Ron Swanson, A Lifestyle (Vol. V) - Parks and Recreation

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • Welcome to one more installment of Swanson wisdom pills, the life encyclopedia of the meat-eaters, the mustache of the TheXvid compilations. Enjoy!
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Comments • 78

  • Gennadiy Sharashkin
    Gennadiy Sharashkin 6 days ago +1

    O were my love yon Lilac fair,
    Wi' purple blossoms to the Spring,
    And I, a bird to shelter there,
    When wearied on my little wing!
    How I wad mourn when it was torn
    By Autumn wild, and Winter rude!
    But I wad sing on wanton wing,
    When youthfu' May its bloom renew'd.

  • Dallas&Trooper
    Dallas&Trooper 16 days ago

    No one can top Ron Swanson he a man.

  • jack unknow
    jack unknow 18 days ago

    4:06 that sounds so cute :D

  • John Q Taxpayer
    John Q Taxpayer 18 days ago

    Vigorous love making* lol

  • Brennos
    Brennos 21 day ago

    Did you recognize who is the second Ron? He was the Mentor of Patrick Swayze in Road House! The guy did not age at all!

  • Serious smoke
    Serious smoke 22 days ago +1

    How have i only just stumbled across this gem of a comedy ?

  • sonni betoni
    sonni betoni 22 days ago

    ¨¨why is everyone so bad at eating?¨¨

  • jenni Bean
    jenni Bean 22 days ago

    I have been lucky enough to grow up in a community with streets named after the most prolific poets, inventors and wordsmiths which led me and my fellow resident to read further... 🇬🇧

  • Rohaan Sunil
    Rohaan Sunil 23 days ago

    You know if you die and you don't have a real will, most of what you own will go to the government
    Where is the lawyer you speak of
    Another line where Ron shows his hate towards the government 😂

  • Cameron Gane
    Cameron Gane 23 days ago

    Best thumbnails on TheXvid

  • Amy Park
    Amy Park 23 days ago +3

    Ron: values privacy very highly and doesnt want anyone knowing anything about him ever
    Also Ron: completely fine with a documentary crew following him around 24/7

  • Melissa Agawin
    Melissa Agawin 23 days ago +5

    *"Anything my love, ask me anything in the world and I would give it to you."*
    Never thought my ideal guy would be a Ron Swanson but here we are.

  • Abhilash Das
    Abhilash Das 23 days ago

    Best thumbnail

  • tell me that lie one more time

    I live for Nick's giggle.. cures me depression, clears my skin.

  • Six O'Clock
    Six O'Clock 23 days ago +3

    "get ouuut..."

  • SmexyRula
    SmexyRula 23 days ago

    Thumbnail game on this series is on Point.

  • Yennorks 1
    Yennorks 1 23 days ago +1

    "Why is everyone else so bad at eating" :-)

  • Indra Gunawan
    Indra Gunawan 23 days ago

    So what kind of protection dis he use for Tammy 1 and 2?

  • Ztrikes
    Ztrikes 23 days ago

    I demand to know who makes these thumbnails because they deserve a lot of recognition!

  • Ryou Takehito Gaming
    Ryou Takehito Gaming 23 days ago

    Ron Swanson for president 2020!!!

  • Tracy Mendiola
    Tracy Mendiola 23 days ago +6

    I've never seen this show, but I love this guy.

  • gretchen bockenfeld
    gretchen bockenfeld 23 days ago +234

    Everytime ron swanson is laughing, an angel grows a moustache.

  • Stark Network
    Stark Network 23 days ago

    Love for the thumbnail designer!

  • Ashcool
    Ashcool 23 days ago +21

    Eagleton Ron was like a Ron from an alternate universe.

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks 23 days ago +5

    It's funny, but the "England ok France bad" joke is actually backwards, Ron would love Rural France, not only is meat consumption practically compulsory, ideally you will have hunted it yourself and use furniture made by your own hand, property ownership is possible for almost anyone willing to work, there isn't any crime but if there was shooting burglars is fine, unlike in England, where only the wealthy can afford property, criminals have better rights than citizens, veganism and other nonsense is rampant and government waste is staggering.

  • DoomMantia
    DoomMantia 23 days ago +11

    I just realized I want one of these for Donna.

  • Explo Diddly
    Explo Diddly 23 days ago +4

    Ron picked most common buck hunter initials.

  • Martin Rios
    Martin Rios 23 days ago


  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 23 days ago +4

    Where's the Rick and Morty epsiode where they visit a Universe that is just Ron Swanson's

  • PlaidMoose87
    PlaidMoose87 23 days ago +17

    .....And thus the cult of Ron begins
    Erase all pictures of RON!
    Erase all pictures of RON!
    Erase all pictures of RON!
    Erase all pictures of RON!

  • Zeeshan Sheikh
    Zeeshan Sheikh 23 days ago +41

    Ron: “I call upon you sheep army, come forth for my consumption”

  • Teddy III
    Teddy III 23 days ago +49

    Thumbnail maker please you’re killing me, this one is truly a work of art

  • The Daddyland
    The Daddyland 23 days ago +73

    To prove my dedication to capitalism I bought myself the Ron Swanson pyramid of greatness poster. I reflect on it every day.

    • sarahbm9
      sarahbm9 23 days ago +2

      are the scissors in your house broken son

    • No Thanks
      No Thanks 23 days ago +7

      That's the spirit, now just consider a different hat and hit the steakhouse, you look so pale and thin......

  • Evan Tray
    Evan Tray 23 days ago +1

    Im like the northen english ron swanson

  • SkepticSam
    SkepticSam 23 days ago +3


  • Big Tapdancing Pimp
    Big Tapdancing Pimp 23 days ago +8

    make a spin off show already!

  • Kerplis Elernel
    Kerplis Elernel 23 days ago +3

    That thumbnail is amazing.

  • Ania Nowak
    Ania Nowak 23 days ago +27

    The way he laughs😂 Love this character

  • Jeremy H.
    Jeremy H. 23 days ago +31

    Did Ron suggest Diane drink while she's pregnant? haha. Swanson's start drinking before they're born.

  • PumpedUpBricks
    PumpedUpBricks 23 days ago +1

    My face when I see one of these videos

  • Sean Xu
    Sean Xu 23 days ago +34

    Were the thumbnails made by Jean Ralphio?

  • Yee Liu
    Yee Liu 24 days ago +8

    Erase all pictures of RON!

  • Fabrizio Bergher
    Fabrizio Bergher 24 days ago +11

    I was binge watching all 4 volumes at 3 am

  • Vincent Xu
    Vincent Xu 24 days ago +3

    I like Ron

    • Blue Man
      Blue Man 23 days ago

      matthew thorpe *GASP* but what’s this a plot plot PLOT twist Ron likes every one and *crying sniff* I’m just a nameless number in his list of friends

    • matthew thorpe
      matthew thorpe 23 days ago +1

      Blue Man plot plot twist. Ron likes you

    • Blue Man
      Blue Man 24 days ago +1

      Plot twist you no longer like Ron

  • Popette
    Popette 24 days ago +2

    Don and done

  • InsaneBadger
    InsaneBadger 24 days ago +1

    YES!! PART V LET'S GO!!!

  • Sweet Pea
    Sweet Pea 24 days ago +224

    Honestly the proudest moment I have experienced of my country is Ron Swanson calling it the only place in Europe worth seeing

    • Kraken Warrior
      Kraken Warrior 3 days ago

      What, London at night?

    • Jonny Williams
      Jonny Williams 22 days ago +3

      @Daniel Hanlon this has got to be the most american response i've ever seen

    • Bud Borne
      Bud Borne 23 days ago +4

      He said in Europe not in th Eu stfu

  • William Buttlicker
    William Buttlicker 24 days ago +46

    I enjoyed this video.

  • haai huik
    haai huik 24 days ago +14

    Do a breast of Brandi Maxx

    • No Thanks
      No Thanks 23 days ago +2

      That might not be suitable for TheXvid........

  • Evil with a D
    Evil with a D 24 days ago +44

    Ron's smile always gets me

  • big chungus dinklage
    big chungus dinklage 24 days ago +1


  • Pliant Impala785
    Pliant Impala785 24 days ago +2

    No one cares if I'm first

  • Bro Day
    Bro Day 24 days ago +308

    Can you make scenes that Ron is in with everyone’s face being Ron’s

  • nbbim2012
    nbbim2012 24 days ago +198

    He really is 1 of the best TV characters of all time, this show was the best and I completely miss it

  • Adam Fairbairn
    Adam Fairbairn 24 days ago +2


    • Steel Bear
      Steel Bear 24 days ago

      Also you're not first

    • Jack Hinks
      Jack Hinks 24 days ago +3

      Literally no one, not a soul cares