Grandma Saves The Day ( Babysitter Part 7 )

  • Published on Jul 26, 2018
  • The Babysitter saga continues. Or ends? Only grandma knows...
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Comments • 6 420

  • I ballistic Blake
    I ballistic Blake 11 months ago +2228

    when are you gonna make another babysitter video

  • Dash yolly
    Dash yolly 7 hours ago

    It’s not revenge it’s RAVANGE

  • Cooper Bourne
    Cooper Bourne 12 hours ago

    what is the babysitters name

  • BH Exmo
    BH Exmo 2 days ago

    You know why people doubt it cause it's not like most people's life but my life is fucked up as a 12 yr old I believe it

  • Creepy Waffles
    Creepy Waffles 3 days ago

    That grandma is just I want her to be my grandma a kind savage sweet lady who gives out burgers.

  • Shalimar Cha
    Shalimar Cha 3 days ago

    a Big shout out to my Crush/FutureGirlFriend name Sophia Gomez😘😍

  • Tony Troum
    Tony Troum 4 days ago

    I wonder what his wife thinks about these stories

  • Tabish Durrani
    Tabish Durrani 4 days ago

    U mother sink

  • raick444 YT
    raick444 YT 6 days ago

    My mans not a loser he’s a PLAYER

  • Zack 2.O
    Zack 2.O 7 days ago +1

    I want to die it’s like a movie or anime

  • Dino Master2
    Dino Master2 7 days ago

    They always save your ass

  • Tim Herman
    Tim Herman 7 days ago


  • liam jacob david
    liam jacob david 7 days ago +1

    Hey i thought its you and babysitter aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh cheater

  • Jensen Healey
    Jensen Healey 9 days ago

    To be honest i thought alex wouldve had sex with the baby sitter

  • Jake Grocholski
    Jake Grocholski 10 days ago

    "Follow your heart, cause your head sure as hell ain't right."
    -Alex's Grandma 2018

  • Austin B
    Austin B 10 days ago

    When he said cheeseburgers I was thinking about cheese

  • TheGamingKing
    TheGamingKing 10 days ago

    I thought you actually killed her then realized wait how are there more videos then you saying you trolled every one seriously stop your gonna give me a heart attack in one of these vids

  • SaraSong2653
    SaraSong2653 11 days ago

    Who else is thinking the art school girl is his wife?
    Isnt her name Pam?

  • Lee Stansfield
    Lee Stansfield 13 days ago

    I paused it at 6:17 and got to be continued,more!

  • Leotardo Raynaldo
    Leotardo Raynaldo 14 days ago

    Lots and lots of lizard tounge

  • eliel Madness
    eliel Madness 14 days ago

    2:35 again

  • eliel Madness
    eliel Madness 14 days ago

    1:58 hahahaha

  • Paulius Veiverys
    Paulius Veiverys 14 days ago

    you are totaly a joker : I killed her! XD

  • Clayton Lovenvirth
    Clayton Lovenvirth 15 days ago

    Uh oh. 😕😕😕

  • yo boy E
    yo boy E 15 days ago

    Your grandma is a savage

  • KX250f_King Kawasaki
    KX250f_King Kawasaki 15 days ago

    5:22 grandma knocked some sense into you

  • Apple Person
    Apple Person 16 days ago

    you know shits about to happen when she says we need to talk

  • Supa 51m0n
    Supa 51m0n 16 days ago

    Grandma: "What are you hiding from this time?"
    Alex: "uh...Murderers...?"
    Grandma: "Want a cheeseburger?"
    Logic 100

  • rebecca purser
    rebecca purser 16 days ago +1

    The babysitter looks like eleven from stranger things

  • sam taurtis
    sam taurtis 16 days ago

    So she used to grab me around the waist and kiss me on the cheek and say you can do it and she taught me how to swim then she ran away to were we were both from Philadelphia and she got hit with a pipe and got pregnant and today she had her baby so that's my crazy babysitter story

  • sam taurtis
    sam taurtis 16 days ago +1

    And at the pool she did this little cute thing anytime something happened like someone would make fun of me cause I can't swim

  • sam taurtis
    sam taurtis 16 days ago

    The crazy thing is we dated and my family adopted her cause her family didn't want her anymore so we did it in secret it's something like your story Alex then we stopped buuuuuut I was only 6 about to be 7 and she was 9 2 years older just like yours my birthday is in December and hers was in July she was a tom boy she liked to get rough and dirty pause do that's not what I meant she moved to my mom's place and we slept in the same bed but the bad thing is that my uncle's were in the living room with us and the couch was a flip bed and it was really really squeaky so right after we got back together my uncle's went to my grandma's house so we had the bed to ourselves so we had sex in 2016 the first time we had sex was 2014 we broke up in 2015

  • sam taurtis
    sam taurtis 16 days ago

    My babysitter tried to have sex with me on her first day on the job the third day was when we had sex

  • Micah Madry
    Micah Madry 17 days ago

    why cant my fantasy life be like this

  • Kim Namjoon
    Kim Namjoon 18 days ago +1

    I thought when I said "I killed her" I thought you got off her nerves.

  • 2 Sister’s
    2 Sister’s 18 days ago

    I don’t want to finish the story

  • ii abyxsz x
    ii abyxsz x 18 days ago

    Y u cheating on babysitter

  • Bp Breezy
    Bp Breezy 18 days ago

    1:13 had me dead bruh 😂💀

  • Stephan Lasley
    Stephan Lasley 19 days ago +1

    Grandma:”when I was your age”
    Alex:”oh, you were never my age, you’re old”

  • Plant
    Plant 19 days ago

    By now do you think he got a ass grab yet?

  • supreme kracken z
    supreme kracken z 19 days ago

    You were never my age owwww!

  • yo-yo slayer
    yo-yo slayer 20 days ago

    hey alex it was 223 not 200

  • Asher Adeghe
    Asher Adeghe 21 day ago

    That slap 🤣🤣🤣

  • Not Marcus
    Not Marcus 21 day ago

    5:23 grandma is a savage

    MBK DRACO 22 days ago

    Damn bro u funny u where never my age

  • kaden andrews
    kaden andrews 22 days ago

    Aren’t you guys ever going to you know get it on ?

  • Fluff DaLuff
    Fluff DaLuff 23 days ago

    Soooooo, this is fake right?

  • Jennifer Cabaccang
    Jennifer Cabaccang 23 days ago

    Why u always changing ur face?

  • psycho picasso
    psycho picasso 23 days ago

    Is your grandma a Russian?

  • lonely Amon
    lonely Amon 24 days ago


  • hector larios
    hector larios 24 days ago

    Alex gonna be honest bro...I think I am falling in love with the babysitter...😂🤣😂

  • Clover
    Clover 24 days ago

    Lol in this story it’s about a 13 year old and like a 16 year old making out

  • Chocolatechipcookielover#1 Cake

    Alex: I killer her
    Me: uhh😂😂😂

  • Kawaii Bun bun
    Kawaii Bun bun 25 days ago

    This story is real he sad he exaggerated his story’s but this story is real

  • Young Pancake
    Young Pancake 26 days ago +1

    When he said cheese burger he had a voice crack



  • VarietysDonny
    VarietysDonny 26 days ago

    Nah dis AINT IT

  • Ernesto Demayo
    Ernesto Demayo 27 days ago


  • Logan
    Logan 27 days ago

    Aaaaaa aaaaaaa that's hot

  • Shoelace Roblox &. More 99

    Hahahhahahahahaha he said rewind time