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  • Defective Rat
    Defective Rat 6 hours ago

    Yoo my names Liana

  • Eliza Rayner
    Eliza Rayner Day ago

    Awwwwwww so cute

  • Eliza Rayner
    Eliza Rayner Day ago

    I need a poo 🤣

  • ClarkeyBoy
    ClarkeyBoy Day ago

    Also when liana was crying it made me cry too 😢🥺love you c and l

  • ClarkeyBoy
    ClarkeyBoy Day ago

    When I clicked like it went from 8.8k to 8.9k lol

  • Go With The Flo !!!!!!!!!!

    Guys I have liked and commented all your vids I love you guys I have tried to double follow but it just turned it off so I followed again Too bad double follow isn’t a thing

  • Lydia Carlin
    Lydia Carlin 4 days ago

    I like it

  • Amelia Kelly
    Amelia Kelly 5 days ago

    Ur soo nice it is soo nice to have soo much inspiration in my life p. Ur soo funny the both of you xx

  • David Hinds
    David Hinds 5 days ago

    OMG I luv both of the tattoos Liana had a real fancy one

  • Summer Downing
    Summer Downing 6 days ago +1

    She melts my heart and Conan is so funny talking to window ilysm best you tubers💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🎁

  • Kian Morris
    Kian Morris 7 days ago

    I love them and conner I'm going to start to believe in that triangle thing

  • Hannah Price
    Hannah Price 9 days ago

    I love them both x

  • Unicorn123 Sister goals

    Hey Connor and liana your the best I love you so much please can I have a shoutout because I love you guys and Connor I have seen the video where liana goes missing I hope you ring her love you and thank you so much xx

  • Noah Avery
    Noah Avery 11 days ago

    was it real

  • Nikola K
    Nikola K 11 days ago

    I had the same advent Callander

  • Rachel Stevenson
    Rachel Stevenson 11 days ago

    Liana at chilly cried

  • Arabella P
    Arabella P 11 days ago +2

    awwwe my heart has just been melted

  • Dean Gardener
    Dean Gardener 12 days ago

    I love lianas tatoo it’s so warm hearted love u guys so much ❤️🥰😘

  • Leila Bicknell
    Leila Bicknell 13 days ago

    Ur tattoos are sooo cute

  • Nicole Wilson
    Nicole Wilson 15 days ago


  • Unicorn YouTube
    Unicorn YouTube 15 days ago

    Omg I almost cried at Liana’s reaction 😭😭😭

  • Charlie Noakes
    Charlie Noakes 15 days ago

    Watch out tomorrow

  • Charlie Noakes
    Charlie Noakes 15 days ago

    I love both of them so so much hope you had a lovely Christmas

  • Jessica broon
    Jessica broon 16 days ago

    Omg they are amazing

  • Millie Waffle :3
    Millie Waffle :3 17 days ago

    Who counted how many times Connor said broccoli

  • Alisha Jebb
    Alisha Jebb 17 days ago

    I loveeeee lianas infact I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee them both

  • Shadow wolf gamer
    Shadow wolf gamer 18 days ago

    As soon as liana started crying I started crying too it made my heart melt into a puddle 😊😇

  • Phoebe Rowkey
    Phoebe Rowkey 18 days ago

    I love it

  • total majik
    total majik 18 days ago +1

    Awwww lianas is soo cool

  • Chloe Whelan
    Chloe Whelan 19 days ago

    you should get another one both of u and put clfamon ur arms

  • Honey-Mae Stephenson
    Honey-Mae Stephenson 19 days ago

    I’m gonna be honest

    I love it

  • xmilana X
    xmilana X 20 days ago

    The tattoos are so pretty I love them. You guys are the best ,I watch you every day and you are so funny 😂

  • Lily Armitage
    Lily Armitage 21 day ago

    Does she wear a wig not being mean just wanted to know xx

  • chloe_81018
    chloe_81018 21 day ago

    Pretty sure they're fake but yano

  • Ruby Lloyd
    Ruby Lloyd 21 day ago

    How come the tattoos aren’t red

  • Rose Linsley
    Rose Linsley 22 days ago


  • Jenny Hi
    Jenny Hi 22 days ago +1

    This... this is adorable. I love you guys so much you guys are my role models #clfam 💜💜💜

  • Claire Gillespie
    Claire Gillespie 22 days ago

    They are good

  • ava unicorno0609
    ava unicorno0609 22 days ago

    I love lianas tattoo

  • Angel07717148
    Angel07717148 22 days ago

    Leon I thought you said that Connor passed out

  • Patience Hodge
    Patience Hodge 23 days ago

    Love them

  • Emma Green
    Emma Green 23 days ago

    I'm your biggest fan I love you guys so much

  • Omg Gamer
    Omg Gamer 23 days ago

    The fact that she had a peppa pig Christmas calander is so funny 🐖🤣

    GLOW UP GIRLS X 23 days ago

    I am crying 😢

  • GG_Gam3r
    GG_Gam3r 24 days ago

    Lianna:I thought It was a bean. LOL

  • Carmen Curtis
    Carmen Curtis 24 days ago

    Omg when liana was taking it off I had an add

  • Lukemusic
    Lukemusic 24 days ago

    This looks so fake lol

  • mikala mao
    mikala mao 25 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I’m part of the CL fam
    You should be to. ❤️

  • Sabrina Porter
    Sabrina Porter 26 days ago +4

    This is how many people are from TikTok

  • Ella Kirk
    Ella Kirk 27 days ago

    Awww bless her grandma must of died xx

  • Daisy Baudelaire
    Daisy Baudelaire 27 days ago

    Love this
    Love you Connor and Liana

  • Laura Jones
    Laura Jones 28 days ago +1

    Roses are red violets are blue your name is liana and mines is iliyana XD

  • XxArticFoxXx playz
    XxArticFoxXx playz 29 days ago

    I like you yt pictur you two are so cute ♡♡♡♡ i had a lovley christmas i am a tiktok follower im Emily_October

  • Hatty Foster
    Hatty Foster Month ago +1

    I think both of your tattoos are really deep and meaningful I love you guys and Merry Christmas!!💖🎄🎁🎅🍪

  • lisbeyry disla
    lisbeyry disla Month ago

    Hi my name is lisbeyry my youtube account have that name but my name is lisbeyry and i am your 2 big fan and i just want you guys to know that i love you guys so much❤

  • Daisy
    Daisy Month ago


  • Lucy Laird
    Lucy Laird Month ago

    They are soo nice the tattoos are really sweet and meaningful

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones Month ago


  • charmayne66
    charmayne66 Month ago

    This is just tattoo of us