10 Gorgeous Stunt Doubles Who Put The Actors To Shame

  • Published on May 29, 2018
  • These stunt doubles are even hotter than the actors they fill in for! Subscribe to our channel: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant
    Stunt doubles are the action heroes on screen we don’t even notice, risking their lives to get the perfect shot. Many of them continue to work with specific actors not only because they look so similar to them but because they are so incredible at their jobs! Take David Leitch for example, a mainstay Stunt Choreographer in Hollywood who often doubles for Brad Pitt. They have worked together on “Fight Club,” “Ms. & Mr. Smith” and many more! Leitch has become one stunt person who is almost a household name with that epic “Atomic Blonde” stairwell scene that shot him to stardom.
    Even “Wonder Woman” needs a stunt double, a couple of them to be exact, and stunt professionals Alicia Vela Bailey and Caitlin Dechelle worked with Gadot on Patty Jenkins epic Warner Bros film. Tom Hardy has worked with his stunt double for years, his name is Jacob Tomuri and if you haven’t seen him, you’re in for a treat. Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence each have their ladies, Ingrid Kleinig and Renae Moneymaker, both well-known gorgeous stunt professionals. As for Hannah Behan, who was one of three stunt doubles for Alicia Vikander on “Tomb Raider,” is fairly new to the game. Michael B. Jordan and Chadwick Boseman got a great duo of stunt doubles for their roles as Killmonger and T’Challa.
    With stunt doubles being needed for almost every movie from “The Avengers: Infinity War” and “Thor,” to “The Rundown,” “The Hunger Games,” “Black Panther,” and “Mad Max: Fury Road,” these brave, adrenaline seeking junkie may just sometimes put the actors to shame!
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Comments • 2 493

  • Vhirtue
    Vhirtue 7 hours ago

    Okay who else didn't know the stunt people in the pics

  • Mugiwara Luffy
    Mugiwara Luffy 10 hours ago

    Actor: the looks
    Stunt double: the talent ( acrobatics)

  • Lorenzo Pizzio
    Lorenzo Pizzio 21 hour ago

    Tom cruise and.... tom cruise!

  • Ajit Avhad
    Ajit Avhad 22 hours ago

    Where is my stunt double??

  • Tyrell
    Tyrell Day ago

    Looking for Tom Holland stunt double oh wait he doesn't have 1

  • Jeffery Peralta
    Jeffery Peralta Day ago

    You know what’s funny most of the stunt doubles don’t look nothing like the real actors

  • tense saturn
    tense saturn Day ago

    Pirates of the what.

  • Ayoo's Life
    Ayoo's Life 2 days ago

    How did he pronounce pirates of the carabian

  • Ryan Bevan
    Ryan Bevan 2 days ago

    First and second I do NOT agree with.

  • KrayzieMusic Recordz

    What some people don't know is that Dwayne's stunt double is his cousin

  • Alpha_Red_Panda
    Alpha_Red_Panda 2 days ago

    What about the stunt double for Supergirl? She even participates in Americas Ninja warrior

  • Gucci Chuckle
    Gucci Chuckle 2 days ago

    If you ever do the rock like that again I’m going to rock bottom you through a table

  • Mimi Razidah
    Mimi Razidah 3 days ago +2

    the stunt people should get award for this. They frickin deserve it !

  • Chris M
    Chris M 3 days ago +5

    Jason Statham, Sylvester stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Keanu Reeves, Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie do their own stunts

  • sardothien
    sardothien 3 days ago

    How do they put the actors to shame tho?
    The stunt ppl are doing their job and the actors theirs

  • Vikram Aditya Paul
    Vikram Aditya Paul 4 days ago +4

    A Pity, these Real superheros don't have a category in Oscars.

  • calvin yip
    calvin yip 4 days ago

    3:10 that name is op.

  • Jan Peters
    Jan Peters 5 days ago

    Black widow

  • Nathan Santos
    Nathan Santos 5 days ago

    One rule about fight club
    Person scrolling thru comment:

  • Prabij Shrestha
    Prabij Shrestha 5 days ago +1

    I think there would be no one like Tom and Jackie again in Hollywood.

  • Tedjho Brotosingo
    Tedjho Brotosingo 5 days ago +18

    Actor : The Rock
    Stunt Double : The Stone

  • Ahmad Idham
    Ahmad Idham 5 days ago

    When he say "handsome men" ,in my mind like he is gay

  • Lol Xd
    Lol Xd 6 days ago

    2:08 omg he pronounced it so wrong 😂

    SHRAMIK MANE 6 days ago

    And brie said she done her own stunts

  • Alexis Durazno
    Alexis Durazno 7 days ago

    Brie Larson and the butt raisers

  • Julian
    Julian 7 days ago

    But Brie Larson did all her own stunts. Remember when she said that.......

  • Randolf Vlogs
    Randolf Vlogs 7 days ago

    How did the stunt doubles put the actors to shame?

  • Lance Daniel Perdido
    Lance Daniel Perdido 7 days ago +4

    I wish stunt doubles were also given praise

  • hi itsme
    hi itsme 7 days ago +2

    Bet you cant tell which is which if Jackie Chan's stunt double stand side by side with him.

  • James Younger
    James Younger 8 days ago +18

    You must be mistaken, brie Larson does her own stunts... thank you VERY much..

  • Tan CL
    Tan CL 8 days ago

    Brie Larson "does" her own stunt.

  • Ipsita Gogoi
    Ipsita Gogoi 8 days ago

    Black widow’s stunt double

  • dan caser
    dan caser 8 days ago +13

    Wait, Black Panther has a stunt team

    I thought the whole movie was just cgi.

  • Kingsears 99
    Kingsears 99 8 days ago

    In the movies stunt doubles look like the real person. In real life they look nothing alike

  • SIRUnknown _
    SIRUnknown _ 8 days ago

    I wonder does stunt double pay more than the actor? And if not thats scam

  • ChewyMcStuffins
    ChewyMcStuffins 8 days ago +1

    #1 Jackie Chan and Jackie Chan

  • Ash lily
    Ash lily 9 days ago

    Gal was pregnant, that’s why she needs a stunt double in Wonder Woman

  • Tiff Fam
    Tiff Fam 9 days ago

    No stunt double could put Chris Hemsworth or The Rock to shame...

  • Janiah T
    Janiah T 11 days ago

    woah she was a stunt double for Zendaya

  • TsunaXZ
    TsunaXZ 12 days ago

    That's why I adore actors that risk their lives like Jackie Chan.

  • TsunaXZ
    TsunaXZ 12 days ago

    Actor: *John Cena*
    Stunt double:

  • Silent. Lunatic
    Silent. Lunatic 12 days ago

    i think you need to look jackie chan's double haha😂😂 his shadow nailed it

  • FB Kensar HD
    FB Kensar HD 14 days ago

    It would be nice if these stunt double actually got those roles..

    • A.J Wolf
      A.J Wolf 2 days ago

      But they can't act tho, that's why they don't have it.

  • Eva Chaves
    Eva Chaves 15 days ago

    and then we have Jackie Chan, that is his own stunt double lolololol

  • idanos 1611
    idanos 1611 15 days ago

    What about Tom cruise and Tom cruise??

  • Psyco S.L
    Psyco S.L 16 days ago

    actors are pussies lol

  • Caleb West
    Caleb West 17 days ago

    6:16 the flapper off of fortnite

  • Michael Farrell
    Michael Farrell 17 days ago

    Pussys make all that money cant even do there own job

  • N30Craftr3alz
    N30Craftr3alz 19 days ago

    I am suprise that dwane has a stunt double

  • Hated Critic
    Hated Critic 19 days ago

    You should make one for men and one for women!

  • Sharad Majumdar
    Sharad Majumdar 19 days ago

    Honestly, they should just cast the stunt doubles as superheros.

  • gili natanel
    gili natanel 20 days ago +1

    Why tf does he keep sayin gal gadow lol

  • Mark Nayda
    Mark Nayda 29 days ago +1

    Moneymaker CAN'T be Brie Larson's stunt double in Captain Marvel because Brie does ALL of her own stunts thank you VEEERRRRYY MUCH

    • Xena Thompson
      Xena Thompson 14 days ago

      Is this a personal attack or something

  • Ramenga Hauchhum
    Ramenga Hauchhum Month ago

    Hmmmm. Next time just pick stunnner for the actor. Like Checkie Chan 😊

  • ih8mcfly
    ih8mcfly Month ago

    They should make a film casting just stunt actors.

  • Ringo Apple
    Ringo Apple Month ago

    Brie has a stunt double but she said she'd done all of her stunts... 🤔

  • Daniel Hendricks
    Daniel Hendricks Month ago

    for all the f1 fans that probably arent watching this video. dont you think tom hardy stunt double looks like vettel in the pic at 4:20

  • The Last_Saint
    The Last_Saint Month ago

    Oh, wait; i thought Larson did all her own stunts- Like Tom Cruise???

  • Alexander Vasquez
    Alexander Vasquez Month ago

    Tom Holland doesn't have a stunt double

  • TheLoneCabbage
    TheLoneCabbage Month ago +6

    Takes on strong female roles.
    Needs actual strong female for the parts that would require a strong female.

  • b l
    b l Month ago

    The Rock stunt double is his cousin

  • Onyx Lee
    Onyx Lee Month ago

    Can someone make a video to compare the money these stunts made and the actors made?

  • Lester Helsley
    Lester Helsley Month ago

    Jesse Graff

  • Thomas Kar
    Thomas Kar 2 months ago

    Shame that good actor hire some stunt actor for fighting. I mean there have a reason for extreme stun like the T2 terminator in motocycle jump stunts or XXX stun who died planting is body to the bridge. The only one with no stunt double was for conan the batbarian 1984 for Harnold Swaggeneger. And respect to Fumio Demura for playing stunt double in Mr Miyahi karate kid, Patt Morita.

  • Saon Saon
    Saon Saon 2 months ago

    Ill marry chris hemsworth double.. Damn

  • Chief Muddy Bear
    Chief Muddy Bear 2 months ago

    Kneau Reeves

  • Nicky -G
    Nicky -G 2 months ago +1

    stunt double for the rock on the rundown was actually his real cousin. this list just lost credibility

  • Tyrwin Lanista
    Tyrwin Lanista 2 months ago

    stunt doubles of tom cruise and angelina jolie

  • fjones1914
    fjones1914 2 months ago

    Where’s the stunt team for Captain America: Winter Soldier?

  • Ohxunqi9 _exo
    Ohxunqi9 _exo 2 months ago

    How about Milla Johovich's stunt double?

  • Alex Marshall
    Alex Marshall 2 months ago

    Heidi Moneymaker

  • OverWims
    OverWims 2 months ago

    It is not "Gal Ge Dough" it's "Gal Ge DOT" she's said so herself countless times why do people keep getting it wrong?

    • Zach Kay
      Zach Kay 2 months ago

      its not "ge dot"... if u gonna correct correct it right. its more like "ga dought"

  • Maximilian Potthoff
    Maximilian Potthoff 2 months ago

    Is pronouncing names really that hard?

  • William Lee
    William Lee 2 months ago +1

    Jackie Chan stunt double. Oh wait.

  • Darth Mall
    Darth Mall 2 months ago

    Yeah I saw his stunt double on Ragnorock. Broke my disbelief

  • Christopher Hager
    Christopher Hager 3 months ago

    I want there to be a movie where the stunt doubles are the stars.

  • M E
    M E 3 months ago

    Whats with no pics or tomb raider girl?!

    DARKB1KE 3 months ago

    Male stunt devils, it's okay to write about them. But if you write about females it's "sexism"

  • delfin7461
    delfin7461 3 months ago

    What about some of the American Ninja Warriors who work as stunt doubles?? Jessie Graff to name one

  • Anonymos Anonym
    Anonymos Anonym 3 months ago

    Stunt doubles deserve so much more attention

  • Rene Treur
    Rene Treur 3 months ago

    Scott atkins

  • Paul Walker
    Paul Walker 3 months ago

    Came here for the stunt doubles like the video said but no stunt doubles wtf shitty video

  • Fleet O'Foot
    Fleet O'Foot 3 months ago

    Holland Hanton obvs isn't using Hemsworth's pharmacist.

  • Gameing Boy
    Gameing Boy 3 months ago


  • Mathew Cobb
    Mathew Cobb 3 months ago

    “Risk their lives”... preforming gymnastics in a controlled environment.... riiiighhhhtttt

  • Fabian Albiar
    Fabian Albiar 3 months ago

    Stunt doubles suck

  • Fabian Albiar
    Fabian Albiar 3 months ago

    Why don't they make the movies

  • Dredj
    Dredj 3 months ago

    Lara Croft made Angelina famous not Angelina making Lara famous. What a blunder.

  • Kalyse Evans
    Kalyse Evans 3 months ago

    I read that the rocks stunt double is his cousin

  • shuchi Sumia
    shuchi Sumia 3 months ago

    Rock nedds stunt!!!!

  • Bjay Fernandez
    Bjay Fernandez 3 months ago

    tom cruise 🤔🤔

  • MultiWtf1997
    MultiWtf1997 3 months ago

    Jackie chan has the best stunt doubles

  • belp
    belp 3 months ago

    2:08 that is the first time I've ever heard the movie pronounced like that

  • MT Rich
    MT Rich 3 months ago

    What about Chris Atkins for Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool?

  • randomnyss2011
    randomnyss2011 3 months ago

    Do stunt doubles get paid enough ???

  • spacebum
    spacebum 3 months ago

    Andy Lister, he's doubled for Bond in Spectre where he gets shot off the top of the train. Keanu Reeves in Ronin 47. Captain America in Age of Ultron. Give him a look.

  • Thechristopherryan
    Thechristopherryan 3 months ago

    No, Angelna didn't, play station 1 made Laura Croft famous!

  • Go cuk
    Go cuk 3 months ago

    The "Rock" needs a stunt double. LOL.

  • wasabi-in-my-eye
    wasabi-in-my-eye 3 months ago

    Jackie Chan disliked this vid for sure.

  • Adrian King
    Adrian King 3 months ago

    This is an epic fail video, Screen Rant needs to Google the definition of the word GORGEOUS!!. Because none of these damn people are gorgeous. They're good looking but they're not gorgeous.