nobody
    Nobody 5 days ago

    U guys are greedy

  • ron weasley
    ron weasley 5 days ago

    We want a social app

  • Frulp
    Frulp 5 days ago


  • Jimbo Bimbo
    Jimbo Bimbo 6 days ago

    The new smash direct came out it was awesome

  • 8-Bit Storms
    8-Bit Storms 6 days ago

    What about Ganon? Wut u mean "everyone is here"

  • ICAME!ForDis
    ICAME!ForDis 6 days ago

    Too bad no Goku😞

  • OribiKibi
    OribiKibi 7 days ago

    I'm sorry, but this direct really sucked. Why did nintendo rely so heavily on smash ultimate to carry basically their entire presentation, when there's people who don't even like smash? Take out smash ultimate, and what do you get? Literally just mario party.

  • Tad Strange
    Tad Strange 8 days ago

    "I can't wait to jump off the battle bus, and meet some of you on the battlefield in Fortnite."
    ^ This.

  • FroakieTrainer54
    FroakieTrainer54 8 days ago

    Nintendo direct? More like Smash direct. I’m a little disappointed because there wasn’t that much stuff announced but on the other hand.

  • r/atheism mod
    r/atheism mod 9 days ago +1


  • trolzilalol
    trolzilalol 9 days ago

    It's gonna take a while to unlock every fighter.

  • Kyle Broflovski
    Kyle Broflovski 9 days ago

    6:15 when a smash bros direct is coming this week

  • Frisky Llama
    Frisky Llama 10 days ago

    Can't wait for Super Smash Bros. Ultamate

  • Bootykicker 101
    Bootykicker 101 10 days ago +1

    25:51 *SUPER CLOBBAH*

  • Julian110
    Julian110 12 days ago

    Are we still going to get Pikmin 4?

  • Twisted Kisser
    Twisted Kisser 12 days ago

    Nintendo thank you for making my child hood I love Mario and have ever since the DS you make my days happy go MARIO!#MARIO #NINTENDO

  • b75923
    b75923 12 days ago

    any one eles want fire pro wrestling world on this?

    • b75923
      b75923 9 days ago

      trolzilalol wait impossibel?how?

    • trolzilalol
      trolzilalol 9 days ago

      b75923 I know it's basically impossible but an HD remake of no mercy would be awesome

  • Paper Luigi
    Paper Luigi 12 days ago

    The Yoshi game (that we *still* don't have a title for) better be pretty dang good. It's hard to believe how neglected it has been. We haven't seen anything about it since E3 2017.

  • قناة المتنوعة محمد الراوي

    Way waliage assaist trove

  • Caleb TV
    Caleb TV 14 days ago

    Justice for waluigi

  • Caleb TV
    Caleb TV 14 days ago

    Justice for waluigi

  • Caleb TV
    Caleb TV 14 days ago

    Justice for waluigi

  • Caleb TV
    Caleb TV 14 days ago

    Justice for waluigi

  • Joshua Hofawger
    Joshua Hofawger 14 days ago


  • MugMan
    MugMan 16 days ago


  • Cesar Vera
    Cesar Vera 18 days ago

    Smash bros ultimate is not a port and it is not an enhanced port either it’s an entirely new game

  • Ramón Guzmán
    Ramón Guzmán 19 days ago

    Lamentable, como usuario de Wii-U y Switch no veo el incentivo para tener esta consola aparte del Mario Odyssey, me da risa a la gente preguntar por las IPs de toda la vida Kirby, Metroid y Animal Crossing, ¿donde esta el Call of Duty nuevo, el Battlefield, el Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 5', es fin, solo veo juegos sin exigencia gráfica que son posibles en anteriores generaciones, juegos a 720p y 30 fps, Nintendo debes apostar también por la Potencia gráfica en la próxima generación o estaras siempre en tercer lugar, lo siento pero es la verdad y las ventas son las que hablan

  • Eternal2401
    Eternal2401 20 days ago

    Braino from Futurama for Smash Bros Ultimate

  • Pikavee Mania
    Pikavee Mania 20 days ago

    Reggie sounds like he is saying his lines for the first time.

  • RedTheCat
    RedTheCat 20 days ago

    I know some people hate fortnite on nintendo switch now.

  • Eternal2401
    Eternal2401 20 days ago

    DJ Khaled for Smash

  • LoL ReplayBaby
    LoL ReplayBaby 20 days ago

    I am hyped for smash consider i didnt play the last 2 smash at all didnt had the last console and now i can play everyone ayy but other than that 2018 was very disappointing in general mostly ports and indies which i get on steam cheaper. I hope next nintendo direct brings new nintendo games out not ports and indies. 300$ console to play games which i can buy on steam without buying a console...

  • Fire Dust
    Fire Dust 21 day ago

    This is hands down one of Nintendo's WORST E3 performances of all time! >:(

  • Universe section
    Universe section 22 days ago

    35:06 :( WHY!!!

  • CreeperTrollYT
    CreeperTrollYT 23 days ago

    I wish Nintendo reads that:
    All of my 200 friends on switch play Fortnite and none of them use the Nintendk Switch Online App, what do you think??? People just play that because there is native voice chat by conecting a headset, why insead of having a phone and the Hori squid headset, just conecting any headset you have to your switch and voice chat, if the app is still not an opcion to use voice chat on switch nobody is gonna buy the online.
    Please, I want an answer

  • NintendoPlushWorld
    NintendoPlushWorld 24 days ago


  • thefoolishgmodcube
    thefoolishgmodcube 24 days ago

    Cmon, no actual Paper Mario that isn't Sticker Star?

    • thefoolishgmodcube
      thefoolishgmodcube 24 days ago

      I agree, it had its moments, but it's not worth of the Paper Mario title. Everything that made Paper Mario a great franchise in the first three games (I'm not going through telling all of them, since a bunch of videos and comments from Paper Mario fans found in youtube will do the job already) were thrown out of the window in Sticker Star and Color Splash, A.K.A Sticker Star 2. If you played the previous games, you would understand the massive hate toward the recent ones, they're just bland and uninspiring in comparison.

    • NintendoPlushWorld
      NintendoPlushWorld 24 days ago

      thefoolishgmodcube sticker star wasn’t that bad

  • RedShadow42x
    RedShadow42x 24 days ago

    Can you put Waluigi and Spring man as DLC?

  • Agnt 5
    Agnt 5 24 days ago


    MARTIN BECERRA 24 days ago

    Este Nintendo e3 direct debía ser de mostrar nuevas entregas para la switch pero se pasaron con el smash, está bien, pero no se pasen la gente quería nuevas entregas. Los fans de smash les gustó (yo me incluyo) pero podían haber hecho un directo para el smash. No sé si Nintendo se equivocó, pero bueno. Aparte estaría chido que Bomberman fue era jugable y no ayudante.
    Y yo quería mucho que pongan a Iori y a Crash.

  • Leanne B.
    Leanne B. 25 days ago

    0:18 Daemon X Machina ........................ *[New Game Announcement]*
    2:00 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ................. [DLC]
    4:44 Pokemon: Let's Go ......................... [New Details]
    6:10 Super Mario Party .......................... *[New Game Announcement]*
    8:00 Fire Emblem: Three Houses .......... [New Details]
    10:07 Fortnite ......................................... [Port]
    11:51 Nindies Showcase ....................... [Ports]
    17:30 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ....... [New Details]

  • TLP lets gaming
    TLP lets gaming 25 days ago

    10:15 great music

  • TLP lets gaming
    TLP lets gaming 25 days ago

    10:15 that music is great

  • Aramis Whitehous
    Aramis Whitehous 27 days ago

    So that makes Ridley number 65. I think Shadow the Hedgehog is Sonic's echo fighter.

  • SS Gaming
    SS Gaming 28 days ago

    You could’ve chose anyone, but it had to be peach. I’m trying not to complaint but like why not waluigi

    • NintendoPlushWorld
      NintendoPlushWorld 24 days ago

      SS Gaming because waluigi’s only purpose was to be a companion to Wario, he hasn’t even been in a main series Mario title

  • Brotxz Studios
    Brotxz Studios 29 days ago

    And this is supposed to be the best smash if so then have a subspace

  • Billy Runner
    Billy Runner Month ago


    • NintendoPlushWorld
      NintendoPlushWorld 24 days ago

      Billy Runner are you being Serious
      Waluigi not being in smash will be the reason for sega Doing better than Nintendo

  • FunnelCakeBoi
    FunnelCakeBoi Month ago

    Warning! Needy and greedy Nintendo fans below this comment begging for Animal Crossing, Star Fox, Yoshi, Metroid, etc. They will not be fun comments to look at.

    • thefoolishgmodcube
      thefoolishgmodcube 24 days ago

      So asking for games that people want is being needy and greedy? Okay.

  • Crazy Wendigo
    Crazy Wendigo Month ago

    I looked at the thumbnail of this video. I looked and chose another video to watch.

  • Geondre - AipomGames
    Geondre - AipomGames Month ago +7

    Everyone's all hyped about smash but I'm over here fanboying on Three Houses.

    • Ambassador Of Mercy
      Ambassador Of Mercy 15 days ago +1

      Honestly I'm most hyped for the Xenoblade DLC than anything else

    • davyt0247
      davyt0247 20 days ago +2

      I'm fanboying over.. BOTH!

  • Wotsupgoys Loool
    Wotsupgoys Loool Month ago

    Super Smash 🤤

  • Unitard Christmas
    Unitard Christmas Month ago


  • doen tv
    doen tv Month ago

    WHERE IS WALUIGI IN SMASH?!?! rip waluigi 😢😢😢

  • RedGoss203
    RedGoss203 Month ago

    Will there be an Snake amiibo?

    • ExtremeThunder
      ExtremeThunder Month ago

      Yes, all the fighters (old & new) that were not in the game when the Smash Bros Amiibo line was being made will be getting a Smash Bros Amiibo.

  • Milkdudd Drop
    Milkdudd Drop Month ago

    Not buying this game until king k rool, Dr.k rool, or captain k rool

    Edit: feel free to tell me your arguments about my opinion

  • Edward. Gaming reviews vlogs and more


  • Stripethecatsoldier ROBLOX

    New kid icarus please...

  • inazuma eleven go are you ready 3 2 1

    im glad waluigi is not coming to smash 5

    • Naucelin Roa
      Naucelin Roa 24 days ago

      S e V e R a L p E o P l E a R e T y P i N g

  • The Infinity Man
    The Infinity Man Month ago

    6:52 Now it appears that a new 3DS is on the way that uses this technology.
    Where you can swipe from one screen to another. And that you have to connect multiple screens.
    Its when you do bowling, and have one screen that has the pegs, and one screen where the ball starts.
    And then you swipe the ball and it goes to the edge of one screen, and appears on the next connected screen.
    Just like in this part starting from 6:52 where a cannon can move from one screen to another connected screen.

  • Lance is HereTV
    Lance is HereTV Month ago

    first game looks badass

  • It’s Ismael Blading YT

    No waluigi. 😡😭😭😡

  • Ovidiu Butnariu
    Ovidiu Butnariu Month ago

    wait so bomberman is not a playable character ? Well ,then the next Smash after this one will be complete

  • Aaronatorr
    Aaronatorr Month ago +2

    Before E3: WE WANT SMASH

  • sam awad
    sam awad Month ago

    can i use kirby for a fan game? im asking cuz i dont wanna get sued.

    • ExtremeThunder
      ExtremeThunder Month ago

      1: You need to be going to Nintendo's website. Asking on TheXvid will get you nowhere.
      2: Not likely on using assets of theirs. Hope you good at creating your own.

    • sam awad
      sam awad Month ago

      can i also use kirby assets along with kirby?asking so i wont get sued.

  • Parzival Cline
    Parzival Cline Month ago

    Come on, Reggie, give us Mother 3!

  • 5 Years Ago
    5 Years Ago Month ago

    4:30 did he say viradian cities? Lol there’s only 1 viradian city 😂 good job Nintendo. Btw nice video

  • Byte and Barq
    Byte and Barq Month ago

    7:34 funny

  • SonicPlushVids
    SonicPlushVids Month ago

    20:57 Lemmy what did they do to you??

  • zzcolby27
    zzcolby27 Month ago

    If you aren't excited for smash, you have bad taste.

  • AbbelitoX
    AbbelitoX Month ago

    Nice of you to spoil that Xenoblade plot point, Nintendo...

  • Da real Soviet muffin

    Press f to pay waaaaaah

  • Spoop
    Spoop Month ago

    There should be another skin for mario: SM64 skin

    LEO THE KING Month ago

    Nintendo please make KID ICARUS UPRISING 2 on switch please

  • Alejandro Ayala Guzmán

    Nintendo por favor traednos un animal crossing para nintendo switch por favor 🙏🙏🙏 😭😭😭

  • Alejandro Ayala Guzmán

    Animal crossing for nintendo switch please😫😫😭😭😭😭

  • Spidertendo
    Spidertendo Month ago

    People ONLY want Waluigi to be a Smash Bros Fighter for the memes. And I'm a little more hypes towards Fire Emblem Three Houses then I am Smash Bros Ultimate.

  • VC Vailcomics
    VC Vailcomics Month ago


  • -Malik-
    -Malik- Month ago

    Wtf is this

  • Noah Young
    Noah Young Month ago

    35:06-35:11 saddest moment in smash history

  • scott2488fan
    scott2488fan Month ago +1


  • Xxangelo 81xX
    Xxangelo 81xX Month ago

    with these games nintendo will improve in the future ;)

    • Ragnar Ahlman
      Ragnar Ahlman Month ago

      Are you implying that they didn't already do that?

  • Montanachief The Second

    21:56 Except Daisy XD

  • pond fishing with lets vlog


  • R2Dplayer
    R2Dplayer Month ago

    80% of dislikes : probally playstation owners

  • JACK101Star Z
    JACK101Star Z Month ago

    17:51 When ur parents want to watch the true ending of the movie

  • MK Ultra
    MK Ultra Month ago

    Nintendo Bros Smash

  • LugyD1xd ONE
    LugyD1xd ONE Month ago +1

    Aren't the Luigi and Yoshi at the end Super Smash Bros. Ultimate metaphores for the next year's Yoshi and Lugi's Mansion?

  • TheSuperSeal Official

    Sonic maker = $$$