Learn How To Make A Pink Champagne Cupcake With Cuppy From The Good Advice Cupcake • Tasty


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  • Melon Watermelon Melon

    *Cupcake:* Kids... This is How I Born

  • Blue_ Bird_24
    Blue_ Bird_24 12 days ago

    666 comments. Now 667 since I commented.

  • Alisha Berns
    Alisha Berns 21 day ago +1

    I’m too lazy to watch this again, anyone who has the receipt, could you write it please?)

  • Unknown YouTuber
    Unknown YouTuber 26 days ago +1

    Wait if someone doesn't drink champagne what can they put to replace it? I really wanna make this but I can't drink champagne so need help thanks

  • SootBeHere
    SootBeHere 29 days ago +1

    Did that hand just fucking eat cupcake?!

  • Kyra Roselush
    Kyra Roselush Month ago +1

    2:12 plot twist

  • rowl troul
    rowl troul Month ago

    For some reason when I made it all that came out was storm clouds and lightning

  • Richard Vazquez
    Richard Vazquez Month ago +2

    Mmm .Sugar, spice and everything nice.

  • devil
    devil Month ago +1

    im too broke to afford champagne.

  • Ria Ohtsu
    Ria Ohtsu Month ago


  • Lucija Kečinović
    Lucija Kečinović Month ago +1

    "Brother? Is that you?"

  • JJJassy games
    JJJassy games Month ago +1

    Could you make a healthy cake tutorial. But like the same taste as chocolate cake.if you can then.thank you .

  • CJ Productions
    CJ Productions Month ago

    Yippee...I'm the 654th commentor

  • polar ralop
    polar ralop Month ago +1

    @ownagepranks da cake in the cup😹😹

  • jasmine
    jasmine Month ago +2

    0:50 mood

  • Heather
    Heather Month ago

    Could you substitute the champagne for sparkling juice to make them kid friendly??

  • Sukanya K P
    Sukanya K P Month ago +1

    Hi cuppy

  • Iconic Doof
    Iconic Doof Month ago

    I'm 216,851st!

  • Isiah Serenil
    Isiah Serenil Month ago

    Omg a recipe without cream cheese frosting

  • mi pendeja
    mi pendeja Month ago

    is there still champagne in it after its cooked or does it get burned out?

  • JeE YEoN LeE
    JeE YEoN LeE Month ago +1

    very cuty 〰️ 💜

  • Saturn Octoling
    Saturn Octoling Month ago +1


  • Aniqa Asif
    Aniqa Asif Month ago


  • Mar Vela
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  • perfectly imperfect

    I love the animations😂

  • Trupti Deo Pare
    Trupti Deo Pare Month ago +2

    It’s muffin time
    -TikTok 2018

  • BlackBerry_Plays
    BlackBerry_Plays Month ago

    this is not for KIDS!!

  • Substorm
    Substorm Month ago +1

    C U T E

  • Jr M
    Jr M Month ago

    How many cupcakes do I have to eat in order to become intoxicated 😵

  • That Curly Headed Kid


  • Elizabeth Dunn
    Elizabeth Dunn Month ago

    I absolutely LOVE this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Foefee Bunny
    Foefee Bunny Month ago +1

    The animated cupcake was a nice touch.

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin Month ago

    0:13 WTF!

  • Sarada Uzamaki
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  • pmacmann
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  • I’m too lazy to think of a name

    No wonder that cupcake that gives “good advice” seems drunk all the time

  • Beuty Hare
    Beuty Hare Month ago +2

    The cupcake was so adorable but probably a alcoholic

  • Sarika Harpal
    Sarika Harpal Month ago +1

    I love cuppy♡

  • Valina Valice
    Valina Valice Month ago +1

    i thought cuppy is strawberry cupcake

  • Raksha R
    Raksha R Month ago

    looks so tasty..

  • dark shimmercat
    dark shimmercat Month ago

    I've never wanted to murder an animated cupcake before, thanks buzzfeed

  • Scarlet Wildfox22
    Scarlet Wildfox22 Month ago

    Not thanks ,I prefer that cuppy =)

  • Luz Torres
    Luz Torres Month ago

    The stars and rainbows threw me off

  • Fluffy heart
    Fluffy heart Month ago

    too bad I cant find sparkling love hearts and rainbow dust at the SUPERMARKET

  • cythra julie
    cythra julie Month ago


  • Avril Miller
    Avril Miller Month ago

    Can Y'all do a vanilla 101 video. Starting with vanilla beans. I've heard madagascar vanilla beans are the best. Vanilla extract, vanilla essence, vanilla bean paste, imitation vanilla. What's different about each one. Which brand is the best. What region is it from? How do I make my own vanilla. i need to know the best ones to use to have high end quality cakes. I'm tired of that generic flavored cake sold on every supermarket shelf

  • xXLeon06Xx
    xXLeon06Xx Month ago

    It's muffin time!

  • its_hannah _ppl
    its_hannah _ppl Month ago

    So is the alcohol content safe for kids to eat or no?

  • VEGA
    VEGA Month ago

    2:22 just jumped to his inminent death tho

  • Yvonne Seung
    Yvonne Seung Month ago

    can underage people eat that because I wanna try one

  • KJ Paris
    KJ Paris Month ago

    Too cute

  • Inas Bengrad
    Inas Bengrad Month ago

    love it!
    but i dont drink or take alcohol so is it possible to make thsee cupcakes without champagne❓

  • paul mcnugget
    paul mcnugget Month ago +1

    im a kid, so I can't have champagne. Is there a replacement ingredient?

  • a salty mercy main
    a salty mercy main Month ago

    we’re gonna pop like pink champagne in the purple rain

  • Amiraily
    Amiraily Month ago

    I just love that they used André champagne for this 😂
    As a recent college grad I have a fond appreciation for that $6 bottle , cupcakes is definitely a different application but I can’t wait to try it out

  • Blue Lemonade
    Blue Lemonade Month ago +1

    It look delicious!!! I wanna eat it!!! I love cupcakes with fluffy icing so I wanna try it .... Not like I'm actually gonna so so

  • sarita lopez
    sarita lopez Month ago

    So cute😊

  • Nicky Wilson
    Nicky Wilson Month ago

    1:45 that was beautiful to look at

  • Galaxy Gacha
    Galaxy Gacha Month ago +1

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  • Navinavnavs !!!
    Navinavnavs !!! Month ago

    This is very cute!

  • AXA Timothy
    AXA Timothy Month ago

    If we don't want to use champagne, what else we can add to make yummy icing? Butter, icing sugar and ????? Plz reply me soon i want to bake today

  • MyName Is
    MyName Is Month ago

    But do they taste good? It looks great but I’m not usually a fan of wine or champagne in my baked goods. I wonder if you can taste the champagne. Anyone ever made these or something similar?

  • Such a Wingwong
    Such a Wingwong Month ago +1

    Kbye motherf**ker👋

  • mariam abdou
    mariam abdou Month ago

    Love it so much # so cool

  • Jayleen Flores
    Jayleen Flores Month ago

    AWWWWE i love the good advice cupcake😭💗

  • Charlie Munson
    Charlie Munson Month ago

    This was very different I like it

  • vanessa perez
    vanessa perez Month ago

    No actual recipe ?

  • forever Ruby studio

    para los que hablan español
    la vainilla a veces esta echa con materia fecal de los castores
    😣😣😣😣 por qu la vida es tan cruel

  • Receding Hairline
    Receding Hairline Month ago +3

    🎵 Make it pop like Pink Champagne in the purple rain 🎵

  • blessing wisdomgold

    What type of champagne

  • Xander Hargis
    Xander Hargis Month ago

    Can you make a giant sushi roll

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown Month ago

    I want to step on that cartoon cupcake lookin child

  • FioreLuxeLife
    FioreLuxeLife Month ago

    I love this! Too cute!

    SARAH EVELYN Month ago +2

    So cute 💕

  • Can we get 100 subscribers without any videos ?

    Like if you’re hungry

  • Diamond_ pug
    Diamond_ pug Month ago

    Life couldnt get any better

  • tasty food. soma sharma

    Christmas Special Eggless orange cake | fruit cake without Oven without alcohol recipe |
    -soma sharma
    Check this recipe-

  • Qosamzz
    Qosamzz Month ago

    I wish there was a tasty restaurant lol

  • Gaby Alcaraz
    Gaby Alcaraz Month ago +2

    That moment when you realize that you aren't old enough to actually eat it😢:(

  • Clairebear Eats
    Clairebear Eats Month ago

    aww so cute!!! i love that cupcake character ♥️♥️♥️

  • Manisha Singh
    Manisha Singh Month ago

    What awesome editing and vfx :)

  • 8MsSunshine
    8MsSunshine Month ago

    This is like Eugene from the Try Guys in cupcake form

  • Olivia Flores
    Olivia Flores Month ago

    I love Cuppy!!!
    Do you guys follow her in instagram and TheXvid?

  • Fricken' Pikachu
    Fricken' Pikachu Month ago

    Its me! the good advise cupcake

  • Fabbius 01
    Fabbius 01 Month ago

    Hey joey! you wanna eat me? :D

  • Alien Hashbrown
    Alien Hashbrown Month ago

    They should’ve added googly eyes

  • Sketchy Skies
    Sketchy Skies Month ago

    Looks good

  • Avril Valeria Delgado Delgado


  • stormbob
    stormbob Month ago

    Put down the marijuana, Tasty producers.

  • Lissette Robles
    Lissette Robles Month ago

    Could you guys make the same recipe but without champagne

  • 8th Grade Life
    8th Grade Life Month ago

    Can you do a non-alcoholic version of that?

  • Constanza Perea
    Constanza Perea Month ago

    Ahahaha I love this cupcake

  • Hanzalah Majid
    Hanzalah Majid Month ago

    so bad

  • Sahar Ovadia
    Sahar Ovadia Month ago +1

    This is so gay what the fuck

  • Naphisa
    Naphisa Month ago

    These cupcakes are so cute!

  • Maria Manzo
    Maria Manzo Month ago

    I loved the animated cupcake lol

  • adinoJ G
    adinoJ G Month ago

    What do I add if I don’t wanna add champagne?

  • timeisjustanillusion

    “ and that kids is how i met your mother “

  • blossombiscuits ÚwÙ