Responding To Unus Annus

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    Today I'm responding to some criticism I received from Markiplier on his Unus Annus channel. It was clear that changes needed to be made. Let me know what you guys think of how we adapted to their critique!
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Comments • 80

  • Markiplier
    Markiplier 2 months ago +22924

    19:46 not gonna lie... those are some bangin thumbs my dude. And since you took my advice you are now legally obligated to pay me a consultancy fee which is a perfectly reasonable 1% of my current subscriber count. I accept, cash, credit card, or Venmo and expect prompt payment within 2 weeks of this comment.

  • Vertical Chip
    Vertical Chip Hour ago

    Imagine trying to be like the office but fail

  • Jason Gildersleeve
    Jason Gildersleeve 6 hours ago

    The new season of the Office looks good.

  • assassin end
    assassin end 7 hours ago

    Hey Tanner I have the same jacket

  • _*[ŲÑĶŃØщŇ]*_
    _*[ŲÑĶŃØщŇ]*_ 8 hours ago

    key theory: The keys might be keys to the old buildings locks

  • Noah Mirling
    Noah Mirling 9 hours ago

    so does that confirm that it was all fake? i mean i dont mind at all its still amazing!!

  • Skywytie
    Skywytie 10 hours ago

    Oh my word, this made me nervous for some reason. AHHHHHHH.

  • Atzu Osborne
    Atzu Osborne 11 hours ago

    No offense to you cause you are an incredible youtuber, but I think is your face🤕

  • funtime cyko
    funtime cyko 13 hours ago

    the camera girl sounds like amy

  • dylan resciniti
    dylan resciniti 13 hours ago

    props to the magic the gathering banners

  • Rawr Im a frickasaurus
    Rawr Im a frickasaurus 13 hours ago +1

    This whole video is low key passive aggressive and I can’t even💀💀

  • JakMen 42
    JakMen 42 16 hours ago

    This video jest keeps on spilling out I'm mad butthurt

  • Mike Beveridge
    Mike Beveridge 17 hours ago

    The office: the lost episode

  • Bendy Jake
    Bendy Jake 19 hours ago

    That was Ethan

  • Ainz Ooal Gown
    Ainz Ooal Gown 20 hours ago

    Lebons/Levons (i dont know how to spell it please go easy on me) looks like Hideo Kojima :D

  • Joseph Morgan
    Joseph Morgan 23 hours ago


    I love it so much

  • Little Nay-Nay
    Little Nay-Nay Day ago

    Yeah mark broke his hand hitting a wall

  • Jaciel Paredes
    Jaciel Paredes Day ago

    This made me uncomfortable

  • Jesus Died For You

    This really reminds me of an episode of the office

  • Allison Heinze-Villanueva

    why dose this feel like the office, like the tv show

  • Allison Heinze-Villanueva

    they also said you are there love child in a video

  • TheCrowdGoesWild
    TheCrowdGoesWild Day ago +1

    For those who think that he is actually angry, or making Office jokes:
    1. He is not mad. Matthias has previously made skits and parodies. He is not mad.
    2. This, at least I’m pretty sure, is supposed to be a direct parody of the Office.

  • Seansteven Beaton

    It's the death of the channel that's why

  • tico360
    tico360 Day ago

    As soon as Robert says Ethan is his friend he gets targeted

  • Brenna Schmidt
    Brenna Schmidt Day ago

    When he doesn’t know Ethan: ....:(

  • Joryn Wright
    Joryn Wright 2 days ago

    Unus annual is one year in Latin

  • Solomon M.
    Solomon M. 2 days ago

    Salty much? I’m smellin some hurt feelings

  • Dean Pearce
    Dean Pearce 2 days ago

    I love their channel

  • Savanah Tucker
    Savanah Tucker 2 days ago

    This remind anyone of the office

  • BlueGalWonders
    BlueGalWonders 2 days ago

    I love this deleted episode of the office

  • WinkerDooTheGirl
    WinkerDooTheGirl 2 days ago +1

    I cant belive i lasted all through the vid i kept cringing and getting migraines

  • Mechazoid5116
    Mechazoid5116 2 days ago

    I like how this is just The Office like very obvious parody nice job guys

  • Casey Nussberger
    Casey Nussberger 2 days ago

    This reminded me so much of The Office XD hahaha i fucking love it

  • Saucy Memes
    Saucy Memes 3 days ago

    Quien te dijo a ti que nadie usa lenguage Latino

  • Ricky133c
    Ricky133c 3 days ago

    We need more the office type videos tbh

  • •
     3 days ago +1

    “That was a Make-A-Wish video..”
    Wow. Just, just wow.

  • Craig Wood
    Craig Wood 3 days ago

    I don’t understand what’s happening

  • FuZioNEditZ XD
    FuZioNEditZ XD 3 days ago

    3:30 ok you honestly don’t have to be that rude to him/mark and he was making a joke learn plz learn how to take a joke

  • Devil De 123
    Devil De 123 3 days ago

    Hhhhheeeeeyyyyy i use latin almost everyday at school

  • Scent ly
    Scent ly 4 days ago

    Damn i feel bad robert because he really loves markiplier

  • Ian Records14
    Ian Records14 4 days ago

    does anybody else think thats not connor at 9:48

  • Dying Spoder
    Dying Spoder 4 days ago

    Why is this shot like a office episode

  • Dying Spoder
    Dying Spoder 4 days ago

    Mathias is literally the Micheal Scott of the office

  • Cleo Lynx
    Cleo Lynx 4 days ago

    Gold. Office who

  • Ace It Step By Step
    Ace It Step By Step 4 days ago +1

    "don't know who the other guy is" that's an oof

  • Chrisdreams
    Chrisdreams 5 days ago

    This reminded me of the office show

  • Youknowwhat LQ
    Youknowwhat LQ 5 days ago

    This video is a joke right? Right? Please tell me it’s a joke?

  • Youknowwhat LQ
    Youknowwhat LQ 5 days ago

    I’m not sure they know this but
    Yeah when he said he told them to target the thumbnails he was completely lying
    Also they skipped the part where they complimented his thumbnails for the rest of the video

  • Anxiety
    Anxiety 5 days ago +2

    Him: what happened to your hand dude
    Me: he punched the wall
    Him: What does that have to do with them using sex toys for eating

  • Youknowwhat LQ
    Youknowwhat LQ 5 days ago +1

    Matt: I don’t know who the other guy is but he seems like a nice guy
    Me: Has no one told home the legend of PEEN

  • Frosty BTW
    Frosty BTW 5 days ago


  • IsaacPlaysGames
    IsaacPlaysGames 5 days ago +3

    Ngl Matthias just did this to improve his thumbnails lol

    JOSH DONUT 5 days ago

    Reminded me of the office

  • Joshua Lopez
    Joshua Lopez 6 days ago +1

    I havent watched any matthias related videos since they first started the red and blue zones and it was refreshing to see Sam's perty face ngl lol t'was good to see connor and Paul but what happened to J-fred and Brian?

  • Joshua Lopez
    Joshua Lopez 6 days ago +1

    I loved this kind of "office" style comedy funny as heck

  • Purple Raven
    Purple Raven 6 days ago

    im just sad they reacted to my other fav youtuber sssniperwolf and said her thumb nails suck >:(

  • ItsOscar_Ok?
    ItsOscar_Ok? 6 days ago

    Nobody cares, use your own content instead of just doing other youtubers stuff

  • Cierra Lynn
    Cierra Lynn 6 days ago

    At 13:11 you says “let’s have a powwow.” Have you ever been to a powwow?

  • Prototypecoma 379
    Prototypecoma 379 7 days ago

    Wildfire at least 3 people well..........

  • Alanna Kruger
    Alanna Kruger 7 days ago

    This gives me HUGEEEE the office vibes

  • Alanna Kruger
    Alanna Kruger 7 days ago

    This is so good I can’t tell if it’s a skit

  • Hugo Roy élève
    Hugo Roy élève 7 days ago

    Why do I feel like this, is an
    Office episode?!

  • daMexiwaiinFungi
    daMexiwaiinFungi 7 days ago

    He somewhat looks and sounds like Jim Halpert...

  • veronica patrick
    veronica patrick 7 days ago

    This reminds me of the office

  • BroNova Gaming
    BroNova Gaming 7 days ago

    is this really what you call content

  • ShadowHunter 9965
    ShadowHunter 9965 7 days ago

    Anyone else feel really bad at 3:40

  • Campogio
    Campogio 8 days ago

    You want some video with that camera shake?

  • The LEGO Doctor
    The LEGO Doctor 8 days ago

    3:37 oooooof

  • MoriartyGames
    MoriartyGames 8 days ago

    this gives me some The office vibes

  • Just a glass butterfly

    Hey wow this is weird, I actually became a fan of mark through matt (I was around like the start of team edge) and I stopped watching matt after all the changes and stuff, this is such all weird throwback.

  • Rusty Boi
    Rusty Boi 8 days ago

    Why did this remind me of the office so much

  • Исрафил
    Исрафил 8 days ago

    The other guy is Ethan crankygameplays

  • Xaphod
    Xaphod 8 days ago

    Why? Because it’s fun. Did I ask you for an opinion.

  • Genomi
    Genomi 8 days ago

    Checking the comment for the response..

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd 9 days ago

    What the heck is a markiplier and why is her comment above mine

  • lux eve
    lux eve 9 days ago +1

    honestly this was a little extra lmao, whyd u make a 20 min video about like a three minute segment on another channel ? its a little dumb

  • a crusader
    a crusader 9 days ago


  • Leroy Noah
    Leroy Noah 9 days ago

    Why do I feel like people got like fired or something after this

  • Gustavo Crespo
    Gustavo Crespo 9 days ago

    the fact that he didn’t finish the first video is activating every single instinct in my video

  • BradleyTDW
    BradleyTDW 9 days ago

    Who else got “the office” vibes?