• Published on Dec 9, 2019
    Films Included :
    00:00 James Bond 007 No Time To Die
    02:36 Black Widow
    04:45 Free Guy
    07:50 Mulan
    10:13 Togo
    12:33 Lost in Space Season 2
    15:06 The Corrupted
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  • FilmSpot Trailer
    FilmSpot Trailer  Month ago +310

    Which Movie Are You Most Excited For In 2020?
    00:00 James Bond 007 No Time To Die
    02:36 Black Widow
    04:45 Free Guy
    07:50 Mulan
    10:13 Togo
    12:33 Lost in Space Season 2
    15:06 The Corrupted

  • Helen Ann Lee Shung
    Helen Ann Lee Shung 15 hours ago

    Now this lineup excited me ! 👍👏🌝 This was well edited

  • سيد سعدي الحسني

    شباب شنو عنوان الفيلم

  • Flaming365
    Flaming365 2 days ago

    The writers finally gave Daniel Craig an action packed James Bond's about time! Is Black Widow from the Avengers looks more like GI Joe?

  • Xiufeng S
    Xiufeng S 3 days ago

    make James Bond black again😁

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 4 days ago +2

    Me: I'm gonna be a great guy!
    My Crush: GOOD *enjoy lifetime supply of virginity*

  • mkes epa
    mkes epa 4 days ago

  • Ladonna Villa
    Ladonna Villa 5 days ago

    Lost in space is a tv show😂

  • Vivienne Duong
    Vivienne Duong 5 days ago

    Damn it Disney! Why must you F up my childhood’s Mulan like the Lion King?

  • World Aquarium Singapore

    cool when are they showing in Singapore "D

  • eam ybur acnalballiv

    that togo!!!! :)

  • TT R57
    TT R57 7 days ago +3

    I'm just glad they didn't make Mulan a black girl with a big butt or a white girl with no butt.

    WAZO TUX 7 days ago

    I like mulan 👍

  • Wingz Wang
    Wingz Wang 7 days ago

    I think we have a pretty decent movies this year. Can't wait to watch them.

  • Veron Goggans
    Veron Goggans 7 days ago +1

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    HOODRICH HAUL 7 days ago

    What Hopper is in black widow!!! Yes!!!😄

  • Chantal, the Sweet Dog

    Wonder Woman bloodlines

  • kalle123467 lars
    kalle123467 lars 8 days ago

    00:00 James Bond

  • Buming Tv
    Buming Tv 8 days ago


  • Musik Bayi
    Musik Bayi 8 days ago

    Camera 8K. = ?
    adegan 4.27 =?
    Luar biasa

  • swkf1117
    swkf1117 9 days ago

    I am upset when the chi-naese show up

  • wargamesmaster
    wargamesmaster 9 days ago +6

    Yeah... Because now the term "Bond Girl" is forbidden and "offensive", I'm not going to see this new Bond movie.

    I refuse to participate in the destruction of another franchise I like.

  • Celia Fernandez
    Celia Fernandez 9 days ago

    Daniel Craight terrific!!
    Bond strikes again!! He was born tí kill!
    Wacht this only u ser tour own risk!!!!!!

  • Idris Parker
    Idris Parker 9 days ago +1

    Listen to Idris Etern on TheXvid mixes make a good sound track listen now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Pittman
    James Pittman 9 days ago +4

    i think the movie 'mulan' going to be a awesome movie.

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis 9 days ago

    Lost in Space was awesome!

  • Kuya Beef
    Kuya Beef 10 days ago

    why phoenix instead of a dragon?

    • Simon L'Écuyer
      Simon L'Écuyer 8 days ago

      history accurate maybe , i dont know , i assume

  • chris zarganis
    chris zarganis 10 days ago

    been saying for ever that having gasses is deadly

  • Ahmad Fauzan
    Ahmad Fauzan 10 days ago


  • abhay saji
    abhay saji 10 days ago +2

    ma Disney is gonna make a lot of money ex1and last rest all were Disney movies.......

  • Brian Combs
    Brian Combs 10 days ago +9

    So ain’t nobody hype over the Black Widow movie?! Y’all trippin trippin...

  • marioxmariox
    marioxmariox 10 days ago

    I would like to see this James Bond... but I know 007 is changing to a female, so I will not see it. Interesting that they leave that out of the preview... as if they know it will hurt ticket sales.

    Free Guy. Ryan Renolds? Sweet, I'm going to see that, he is the best actor in the world right now.
    Mulan: oh men, SJW is going to be strong in this one.
    Togo looks like a good watch. Too bad it is Disney plus and not on the big screen.

  • dontlikeit move
    dontlikeit move 10 days ago

    black widow looks pretty dam goood!

  • Dimas S
    Dimas S 11 days ago

    free guy so fresh

  • Grimlow _
    Grimlow _ 11 days ago

    I got so hard watching 007 but when I got to Milan dam near started to cry

  • Pain
    Pain 11 days ago

    Nada interesante😞😞😞😞

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson 11 days ago


  • Vladan Vuijcic
    Vladan Vuijcic 11 days ago +2

    My grandparents going to school *colorized*

  • JJ5683
    JJ5683 12 days ago +7

    I thought James Bond would never love another woman because everyone he liked betrayed him or died.

  • Miley Njeri
    Miley Njeri 12 days ago +2

    black widow looks so dope

  • Kamsorn Than
    Kamsorn Than 12 days ago

    007 James bond is played out

  • E Cola
    E Cola 12 days ago

    "oof" at the right

  • scotch clover
    scotch clover 12 days ago +2

    He's so sleepy

  • Erjol Tata
    Erjol Tata 12 days ago +2

    the guy that play james bod is perfect for the role of batman

  • Scott
    Scott 12 days ago

    James Bond secret is that he is actually a 20-year-old black chick from Chicago... pfff, I mean its so obvious. Uhg. Pandering losers.

  • Jonas Gonzalez
    Jonas Gonzalez 13 days ago

    2:14 jajajajajaja the Sith troopers jajajajajajaja

  • Denis Iminovin
    Denis Iminovin 13 days ago

    не толерантно! бонда должен сыграть бывшая лесбиянка из мексики демократка

  • Haydar Acar
    Haydar Acar 13 days ago

    jetli filmi gelsin baş rol olarak

  • PhilDisFam Vlog
    PhilDisFam Vlog 13 days ago

    One Word to all, WOW!

  • jesus torres
    jesus torres 13 days ago

    who the fuk is TOGO ?

  • BigDragonKing29
    BigDragonKing29 13 days ago +7

    Isn't Togo like Balto? Anyone else notice the similarities or just me?

    • haringpating bakolaw
      haringpating bakolaw 11 days ago

      yes...ur ryt.

    • BigDragonKing29
      BigDragonKing29 12 days ago +1

      @Abhinandan Darbey okie dokie.

    • Abhinandan Darbey
      Abhinandan Darbey 12 days ago +1

      Togo was the real hero, he ran over 250 miles (400 km), while Balto, along with other sled dogs, ran an average of around 30 miles (48 km). Watch the movie, you will love it.

  • alex h.
    alex h. 13 days ago +1

    4:30 "Captain Russia"

  • brown hound0_0
    brown hound0_0 13 days ago

    Fucking adds I'm not even gonna finish watching it

  • No Good
    No Good 14 days ago

    Mulan looks like she’s in pornhub.

    SHIVARAMAN NAIR 14 days ago

    crap no acting required

  • Words 2 live by
    Words 2 live by 14 days ago +4

    The corrupted I've already seen it was out 2019

  • Tom McLaughlin
    Tom McLaughlin 14 days ago

    And not once did they show the guy or gal with the bow

  • Dani Mandu
    Dani Mandu 14 days ago +1

    Man love the trailer but they all like so many action movie and trailer just like need more heavy rock music. It missing. Ten times better if I just have it on repeat and listen to Metallica and Delta Parole as background music. Banger

  • Asrul Faizal
    Asrul Faizal 15 days ago

    12:31 aku kira balto