Cinematic: “Old Soldier”


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  • Cow Man Gaming
    Cow Man Gaming Minute ago

    saurfang gonna kill sylvanas

  • Michael Cena
    Michael Cena 7 hours ago

    oh good all days!

  • AMIT P
    AMIT P 8 hours ago

    Netflix please partner with blizzard this blizzcon and make an full movie or a mini series of 8 episodes 1hr each ... it will be Epic

  • rene pusepatten
    rene pusepatten 8 hours ago

    These cinematics makes my heart skip a beat each time, jesus.

  • Wang Hang
    Wang Hang 10 hours ago

    Now I'm quitting Horde and joining the Alliance

  • bronn
    bronn 11 hours ago

    Trying to find a game with orcs on ps4 since i dont have a pc 😂😂😂

  • Ono Northey
    Ono Northey 12 hours ago


  • Kim André
    Kim André 13 hours ago

    IF Blizzard decided to make Animated movies/Series. They wouldn't do any worse than with the games! This is SO GOOD!

  • Kim André
    Kim André 13 hours ago

    That's the rightful Warchief right there!

  • Pan Kleks
    Pan Kleks 14 hours ago

    ale to jest słabe...

  • Marios Vos
    Marios Vos 15 hours ago

    Zappyboi is the troll Anduin smashes under a shield later in the battle. Gave his life to save Sarufang from Graymane.

    • SwaggerBoiJesus
      SwaggerBoiJesus 14 hours ago

      uhm nope he is still alive he is the trol who zaps at the begining
      if u had watched it like a real fan u would have noticed that saurfang runs through the rows of the alliance and when he grabs the flag and starts his sprint he stand next to zappy boi.. also zappy boi isnt a warrior...

  • Blue Hearthstone
    Blue Hearthstone 16 hours ago +1

    I thought he said, "Without honor?" But in the subtitles it says "without armor?".... i think without honor would have been better as it would seem they were about to have a bigger conversation but then are cut short by the start of the war....

    • Thinh Vo
      Thinh Vo 7 hours ago

      Blue Hearthstone It is without armor.

  • Lukas Croatia
    Lukas Croatia 17 hours ago +1

    This is so deep. Great great great job Blizz and thank you ❤️

  • Luminesa
    Luminesa 18 hours ago

    i may have cried....idk

  • RyanEX2000
    RyanEX2000 18 hours ago

    That "too many" then followed by all those that burned in Teldrassil. Saurfang knew that there were those in the Alliance that didn't want war, but with this one act those voices were silenced and probably were now the loudest.

  • nothing
    nothing 19 hours ago

    Lok Narash!

  • Morindrias Stadnent
    Morindrias Stadnent 19 hours ago

    Gief full song pls

  • 4just1day
    4just1day 19 hours ago

    Blizzard's 420th special...

  • kobe2006 Pandian
    kobe2006 Pandian 20 hours ago

    Poor night elves

  • JtheKproduction
    JtheKproduction 20 hours ago

    The trolls graphic and voice is amazing..

  • Leonard Shelby
    Leonard Shelby 20 hours ago

    and the you play the game and it looks like a Nintendo 64 game

  • Jslayallday92 S
    Jslayallday92 S 20 hours ago

    Saurfang has ALWAYS been for the Horde and the only reconciliation for Sylvans is clearly to die. I’ll guess by Saurfang

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 21 hour ago

    Goose bumps..

  • Mereke Otarov
    Mereke Otarov 21 hour ago

    there is no honor in war,so his words and the reason for the betrayal is so stupid

  • Erdem K.
    Erdem K. Day ago +1

    I hope Saurfang will help to defeat Sylvanas and re-claim Horde's & his honor back.

  • Nikolay Angelov
    Nikolay Angelov Day ago

    Loved the visuals and sound, but the dialogues were level: 90s soap opera :/

  • Kackvogel
    Kackvogel Day ago

    uh la la you wanna have it THAT way

  • mrrrmin
    mrrrmin Day ago

    Sylvannas already died with that stupid redesign

  • Rains215
    Rains215 Day ago

    Saurfang for Warchief: 2018

  • Christian Ugarte

    the small details, the way he freezes when Zappyboi lights the fire

  • Erdem K.
    Erdem K. Day ago +1

    Zappy's name is Zekhan

  • Elvira Yench
    Elvira Yench Day ago

    Old Soldier? Really! Ha! More like old dishonored traitor! Blizz at it's best again - savage-fantasy on the liberal rails = a good soil for fail. Lack of basic knowledge and voila - a good animated piece without a grain of sense! XD Try to learn smth about hordes and tribes before creating such emo-nonsense! =))))

  • Orcgazmatron
    Orcgazmatron Day ago

    Haven't seen anyone else comment on this, so... 1:22 Sylvanas's face is a 'healthy' flesh-color, & her eyes aren't black & red in this moment. Its as though her life-force were restored by the destruction, or so it appears. Significant, perhaps?
    Anyways... this is *the* BEST cinematic yet. Even better than WotLK. If only the Warcraft movie were done like this..!?

  • Nausheen
    Nausheen Day ago

    Live another day

  • Architects XIII
    Architects XIII Day ago

    I don't even like WoW & yet this left me wanting to know more of the past and future of this character.

  • TheChangNetwork
    TheChangNetwork Day ago

    we need a movie like this, it can't possibly cost more than a live action movie. profit margin wise, it's a way better investment

  • Bogi
    Bogi Day ago

    so this is the end of WOW, and later will be back WW4? =D

  • Nolan Miller
    Nolan Miller Day ago

    This is the kind of Cinematic that made me fall in love with Blizzard and become a 3D Artist... You can tell the team put their soul into this one.... Its Unfortunate that Merger back in the day with Activation seems to have watered down the "Never release till its perfect" stance that they once lived by...and its apparent by the sub part content they have seems to release.. We need The Blizzard that make this Cinematic back...

  • FnCu DoofenshmirtzYS

    Video ends at 6:22 thank me later

  • Bill Marion
    Bill Marion Day ago +1

    1:19 Amazing Wallpaper

  • Thomas Roper
    Thomas Roper Day ago

    I dind't cry YOU CRY !!!!

  • 무료상담
    무료상담 Day ago

    Yeh your leader is silbanas

  • Javorico
    Javorico Day ago

    ,mmuy guapo :)

  • Rekt Da'Cron
    Rekt Da'Cron Day ago

    I played as an Orc. Because I believed in honour.

  • Desenvolvimento de Jogos

    Oh, boy. Aaaaawesome.

  • Visegrad Patriot

    We want more cinematics!!!!

  • Plagu3d34th
    Plagu3d34th Day ago

    So I thought that the shoulders off was a peace act, but you see them both fighting in Lordaeron right afterward?

  • drakenpriest
    drakenpriest Day ago

    2:00 This be my first battle. Note: How many seconds is it gonna take for him to die.

  • André Egalo
    André Egalo Day ago

    Das ist auch das erste was ich gedacht habe, besser als der gesamte Warcraft Film

  • SRM Maximus
    SRM Maximus 2 days ago

    Instead of a movie, they should have made it a series

  • Кристиян Григоров


  • Shadow Panda
    Shadow Panda 2 days ago +1

    Really cool cinematic. Unfortunately I haven't played any WoW since WotLK so I have no clue what I've missed. I feel like I'm missing something to fully enjoy this emotional episode for this old soldier.

  • SilentScopes14
    SilentScopes14 2 days ago

    Anyone tear up after these cuz same lmaoo

  • WeCreator
    WeCreator 2 days ago

    I've never dared to play World Of Warcraft games because I'm just too late. But I did it then. I started playing World of Warcraft on my channel. I am a pure beginner and am trying to fight through the world of WoW. I'm impressive and can understand why there are so many people to date who are attracted to this game! Maybe people who have more idea about this game can give me some tips. That would be madness!

  • Molten Fist
    Molten Fist 2 days ago

    Can Blizzard please just make feature films with these cinematics? They could create an entire franchise of films and they could do it all in house. Not only could they do more than they could with the live action film, but I can almost guarantee they would be massive hits.

  • chris reeves
    chris reeves 2 days ago

    You guy just my maid me as I see old movie long time go. Lord of the rings: Return of the king, this battle is base on The Battle of the Pelennor fields of Gondor mountain high Wall. boy or girl, Hear out, the old lieutenant general want read revenge for they kill his son in cold winter and left him to die. People, is Revenge Story line ? or just make a good fight of all time.

  • Jon Brotherton
    Jon Brotherton 2 days ago

    But is the game-play fun?

  • kelvinvolcano
    kelvinvolcano 2 days ago

    can we PLEASE get another movie

  • Ali Faik Yelkenci
    Ali Faik Yelkenci 2 days ago

    Does anyone know the music at 1:17

  • M H
    M H 2 days ago

    is that Troll a mage or a shaman?

  • Moshrav
    Moshrav 2 days ago +1

    Also i'm kinda stupid but is that Yenniku in the cinematic?

  • røyal hands
    røyal hands 2 days ago


  • Moshrav
    Moshrav 2 days ago

    "Give up" "Like you?" Savage troll. Savage

  • Moshrav
    Moshrav 2 days ago


  • tFighterPilot
    tFighterPilot 2 days ago

    That troll accent is REALLY bad

  • Daniel Mynařík
    Daniel Mynařík 2 days ago

    1:15 soundtrack ?

  • EnderDragonFire
    EnderDragonFire 2 days ago

    Possibly, the last vestige of Thrall's horde. All the other's are dead, or have left the Horde. He's the only one left who cares about the people of the Horde, and about Thrall's vision for the future of the Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, Forsaken, and Elves. He would have made a far better leader than Sylavanas or Garrosh. I don't know why Thrall and Vol'jin chose such poor successors.

  • ZusammRottung
    ZusammRottung 2 days ago

    Just a cool trailer for a outdated game with a outdated combat system and outdated graphics. time for wow 2

  • Stéphane Blouin
    Stéphane Blouin 2 days ago

    Nice vid, now I don't need grind for cosmetics that will be rendered obsolete cyclically. As I've seen the video.

  • Champion Fighter
    Champion Fighter 2 days ago


  • SooZoodimp
    SooZoodimp 2 days ago

    I don't know, but that troll has a voice like some young asian guy ... not like a troll at all.

  • bnjmnhs
    bnjmnhs 2 days ago

    why worry when you can go face

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres 2 days ago

    After all we went thru with cata and panda, I don’t know why horde and alliance still fighting each other

  • Ali Duman
    Ali Duman 2 days ago

    U cant get away with 10 min cinematics, make a movie and break all the records

  • RetroHamer
    RetroHamer 2 days ago

    Is that the voice of Worf I here?

  • Markus Pescasio
    Markus Pescasio 3 days ago

    Goddamn it! After watching these cinematic of the alliance and the horde. I actually like their story their pain

  • Martin Kováč
    Martin Kováč 3 days ago

    Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young.

  • Ilenia
    Ilenia 3 days ago

    wauuuu!! amazing!!!

  • Garrett Howes
    Garrett Howes 3 days ago

    We need a movie with this level of animation and voice acting

  • Garrett Howes
    Garrett Howes 3 days ago

    *slaps roof of cinematic*
    "This baby can hold over 5 million views

  • Mighty Habib
    Mighty Habib 3 days ago

    if only the game look even 1 millionth of how the CGI looks smh

  • Sarghie Alexandru
    Sarghie Alexandru 3 days ago

    epic all ways, but sylvana will lead horde in the war-time!

  • Gwynbleidd Riv
    Gwynbleidd Riv 3 days ago

    after one of earlier actualizations WoW folder with launcher disappeared, I stopped playing, if Bliezzard don"t want my money for, F..k off!!!

  • Heta The Delightful Madam

    Zappi Boi for Warchief.

  • Crown
    Crown 3 days ago +1


  • Cole Cote
    Cole Cote 3 days ago

    Where is Saurfang grieving? Dranosh wasn't killed on a snowy mesa, it was in Ice Crown Citadel on a Saronite balcony. And if that is meant to be outside the wrathgate, then Saurfang just leaves his son's body there for the King to resurrect?

  • Fnatic R7VEN
    Fnatic R7VEN 3 days ago

    Blizzard cinematics always give me chillz

  • Nguyễn Văn Hào
    Nguyễn Văn Hào 3 days ago

    Best CG

  • Thiago Vitor
    Thiago Vitor 3 days ago

    why i love the orcs?

  • ike play
    ike play 3 days ago

    Oh Blizzard your cinematics look wonderful but your game is still worse than garbage

  • Zell Dincht
    Zell Dincht 3 days ago

    wow lol, and bliz plz where next black lotus respawn?

  • Adryan Sashidharan
    Adryan Sashidharan 3 days ago

    Is Russell Brower still composing the soundtracks for these games?

  • Stephan D
    Stephan D 3 days ago

    The Troll sounds like a Trinidadian

  • Ice Warrior
    Ice Warrior 3 days ago

    We need another World of Warcraft movie. With worgens that would be cool to see.

  • Michal Lazový
    Michal Lazový 3 days ago

    I kinda feel bad for that troll

  • Just another stupid channel

    imagine an entire movie with these graphics

  • Vault x
    Vault x 3 days ago

    When will we get the movie

  • tom tsianakas
    tom tsianakas 3 days ago +1

    When warcraft 2?

  • FPSUzi CS:GO
    FPSUzi CS:GO 3 days ago

    Battle for azeroth trailer is a continuation for this one

  • Fortnite Community Clips

    this game sucks