'Black Panther' Star Chadwick Boseman & Stylist Ashley Weston | THR

  • Published on Mar 21, 2018
  • 'Black Panther' star Chadwick Boseman and his stylist Ashley Weston join THR to talk all about his fashion, best looks, and fashion faux pas.
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Comments • 524

  • rags015
    rags015 7 months ago

    0:32 Behold the 12 inch Macbook !! Another sexy thing !!

    STORMI 10 months ago

    What is the name of the song playing in the background?

  • Robin Robertson
    Robin Robertson Year ago

    Well he looks good:-))) great job to his stylist:-))))

  • — ; rosiimilk
    — ; rosiimilk Year ago

    She has a great fashion sense. Where is she getting these jackets? They look awesome.

  • Cettina Fonte
    Cettina Fonte Year ago


  • Ïňđřã Ůçhîhą

    oh for godsake just fuck her

  • 박민호
    박민호 Year ago

    Ashley makes chadwick more beautiful! great job!

  • Jane
    Jane Year ago

    Fuck she's so lucky.

  • Gavin Scott
    Gavin Scott Year ago

    Panther smashin

  • bigstink9
    bigstink9 Year ago +1

    Why did they film this segment like Chadwick and his stylist were a couple???smh

  • Karon G
    Karon G Year ago

    I love Chad; but, he needs to fire his stylist. He misses the mark in that area. The Panther priemere suit was too monocromatic. Stylist should have color blocked. I recommend a black woman. We know how to style our men.

  • Open Mind
    Open Mind Year ago +2

    People Forget How talented the Stylist had to be to get where she is now

  • gphillimo
    gphillimo Year ago

    They seem like great friends rather than somebody smashing. I honestly don't believe they have slept together.

  • Dime
    Dime Year ago

    Faux nigga

  • N.W.A.
    N.W.A. Year ago +1

    Black women in the comments, acting a fool, as usual.

  • MoVine
    MoVine Year ago +5

    He's 40 but look like 20's

  • scope flash
    scope flash Year ago

    Feminism is cancer

  • Petronila
    Petronila Year ago

    His laugh is everything

  • Picchini
    Picchini Year ago

    At 2:31 she hella tried grabbing on to his hand though!!! My boy a player!!!

  • john Galt
    john Galt Year ago +1

    these hollywood men be off the chain! what real man needs a stylist??? your a Grown Man! I can't see hiring someone to tell me how to dress? as a grown man Im going to pay a woman or man to pick my clothes out for me? lol mad corny! is it really that serious? I swear these hollywood men are such beta males for real!

    • Charles Baylor
      Charles Baylor Year ago

      She doesn't tell him how to dress. She gives him options and he picks which ones he likes. What's the big deal?

  • Brigville
    Brigville Year ago

    This dude Chadwick sounds like A Boogie with a Hoodie.

  • N Young
    N Young Year ago

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeee the suit!!!!! I searched High and Low for it!!!!! Dzojean!!!!!!

  • beanie nance
    beanie nance Year ago

    She makes him look gooood

  • Yōshanai
    Yōshanai Year ago

    Chad has always had a nice style

  • Faran Khan
    Faran Khan Year ago

    Congrats Ashley! That was some damn fine styling :)

  • A bad bitch
    A bad bitch Year ago +1

    Honestly Chadwick style is pretty dope!!

  • X
    X Year ago

    That Dzojchen suit is BOMB! Wow

  • sweethearts 86
    sweethearts 86 Year ago +1

    Yeah, there's so many things wrong with this photoshoot ... she's trying to project more than necessary. You can also listen to what she's saying and you can hear that she wants him to choose her for something(deeper). I just hope he's smart enough not to allow her to manipulate/blackmail him. He can always find another stylist who "gets" his style, while not trying to psychologically dig her claws in him and still maintain professionalism.
    Good job and your work by the way!

  • Lord Nuclear
    Lord Nuclear Year ago

    You usa guy are so wierd in this comments. Some of you sound like you don't have female friends.

  • Unconforming Truther

    Stylist or somebody who just wants to be worn

  • Wayne Beauford
    Wayne Beauford Year ago

    not every white woman likes blk men now a white dude that acts blk is a different story

  • van chi
    van chi Year ago +1

    He need a sista to dress him not her smh.

  • Bella Ventimiglia

    “Important to be yourself” says Ashley??? Then girlfriend, remove all your makeup & hair extensions...THEN we’ll talk!

  • Tendo. S
    Tendo. S Year ago +1

    She has style Dope jackets!

  • Captain D's Crib
    Captain D's Crib Year ago +3

    MY BOY CHADWICK LOOKIN SHARP THO!! 🔥🙅🏾‍♂️👑💆🏾‍♂️🙍🏾‍♀️🙍‍♀️🤴🏾

  • Homer Thompson
    Homer Thompson Year ago

    Chadwick is still a brotha even though he's on top of the game. I appreciate that. Too many young brown guys are trying to white wash themselves to fit in in 2018. If that's really how you were raised, cool, but if not just be yourself.

  • MegaBloodrain
    MegaBloodrain Year ago

    Hope she's just a stylist or Ima reach into my screen and beat the fuck out this fool..

  • I hear Voices
    I hear Voices Year ago

    i need that stylist for my funeral coffin dress with a word that say "it's just started,i'll see you there >:(" with a couple of symbolic diagrams!

  • The End of History

    More importantly, does anyone know where to find that bomber jacket?

  • A.X. Unknown
    A.X. Unknown Year ago

    LOL @ the brolicness machismo in these comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A.X. Unknown
    A.X. Unknown Year ago

    I feel like Ms. Ashley Weston reminds me of that one girl Twitter is saying can sing both parts of Telephone....

  • E Clarke
    E Clarke Year ago +7

    She is flirting alot with him..

  • sam ram
    sam ram Year ago

    How can u talk so much trash about nothing ? I need to improve that part in me.

  • zola12
    zola12 Year ago

    I've always thought his shoe game was on point.

  • JChargerRamsMan
    JChargerRamsMan Year ago +1

    Both Chadwick Boseman and Ashley Weston have a very unique sense of style.

  • Brazo07
    Brazo07 Year ago

    I thought the girl was Chanel Preston from the thumbnail ....

  • Lala Ghana-Love
    Lala Ghana-Love Year ago

    So beautiful.
    Lady's not bad either.

  • Sushree Pradhan
    Sushree Pradhan Year ago

    Marvel’s Black Panther is finally hitting theaters after spending 24 years in development hell, and it looks like it was well worth the wait. Black Panther - directed by Ryan Coogler and written by Joe Robert Cole, and starring Chadwick Boseman as the eponymous character - is being hailed as one of the best MCU films to date. And with a current Rotten Tomatoes score of 97 percent, Black Panther is one of the highest-rated superhero films of all-time.
    Taking those reviews into account, as well as all of the hype that’s been building since T’Challa’s debut in Captain America: Civil War, it’s clear that Black Panther is on its way to box office glory. At the moment, Black Panther is on track for a $165+ million debut at the U.S. box office. That puts it ahead of many films on the domestic chart and in the running to set multiple new records.

  • Sean John
    Sean John Year ago +1

    A white bitch telling a black man how to dress

    • Charles Baylor
      Charles Baylor Year ago

      Shut up bitch ass nigga

    • Sean John
      Sean John Year ago

      Hibbs4Prez fucc you too

    • Sean John
      Sean John Year ago

      Hibbs4Prez you are a fake was account fucc u

    • Hibbs4Prez
      Hibbs4Prez Year ago +1

      First of all you are a piece of shit. Actually a racist and sexist piece of shit showing your ignorance on TheXvid of all places. I say that as a black man who isn't threatened by the advice or guidance of women, even if they are not black. Second of all she is clearly multiracial, likely Eurasian. You seem like an ignorant mofo so I'll give you time to look that up. She isn't someone who one would classify as white.

  • Araweelo Spirit
    Araweelo Spirit Year ago +4

    If that's not his girlfriend then his girlfriend needs to get that stylist sacked. I've worked with many male clients and I've never behaved like that

    • Araweelo Spirit
      Araweelo Spirit Year ago +1

      +Hibbs4Prez riiiiiiiight! Jolie did a bloody magazine spread so there goes your theory. The fact of the matter if her behaviour is not appropriate. Man and women can be close friends and work together but her excessive flirtation is off-key. That said THR is also the ones creating this narrative so they have some guilt here too.

    • Hibbs4Prez
      Hibbs4Prez Year ago +1

      His girlfriend isn't intimidated by a married woman cozying up, ON CAMERA, to her client whom this she has had a working relationship with obviously for years. If the stylist wanted to get with Boseman she would be not advertising it like that in public view.

  • Tueem Syhu
    Tueem Syhu Year ago +1

    He smashed Ol' girl!😁

  • Amaya Lynxx
    Amaya Lynxx Year ago +10

    Good job Ashley on his wardrobe styling!

    • Hibbs4Prez
      Hibbs4Prez Year ago +3

      Now THIS is a sane reaction to this video. People take notice.

  • Joshua Silva
    Joshua Silva Year ago

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  • C. Louison
    C. Louison Year ago +1

    They fvcking.

  • iAmaze87
    iAmaze87 Year ago +1

    why are we posing up with the stylist though a little close no??? mad jelly

  • iAmaze87
    iAmaze87 Year ago +1

    his tour clothes was nice for real

  • Shawn Horne
    Shawn Horne Year ago +1

    She pretty I need me one of those.

  • Anapa Ra Azibo
    Anapa Ra Azibo Year ago

    She Sucks

  • C M
    C M Year ago +2

    0:06 CAN SOMEONE make this a meme

  • Crimson Cream
    Crimson Cream Year ago

    This was good! Wish Chad all the success and a good long career. Her style seems pretty cool too. Different, but cool.