Fishing with an iPhone!! | How Ridiculous

  • Published on May 17, 2016
  • If you've got an iPhone that's destroyed beyond repair, why not use it as a fishing lure!? It just might work!
    We've been apart of some crazy stuff in our time on TheXvid but this was up there as the craziest thing we've seen! As you can see, this ~5kg (11lb) fish was safely released to fight another day. If the fish is reading this, thanks mate for guest starring in our video, you're awesome!
    This video was filmed at Bunker Bay in Western Australia, which is an amazing part of the world if you haven't been there yet.
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  • Grga Maksic
    Grga Maksic Month ago


  • affinityforanime
    affinityforanime 2 months ago

    Was that some kind of tuna?

    • nodz
      nodz 27 days ago

      No I think it was bluefish

  • Topher
    Topher 5 months ago

    I wanna see a how ridiculous fishing channel

  • Jonah D
    Jonah D 5 months ago +1

    I liked that you let the Fish go

  • X-Venture gaming
    X-Venture gaming 5 months ago +1

    100% Brett
    0% Scott
    0% Derek
    0% Kyle =
    1% how ridiculous

  • Don Short
    Don Short 6 months ago

    This seems very fishy

  • john eubanks
    john eubanks 6 months ago

    I'm not much of a catch and release guy. But thank you for properly pushing back and forth to revive his gills. Just throwing back can kill the fish. I love your videos.

  • Terry Himes
    Terry Himes 7 months ago

    so fake its funny

  • Manny DeFelice
    Manny DeFelice 7 months ago

    Fish is a paid actor

  • Kungfu Bruce
    Kungfu Bruce 8 months ago

    We’re did the guy in the water go

  • Adi riaN
    Adi riaN 9 months ago

    He was trying to snag too

  • Tom Hyde
    Tom Hyde 9 months ago

    More fishing vids

  • A. Ryan Venderbos
    A. Ryan Venderbos 10 months ago

    That one is RIDICULOUS

  • GravitySloth
    GravitySloth 10 months ago

    prolly not great to throw a phone in the ocean, pretty sure the batteries have dangerous chemicals in them

  • James Lee
    James Lee 10 months ago

    Stick to the spoon mate

  • Jack T
    Jack T 10 months ago

    wow Iphone that`s phony


    thank billschannel. they send me here

  • Love Vito
    Love Vito Year ago

    Ahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahah it real dumbas haahahahahahah watch real or fake on billChannel

  • danbothepyro
    danbothepyro Year ago
    there's your proof!

  • Ronan Twohig
    Ronan Twohig Year ago

    A iPhone are you redecelus

  • やまだだいず


  • Michael arena
    Michael arena Year ago

    I can’t even catch a fish with a fishing lure and they managed to catch one with an iphone smh

  • Ron Clauson
    Ron Clauson Year ago

    Wow! It's cool because it's real

  • Jose Reece Budhram

    Uh....U ,Good sir ....Are an idiot!😐

  • Zerdo ツ
    Zerdo ツ Year ago

    1.Look the first iphone hes holding
    2.look the second i phone hes holding
    3.look the person in the water
    4.look the person again he dissappear
    5.there is no bite in the i phone on bills channel lol

  • Luke Burgard
    Luke Burgard Year ago

    His drag tho

  • Retz
    Retz Year ago

    Aussie Salmon will eat anything I swear

  • GamerShy
    GamerShy Year ago

    probably the best use for any iphone

  • Toothy Beaver
    Toothy Beaver Year ago

    Falls in water fish: yes a phone for me!
    Fish:*takes it*
    Fisher:too late
    Fish is texting his friends wtf

  • I have Compassion

    I’m swimming if that snags

  • Rfm clan
    Rfm clan Year ago

    I came from bills chanel

  • Template :3
    Template :3 Year ago

    Hey bills channel is this fake or real?

  • sho
    sho Year ago

    What's species is this fish?

  • 《Frozen • Flame's》

    Who came after watching the billschannel

  • Joshi
    Joshi Year ago


  • Pr!nt !nsane
    Pr!nt !nsane Year ago +1

    Fake shiiit

  • Pr!nt !nsane
    Pr!nt !nsane Year ago +1

    I couldn't believe alot of me thinks this is real

  • TheSlapGG
    TheSlapGG Year ago

    how fake? when you pull up the fish on the beach the iphone is gone😐😐

  • Let’s get 50 subscriber without video if we can

    It’s fake bro did u 0:24 theft is guy when he put his hand the guy has gone

  • Nxcturn FR ツ
    Nxcturn FR ツ Year ago

    Is it just me or does this guy look like Ali-A?

  • robert adriano
    robert adriano Year ago

    I struggle to catch a bluegill in a stocked pond with live bait and this guy catches a fish way bigger than anything. I’ve caught....on an iPhone

  • Sean Rodesiler
    Sean Rodesiler Year ago

    Guys how did the phone turn to black to white??!

  • Conlin Cohen
    Conlin Cohen Year ago +1


  • kelofthevinhs2
    kelofthevinhs2 Year ago

    billschannel says its real

  • Brian M
    Brian M Year ago +1


  • Silly Animations
    Silly Animations Year ago

    Have you seen the video on billschannel? HE PROVED THIS VIDEOS FAKE

    • chase mazalewski
      chase mazalewski Year ago

      Silly Animations no he didn’t he proved it’s real.

  • YT_BrAvO 70
    YT_BrAvO 70 Year ago

    There a guy in the water now hes gone

    MR COMBINE Year ago

    Nice Men!

  • Gospon XD
    Gospon XD Year ago

    Its real

  • grace marzan
    grace marzan Year ago

    so real its not funny hahahhahahahahah billschannel

  • Black Jesus
    Black Jesus Year ago

    How to catch white girls😂😂😂😂

  • itsmeLuis 1234
    itsmeLuis 1234 Year ago +2


    • Shahira Omar
      Shahira Omar Year ago +1

      Alicia Flores it’s actually real Australian salmon (fish in the vid) are predators and will attack shiny things

  • howtobedumb YT
    howtobedumb YT Year ago

    Not bad but where the man on whater go???

    GIANT FILMZ Year ago

    Im trying this shit at Va Beach this weekend

  • Lifted_Above
    Lifted_Above Year ago

    The fish didn't get any smarter.

  • Ghostxium
    Ghostxium Year ago

    Imagine it got snag on a rock,

  • Redneckgamer 457
    Redneckgamer 457 Year ago

    Wtf why don't you eat the fish youtube: time to put the fish in the water me: don't let it put it back eat the dam fish.

  • thecowboy 26
    thecowboy 26 Year ago

    Treble hook to try to snag right

  • Lps Pingu
    Lps Pingu Year ago

    u get fish with iphones meanwhile i cant get fish with normal baits

  • Mark Marcus
    Mark Marcus Year ago

    If this isnt in the next iPhone commercial im going to be seriously disappointed at the marketing team at apple.