• Published on Jun 29, 2021
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  • Marlon 123
    Marlon 123  +297

    I really admire Spencer’s patience when it comes to building!

  • Isabelle Lascoux

    It does all the graphics one would need to display an idea to a container home lover.

  • Ying DeGuzman

    Ideal couple! Husband can do almost everything and wife who’ll support, encourage and lift him up when needed. God bless your family and that house!!!

  • Debbie McCaskill

    It’s amazing how you can grow to love people whom you don’t even know. I’m so happy to know that you guys will be living in a comfortable space real soon. Your first showers are going to be epic!! You talkin about singing!!!!🎶🎵

  • ken kenyon

    Spencer is a guy if he puts he’s mind to it could do anything he’s an inspiration keep it up mate

  • Sheila Hansen

    I love the statement you made in the last episode: "Why do something once, when you can do it twice?". I have been using that this past week, its a good way to throw a positive spin on when something goes wrong. It helps to not get all negative about the work having to be done again.

  • Redsassyfox19

    Spencer you continue to blow my mind with how smart, patient and just all around good guy you are! You two have been so blessed and showing the world, how real marriages can be. Y’all remind me of my own family. Very good to see! Congrats on the air! Texas heat is a killer!

  • shashank naruka

    it wouldn't be wrong to say, we all have feelings attached to this house.

  • RichieSA77

    Great job and Spencer knows how to admit when he is wrong. A sign of a true man.

  • Lee J
    Lee J  +22

    You are both rockstars and it’s amazing how fast Spencer picks things up and becomes very good at what ever he attempts to do…

  • Country Roots Farm

    Having AC is such a good feeling!! We bought a bank owned home that didn’t have central AC and we have worked on the house and learned so much! Now we are going to sell our home and convert a shed to a house! Starting over but so excited about it! Congratulations on the cold air friends!

  • Dr Gunsmith

    I really can’t fathom why people would thumbs down this channel, best family on the interweb 🙏

  • drifter
    drifter  +197

    The fact they have a whole house running off of solar electricity is so smart and efficient.

  • Lurinda Coates

    I don't think there's anything Spencer can't figure out. Just amazing. From the start he just figures it out and does it.

  • A Irizarry

    I just love watching this couple. They are just so made for each other . I love their spirit and personality. God bless them. May they have a long and wonderfully blessed life.

  • Wendell Bond

    So glad for y’all. Keep up the great content you’re an inspiration to all. Thanks for all the hard work.

  • Jane
    Jane  +3

    I can't wait to see the trim around the windows. I am really looking forward to that part.

  • llen
    llen  +39

    My heart went out to her, I was 8 months pregnant during a midwest heat wave over a hundred for several days....could not imagine life without an air conditioner. I can't belive walls painted, ac in so so close.

  • Fly
    Fly  +102

    Such patience and determination. Outstanding Spencer and a Daddy’s girl for good measure. What can I say. Enjoyed the sunset at the end. Been following your progress for more than 2.5 years now and never cease to be amazed.

  • Moondance

    I am so happy for you both, you guys are amazing. Spencer, you have made a beautiful home for your family and your wife was right there with you working so hard. What will be so cool is when your kids get old enough to watch this from beginning to end and be so proud of their parents. Peace and Love to you all ❤️✨💫