i went to WALMART for the FIRST TIME ever !!!

  • Published on May 26, 2018
  • aaand i'm back. i've always wanted to film my first time going to a walmart supermarket and i hope you enjoy my reaction. it was everything i could have possibly dream of and more. don't forget to like and subscribe, thank you.
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  • Azhar Rizvi
    Azhar Rizvi Year ago +3156

    Like ur shirt said THE B****H IS BACK

  • Musa Khan
    Musa Khan Day ago +2

    9:56 who understood hahahahaha 😂😂

  • jordan majesta
    jordan majesta 2 days ago

    dude we only recently found your channel but we live in sacramento, would have been awesome to show you around some weird/fun local places

  • Daehawk
    Daehawk 3 days ago +3

    Again with foreigners and Oreos. Its weird.

  • XxxcicisunicornxxX
    XxxcicisunicornxxX 3 days ago +5

    *Dont let Walmart body shame u Cheeseball*

    *your beutiful the way u are*

  • Blue Berry Boi
    Blue Berry Boi 3 days ago +2

    I love being American

  • Savannah Sparks
    Savannah Sparks 3 days ago +1

    I died when he said don’t let Walmart body shame you 😁😁😆

  • Jeraud Ballard
    Jeraud Ballard 3 days ago +1

    Driving me crazy how much he looks like Justin Bieber

  • Becky Exo-l
    Becky Exo-l 4 days ago


  • H M
    H M 4 days ago

    That'd be funny if they told him you have to leave your backpack at the front

  • Coolepiccool
    Coolepiccool 5 days ago +1

    Wow he stole a shirt America’ is really getting to him

  • zRush Dylon
    zRush Dylon 5 days ago +1

    Did u pay 4 the shirt 👕?

  • nutty buddy gaming 88
    nutty buddy gaming 88 5 days ago +1

    "Its got to be like 5 -6 pounds of gummy bears, not even!"
    The bag "3 lbs per bag, (do I look like a joke to you)."

    "Aww man you got to toast them for 7 mins."
    Me chewing on my frozen eggo" well no but actually yes."

    • Fizzy ツ
      Fizzy ツ Day ago

      he was talking about pounds like the currency

  • DinosaurPotato534
    DinosaurPotato534 5 days ago +3

    U think this stuff is big? Go to Costco

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 6 days ago +2

    You sound like Gru, no offence 😌

  • Just Khloe
    Just Khloe 6 days ago +2

    My family goes to Walmart all the time nothing to be surprised about
    You 😮😯 I want this and that OMG
    Me ugh can we go now?

  • Mark Fischer
    Mark Fischer 7 days ago +1

    The highlight of my trip to America? Hmmm. Grand Canyon? Walmart? Grand Canyon? Walmart? Grand Canyon? Walmart? WALMART OF COURSE! What was I thinking?

  • Mohammed Yamaan
    Mohammed Yamaan 8 days ago

    You didn't eat the bowling set

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 8 days ago +2

    Did he pay for the shirt?

  • Ryan Graham
    Ryan Graham 8 days ago

    did you pay for the shirt?

  • Ryan Graham
    Ryan Graham 8 days ago

    How is that your first time at walmart

    • Abbie Wyer
      Abbie Wyer 7 days ago +1

      Ryan Graham bc He is from England

  • Joyce Li
    Joyce Li 10 days ago


  • John Jackson
    John Jackson 10 days ago +1

    You should try the root beer again once it is cold. It's much better.

  • thedarkangel
    thedarkangel 10 days ago

    You didn’t try everything no Doritos you didn’t try the hat or shirt or glasses

  • Pxlam Tree
    Pxlam Tree 10 days ago +1

    Raphael Gomes Welcome to America 🇺🇸

  • lps Imani
    lps Imani 10 days ago +1

    I might be late but I'm born on the 4th of July. But you all are probably are not going to believe me. :(

    • KD
      KD 4 days ago


    • Abbie Wyer
      Abbie Wyer 7 days ago

      lps Imani I was born on the 5th

  • ⭐️«StarryNights»⭐️

    It is not KABOB its caw-bob

  • Ali Gaines
    Ali Gaines 11 days ago +2

    Where i'm from we make 7 up cakes, which the bites were based on.

  • sara Ann
    sara Ann 11 days ago +4

    Why doesn't any youtuber ever who goes to Wal-Mart or places like Wal-Mart for the first time never go the deli/ bakery part of the store?

  • Reico Zhang
    Reico Zhang 11 days ago


  • sara Ann
    sara Ann 11 days ago +3

    You should of got a little pint of vanilla ice cream and made a root beer float

  • Cates Cathey
    Cates Cathey 11 days ago

    When he saw the hunting n fishing section

  • RheannaBanana
    RheannaBanana 11 days ago +3

    9:23 everyone who goes to Walmart

  • Jin
    Jin 11 days ago +3

    Im so proud to be american, lmao.


  • bonk atomic punch
    bonk atomic punch 12 days ago +3

    Lucky boi
    We don't have Walmart at greece

    • Sleepy Ash
      Sleepy Ash 6 days ago

      We don't have them in the PH as well

    • Karuma
      Karuma 11 days ago

      The funny thing is that the ketchup was pretty small we have like 2 lb. Ketchup bottles somewhere

  • Treasure thalea
    Treasure thalea 13 days ago +7

    That's kind of sad he never been to a Walmart or a place like that he was so happy and surprised all that stuff is there lol btw was it just me or was I the only one saying awww throughout the whole video

    • Karuma
      Karuma 11 days ago +2

      The funny thing is that the ketchup was pretty small we have like 2 lb. Ketchup bottles somewhere

  • Zahin Basri
    Zahin Basri 13 days ago +1

    Try the a&w with ice cream will taste better ..

    PUREST 14 days ago +3

    bruh i go to walmarr like everyweek of my life and i hate it so much
    but i still found this entertaining.

  • Floralie
    Floralie 15 days ago

    I love the union jack pattern in clothes and in everything. I'm not British, but don't understand why British people don't wear union jack only. It should illegal for British to wear anything else, just because it's so cool.

  • Inaaya Joshi
    Inaaya Joshi 15 days ago +1

    a & w is a fast food place known for their root beer

    • sara Ann
      sara Ann 11 days ago

      More like known for their root beer floats lol

  • hamza ali
    hamza ali 15 days ago +5

    who else got triggered when the cheese balls spillled

  • Mohammed Isa Mohamud
    Mohammed Isa Mohamud 16 days ago +1

    your so sweet you should have more subs than pwediepie and T-series together

  • foggy moggy
    foggy moggy 16 days ago +1

    your video just made my day

  • David Molinarolo
    David Molinarolo 16 days ago +5

    It's amazing that foreigners who are fascinated by certain foods like Cheez-Its, for example, are not that big of a thing for us Americans. In fact, I can't stand them.

  • David Molinarolo
    David Molinarolo 16 days ago +1

    Wait, what? You've never had Mt Dew? And the flavor? It's supposed to be Lemon plus other citrus flavors.

  • Ellie L
    Ellie L 20 days ago +5

    Why is everyone like, " he's a robber he stole the shirt!" I'm sure he didn't, he probably had the person scan it.

  • Luña gacha
    Luña gacha 21 day ago +3

    XD wallmart

  • NanoCat
    NanoCat 22 days ago +20


  • Daylan Laze
    Daylan Laze 23 days ago +8

    I’m from America and this is normal

    • Thomas Aerts
      Thomas Aerts 23 days ago +4

      I am from belgium :( it looks so freaking cool

  • Lambert Starr
    Lambert Starr 23 days ago +7

    90% of the foods you touched are all made from corn...including the sodas which dont contain any real sugar but corn syrup....the cereals, the pizzas, the cookies, the chips, the ice-cream, the sodas, sauces, the oils......even the butter and cheese (can you believe it?)........all mostly made from corn!

    • Fell
      Fell 19 days ago

      @Lambert Starr Not unless it's made from corn oil, which for the most part they aren't, because oil corn is less economically viable than just using soybeans.

    • Lambert Starr
      Lambert Starr 19 days ago

      @Fell -dipping cheese is made from corn and oil......and that liquid butter you get on the side in restaurants and with pizza delivery (papa johns for example) is also made from corn and oil.....i didnt say america didnt have real cheese and milk and butter....but its low quality because the cows are fed on corn that makes them sick........the milk is so bad that milk companies all over the USA are going broke right now because people dont buy milk....even coffee chains prefer imported powder milk from europe.

    • Fell
      Fell 19 days ago

      The butter and cheese are not MADE from corn, they're made from milk produced by cows fed on corn.

    • Lambert Starr
      Lambert Starr 22 days ago

      @sauce trash MmmmKéééé!

    • sauce trash
      sauce trash 22 days ago


  • Julia14
    Julia14 24 days ago

    Where is he from?

  • Confused Ruel
    Confused Ruel 24 days ago +1

    9:57 looks like something else😂😂

  • Someone Someone
    Someone Someone 26 days ago +1

    I got hungry

  • Pink Heart
    Pink Heart 27 days ago +7

    When you put the American flag Goggles you looked like justin bieber 🤣
    Honestly from a country without Walmart I'm so jealous 😍

  • Emeth Nohay
    Emeth Nohay 27 days ago

    The easy cheese mst be shaked

  • Scorpionplayz _
    Scorpionplayz _ 27 days ago +2

    He can find a way to make me jealous of my own country

  • Scorpionplayz _
    Scorpionplayz _ 27 days ago +1

    Imagine going to Walmart hungry

    • JrSki
      JrSki 17 days ago

      Scorpionplayz _ I have and I kinda bought almost 2 carts of food

  • rameek drahcir
    rameek drahcir 27 days ago +2

    The way he is amazed his very very funny

  • rameek drahcir
    rameek drahcir 27 days ago +1

    You haven't tried mtn dew WOW!!!

  • Kelly
    Kelly 27 days ago +1

    They actually did have soft oreos for a while a long time ago. They're called oreo cakesters.