Metal Gear Solid Explained

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
  • It's actually very simple.
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  • Will Pearce
    Will Pearce 47 minutes ago

    Now this is a classic

  • Rigby
    Rigby Hour ago +1

    You completely forgot to mention that Snake is a musher!

  • puff
    puff 2 hours ago


  • Dakota Andrews
    Dakota Andrews 4 hours ago

    Uh, did Ocelot die via FOXDIE? I though it was because he got beat to death.

  • James
    James 11 hours ago

    Fuck you kojima.

  • Shy Guy
    Shy Guy 15 hours ago

    ...donkey never Manchin's zero

  • cupofwater 12
    cupofwater 12 17 hours ago +1

    I’m a huge mgs fan and I watched this super drunk and with a lot of nicotine in my system... this is incredibly accurate.

  • Tasmanian Tortoise
    Tasmanian Tortoise 22 hours ago

    Sir......... this is a Wendy’s

  • Emmanuel Omenako
    Emmanuel Omenako Day ago +1

    I got lost at the first game lol

  • DarkVioletCloud
    DarkVioletCloud Day ago

    Ok but is Solid Snake gay or not?

  • koel700
    koel700 Day ago

    the best thing i ever liked about mgs is the complete WTF HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE of the bad guys and how much credit they did NOT for what they had accomplished....think about it.....solidus tried to stop complete control of information to the public by an AI ....naomi halted indefinitely CANCER while with the bad guys...Revolver Ocelot BROUGHT A PLANETARY CEASE FIRE aka WORLD PEACE....vamp had technology to avoid gravity...lady luck had technology that made her immune to long range attacks........................they could rule the world by trademarking and the world would want MORE

  • Lets Windex
    Lets Windex Day ago +2

    the second that video ended, I have retained no knowledge whatsoever. If you asked me what was Metal Gear right now. I would still give you the same answers 6 minutes before even watching this.

  • Luis López Méndez

    It made me cry not gonna lie

  • Nigel
    Nigel Day ago

    Eye patch?

  • Nonstopchipeater


  • Gucci Gang
    Gucci Gang Day ago +1

    Students: what kind of test is this?

    Teacher: yes

  • InFmouS
    InFmouS Day ago +1

    "This is where things start to get a little confusing" lmao moment

  • Nick Sokolowski
    Nick Sokolowski Day ago

    Having only played MGS1 for Playstation 1 like 20 years ago i have no idea if any of this shit is real or just Dunkey Jokes.

    • Ven Noel
      Ven Noel 5 hours ago

      There are no jokes except for the one at the end

  • Hubla
    Hubla 2 days ago

    so who's Snake?

    • Ven Noel
      Ven Noel 5 hours ago

      The one with the eyepatch

  • VictoryTobias
    VictoryTobias 2 days ago

    “Welcome back to talking video games”

  • Kinda-Goth-B
    Kinda-Goth-B 2 days ago

    time to commit living

  • Orange peel
    Orange peel 2 days ago

    kinda like how the person who built my kitchen cheated on his wife with his son's wife then killed her

  • Jamin Hardenbrook
    Jamin Hardenbrook 2 days ago +1

    *W H A T*

  • Typanion
    Typanion 3 days ago +1

    Eeyore was behind it all

  • Kavinsky Smith
    Kavinsky Smith 3 days ago


  • Mr. North
    Mr. North 3 days ago +1

    Your storyline has me interested into this game...good job. :)

  • Appun idharich hai
    Appun idharich hai 3 days ago +2

    Reverse quadruple agent... Lol

  • Alex Mikal
    Alex Mikal 3 days ago +1

    About as messy and contrived as I remember the MGS story being. Super charming, but very badly written.
    Except Snake Eater. Its great.

  • Mohinder Pratap Singh

    Kuch nhi samaj aya

  • Bas Mater
    Bas Mater 3 days ago

    Outro music please 😭

  • Dryden Neal
    Dryden Neal 3 days ago +1

    "He has to meet with Drebin, who has a little monkey" will never not be funny LMFAO

  • paul B
    paul B 4 days ago +1


  • βαγγελης πλαβουκος

    One mute guy said to a deaf guy,that one blind guy watches him...

  • hey you
    hey you 4 days ago

    Guys I never played Solid Snake.. how accurate is this?

  • Ultimate waffle king

    what is the music at 5:20

  • Jack Abrom
    Jack Abrom 4 days ago +1

    Jeez and I thought Kindom Hearts and the Zero Escape series were complicated. 😓😰😧

  • Adarsh R
    Adarsh R 4 days ago

    He forgot to mention the eye patch

  • The Slow Bro
    The Slow Bro 4 days ago

    Japanese people make great games but the story is always either too complex ie Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear or not complex enough Pokemon, Mario.

  • Evan D
    Evan D 4 days ago

    "... turns out, the entire video game of metal gear solid 2 was orchestrated by the patriots to simulate the events of metal gear solid 1 so that Raiden could get good army training."
    This joke could have saved me many hours of gaming and 60 bucks back in 2001

  • onii-chan 69xD
    onii-chan 69xD 5 days ago

    this gun, is the best gun, ev-MY ARM
    also you missed peace walker dunky

  • Mighty Morphin98
    Mighty Morphin98 5 days ago

    Can someone explain how phantom pain is set in the 80s but everyone has modern weapons and technology

    • Hewesesm
      Hewesesm 2 days ago

      Alternative timelines where some techs were more advanced (they had giant robots yoo). And in real life, weapons from late 19th and early 20th century are still in service today so I don't think its far off in mgsv, just a little bit too futuristic

  • soup sauce
    soup sauce 5 days ago

    mgs3 was the most coherent-sounding one, don't know what happened to mgs2 and mgs4 tho lmao

    • Sir Micheal Hunt
      Sir Micheal Hunt 3 days ago +1

      MGS2 has a lot to take in but honestly its story as bat shit crazy as it gets is actually pretty relevant in todays world of fake news, ai's, information control, internet safe spaces etc

      The problem with MGS4 is that its supposed to follow MGS2, tying up loose ends to a game which was never meant to have a sequel.

  • Isaac Bragg-Gardiner
    Isaac Bragg-Gardiner 5 days ago +3

    wait so just to clarify: snake was actually the bad guy the entire time and Revolver Ocelot actually wanted world peace?

    • Edrick T
      Edrick T 14 hours ago

      Well if you think about it, it's not that hard, so basically
      let's just say big boss is good guy (to an extent), solid snake is good guy, ocelot is good guy but not really but he's actually good guy, liquid snake is evil guy, and shadow patriots is really evil guy, and zero is the evilest (grammar error intended) evil of the nost evil within shadow patriots

    • Gucci Gang
      Gucci Gang Day ago +1

      Isaac Bragg-Gardiner dude like really, I don’t get any of this!

  • cjballa
    cjballa 5 days ago +2

    I flipped my shitt every time he said "turns out"

  • Ryder 956
    Ryder 956 6 days ago

    Still better than kingdom Hearst’s story

  • / 7125 \
    / 7125 \ 6 days ago

    I... What?

  • D'angelo JacobHymenShits

    Whenever someone asks me to explain MGS, I always reply with, "that's a story for another blunt."
    It takes about a blunt, two bowls of weed and chilled glass of pineapple rum to even get past the first half of retelling it

  • 420noscoper
    420noscoper 6 days ago +1

    he forgot metal gear rising which was totally canon

  • thejaraf
    thejaraf 6 days ago

    Ohhh... Ok

  • Konsta Forsberg
    Konsta Forsberg 6 days ago +1

    Come again?

  • Martin Pedersen
    Martin Pedersen 6 days ago

    You forgot the part where you explain that big boss in mgs 5 phantom pain was a medic that was made to belive that he was the real big boss and the actual big boss was doing things behind the scenes.

    MOTIVATED 6 days ago +1

    I can tell you now he is completely correct about MGSV

    You do in fact play as Venom Snake

    ANTIESTABLIST 6 days ago +1

    I feel like Kojima has ideas for cool characters he wants to use but he doesnt know how to make a comprehensive story

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel 6 days ago

    "Revolver asselot"
    -Dunkey 😂

  • zkg03mjmk
    zkg03mjmk 6 days ago

    anyone know what is the ending song?

  • TheCreepler
    TheCreepler 6 days ago

    OMG that is the most to the point accurate explanation for MGS Ive ever head and im a pretty big Snake fan

  • Max H
    Max H 6 days ago

    I can't tell if this is satire or not.

    • Ven Noel
      Ven Noel 5 hours ago

      It sadly isnt. This is the entire game lore.

  • Cool Mike Dude Rad
    Cool Mike Dude Rad 7 days ago


  • T3hAdministrat0r
    T3hAdministrat0r 7 days ago +1

    So it's the story about eye patch.

  • eagle6122
    eagle6122 7 days ago +6

    The whole story is about switching to the old man