World's Meanest Robot Hurts Me on Purpose!

  • Published on Dec 19, 2021
  • I made a robot that breaks Asimov's First Law and then show you a robot that does the opposite, Dax.
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  • Ballistic Blocker

    “Don’t worry I’m not injured…it’s just a tiny little prick”

  • KitsOfthekats

    “Are you a robot or a human?” Dax: “I’m a yes”

  • Draco Kam
    Draco Kam  +995

    “You’re not gonna hurt me, are you?”

  • chu8
    chu8  +3

    ??? : "I made a robot that breaks Asimov's first law."

  • Zeal's Parchments

    "Dax, make me a sandwich!"

  • Shinigami13

    "it's just a tiny little prick"

  • Mortomi Cinnamonbun

    “Daxbot, like in those movies”

  • schawangus

    Him: “I fear no man. But that… thing.”

  • Lewis
    Lewis  +8

    “It’s just a tiny little prick” … I get that a lot.

  • som dud
    som dud  +663

    "So i made a robot that breaks Asimov first law"- the beginning of the new terminator series

  • Jäger Lee
    Jäger Lee  +306

    It’s not the robot hurting you on purpose, you hurt yourself. Programming a robot to attack and hurt is what it’s SUPPOSED to do. You programmed it to make a 50/50 choice.

  • Gene Park

    In many years, the remnants of Humanity may find this video and say "this was the beginning of skynet"

  • Emmy Personal

    "You're not gunna hurt me, are you?"

  • Hero Wither

    "Are you a robot or a human?"

  • ItzFriday

    "That's what happens when you break laws, human!"

  • Vodka
    Vodka  +2

    now, did the robot actually want to hurt you or was it randomly generated?

  • KaosModzzzz_Insta

    “Bring me a sandwich”

  • MaxPogFrog Speedruns
    MaxPogFrog Speedruns 28 days ago +1

    “Dax, make me a sandwich”

  • _oe _o_e_
    _oe _o_e_  +670

    “It’s just a tiny little prick”

  • triple A games

    "it's not a mistake", ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨