22 Musicals In 12 Minutes w/ Lin Manuel Miranda & Emily Blunt

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
  • James Corden welcomes the stars of "Mary Poppins Returns" to perform a musical-inspired Role Call, featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt singing classics from 22 musicals covering Evita to The Wizard Of Oz. And Kermit the Frog stops by to help James with ''The Rainbow Connection.''
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Comments • 14 338

  • Muhammad Maaz
    Muhammad Maaz 6 hours ago

    Emily containing the laughs during costume change struggles :D

  • Random Person
    Random Person 6 hours ago

    What if Lin excluded them from HAMILTON!?

  • Kez W
    Kez W 7 hours ago

    Lin at 10:14 being a windmill is actually such a mood

  • C H I E
    C H I E 15 hours ago

    i love these three!!!!

  • Hannah Sheehan
    Hannah Sheehan 18 hours ago +1

    emily and james: don’t upstage
    lin: *upstages*

  • Claire Graham
    Claire Graham 19 hours ago +1

    This video is amazing but WHERE DA FLIP IS HEATHERS AND BEETLE JUICE

  • Gamer Girl781
    Gamer Girl781 19 hours ago

    I was is guys and dolls and I loved it

  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson 21 hour ago

    Amanda's the only one who can pull off Cossette

  • Mateusz Rozbicki
    Mateusz Rozbicki 22 hours ago

    Nice handshake

  • Kate Bell
    Kate Bell Day ago +1

    Greatest performances of all time:
    Lin Manuel Miranda as a tree and windmill

  • Eva O’Brien
    Eva O’Brien Day ago +1

    Half of this reminded me of glee

  • Elize Holyoake
    Elize Holyoake Day ago

    Lin Manuel as a venus flytrap is hilarious

  • Me WithToys
    Me WithToys Day ago +1

    How dare you not let my Lin sing with you in this song!

  • Spade of Hearts
    Spade of Hearts Day ago


  • Jeff Ramos
    Jeff Ramos Day ago


  • Jeff Ramos
    Jeff Ramos Day ago

    These guys can really sing no joke. They make it fun although they may not be serious but they really sound good.

  • Jeff Ramos
    Jeff Ramos Day ago

    My favorite part 5:27
    Emily Blunt is such a good singer.

  • Rhiannon Maxey
    Rhiannon Maxey Day ago

    My last three brain cells when I’m in an exam

  • J.Acker
    J.Acker Day ago

    If they ever remake Evita, Emily needs to be first choice for Eva Peron.

  • Julie Medrano
    Julie Medrano Day ago

    How come james can be in the mary Poppins returns one but lin Manuel cant be in the into into the woods one?

  • Sandra Jarrar
    Sandra Jarrar Day ago

    Lin-I’m not throwing away my shot
    James-he went there
    *me then realizing they have the person that created a musical that blew away the world and are making him feel bad he wasn’t in the movie that no one remembers*but no shade and no cap 🧢

  • Biomirth
    Biomirth Day ago

    When you realize Emily Blunt is even 4x more than you imagined. mind blown.

  • Dakota Jordan
    Dakota Jordan Day ago

    they forgot grease!!!!!

  • Disha Bhojwani
    Disha Bhojwani Day ago

    the chicago one i literally was abt to sing trina vegas one lmao

  • Marilu Almaguer
    Marilu Almaguer 2 days ago

    discovering this at 4am and i can't stop singing and laughing... lin is such a mood

  • BeBe 907
    BeBe 907 2 days ago

    My twin brother walked into the room and asked if Lin Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt were singing Mama Mia. This is the only reason I love him. Every quality other than his theatre geekiness is overrun by his stupidity. I swear to God he's the biggest moron in this life and the next.

  • Arabella Salomé De León Del Valle

    I want to be as happy as Lin Manuel Miranda is while being a theater nerd, the third wheel and a tree

  • Sylvie Robert
    Sylvie Robert 2 days ago

  • Leah Samuel
    Leah Samuel 2 days ago

    This has been recommended to me for so long. Can’t believe I didn’t watch it before.

  • Courtney Peters
    Courtney Peters 2 days ago

    You think they would've had Hamilton

  • Jazzy Yates
    Jazzy Yates 2 days ago +1

    Emily Blunt and James Corden: *my friends in happy, healthy relationships*
    Lin: me, sad, depressed, needing attention and needing to listen to Hamilton
    Edit: Also, can we just take a minute and appreciate how well this trio sang LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. I mean come on! Is no one gonna mention that!!! Sorry !! Theater kid craziness !!🤪🤪🎭

  • Kelli Ham Sandwich
    Kelli Ham Sandwich 3 days ago

    Lin spinning the windmill is a mood

  • Kelli Ham Sandwich
    Kelli Ham Sandwich 3 days ago

    Anyone else notice that with the hand movements for Mary Poppins Returns that Lin almost did the hand movements for Grease instead?

  • Stella Newell
    Stella Newell 3 days ago

    Absolutely cannot believe heathers wasn’t in the mix

  • C.M. Engelberg
    C.M. Engelberg 3 days ago

    *dosen't see heathers, BMC, DEH, or even Hamilton*
    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day ruined

  • Bela Pobre
    Bela Pobre 4 days ago +1

    they shouldve at least done "story of tonight"

  • germanbini
    germanbini 4 days ago +1

    Awesome job - but you had the WINDMILL, how'd you miss throwing a bit of Man of La Mancha in there?? "I am I, Don Quixote, the Lord of La Mancha!" :)

  • Gypsy Kish
    Gypsy Kish 4 days ago

    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! ❤️❤️❤️
    I wish I could like this more than once!!!

  • TaylorAndJorja Mummy

    Emily looks like a Gryffindor student! Lol
    Edit to add, at the beginning

  • Octominion May
    Octominion May 6 days ago


  • Ana Franta
    Ana Franta 6 days ago

    emily blut has EXAUSTED

  • FastBreak383
    FastBreak383 6 days ago +1

    Lin is an angel
    Emily is a goddess
    James is HIL. AR. I. OUS.

  • leafylare
    leafylare 6 days ago

    Lin you really cant be in this one-
    "I-I just.. I just.. IM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SH-"
    No- no-
    "-OT- a-after the war i went-"

  • Taava Johnson
    Taava Johnson 6 days ago

    My mom sent this to me 😂 she knows me

  • Ella Davies
    Ella Davies 7 days ago +1

    Who said theatre nerds cant get paid to be theatre nerds

  • Leticia Reyes
    Leticia Reyes 7 days ago +1

    This is my favorite thing ever

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 7 days ago +1

    Trying to work out if it is Lin or Emily that is the third wheel

  • Tasman Broadway
    Tasman Broadway 7 days ago +15

    when lin started singing hamilton it was all over 😂 Even James was like "oh he went there."

  • Tasman Broadway
    Tasman Broadway 7 days ago

    7:51 why did i take that so personally?

  • Crazy one
    Crazy one 7 days ago +1

    12 min and 42 seconds
    Me: *TRIGGERD*

  • Erin Benson
    Erin Benson 7 days ago

    Should have been Wicked and maybe Frozen

  • Paris Byrd
    Paris Byrd 7 days ago +1

    The beauty and the beast one killed me 🤣🤣🤣

  • Salma AlfaQeeh
    Salma AlfaQeeh 7 days ago +4

    Lin Manuel Miranda trying to be a baritone is not something I knew I needed, but it is something I needed nonetheless

  • dsscam
    dsscam 8 days ago +2

    This was pretty amazing

  • Mary Spangenberg
    Mary Spangenberg 8 days ago +2

    Was she suppose to burn her hand? Yikes but she is amazing.

  • Margo.a_
    Margo.a_ 8 days ago +6

    They didn’t include Hamilton, Wicked or Heathers and I’m kinda sad ☹️

    MARGARET MAYOTTE 8 days ago

    0:45 cabaret

  • Nicole Peterson
    Nicole Peterson 9 days ago


  • Benjamin Rensin
    Benjamin Rensin 9 days ago +2

    James, your Kermit is on point. You were great

  • Grace Herrmann
    Grace Herrmann 9 days ago +2