Inside Japan's SLEEPER Train | $160 FIRST CLASS Room


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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  10 months ago +3982

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Where'd you want to see Natsuki and I travel to next?! We're hoping to do more of these excursions throughout 2021!
    And a special thanks to Sharla & Shiori from Tokyo Creative who came along on short notice to help us film our journey. They're lurking in the background throughout the video.
    I have to say the Tottori sand dunes exceeded my expectations, and I'd love to re-visit the region if not to explore, then certainly to shoot NATSUKI OF ARABIA. (ALSO stick around the for the outtakes right at the end of the video 😂).

    • Dustin Ripley
      Dustin Ripley Month ago

      My wife and I lived in Japan for 3 years I recommend going to the little islands around yokohama. We camped on Niijima

    • Xerpo Derpo
      Xerpo Derpo Month ago

      You know a lot of peoples bucket list is to get hot and mushi shi on that train. 🤪

    • Peter Vine
      Peter Vine 2 months ago

      Hemel Hempstead.

    • SkeleJade
      SkeleJade 3 months ago

      I’d love to do one of these, but I also can’t stop thinking of Junjou Romantica when I see sleeper trains. 🤧

    • Big C
      Big C 3 months ago

      Have you guys been to Obama Japan?

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I love how happy Natsuki is whenever he gets to drink some alcohol.

    • Djaballah Achraf
      Djaballah Achraf 5 months ago

      you're pretty active on comments some guy without mustach did you abandoned fairy taile

    • Petek Demircioğlu Çelebi
      Petek Demircioğlu Çelebi 5 months ago


    • Syltop
      Syltop 7 months ago +1

      @Jaakeup it's not a fake account it's one dude who comments on a bunch of videos i don't see how it's annoying

    • zero
      zero 8 months ago

      @Jawatu yessssssssss

  • Ellie
    Ellie 9 months ago +2770

    I feel like natsuki is getting to the point where he doesn't even really need subtitles anymore

    • vince
      vince 4 months ago +1

      @Grim Daddy Dog Well I do understand quite thick Scottish accents, but I never talked to you as if you're not English. my message just mentioned English people as a group, I wasn't like "us english" vs "you lot".
      I think it is easy to understand them, but I also see a lot of people saying they don't understand someone like Limmy's accent.

    • Grim Daddy Dog
      Grim Daddy Dog 4 months ago +1

      @vince You're talking to me like I'm not English. Scottish is very easy to understand, unless, like I mentioned before, the accent is very thick..
      Understanding a normal scottish accent is like being able to understand literally anyone with an accent.
      It's like me bragging about how I can understand a Yorkshire accent.
      But yeah lmfao I just found it funny how you thought it was an achievement that you're able to understand Scotland when literally everyone is able to understand.
      Thinking about it, I know many Scottish people, and there has never been an incident where someone hasn't understood what they're saying. Siri, sure. But not an actual human being.

    • vince
      vince 4 months ago

      @Grim Daddy Dog a lot of people really struggle, even a lot of English people.
      but I don't have any difficulty

    • Grim Daddy Dog
      Grim Daddy Dog 4 months ago

      @vince I love how you mentioned you can understand Scottish like its something to be proud of.
      Unless the accent is incredibly thick, almost everyone apart from Americans/Canadians can understand lmfao.

    • Grim Daddy Dog
      Grim Daddy Dog 4 months ago

      I'm not sure. Yes, he's very decent with his pronounciations, however, he says random shit that doesn't actually make sense. It would be very easy to miss something he's said due to no subtitles because you didn't expect him to say 'Maybe the moths carry the Katanas' n you're sitting there wondering '.. did he just say what I think he did...?'

  • วรรณา หนูฤทธิ์

    Natsuki’s such a special person. He wonders at everything he sees.

    • Superblobby
      Superblobby 5 months ago +2

      the way he said 'woah, camel!' just spoke to me on a different level somehow

    • ToxicPain
      ToxicPain 5 months ago

      Yea je Don’t Wanna make Profit for them… arghh

  • Mr. Allen
    Mr. Allen 8 months ago +1592

    Aristotle: "What is the nature of the universe?"
    Socrates: "what makes a person who they are?"
    Natsuki (a philosopher unafraid to ask the REAL questions that matter) : "Is this a hotel train? Or a train with a hotel inside?"

    • Petek Demircioğlu Çelebi
      Petek Demircioğlu Çelebi 5 months ago


    • lioi Come Stai
      lioi Come Stai 7 months ago +3

      Q: What is made of human societies?
      A: It is made of products that made by human.
      Or, A: It is made of human being who make products.
      So which Answer you prefer? Remember Japanese make finest products in general.

    • Aaron
      Aaron 8 months ago +5

      I just read this comment in real time of Natsuki saying it. Crazy

    • Dave in Japan
      Dave in Japan 8 months ago +24

      "Ghost pirates!" "No, they are actually pirate ghosts!"

  • André Carvalho
    André Carvalho 9 months ago +285

    I feel like I'm doing e-tourism in Japan through these videos, getting to know things one would never guess they'd be in Japan! Super awesome work Chris, keep the quality videos coming!

  • Mu
    Mu 10 months ago +3240

    Natsuki's vocabulary is both random and marvelous, him narrating his day alone would be premier content.

    • Willus
      Willus 3 months ago

      he reminds me of the american dude from angel beats

    • Kevin Nguyen
      Kevin Nguyen 3 months ago

      It's more like a bunch of nonsense

    • Raed Ali
      Raed Ali 4 months ago +1

      Delicious night!

    • Perham Panbehchi
      Perham Panbehchi 4 months ago +2

      From the time I have watched chris videos. I noticed that Natsuki has improved alot from the past years. Give a thumbs up to him

    • support_theory
      support_theory 9 months ago +5

      @James Halliday That was a perfect description. In like 2-6 words he can brilliantly summarize something and can incorporate intensional humor into- plus he does it with some pretty sophisticated words. I'm impressed Natsuki and love your spirit!!! My all time favorite phrase is: "spider trash."

  • Jokenon Inc.
    Jokenon Inc. 8 months ago +151

    After years and years of being in the Abroad in Japan channel, Natsuki really has gain an actor skill, impressive and that Star War reference is hilarious lol

    • Kit Trustram Eve
      Kit Trustram Eve 6 months ago +1

      not to mention the lawrence of arabia reference

    • RGJW
      RGJW 7 months ago +2

      Interesting, I thought it was a Mummy reference. Clearly, I need to watch Star Wars more lol

  • ersia87
    ersia87 9 months ago +193

    I love travelling by night train. I do it every summer up to the mountains here in Sweden to go hiking. Waking up in the morning and walking over to the restaurant cart for breakfast and coffee is almost worth the journey all on it’s own. Though the japanese train is much more luxurious than the swedish one, haha.

    • MiuNya
      MiuNya Month ago

      Have you ever been to Åreskutan ??

    • Erik E
      Erik E 8 months ago +5

      @サンライズ yes please, I really like Japan
      The only thing keeping me from moving there is that working there seems very stressful
      Oh and the language is a bit challenging, so far I can read hiragana, maybe most katakana and very few kanji

    • サンライズ
      サンライズ 9 months ago +3

      Why don't you come to JAPAN??
      I will introduce 😉

  • Daniel Wiklund
    Daniel Wiklund 9 months ago +428

    My man King Natsuki living the deluxe high life!
    Gotta say though- it's amazing how drones changed the camera game for youtubers and enthusiasts, awesome shots of the dunes!

  • Sandra F.
    Sandra F. 9 months ago +304

    I legit belly laughed out loud at Natsuki's "extra salami!" reference. What a treasure he is

  • Millenium Boomer
    Millenium Boomer 8 months ago +46

    It's a great feeling being in a night train, perhaps a bit nostalgic from when you were a child and on a long road trip with your parents. Watching your dad driving the car through the night, maybe listening to the quiet radio and just looking out of the window at night while covered in a big blanket. It's still one of my favourite childhood memories

  • Vance Souders
    Vance Souders 9 months ago +73

    I’m not a fan of flying so I’ve taken two cross country trains multiple times in the US. Amtrak’s California Zephyr to San Fran and the Southwest Chief to LA. Very similar to the Japan experience except with a decidedly rundown 1970’s vibe and over three days. That said, it was absolutely amazing - great scenery and very cool people.

  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington 3 months ago +11

    We all need a british bloke & a Japanese natsuki in our lives.
    I’m genuinely so happy these guys exist & I found this channel

  • Fg15
    Fg15 3 months ago +5

    You and Natsuki are such a great duo!!! 😂
    I really enjoy seeing you together, you are so funny!

  • Sharmeleon
    Sharmeleon 10 months ago +5408

    A towel is about the most massively useful thing one can have! Never forget your towel.

    • Maniac Bob
      Maniac Bob Month ago

      Yeah, i think Natsuki didn't see or read The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, lol

    • shadow Prince
      shadow Prince 5 months ago +1

      Douglas Adam salutes u 😎

    • Constantine Cloud
      Constantine Cloud 6 months ago

      Well, I’ll just get a little high 😂

    • Fritz Donnerschlag
      Fritz Donnerschlag 6 months ago

      I rather prefer a MacBook, peanuts, Coke Zero and one of my Visa cards.

    • Jonathan Rosier
      Jonathan Rosier 6 months ago

      Obviously never read hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy smh

  • Splatrick
    Splatrick 7 months ago +8

    Finally a non-silent travel channel with actual good content that is NOT annoying! Thank you! Yes!

  • Justin Giovanniello
    Justin Giovanniello 2 months ago +8

    Having ridden on a sleeper train in Finland, from Turku to Oulu, I know what you mean Chris. There's just something cool and old school about riding one overnight. It's like you're in a different time period.

  • Paul Lambert
    Paul Lambert 8 months ago +25

    By the time they got done with the night train, I had forgotten the point of the trip was to go see the dunes.
    King Natsuki is quite the character. Seems like he'd be a great travel companion.

  • Maggie Smit
    Maggie Smit 9 months ago +37

    Life is about experiences and having fun is fantastic! Love Natsuki attitude, such fun 🥳💫⭐👑

  • 77jamess
    77jamess 10 months ago +1463

    "It’s a sink time!" If only Natsuki was on the Titanic, it would have been a better experience for everyone.

    • broski yeets
      broski yeets 5 months ago

      @Áḋaṁ Mac Gréagóir pov:
      your drowning to your death but at least theres a funny japanese man to make you almost forget

    • Levi •
      Levi • 9 months ago +4

      @call me qt protecc natsuki at all costs

    • Heavenly Creature
      Heavenly Creature 10 months ago +10

      Well at least everybody would have died with a smile on their face 🙄 I am however sure that Natsuki would let Chris on his door instead of letting him freeze to death in the ice cold water 😏

    • call me qt
      call me qt 10 months ago +10

      But we can’t afford to lose Natsuki

  • Jared Miller
    Jared Miller 9 months ago +54

    Sad, they should have sleeper trains every where , I would love this. Looks like a mini Vacation

    • EveOpheliac
      EveOpheliac 9 months ago +2

      Amtrak has 'em too, if you're American. It definitely beats flying if you have the time, anyway.

  • Drae Drae
    Drae Drae 9 months ago +463

    Natsuki on a camel: The thing I never knew I needed in my life until it was presented to me on a sandy platter.

  • Kimberly Loranger
    Kimberly Loranger Month ago +1

    This was such a great video. The sleeper train reminded me of the last one I took as a kid in Canada, from Manitoba to Alberta (although looking at the one here made me a little claustraphobic). I also think I would have slid down that hill at the end just like Natsuki did-it's a little too tempting not to :}

  • Anton Allen
    Anton Allen 7 months ago +7

    Abroad in Japan’s drone footage quality, especially the portion he did that was super cinematic when he was showing the sand dunes for the first time - top notch. Well done my guy, super like for effort!

  • Kaliland
    Kaliland 10 months ago +463

    I love how Natsuki’s idea of luxury is ham, beer, and a sturdy hanger 😂

    • support_theory
      support_theory 9 months ago

      Hahaha he could have a channel and call it Good Taste: with Natsuki

    • Isaac J. Elliott
      Isaac J. Elliott 10 months ago +5

      It’s the little things

    • greyngo
      greyngo 10 months ago +5

      No joke though, Natsuki was big brain with the hanger.

    • Dominic Gonzales
      Dominic Gonzales 10 months ago +5

      Some guys like beer and chicken. Others love beer and ham. These two guys are great together.

    • Heavenly Creature
      Heavenly Creature 10 months ago +17

      Yeah that is my ultimate dream ... owning a sturdy hanger. Maybe someday I will be that lucky 😉

  • xBloo Saber
    xBloo Saber 7 months ago +7

    i love hoe these videos never fail to impress me and teach me something new to love about Japan :) Natsuki's commentary also never fails to make Me laugh lol keep up the amazing work Chris!

  • Punchin Pumpkin
    Punchin Pumpkin 9 months ago +24

    Seen a few smaller vids on Sunrise Express so i was extremely pleased to see you do one as well. it's a goal of mine to take a trip on it when i get to do my trip to Japan.
    Also I know you said you weren't sure if the drone captured the scale of the dunes, but I think between your description and the cinematography, you did a fine job. Reminds me of the ones we have up North from us.

  • Tyler I.
    Tyler I. 9 months ago +24

    I love how each episode is brimming with creative passion and care. I love your videos!

    MICHELLE 8 months ago +3

    The sleeper train looks really great. Lovely big windows. Its very good price too. You wouldn't expect huge sand dunes in Japan. The countryside looks stunning.

  • Frostern
    Frostern 10 months ago +384

    The friendship between Chris and Natsuki is so wholesome, I can never get tired of them

  • MsFlame2000
    MsFlame2000 8 months ago +7

    I love to take these travel trains out to the country side when I lived in Tokyo. Bento boxes are absolutely delicious! Tickets are not as expensive as expensive as people would think. So relaxing!

  • Stephanie Baker
    Stephanie Baker 7 months ago +2

    I'd ride that night train!🌛It looks like a lot of fun and I think sleeping on it would just rock me to sleep. 😌😴 And for $160, it'd be absolutely worth it to see that beautiful landscape and ocean scene! 💛🧡💙 Just awe inspiring. 😊

  • SansFilet
    SansFilet 7 months ago +6

    I love Natsuki so much, he brings me joy in every video he's in!

  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington 3 months ago

    There is something so relaxing & fun & cool about trains. I took one from San Diego to Los Angeles & looking at the coast was so relaxing. I can’t imagine how relaxing going on a hotel/sleeper/luxury train must be. On my bucket list now.

  • Fenrir Lives
    Fenrir Lives 10 months ago +308

    I'm just glad Natsuki gets to go fun places with Chris! It's weird when you realize most people rarely get to see most of their own country during their life, so Natsuki getting to travel and enjoy himself with his friends is kinda heartwarming!

    • support_theory
      support_theory 9 months ago +5

      @bla blup Independence in a relationship is very healthy! Not every moment needs to be spent with a partner. If you and your wife only like traveling together, that's cool. If your wife wants a trip with her girlfriends, then hopefully that's cool too! If you want to travel somewhere or do something wifey doesn't want to do, then I hope you're welcome to do so as well!

    • bla blup
      bla blup 9 months ago

      @jase276 That is true. I just think they sometimes tell this stories as if Natsuki wouldn't have any vacations beside these ones.

    • jase276
      jase276 9 months ago +2

      @bla blup I personally wouldn't want my vacations with my better half to be filmed for the internet to see. Stressful and invading. I'd rather it be just the two of us. So I wouldn't blame them if that's the case for them too. These videos are more about bros hanging out.

    • bla blup
      bla blup 9 months ago +1

      @Abura Maybe. They just make it sound in the videos sometimes like this are the first vacation in 1000 it sounds like there are no separate vacation. I naturally can understand if they don't want to be on camera

    • Tams80
      Tams80 9 months ago +8

      @bla blup From the little she's been on camera, she doesn't seem to want to be filmed.
      And like many people in any country, she may well just not be that interested in travelling.

  • Johnetta Scoma
    Johnetta Scoma 9 months ago +1

    Been on that train multiple times, best use was to actually take it from Tokyo to Himeji so that I could then double back to Osaka to grab the first train out to Kii-Tanabe. In this way I was able to save on not needing to pay for a hotel and saving time by leaving Tokyo later than I would have if I had gone to Osaka first.

  • Azure Dream
    Azure Dream 9 months ago +3

    I love watching you two together on videos, you both make me laugh so much and it's really heart warming to see how well you both get along, i truly wish to visit japan one day and you're videos always make me think about places to visit when i finally do :)

  • Johannes Segerlund
    Johannes Segerlund 9 months ago +12

    Man I would love to travel to Japan. Such a interesting country and the Japanese I have meet have been wonderful

  • tsunami bing
    tsunami bing 4 months ago

    I’m glad I discovered tour channel so late that I can binge watch on old posts. The frustration of not being able to travel back to Japan due to the pandemic was definitely hushed by Abroad in Japan and definitely adding much on my bucket list from you. My fave channel now. 💖💖💖

  • statesminds
    statesminds 10 months ago +347

    This really makes you feel like you're living on a train. Very immersive.

  • Lix
    Lix 9 months ago +14

    Man, I would love to take this train, just for the experience. Japan is so beautiful, looking out of the window must be like a live Diashow of the prettiest pictures ever taken.

  • CodenameTurtle
    CodenameTurtle 7 months ago

    I used to ride the sleeper train in Sweden, and I got the first class one because I wanted to sleep alone. The quality seem to be about the same, the room might even be a bit bigger in Japan, although I did get towels for the shower in mine... XD Have to say though, the train was too noisy and I never could sleep much at all. Super interesting to see what it looks like in Japan!

  • chantale perron
    chantale perron 9 months ago +2

    Hi Chris, I love when you travel with Natsky! Actually, I'm pretty envious, I wish I could travel with you Guys!!!! When the international travel situation get (close to) normal, you should do a BIG contest , and make someone
    ( Me!!!😃) win a trip with you! Its expensive? Lets get sponsors !!!!! Thank you for yours videos which made me forget, for a moment, the world situation...😃

  • Scott Mçkày
    Scott Mçkày 9 months ago +1

    I took a 'local' (non-bullet) train from Kyoto to Tottori in 1985. I can't remember how long it took, but it was a beautiful trip. Probably took about 6 hours. But I was a lot younger, and didn't mind that much. I didn't know anything about the dunes, though. Wish I'd had time to see them.

  • OrangeMango
    OrangeMango 10 months ago +720

    That sleeper train looks really cool. Can't believe Chris got to enter King Natsuki's Palace.

    • Johnnycatt
      Johnnycatt 9 months ago

      @J. Joshua Well Sharla does have some similarities to Ann

    • DeadlyKitten Amuro
      DeadlyKitten Amuro 9 months ago

      @J. Joshua if its natsuki's palace then why would natsuki also be an invading phantom thief

    • Maria
      Maria 9 months ago

      @Jan Beljak I believe it will be :)
      Especially if you are open to meeting new people ^^ With all that I mentioned in the previous comment I have to say I really love russian trains :) Though there's definitely a strong nostalgia connected to it.

    • Jan Beljak
      Jan Beljak 9 months ago

      @Maria I'm planning to take transiberian railway from Moscow to Vladivostok sometime next year. I wonder if it's going to be awesome as people describe it.

    • Abhijeet Ambadekar
      Abhijeet Ambadekar 9 months ago +2

      In India, Sleeper trains are very common due to the journey times generally being quite long...
      Apart from a couple of special trains, most of them don't even come close to match the aesthetics and cleanliness of what is shown in this video.

  • Salah Uddin Ahammed
    Salah Uddin Ahammed 5 months ago

    You duo should continue making travel vlogs in this funny way! Really enjoyed so much every bit!😊😊

  • solokom
    solokom 7 months ago +1

    I traveled from Berlin to Novosibirsk (Russia) in a sleeper train. It's a direct connection and takes 4 days. It was a very interesting experience.

  • Mr. Impatient ™️
    Mr. Impatient ™️ 9 months ago +6

    Made a plan on 2015 and it’s finally happening in 2025. We are definitely trying this train, since when you hold a Japan Rail Pass, it’s for free :)

  • -
    - 9 months ago +7

    This is the kind of high quality original content I watch YT for. Thank you. No low effort reaction stuff piggybacking on someone else's. On a side note I really miss Suntory premium malts. It's quite uncommon and still expensive to get in the EU.

  • RageElixir
    RageElixir 10 months ago +6984

    Natsuki is just naturally funny LOL

  • Mr. Goblin
    Mr. Goblin 9 months ago +7

    Natsuki is the best. Dude makes me smile every time.

  • Kiera Gonzalez
    Kiera Gonzalez 4 months ago

    Came for the love of Japan, Stayed for the Natsuki!🥰 my new favorite channel

  • Tsukimaru 1
    Tsukimaru 1 8 months ago +3

    I'd love to have a friend as cool as Natuski. One can never be bored around him due to his sheer uniqueness.

  • US
    US 9 months ago +9

    Literally just took my first train trip in 15 years when I was looking up sleeper trains and found this. Great timing for me

  • Chris McClain
    Chris McClain 3 months ago

    Gonna be real with you for a moment, Natsuki is the reason I come back to this channel. I love the energy he brings to everything he does.

  • Strungth’s Brickfilms
    Strungth’s Brickfilms 9 months ago +3

    This is actually a really good idea for a motel. You don't need to leave home to already be where you need

  • Hazel H
    Hazel H 7 months ago +1

    I love this travel video by you. Amazing. I will make sure that I make my way there some day soon !!

  • Wes Gunton
    Wes Gunton 8 months ago +4

    This what i want to do when the world returns to normal, ride the sleeper train in Japan.

  • Sue the Scottish Geek
    Sue the Scottish Geek 10 months ago +191

    As a train nerd...this is like the best content ever (and I'd already watched half a dozen videos of this trainline prior to this...What have the last couple of years done to me?!)

    • Snug-Fibbage
      Snug-Fibbage 9 months ago +4

      American train nerd here, trains are the most aesthetically pleasing tbh, especially the cross country amtrak trains

    • Heavenly Creature
      Heavenly Creature 10 months ago +8

      Non of those other videos have a Natsuki. This is premium content 🤩

    • xAkira X ಠ_ಠ
      xAkira X ಠ_ಠ 10 months ago +4

      You like trains

    • Sue the Scottish Geek
      Sue the Scottish Geek 10 months ago +17

      @MissFunnyBunneh Totally...they're the best way to travel

    • MissFunnyBunneh
      MissFunnyBunneh 10 months ago +21

      Trains are under appreciated

  • J N
    J N 8 months ago +1

    Looks like a great place to sand board! Love the train as well.

  • GoldFishBoy1337
    GoldFishBoy1337 9 months ago +1

    The Attack of the Clones reference was top tier! I really wanna go there and just watch the countryside from the train on my way there, so beautiful!

  • Shane Johnson
    Shane Johnson 9 months ago +8

    I love the Japanese! They are such intelligent level headed and grounded people. Their quality of life and happiness far exceeds that which I see in America. They love Us Americans also. Especially our service members. When I was in the Airforce I had countless Japanese people come up to me and ask to take pictures with me while I was in uniform. Americans and Japanese will forever be lifetime friends.

    • Benjai
      Benjai 28 days ago

      If you didn't know, Japan is the only country granted unilateral protection status. *Any* attack on Japan, is by treaty, promised to be honored as an attack on America. Mostly because we felt incredibly guilty about the bombs. But also, a few decades later, the US came in and saved Japan's tanking economy, probably the only time we prevented Communism from taking root without waging war.
      Something else I always find odd. My father's family is from Japan (moved post-Korean war but parents both in WWII), and most older Japanese people in America will say, "no Japanese-American, I am American." Almost as if they subconsciously consider themselves as having abandoned Japan, and so there is no going back. That or they're dedicated to their decision.
      Unfortunately, US demands post-war also ended up being a direct cause of the current imperial succession crisis they've been debating for two decades. I think maybe we could partially rescind that abolition of a noble class. No extra privileges, but sort of like knighting people in England, grant people the title for meritorious acts or Nobel-esque contributions to the country. Now you've solved the imperial succession issue without reinstituting an actual caste system AND you've given people a reason to do more for their country.

  • Sora Granda
    Sora Granda 9 months ago

    My goodness!, now I want to go on one of those overnight train!

  • Maria do Carmo Sobreira
    Maria do Carmo Sobreira 9 months ago +1135

    The chemistry of Chris's British dry sarcasm and Natsuki's endless energetic enjoyment and fun is absolutely great! Pity Joe was not there too, the 3 of them bounce really good off each other! 10 out of 10 video! You get 10 billion points! (guess the anime)

  • Ma.Esther
    Ma.Esther 9 months ago +2

    Oh my! I don’t know that Japan has sand dune😃. Been travelling Japan for years but never heard of it. After this pandemic I will surely visit that place😀👍

  • ThalesWell
    ThalesWell 3 months ago

    I've taken a sleeper room on Amtrak going across the US. It was quite nice. I'd love to try other sleeper train experiences.

  • Arkin Tariang
    Arkin Tariang 9 months ago

    Japan doesn't seem to disappoint me 😁 love to visit one day I really hope so...

  • Katigaroshko
    Katigaroshko 6 months ago

    Wow, this train is amazing. I'd really like to ride on it one day because in Ukraine our sleep trains are much worser, but still we have better open sleep carriage, but it would be funny to lie in the place where a stranger is next to you Х))

  • matthew mann
    matthew mann 5 months ago +6

    The rooms look very spacious, comfortable, relaxing, chillaxing, chilling, and meditative yeah

  • Project Appeal
    Project Appeal 9 months ago +1

    I loved the sand dunes! I remember a local saying it's better to walk backwards up and down the dunes

  • Frost Gaming
    Frost Gaming 8 months ago

    Absolutely loved this video. Would love to see some bullet train vids to various places.

  • 12 34
    12 34 9 months ago +1

    It is my first time to write a comment here.
    I have been watching your video clip since last august.
    It is interesting to see your interpretation of Japan.
    Thank you so much for giving positive feedback to our country for most of the time.

  • Retz
    Retz 9 months ago +344

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      LIL SPOON 9 months ago +3

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    • TheCatch
      TheCatch 9 months ago


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      But they do also make earplugs designed for sleeping in which are more comfortable then regularly ones to.

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      Amar Salih Šehić 8 months ago +1

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