Trump admin. may send migrants to Democratic strongholds in Florida

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Hundreds of detained migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border may soon find themselves in South Florida. A Trump administration plan would move as many as 1,000 migrants per month to Broward and Palm Beach counties. CBS News White House correspondent Ben Tracy joins CBSN to explain the latest.

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  • SilentWolf
    SilentWolf Day ago

    We have plenty of EMPTY..... FEMA CAMPS!!!
    Maybe it’s time to put them to some use!
    They can hold individuals and families.
    None of the Politicians can figure it out?
    Florida has a big FEMA CAMP around Avon Park, GOOGLE IT!
    WTF is wrong with our politicians?

  • cyndie26
    cyndie26 2 days ago

    So what if entering and exiting sanctuary cities and states (including by public transportation) involved going through passport control?

  • bigbangnone
    bigbangnone 8 days ago

    The French Gov has torn down the borders and is over-taxing French Citizens to build the Army of their own destruction.......Islam !
    The French Gov has a plan to reverse the French baby-boom decline by importing the fastest breeding Army on Earth....Islam.
    We call these ignorant elites (who want to increase the herd of cows by methodically disarming them and replacing the cows with faster breeding cows....Islam) the FEP.

    Because, only (Financially Elite Psychopaths) would consider using the enslaving Army of Islam to increase their tax payer demographic.

    But here we are. Both the treasonous EU and the US Democrats are allowing the Islamic Army to Caliphate the West !!!!

    The FEP is bribing the US Democrats to rewrite immigration policy, which is what Obama did with a swipe of the pen.

    Democrats created this invasion by promising Sanctuary Cities and invited the criminals also by firing our ICE Agents. Democrats refuse to fund border personnel which means child trafficking and drug smuggling by the Mexican Drug Cartels like the Sinaloa and MS13 cartels.

    Democrats are using your tax dollars to wast your money on very expensive Welfare for each illegal migrant who will vote Democrat.....Remove them all !!!!!

    Before I talk about the FEP Agenda. Lets define the FEP again.

    Financially Elite Psychopaths are:
    - The corrupt World Level Fractional Banking Systems
    - The Federal Reserve
    - Bilderberg Group
    - The corrupt major Corporations like Monsanto.
    - Individuals like Soros, Cuomo, and Bill Gates who released a virus OS called Windows 10
    - Hedge Fund owners
    - The UN....Full of Self appointed Muslims....And Corporate Representatives who profit by enslavement of the common workers !

    Basically, most of the worlds resources have been mapped out and played out.
    Most investment opportunities are also played out (Dot Coms, Metals, Crypto-currency, Real Estate....) So the Elite are now focusing on the impending economic crash, and are buying up all the resources that will profit the FEP in a crash.

    But the single most valuable resource to the FEP is not known by most of the common people.
    But that resource is well known to those of us who study history, and I see the FEP moves on today's chess board.

    And the resource that the FEP is planning to take is our own FREEDOM.

    The documented History is clear..... You should not be asking "if" tyranny will occur?

    You should be asking "when" tyranny will occur.

    I can tell you right now.....that Paris and Venezuela have a good idea when tyranny occurs..... But I do not believe that most of the USA women voters have any idea how fast tyranny will creep in once

    bad laws like (( The Red Flag Laws )), and (( The Gun Free School Zones Act )), and hundreds of others are passed under the false Democrat promises of Gun Safety.. Many do not realize that Hitler played the same deceiving game as our current Democrat Politicians.. He said people were shot....turn in all your guns !!!!

    An enslaved country is extremely profitable for the FEP.

    Working Billions of people until the last days of their life in a low wage job while forcing them to pay high taxes to extend an unpayable interest designed to not get paid off, because it is that interest payments that will validate the plan to enslave a nation of debtors !!!!

    And the FEP has bribed your Democrat and EU politicians to DISARM you while the FEP owned News Media resources brainwash the USA to vote for a Democrat Politician, while seeking to badmouth Trump, and his cabinet, and Family.

    The FEP goal is to create unrest between patriots and Islam. and those who feel entitled.....and then crash the economy and invoke Martial Law.....during which all citizens will be disarmed, and the US Constitution and bill of Rights will go away.....Never to Return.

    And the only way to stop this is for every US citizens to vote and take down these bribed Democrat Politicians in the USA, and take down the EU and UN, and politicians like Merkel, Macron, and Kamala Harris.

    In addition, every stable US citizens must by one or more capable rifles while they are on the shelves. Because in a few short years, your Democrat treasonous Run Gov will confiscate them which is happening NOW. Ca. has made a list that confiscates 98% of gun types !!!!

    It is time to take action. Boycott all companies that provide btibes to Democrat politicians and support CNN, ABS, NBC...... The lists are easy to download.

    Locate all alternative small news networks on TheXvid, until they begin shutting them all down......then seek other feeds.

    Start talking to your neighbors now. Don't wait until the E-crash.
    Remember how hungry gangs work. Single family homes do not have a chance, but an armed trained neighborhood watch - with communication radios and other resources can repel a large gang....such that they will move on to another starving neighborhood.

    Keep informed, and learn to prep for the impending Economy Crash.

    Follow Jesus.... and do not waiver. And do not just pray. You will need to strengthen your Gov by voting. But arm yourself ASAP. As our Bribed Democrat Politicians have announced their agenda to take all our most capable Tyranny Deterring rifles in 2019.

    A Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero - Addressing the Roman Senate in the year (43 B.C)

    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.
    An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.
    But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys,
    heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor;
    he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments,
    he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation,
    he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city,
    he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."

  • Jeff Keil
    Jeff Keil 12 days ago

    Good going Trump!

  • Fred Drew
    Fred Drew 24 days ago

    ARTIFICIAL REFUGEES SEEK financial ASYLUM IN USA...…………………………….

  • rkt.smokey3
    rkt.smokey3 Month ago


  • Ganz Bestimmt
    Ganz Bestimmt Month ago


  • i love jesus Christ
    i love jesus Christ Month ago +1

    I don't care if theses immigrants come here, but the fact that *all* of them are going to be living here is ridiculous. Do better trump 😞😔

  • James Bon
    James Bon Month ago

    UPDATE: Broward and Palm Beach Counties will be spared for now. The WH said they will NOT send migrants to FL, which recently passed a statewide law to have NO sanctuary cities. This map indicates which counties, cites and states have declared themselves sanctuary places.

  • Noname82 Nolastname282

    Dreamers have been on the table 3x but dems refuse to compromise wall funding dont get it twisted.

  • Kenneth Oliver
    Kenneth Oliver Month ago

    We have dreamers who are adults and have been in this country for years, milking the system. Merit based should be on then also. Those who have a education, a job, and are helping to support this country should get to the front of the line for citizenship. Let the lazy slatters make do on their own. Send this stuff to cities who have begged for illegals. Let them deal with them.

  • Bob Biggley
    Bob Biggley Month ago

    Send them to Nancy Pelosi

  • Mark Lapham
    Mark Lapham Month ago

    We don't want them

  • - NjjX
    - NjjX Month ago


  • Carlina Cruz
    Carlina Cruz Month ago

    McConnell said, "We are a Nation of immigrants but we are also a Nation of laws"You didn't read that part, you left the "but we are a Nation of laws" part out. The reason you left that part out is because it tells us McConnell is behind the President on this. But you in the Fake News of America colt who sadly suffers from TDS Want it to appear as if the Republican party is divided when its not.You people should be ashamed of yourselves. When over 70% of the County find you untrustworthy, there's a problem.

  • Thomas Knight
    Thomas Knight Month ago

    Do want Invaders in our country me NO,theres my kinder gentaler

  • ursel doran
    ursel doran Month ago

    A Third, or likely more, of the children in the INVASION army have been kidnapped!!!

  • RBG02005
    RBG02005 Month ago

    Also, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. There is LEGALLY no such thing as an undocumented immigrant. The term is called ILLEGAL ENTRY. It’s literally posted on all the entry points into the United States. It’s not called undocumented entry. The entire news media are left wing hacks. Before you left wing crazies post some nonsense about racism, I’m African American. The key word in that last sentence is AMERICAN. Get these border jumpers out of here. I have no tolerance for rule breakers.

  • RBG02005
    RBG02005 Month ago

    You want it got it. You take care of these people since you “care” so much.

  • Justin Zheng
    Justin Zheng Month ago

    Intelligence 100

  • Silver Man
    Silver Man Month ago

    Based Trump lol burden the dumb liberals, they want these aliens, they get em! hahahahahaa

  • truimagz
    truimagz Month ago +1

    If your black, things just got a whole more difficult.
    Your neighborhoods and your jobs is what they'll be taking.

  • david paglia
    david paglia Month ago

    Why not. Obama did it with Muslims in red states!

  • Nghia Bui
    Nghia Bui Month ago

    Drop illegal invaders in the front of Nancy,Chuck ,and ..........democrook leaders and tell them that here is the promise land for your new life .

  • DRSmetal
    DRSmetal Month ago

    Go ahead! Just more democratic voters heading our way. 😄😄. We need a change!

  • John Barney
    John Barney Month ago

    FileMaker ! What they bring to table ? Put em in fields ! They ain’t rocket scientists !

  • Suzanne C.
    Suzanne C. Month ago

    sick and tired of msm only spinning their agenda.....if you are going to quote someone, give the whole quote that is theirs.....NOT interested in YOUR OPINIONS! Keep it to Yourself! Americans are able to discern and make up their OWN minds. Thank you.

  • Charles Belle
    Charles Belle Month ago

    We are a nation of legal immigrants and over 11 million illegal criminals

  • Wilhelm Geisler
    Wilhelm Geisler Month ago +1


  • William DeLara
    William DeLara Month ago

    … put an end to DemocRAT / Communist interference with Americas Constitution and our 'Liberty' as we the people have lived it for over 2 hundred years - the DemocRAT Party of Americas so called ' two party ' political system has gone 100 % Socialist / Communist that intends to destroy America completely, Se'Lah !!!

  • Andrew Bises
    Andrew Bises Month ago +1

    So where is he sending his inlaws?

  • Finders Keepers Losers Weepers

    Send them ALL to Colorado for Hickenlooper's house.

  • Finders Keepers Losers Weepers

    Lol TRUMP'S awesome! You want illegals here? Ok, poor them into sanctuary cities.

    • cyndie26
      cyndie26 2 days ago

      Finders Keepers Losers Weepers Because that is racial profiling and we would not like to discriminate against people based on race, as this would make us bad world citizens.

    • Finders Keepers Losers Weepers
      Finders Keepers Losers Weepers 2 days ago

      @cyndie26 That'll make America " GREAT WHITE" again.

    • Finders Keepers Losers Weepers
      Finders Keepers Losers Weepers 2 days ago

      @cyndie26 How about making it even easier, deport all colored people.

    • cyndie26
      cyndie26 2 days ago

      Finders Keepers Losers Weepers So what if entering and exiting sanctuary cities and states (including by public transportation) involved going through passport control?

  • Amos Roger
    Amos Roger Month ago

    I'm here in Sanctuary California and we don't want these criminals in our state.

  • Ren Wilson
    Ren Wilson Month ago

    Why is he doing this to a red state?

  • Joe Claring
    Joe Claring Month ago

    I say good. Their goes those cities failing economies.

  • Asa Coe
    Asa Coe Month ago

    Trump's Hitler Mouse Club Administration is nothing more than a Fascist KAKISTOCRACY.
    For you Trump cultists, the kakistocracy is a government ran by the worst, most unscrupulous, least qualified citizen.
    You know, the Cowardly treacherous Captain bone spurs the coward in Cheese Donald DRUMPF.

  • Red Dog # 1
    Red Dog # 1 Month ago +1

    We dam sure don`t want them in florida send them to NY.

    • cyndie26
      cyndie26 2 days ago

      Red Dog # 1 So what if entering and exiting sanctuary cities and states (including by public transportation) involved going through passport control?

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter Month ago

    We don’t want them though

  • Venus Love Factor
    Venus Love Factor Month ago

    For cryin' out loud, CLOSE the border! Just do it. The cartels are making all the money. The United Nations thinks it's in charge of the planet. Most Europeans don't agree that illegal migration is a good thing. They've had their countries debilitated and damaged as a result of excessive migration. People with no skills and can't speak the language of the countries they flood into .. not a pretty picture. Beyond that, Christians and Muslims have very different cultures, and the two just don't mix well. Close the border for a year and reassess reality. Or just send them all to the "sanctuary cities" where they will be loved and cared for.

  • FlametheSeraph
    FlametheSeraph Month ago

    I'm sorry but due to all the florida man headlines I gotta say this LMAO WE'RE SENDING THEM TO FLORIDA? JESUS THAT'S CRUEL

  • Jarred Eckman
    Jarred Eckman Month ago

    ahhh, I love it when a plan comes together....

    B PURPLE Month ago

    trump wants the families held together for 100 days instead of the 20 days now. Do proper reporting.

  • Hexfury
    Hexfury Month ago

    Uhh, can we not? Miami is just fine right now, we literally just cleaned up the area around Downtown Miami and Brickell, we don't need that work getting undone.

  • Michelle Stone
    Michelle Stone Month ago

    So he will shoe horn them into our country to keep them out? What an idiot.

  • OGC
    OGC Month ago

    Broward county wtf

  • Leigh Foulkes
    Leigh Foulkes Month ago

    If you want to stop immigrants from coming to our country then stop the illegal wars, inhuman sanctions and crazy regime changes (getting rid of democracies for fascist crazies). People will not leave a stable country for another relatively stable one. What do you think is going to happen to people of Venezuela?

  • Phyllis Scheblet
    Phyllis Scheblet Month ago +1

    Just kidding,,,,,,,but NOT,,,,,,,We really don't need more people in S FLA,,,,,,,,

  • Peter Rabitt
    Peter Rabitt Month ago +1

    All countries reserve the right to discriminate, by any chosen metric, any potential immigrants. Australia, for example, won't let you move to their country unless you have a college education, or are some sort of professional in a trade. The crazy far Left (registered Democrat here, BTW) seems to forget this simple reality, choosing to believe that it's these people's birthright to be an American citizen - process be damned! This is what you call, "madness."

  • Phyllis Scheblet
    Phyllis Scheblet Month ago

    Put them all in homes left empty this summer,,,,,,all the rich people can take them,,,,,,,,,

  • Da R
    Da R Month ago +1

    The media is a joke and needs to stop being a activist , Trumps plan is a starting point and is better then what is in place now. All the media can say is it doesn't address this and that but for the last 10 years they have put forth nothing that address those subject and Dems need to start doing their job and stop acting like children. Congress people and Senators are need to start represent the people who got them elected and not this anti-trump game. I would suggest looking up their office phone numbers and emails (public record) and tell them how you really feel about issues they pretend to represent all people on. If you can't find the numbers let me know and I will post them for you.

  • Traveling Man
    Traveling Man Month ago +1

    Why not California. I don’t live near those counties but I don’t want them heading north by my place as they head to rest of the country

  • Lisa Broody
    Lisa Broody Month ago

    What happened to all our FEMA camps?????

  • Good Boy
    Good Boy Month ago

    When will you democrats realize how small your "perfect" world view is?. Only 2 democrat strongholds in florida?!?!?!. You gonna realize why this is a constitutional republic the hard way. BUT, you already know.....

  • Comicboox
    Comicboox Month ago +1

    Send them Mar-a-lago. If they run out of rooms, they can camp out on the course. I hear its beautiful.

  • Kevin Rivera
    Kevin Rivera Month ago i have to move up north.

  • La Tess45
    La Tess45 Month ago

    Family separation is ONLY FOR FAKE FAMILIES, people who come here pretending to be a family just to get into America, the same as kidnapped children being used to get slimy criminal adults into America. Tell the whole truth & the real reason & only reason families are separated, sometimes the adults leave the children or send them alone with other children or coyotes, TELL THE WHOLE ENTIRE TRUTH!!!
    I am so sick & tired of fake news. They only tell us what they want us to know, even if its lies, just like they lied on the president for 2 whole years & now the truth has come out & they still are trying to dig & find something when they are the only criminals

  • The Mower Co.
    The Mower Co. Month ago +1

    Don't cry about it now Democrats. You want em, you got em. 🤣

    PAPA DAPA Month ago

    He wants to put them in Democrat strongholds so they won't jeopardize his reelection, he knows they'll vote Democrat

  • Sterling Crockett
    Sterling Crockett Month ago

    These people came here illegally. They knew this when they came here, and they still willingly broke the law. These people are Illegals and should still be called as such. Calling them otherwise is misleading. What a joke.

  • Rob Hoyme
    Rob Hoyme Month ago

    Trump 2020!!!!!

  • Billy Bob Thornton
    Billy Bob Thornton Month ago +1

    Congratulations liberals! You got exactly what you wanted. Fiesta Time! :-D

  • Hello there Friend
    Hello there Friend Month ago +2

    Let the dems reap the seeds of their own destruction

  • Zero Sum
    Zero Sum Month ago

    Fake News propaganda headline wants to creat controversy. Send them to $oros and Demoncrats houses.

  • Hairo Sdfsdf
    Hairo Sdfsdf Month ago

    This bill is only gonna pass if republicans have the majority

  • Mr. Pink
    Mr. Pink Month ago

    I think they need to go to blue states not red states. They want them, they can have them.

  • jricherts99
    jricherts99 Month ago

    World gets more idiotic every day

  • Dan Banks
    Dan Banks Month ago

    Just fly them back to Mexico lol... say ha..ha😏

  • Martha Hays
    Martha Hays Month ago

    No more vacations to S Florida everyone!!!

  • The Kid's
    The Kid's Month ago +1

    This is the best way to prove the immigration point. #MAGA

  • John Lupo
    John Lupo Month ago +2


  • jason morgan
    jason morgan Month ago

    This is where I was raised but born in Tennessee. Both parents knew a state of all cultures is my home. Earth is a migrant colony . Know more language, unlock more of your history . MECASA SUCASA! ..SEGA!!

  • Tinker Cooper
    Tinker Cooper Month ago +2

    We Trust Our President Trump know what hes doing..

  • doit toit
    doit toit Month ago

    Exclude California from our nation, designate it as a giant migrant holding area.

  • putrus andilious
    putrus andilious Month ago

    These liberals states, counties, and cities who want to push Santuary policies which are illegal and against federal law should get all these law breakers...

  • Loren Soth
    Loren Soth Month ago

    They need to stop that "We are a nation of immigrants". U.S. citizens wants these illegal aliens thrown out...... period.

  • Ruthless Reid
    Ruthless Reid Month ago

    They want them let them enjoy.

  • Esteban We don’t need no stinking badges

    Ha ha Ha, what goes around comes around

  • Deb Esposito
    Deb Esposito Month ago

    I hope he does flood all the democrats home towns with the illegal immigrants they so loudly advocated for! It's ok when illegals invade border states ad long as the democrats don't get them! What a bunch of hypocrites! They want them, they do nothing go stop the problem then it's the democrats who should get all the illegsls, and for the state's that have been voicing the problem not wanting illegals they shouldn't have to have any, the democrats should take every single one of illegals in their states, and leave the state's that got unwantingly saturated with them all this time out of having to take care of illegals! Democrats advocate for unlimited illegals flood into this country than I say they n only they should have them

  • Olga Rodriguez
    Olga Rodriguez Month ago +1

    Florida can do the same thing that every one else is doing! DEAL with it! New mexico is being bombarded by this illegal migrants thanks to Our DEMORAT GOV! and they send them to border towns instead of to Santa FE state capital so our GO V can deal with them how nice is that!

  • Rob Hicks
    Rob Hicks Month ago +1

    Send them where they will be allowed to vote? Just send them back home.

  • Tamy Ford
    Tamy Ford Month ago +1

    Yes send to the Democrats house let them stay with them all the immigrants

  • Danyel 88
    Danyel 88 Month ago +1

    They are not going to stay in these sanctuary city's like trump most times these one is stupid there is no wall in these sanctuary city's to keep them in we should drop them of in Iraq let their government figure it out

  • wandering spirit
    wandering spirit Month ago +4

    Ship them to California and let Pelosi and Gavin Newsom take care of them.
    Your state income tax is about ready to skyrocket.Have fun!

  • jean skilling
    jean skilling Month ago

    The White House said nothing about this, means the reporters made it up

    ON SONG Month ago

    There is no crisis in Florida. All are welcome, walk into the light!

  • Rory Murray
    Rory Murray Month ago +8

    Now Florida will know what California CITIZENS have been dealing with.

  • Feeber Izer
    Feeber Izer Month ago +1

    I think Trump is trying to be spiteful, but it may work out better for these people...
    Edit: which county is Maralago in? Send them therer so Trump can hire them.

  • Texas Flash cove Installer

    🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 MAGA !!

  • Doom PDX
    Doom PDX Month ago

    Trying for a better reputation?

  • Karen Ross
    Karen Ross Month ago

    People are not pawns. For a party that insists on "right to life" they have little regard for their fellow man!

  • peter bowen
    peter bowen Month ago +2

    They all won the USA lottery.
    Free medical, education, housing and food!
    Did I leave anything out!
    Way to go tax payers!

    • gabriel lingard
      gabriel lingard Month ago

      peter bowen free cellphones with service on the t-mobile network, i sell them here in cali LOL

  • Katherine Beers
    Katherine Beers Month ago +1

    Florida is not a sanctuary state. You can thank Pelosi for this! The demcocraps don' t want borders so they are releasing them in democratic counties! I'm leaving Broward County!!!!!

  • GamerNeeds 154
    GamerNeeds 154 Month ago +1

    Gonna sux for trump more votes for dems in 2020

  • Stev Wood
    Stev Wood Month ago

    Well Ben you have it all wrong .... And the Drama Queen has it wrong too...
    It is not Retribution it is a reward to make those Blue Counties even Bluer ...
    They are all supporters of mass illegal immigration so it just makes sound sense to send these people where they will be coddled and taken good care of ....
    The South Florida Schools and Hospitals should love getting the extra students and patients ....
    And there is plenty enough to go round for the people of those pro-immigration counties to share what they have ....Just do not expect anything from the Federal government because the government we voted in wants to control our borders and look out for USA Citizens before we invite others to the table...

  • Bryochemical Intuition

    Fantastic idea! Dont forget Chicago, New York, California. demonKKKrats want illegals over Americans, you got em! #MAGA

    • cyndie26
      cyndie26 2 days ago

      Bryochemical Intuition So what if entering and exiting sanctuary cities and states (including by public transportation) involved going through passport control?

  • Paul Koehn
    Paul Koehn Month ago +1


  • John Donne Show
    John Donne Show Month ago +3

    We're a nation of Immigrants, But we are also a Nation of Law. There are 42 million None-Citizen more that African-American Citizens. Food for Thought.

  • Michael Cox
    Michael Cox Month ago +1

    Those democrat turds want all of those illegals. Let's see how happy they are when they're living next door.

  • Doug Saul
    Doug Saul Month ago