Chance the Rapper Carpool Karaoke

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • James Corden invites Chance the Rapper for a commute through Los Angeles that includes the two singing Chance's biggest songs, and James attempting to open Chance's mind about adding vegetables to his diet. And Chance tells James how he would handle getting a subpar verse from a collaborator on one of his tracks.
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  • Beckett storey
    Beckett storey Hour ago

    First song?

  • VersatileMindz909

    Chance is GARBAGE Music!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stlprincesss
    Stlprincesss 2 hours ago

    what song is at @5:04

  • Skyler Furlow
    Skyler Furlow 3 hours ago

    what are the songs they were singing

  • Kev Bail
    Kev Bail 3 hours ago

    No matter how much content you try to push out and shove in our faces, we still aint listening to that trash ass song bro

  • Li'l t Byrd
    Li'l t Byrd 3 hours ago

    I love hot shower it’s my favorite song by him 👏😁

  • 12liter pepsican
    12liter pepsican 3 hours ago

    james cordan the only dude that enjoyed the big day

  • lecavalier32
    lecavalier32 4 hours ago

    Love Chance, great role model for Chicago

  • Proudmom
    Proudmom 4 hours ago

    Bro chance with obviously a cool guy to hang out and really nice and fun:)

  • Eileen Durgin
    Eileen Durgin 4 hours ago

    great songs but whyyy didn't he play sunday candy thats such a good song

    MEMER BOI69 4 hours ago

    You should do carpool karaoke with Green Day plzzzz do it pllllzzzz

  • JayLeezus
    JayLeezus 5 hours ago

    Get Kanye and chance together in a carpool karaoke lol

  • Milorad Cukavac
    Milorad Cukavac 5 hours ago

    If James did a carpool karaoke with Robert Plant, I could die the next minute once I see it.

  • Lara Vicente
    Lara Vicente 6 hours ago

    You should do an episode with Bryan Adams

  • Nicole Watt
    Nicole Watt 6 hours ago +1

    they should have lyrics on this videos

  • Iyan Holifield
    Iyan Holifield 6 hours ago

    Chance head look big not being rude I love chance 🥰❤️

  • Jessica Couren
    Jessica Couren 7 hours ago

    I’m dead watching him eat vegetables 🤣

  • Young Swerve
    Young Swerve 7 hours ago +1

    Chance looks like a skinnier more happy and modern ice cube

  • The Flash
    The Flash 7 hours ago

    Wtf wrong with his eyes

  • BigCreativeBear
    BigCreativeBear 8 hours ago


  • Blxuri
    Blxuri 8 hours ago

    Did James say Nigga?

  • Nje Ngigi
    Nje Ngigi 8 hours ago

    Being nice is written all over chance the rappers face, am a big fun ♥️♥️

  • Ashley McDonough
    Ashley McDonough 8 hours ago

    He seems so genuinely happy!

  • Jacquelyn Sepulveda
    Jacquelyn Sepulveda 9 hours ago

    I really watched this whole video just for them to completely disregard acid rap ????

  • Troi Sanchez
    Troi Sanchez 9 hours ago

    I see to nasty ass queers in this video

  • PlantyBeatz
    PlantyBeatz 10 hours ago +1

    James be like: pfbsodndowüwbrpf

  • Kiya Serbia
    Kiya Serbia 11 hours ago

    Aweee love this

  • Daniel O'Brien
    Daniel O'Brien 12 hours ago

    Remember when Chance the Rapper made good music 😕

  • Daniel O'Brien
    Daniel O'Brien 12 hours ago

    Only simple minded people like this

  • its_topguN
    its_topguN 13 hours ago

    Where is Eminem?

  • Kateryna Churyumova
    Kateryna Churyumova 13 hours ago

    Did James say the N word

  • 0 subs with 0 videos challenge!

    It's actually a rapper that talks and acts like a human being

  • Mtn Koe
    Mtn Koe 14 hours ago

    chance looks like ice cube on a diet

  • Playboi Paule
    Playboi Paule 15 hours ago

    “ I loooove my wife “

  • Kiara Dewrance
    Kiara Dewrance 16 hours ago

    I gave this video a CHANCE 😏 and I really liked it 😂😝

  • LetsGoToMarsMan
    LetsGoToMarsMan 17 hours ago


  • rianna yong
    rianna yong 18 hours ago

    Wonder how long it took James to get the lyrics right

  • Chase Hughes
    Chase Hughes 18 hours ago

    Dude I just called the plug!

  • Alineil Vlogs
    Alineil Vlogs 18 hours ago

    No big chains💪thats chance a very simple guy but a monster when it comes to rap🔥

  • Wvdj Gvelle
    Wvdj Gvelle 19 hours ago

    you shine different when you still own your sou- lemme not

  • Matt Schieder
    Matt Schieder 19 hours ago

    Mad cringey listening to James

  • Anastasia Deveaux
    Anastasia Deveaux 20 hours ago


  • Keivan Orozco
    Keivan Orozco 20 hours ago

    Well at least Carpool Karaoke can only get better from here!

  • Saksham Pradhan
    Saksham Pradhan 21 hour ago

    Bring on Taylor Swift 😭😭❤️

  • Virtual Jace
    Virtual Jace 21 hour ago

    anyone else hear James say n****

  • Shon Williams
    Shon Williams 22 hours ago

    I love him!!!!!!! Chance is the sexiest rapper period

  • Nick Ianno
    Nick Ianno 23 hours ago

    I already hear joe budden

  • Jeannette Correa
    Jeannette Correa 23 hours ago

    Chance the Rapper has such huge personality. He's so much fun to watch.

  • Semi Wohlgemuth
    Semi Wohlgemuth Day ago

    Chance is so fineee 🤤🥵

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment Day ago

    3:27 james cordon using the hard r

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson Day ago

    I love my wife go to the beach and ride my bike

  • Sara Jones
    Sara Jones Day ago

    rly thought he was bout to feed him broccoli like Michael Scott to Kevin

  • Aaron Shattuck
    Aaron Shattuck Day ago

    Chance doesn't even look like a real person.

  • Jocelynnkileyy
    Jocelynnkileyy Day ago

    Can we talk about how he was doing tiktok dances loll

  • Alana Mineo
    Alana Mineo Day ago

    Do Brendon Urie next please

  • Leah
    Leah Day ago

    Chance talkin: 🙊🙂

    Chance dancin:🥳🤸🏽🕴🏽😜🕺🏽🤪🤪🤸🏽🤸😅🤪🕺🥳🥳😂😍😂😓😡🥳🤸🏽🤸🏽🕺🥳🥳😅🤪

  • Kristen Leblond
    Kristen Leblond Day ago

    Can we just say how cute Drake is? He is adorable!!!!

  • Ellen MarvelComicsMCUMultivereseStanLee3000

    Carpool Karaoke with Jake Gyllenhaal pleaseeee!!!

  • Christina MacDonald

    Why Don’t We pleeeeaaassseeeeee!!!!

  • Jaylen Walton
    Jaylen Walton Day ago +1

    That's crazy how every time james has a celebrity and he say let's see what's on the radio and it's the celeb's song🤣