i went to WALMART for the FIRST TIME ever !!!

  • Published on May 26, 2018
  • aaand i'm back. i've always wanted to film my first time going to a walmart supermarket and i hope you enjoy my reaction. it was everything i could have possibly dream of and more. don't forget to like and subscribe, thank you.
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Comments • 9 654

  • Azhar Rizvi
    Azhar Rizvi Year ago +2954

    Like ur shirt said THE B****H IS BACK

  • Lama Al-Azhary
    Lama Al-Azhary 7 hours ago

    Man I don't have anything from that whether UK or USA I'm at Egypt actually Egypt is amazing but you know everyone wants to try that 😖

  • Christopher S. E. Jeppesen

    um why do you look so good omg, I’m deceased please plan my funeral

  • •.Fëke.•
    •.Fëke.• 21 hour ago +1

    i feel bad that you dont have walmart

  • azad aslan
    azad aslan 22 hours ago +1

    Warum hat er deutsche video Titel ?

    • peaubeige
      peaubeige 26 minutes ago

      Wird automatisch von google übersetzt

  • Suman Shahi
    Suman Shahi Day ago +3

    Did u Evan bill the shirt 😱😱

  • Corine Hennesy
    Corine Hennesy Day ago +1

    I gagged when you squirted that canned cheese in your mouth. 😂 Fucking gross. That easy cheese stuff is disgusting. My dad loves it tho.

  • Kayden Rodgers
    Kayden Rodgers Day ago +1

    Never realized how great Walmart is

  • Mathew Matti
    Mathew Matti Day ago +5

    Mans going crazy over Walmart 🤣😂
    Watch him go to Costco lol😂

  • TG_Infinity
    TG_Infinity Day ago +2

    If you think Walmart is industrial then you should go to Sam's club

  • Khoa Nguyen
    Khoa Nguyen Day ago +1

    I just skipped to the end to see he’s reaction on the snacks

  • Russia Forever
    Russia Forever Day ago

    Wait ........ what?

  • Sus's Videos
    Sus's Videos Day ago

    He is so lucky to be going to Walmart n o w because of all the new things t o d a y compared to b e f o r e

  • Sus's Videos
    Sus's Videos Day ago +1


  • Sus's Videos
    Sus's Videos Day ago

    Raphael: They got mint oreos which I guess is not even the craziest they got here
    Me: Not even close homes...not even close

  • Bbrinnon Gaming
    Bbrinnon Gaming Day ago

    I thought the uk had walmart

    • Corine Hennesy
      Corine Hennesy Day ago

      They have Asda, which is owned by Wal-Mart. They cannot sell the same things in the UK tho. Only America doesn't care about our health lol

  • Sus's Videos
    Sus's Videos Day ago

    Raphael: "I've never been to a shop this big before"
    Me: Really? There's bigger shops homes.

  • Millie Hardwick
    Millie Hardwick 2 days ago +1

    Did u even pay for the shirt ?

  • Sophia Aapala
    Sophia Aapala 2 days ago +1

    Did he scan his shrt when he went to the checkout cause if he forgot to the would be bad

  • kk bb
    kk bb 2 days ago

    13:45 Yes we do


  • lil meow meow yoongles
    lil meow meow yoongles 2 days ago +2

    I live in America so I always go to walmart...I never knew someone could have never been.

    • Adlan2007
      Adlan2007 Day ago

      I have never ever went to a mart like target or walmart i live in Indonesia where we only have mini markets well in my country there is no supermarkets

    • Annise Chen
      Annise Chen 2 days ago

      I live been to Walmart either. Nyc doesn’t have one

    • lala's life
      lala's life 2 days ago

      i have never been there. I live in Romania. Here walmart is lidl and Target is Kaufland

    • Mini Mait
      Mini Mait 2 days ago

      Ayyy ARMY
      And Wal-Mart is my second home ;-;

  • Moonlight Playz
    Moonlight Playz 3 days ago +4

    i go to walmart every friday but he does have a point since he lives in the uk

  • Dreamy folf
    Dreamy folf 3 days ago +4

    Your the only person I can watch mukbang the other ones annoy me

  • Dreamy folf
    Dreamy folf 3 days ago +8

    Lmao I bet the Americans in that Wal-Mart were all judging you 😂😂😂

  • Mia H
    Mia H 3 days ago +2

    Justin beaver who🤨🤨🧐🧐🧐🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • bbb rrr
    bbb rrr 3 days ago +1


  • Taylor Johnson
    Taylor Johnson 3 days ago +3

    Welcome to America lmfao

  • Sadie Newman
    Sadie Newman 3 days ago +3

    I was just waiting for you to pick up takis Hot fry or hot Cheetos his mind would have been BLOWN OFFF

  • Helen H
    Helen H 3 days ago +2

    Please tell me you’ve been to target before.

  • Rhiannon Edwards
    Rhiannon Edwards 3 days ago +2

    Take it from someone who lives here those cheeseballs are really gross

  • Pandou
    Pandou 3 days ago +5

    if he thinks things are big in Walmart he should go to Costco

    • Corine Hennesy
      Corine Hennesy 3 hours ago

      @TG_Infinity A company that rebrands is still the same company. You're an idiot. Stay in school or go back to school.

    • TG_Infinity
      TG_Infinity 3 hours ago

      @Corine Hennesy that's different than Costco, you specifically said COSTCO not price club. Dimwit

    • Corine Hennesy
      Corine Hennesy 11 hours ago

      @TG_Infinity Actually, Costco came first. It was just called Price Club instead of Costco. Get your facts straight. Dillhole. 😒 1976 was Price Club/Costco's first store. Sam's Club started in 1983.

    • TG_Infinity
      TG_Infinity Day ago

      @Corine Hennesy actually Sam's club was made 9 months before costco, get your facts right

    • Corine Hennesy
      Corine Hennesy Day ago +1

      @Pandou Sam's Club is Wal-Mart's knock off Costco.

  • jaydan Arriaga
    jaydan Arriaga 3 days ago +5

    Is it just me or do all walmarts look the samee

  • 1k0n1k 5
    1k0n1k 5 4 days ago +4

    9:58 he’s shaking the balls like he has b***s

  • Time to Slime
    Time to Slime 4 days ago +4

    England not letting him back in 😂

  • nekoroogami soul kun
    nekoroogami soul kun 4 days ago +3

    I love how he didnt know how to eat the easy cheese😂😂

  • ᴍɪɪᴋᴏᴏ
    ᴍɪɪᴋᴏᴏ 5 days ago +5

    everyones going to walamart, preffering it over everything.. while heres me not going to walmart because of the amout on humans there.

  • vampire kittygirl
    vampire kittygirl 5 days ago +1


  • Ruth Chopin
    Ruth Chopin 6 days ago +6

    Walmart's the only store I go to literally

    • Mummy Ajenipa-Aro
      Mummy Ajenipa-Aro 5 days ago

      Finally I'm not the only one I love Walmart Walmart and it's the best or you could have ever been to and I am so freaking glad that I am not the only one

    • Ruth Chopin
      Ruth Chopin 6 days ago

      Yes I'm not the only one

    • sara ghabayen
      sara ghabayen 6 days ago +1


  • Jake Daniel
    Jake Daniel 6 days ago +2

    this is why i love america

  • kenith ku
    kenith ku 7 days ago +2

    I wish i can go there and btw did you pay for the shirt?
    Fun fact:A&W gas a fast food restaurant

  • Shahnoor Mustafa
    Shahnoor Mustafa 7 days ago +2

    Wow! Some people will think you are weird but i feel you i am also very surprised i have never seen every possible flavour of pretty much everything only in vlogs and videos

  • reaction video
    reaction video 7 days ago +6

    You didn't pay for the shirt

  • Lorelai Coleman
    Lorelai Coleman 8 days ago +1

    My cats milow and lilow are big fans of you and I'm also big fans of you!!!!!!!!!!

  • redmender0513
    redmender0513 8 days ago +2

    That’s the worst root beer

  • madison j
    madison j 8 days ago +4

    “Me vs the guy she told you not to worry abt” who hurt you Raphael 💀

  • Jake - Roblox
    Jake - Roblox 9 days ago +3

    I really love this video pls do more like this 😍

  • tatea :}
    tatea :} 11 days ago +8

    I live in America and go to Walmart ever week and I have never even seen half of these things at my Walmart.

  • Virginia Avocado
    Virginia Avocado 11 days ago +5

    Seems like he never seen the world if he never went to Walmart(guys don’t hate it’s just a comment to make a joke)

  • Waleed Elkhaled
    Waleed Elkhaled 13 days ago +17

    Our Walmart has McDonald’s inside

    • Jake - Roblox
      Jake - Roblox Day ago

      I live in dallas and my Walmart has mc Donalds too

    • Broly27
      Broly27 10 days ago

      Waleed Elkhaled ours have a subway

  • Twin Blazer
    Twin Blazer 15 days ago +12

    It’s funny to think to me it’s regular when I see this stuff in Walmart but when he sees it, it’s crazy for him

  • kingsruby1
    kingsruby1 15 days ago +7

    I live in the US but I don't buy food at Walmart and I don't eat processed foods. I hope you don't think all Americans eat this way. That being said, I love the fact that you try stuff, so I don't have to!

  • Mini Mait
    Mini Mait 15 days ago +3

    20:14 Sir you set up the pins backwards, but you do you, it’s okay.

  • Lola Moon
    Lola Moon 17 days ago +3

    Welcome to America b****

  • masonater xf
    masonater xf 19 days ago +3

    Well come to the USA

  • Ciftey Rl
    Ciftey Rl 19 days ago +2

    Never paid for the shirt lol

    • more stuff
      more stuff 18 days ago

      C1utch Killz Rl he took it back off after he left the store

  • Christopher Calderon
    Christopher Calderon 19 days ago +2

    Lmao he stole that dam shirt

  • Voltz Iruku
    Voltz Iruku 19 days ago +1

    We also have ramen flavored pringles

  • Bry Francisco
    Bry Francisco 20 days ago

    so pogi

  • banana cutie
    banana cutie 20 days ago +2

    Yur soo lucky, you went to Walmart
    Me:😭😭i never went to Walmart

  • speechlessmakeup
    speechlessmakeup 22 days ago +3

    This video is me when I came to the US.

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee 22 days ago +6

    When he was holding the two balls on his chest it looked weird lol

  • Charlie Stern
    Charlie Stern 24 days ago +1

    Omg omg I live so close to Sacramento omg

  • Breazy
    Breazy 24 days ago +7

    This video makes me realize how good we have it in America.

    • Jerome Boulianne
      Jerome Boulianne 2 days ago

      @Mini Mait In canada we have walmart too and we doesnt have to destroy our wallets to see a doctor :)

    • Mini Mait
      Mini Mait 15 days ago

      I know right, when I visited England (cause I have family over there), the options were so limited. Made me realise how fortunate I am to be able to live in America.

    • Breazy
      Breazy 16 days ago

      Louis Barningham yeah I like going to the UK just to be stabbed

    • Louis Barningham
      Louis Barningham 16 days ago +1

      Ikr! And all the shootings

  • Progang Gameplay
    Progang Gameplay 25 days ago +5

    Did you pay for that shirt tho

  • cheyenne trujillo
    cheyenne trujillo 26 days ago +5

    If you think walmart is big. Try a costco

    • cheyenne trujillo
      cheyenne trujillo 15 days ago

      @Mini Mait lol right! But i would so want it on TheXvid to see. It would make my day. And an only eating costco foods for 24 hours vid.

    • Mini Mait
      Mini Mait 15 days ago

      My impression of Raphael at Costco: “0-0 Oh my gosh, this is my everything right now. Walmart is actually shook. I’m at a crossroads between starting at the food court or to actually go shopping for food to bring home later. Forget it- I’ll just do both at the same time."

    • Lisbeth Livingston
      Lisbeth Livingston 17 days ago +1

      Yeah, bro. Costco is much more bigger.

    HAMSTA DRAWZZ 26 days ago +3

    I live in Canada and we have bigger bottles of ketchup way bigger and we have ketchup chips and America doesn’t

    • Mini Mait
      Mini Mait 15 days ago +2

      I can barely handle a small bottle of ketchup 😅😅
      America also has Ketchup Chips- I don’t really like'em, but some people may, and that’s totally fine.

    • Attar Singh Dhir
      Attar Singh Dhir 19 days ago +2

      It's not a competition jeez.

      At least not a close one.

  • nuki wanderer
    nuki wanderer 28 days ago +2

    i want to see how you exercise after eating all these things

  • Saya N
    Saya N 28 days ago +3

    Never been to Walmart as well😂
    There really should be more flavors in Britain!

  • sunce ljubavi
    sunce ljubavi 28 days ago +6

    9:55 ahaahahahahahahah

  • Sarakaity
    Sarakaity 29 days ago +3

    7:44 someone revive me cuz I’m dead of laughter

  • mohammad ibrahim
    mohammad ibrahim 29 days ago

    He doesn’t even know how to say jumbo

  • Rice Lee
    Rice Lee Month ago +1

    The people in the back when you grabbed the ice cream container:
    What the hell man why you in the way!

  • Rice Lee
    Rice Lee Month ago

    0-0 Thats not where the cheese balls go ... that’s where babies go

  • Rice Lee
    Rice Lee Month ago +2

    I would want everything too but my parents wouldn’t let me by it

  • Rice Lee
    Rice Lee Month ago +2

    Root beer is soo good!

  • Rice Lee
    Rice Lee Month ago +2

    I know how big it is ITS VERY BIG

  • Couch Potato
    Couch Potato Month ago +4

    My Walmart doesn't have that many flavors! I feel scammed

  • Reverse
    Reverse Month ago +2

    *I Got A Life For The First Time!!*

  • Annemarie Taporaie
    Annemarie Taporaie Month ago +3

    Omg your so cute

  • hannah mitchell
    hannah mitchell Month ago +4

    I dont know how to say no to this
    ~ Alexander Hamilton
    How can I say no to this
    ~ this video
    Hamilsquad where you at

    • Lea Ana
      Lea Ana 29 days ago

      hannah mitchell here I am

  • Alatimi Oyake
    Alatimi Oyake Month ago +1

    the cookie cerial reminded me of your minecraft 24 hour video when you broke cookies and it was like a "cerial"

  • GamerKing 2005
    GamerKing 2005 Month ago +6

    4:48 me vs reality

  • Kittycat Ami
    Kittycat Ami Month ago +6

    Raphael entire video: fangirling over Walmart
    Me entire video: fangirling over how adorable he is🖤

  • Amber Baird
    Amber Baird Month ago +4

    Him: “I’ve never seen anything this big”
    Me: “wait until you go to sams”

  • I love Exid
    I love Exid Month ago +2

    You never been to Walmart

    • MC yasir
      MC yasir Month ago +3

      I love Exid he lives in the uk duh

  • saiqa noreen
    saiqa noreen Month ago +1

    We have mountain dew in the uk

  • Be cool Brohhh
    Be cool Brohhh Month ago +9

    Thanks for the vlog indirectly you bring me to Walmart 🤟🏻✨😛
    Cause there’s no Walmart in my country ⚠️🌈

  • K-M-G 7
    K-M-G 7 Month ago +2


  • MayMay
    MayMay Month ago +1

    Omg! Lol🤣🤣🤣

  • Kaylyn Powell
    Kaylyn Powell Month ago +8

    He stole the shirt

  • MilitaryWolf 9
    MilitaryWolf 9 Month ago +4

    It looks like you were at my walmart

  • Toni Lawrence
    Toni Lawrence Month ago +4

    Hahaha I absolutely love your videos, the way you are with food is exactly like I am😂 my favourite part of visiting a new country is looking at the snacks

  • Alexandre Eymael
    Alexandre Eymael Month ago +2


  • Frog Fun
    Frog Fun Month ago +10

    Wow this is funny to watch because I live in the USA and this all seems normal!

  • Dana Soberanes
    Dana Soberanes Month ago +5

    You should go to sams or cosco you will not believe how big the food is

  • M. D.
    M. D. Month ago +8

    You think the food in Walmart is huge, ha just wait until you see the food in it's relative store Sam's Club.😂 Welcome to America.

  • Rihanna The ROBLOX player

    Pause this video and go to 9:58 hahahaha

  • Jules G.
    Jules G. Month ago

    omg!!!!!!!!! jiggle those rubber balls rapha!! hilarious way better than shane dawson!!!!

  • Kim Staley
    Kim Staley Month ago +3

    I live in oregon. Where in oregon were you. You totally need to try the buffalo wing cheezits and honeymaid smores cereal!!

  • it's a crazy crazy vid it's a crazy crazy crazy

    Why are you acting like a mexican mother going to a American supermarket for the first time or your acting like the mother from fresh off the boat of the amercian supermarket fresh off the boat episode why just tell me are you mexican?

    • M. D.
      M. D. Month ago +1

      He's Portuguese.