Mixing All My Foundations Together

  • Published on Sep 8, 2017
  • I mixed all my foundations together and combined them into one giant frankenstein-foundation! No foundations were hurt in the making of this video. Last time, I melted my lipsticks together and after that I wanted to mix more makeup - and make even more custom creations! Would you guys do this?
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    Mind The Gap
    Velvet Curtain
    Bank Job
    Captain of Love
    Bing Bang Bong
    Love Connection
    Park And Ride
    Funk Bandits
    Move To The Groove
    Don't Hold The Feeling
    I Want Action
    Its On You
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +13101

    HELLO FRIENDS!! hope u guys enjoy this strange franken-video! how do u guys think it did? i wanna make more!!

  • The pink pencil
    The pink pencil 2 days ago

    I wear fitme

  • Моника Йорданова

    Bulgarian please, I'm not speak English ❤️❤️😅

  • The Izzy And Bri Show

    Do you have to clean your brushes or not

  • Faith Rizzo
    Faith Rizzo 3 days ago

    8:40 she looks like SSSnipperwolf

  • JJ gamer13
    JJ gamer13 4 days ago +1

    You should mix all your blushs

  • София Мур
    София Мур 5 days ago

    Safiya’s « HELLO » is everything 💖

  • Three talented Children

    You should make an eyeliner!

  • Nina d’Arce
    Nina d’Arce 6 days ago

    She should make a video of her wearing all of her franken-makeup-stein

  • Laura Daniel
    Laura Daniel 7 days ago

    I wanna see how she mixes Here Every day makeup

  • MysteryEstonia
    MysteryEstonia 7 days ago

    I love the "This is Safiya's new intro song" intro. Hope ya make more vids with that intro. Oh btw, did Tyler sing in it?

    • Mrs Malfoy
      Mrs Malfoy 6 days ago +1

      no watch her buying things that (....) recommended to me

  • Basic GamerGurl12
    Basic GamerGurl12 7 days ago

    Hey guys I am a small TheXvidr it would be nice if u helped out ☺️

  • Rachel
    Rachel 8 days ago

    binge watching saf’s videos - the only youtuber that makes videos that are fun to watch over and over

  • michael bergmann
    michael bergmann 8 days ago

    Next all your blush

  • Sleepy Pandaz
    Sleepy Pandaz 8 days ago


  • Clay cupcake Behind the scenes

    She should have added scent

  • Anna The Outcast
    Anna The Outcast 12 days ago

    She's so pretty

  • Fiona Cottrell
    Fiona Cottrell 12 days ago +1

    I love the makeup science videos!💄

  • M K
    M K 12 days ago

    You look so pretty

  • Moon Eclipse
    Moon Eclipse 13 days ago

    Name for it could be franken-dation

  • Sarah Stotler
    Sarah Stotler 14 days ago

    Please do a Franken eyeliner

  • *.-Pastel-dust YT-.*
    *.-Pastel-dust YT-.* 14 days ago

    U should mix your perfumes

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande 15 days ago

    Who do you prefer ?(I prefer Cristine a little more )🥰🥰🥰😄
    Comment "🤐":Both

    WOLFGAMER2.0 15 days ago

    i love how she has 125 fit me . thats my exact color lol

  • Beena Joseph
    Beena Joseph 15 days ago

    Imagine mixing all your eyeliners together,it'll dry quickly.Even before it touches the container.

  • Muskaan Saxena
    Muskaan Saxena 15 days ago

    Your hair being kind of wavy looks very good on you

  • C A
    C A 16 days ago

    She's forgetting to blend onto her neck

  • Lexi Rose
    Lexi Rose 17 days ago

    Can i mix alll of the lipsticks that u own?

  • WolfiePancakes 101
    WolfiePancakes 101 17 days ago

    You should do a Frankin mascara and a Frankin eyeliner then wear a full face of your Frankin makeup

  • Maray Benitez
    Maray Benitez 17 days ago

    She’s the exact same foundation color As me

  • Annushka Noor
    Annushka Noor 17 days ago

    you look like Joyce Byers in the thumbnail

  • Andrea Perrin
    Andrea Perrin 18 days ago +1

    At the same time you put on your cat ears my cat rolled into my arms and stayed their for the rest of the vid

  • Ayesha Warsi
    Ayesha Warsi 18 days ago

    Your skin tone is beautiful without foundation, I'm being honest

  • one of a kind
    one of a kind 18 days ago +2

    you should do a full face of frankin makeup when yo create every frankin product

  • How not 2 Utube
    How not 2 Utube 18 days ago

    Like the hairy arms safiya

  • praveen sharma
    praveen sharma 18 days ago

    best one very nice

  • Cora Miller
    Cora Miller 18 days ago

    I am waiting on a franking eye liner

  • camryn keeney
    camryn keeney 19 days ago

    Y’all I got a 2 minute add before this vid. I ended up watching the whole thing and it literally mad me cry. Sorry super random

  • Bronte Sheehan
    Bronte Sheehan 19 days ago

    Mixing all my frankin makeup together after 5 more bad makeup science and where all the bad science makeup and here’s some ideas
    Mixing all my eye liners
    Mixing all the highliters in sofora
    Mixing all the eye brow gel in sofora
    Mixing all the blush in sofora
    Mixing all the baking powder in sofora
    And mixing all the bad makeup science

  • Najwa El Oraich
    Najwa El Oraich 19 days ago

    did she say erotic ?

  • samina rosie
    samina rosie 19 days ago

    Her eyes are like a pig 🐖

  • Katie George
    Katie George 20 days ago

    Your voice is so nerdy lol, good vid tho




  • BeeBee Bird
    BeeBee Bird 20 days ago

    Well I’m just a bit late, but in order to avoid stratification, maybe put two or three bebees in the bottle. Just to help with the mixing when you shake it.

  • mei robloXx
    mei robloXx 20 days ago

    YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alana kinzie
    alana kinzie 20 days ago +1

    Omg SAF
    What if you did a full face of Franken- everything

  • Lily green
    Lily green 20 days ago

    I have the name frackindatinn

  • Sun Jara
    Sun Jara 20 days ago +2

    4:55 N-not really. O_o Not at all. How you came to such a conclusion, I have *_no_* idea.

  • _Kaylee. anne
    _Kaylee. anne 21 day ago +3

    no foundation matches my skin tone, so I have to mix two together, and this video made me realise that the reason it separates
    on my face is because they are two different foundations that aren't properly mixed. 👀😬

  • Valmation S
    Valmation S 21 day ago +1

    Why would u want to hide ur freckles

  • soul less
    soul less 21 day ago

    The color is the same so .... Its not surprising but still fun to do!

  • Ayesha Najam ud din
    Ayesha Najam ud din 21 day ago

    why you always wear black clothes

  • MaddBun Channels
    MaddBun Channels 22 days ago

    how bout lotions

  • i liek ur haer
    i liek ur haer 22 days ago

    you should mix all your primers

  • Supernatural_Eleven
    Supernatural_Eleven 22 days ago

    You missed the perfect opportunity to call it the "FrankenFIA" (franken-safiya)

  • Rinn Frommelt
    Rinn Frommelt 22 days ago

    I wonder if she will mix all of her eye liners?

  • Sarah Koester
    Sarah Koester 22 days ago

    For this series can you mix all the highlighters from Sephora.

  • Salty Crackers
    Salty Crackers 22 days ago

    franken orange : Benedict Pumpkinpatch
    franken pink : ballsy barbie
    franken red : bitchImbellathorne
    franken misc : gargoyle
    franken nude : Nudologist
    franken brown : chocolate fountain

    These are just random names I challenged myself to come up with under a few minutes, I was just havung fun with my sordidly annoying puns! Hope I made you laugh❤

  • Clueless Fox
    Clueless Fox 22 days ago +5

    If you want it less gold, add more of the other foundations that you like the shades of. It might then give you the perfect shade.

  • Zoe McCoy
    Zoe McCoy 22 days ago

    You should mix all of your eyebrow stuff and make a Franken eyebrow stuff😁🙂

  • Sip da RM's Tea
    Sip da RM's Tea 22 days ago

    I always search the lightest color and I'm like "WHERES THE WHITE"🤣

  • Maura Buck
    Maura Buck 22 days ago

    I came back to this, and omg it was a shock to see the longer hair again

  • Shreya Subhalal
    Shreya Subhalal 22 days ago


  • Chloe Bray
    Chloe Bray 22 days ago +1

    You should do a full face of Franken-makeup!!! ⭐️ 💄

  • random things in life
    random things in life 22 days ago

    plz don't talk just do...not intrested in personal details ...otherwise satisfying

  • Styli Mk
    Styli Mk 22 days ago +2

    You should mix all of your perfumes 🤩

  • Tiana Gomez
    Tiana Gomez 23 days ago


  • Mackenzie Brisbin
    Mackenzie Brisbin 23 days ago

    combine press powders, bronzers, contours, blushes, ulta lipsticks

  • JazreneeAriCJ
    JazreneeAriCJ 23 days ago

    Hey Safiya do a video of mixing all the foundations from safora 🙏🙏💩💩💩

  • Suicide Bunny
    Suicide Bunny 23 days ago

    Hairy arms...like it 😂