• Published on Oct 18, 2019
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  • Miinion X
    Miinion X 9 hours ago

    Sword and Shield looks great.

  • Benjamin Thoms
    Benjamin Thoms 15 hours ago +1

    Can we put this on a VHS tape, put it in a time capsule, bury it, and wait for the people from 100 years from now to dig it up, and find this.

    • Fuck Off
      Fuck Off 7 hours ago

      yesss that would be super dope

  • Coco Lemon
    Coco Lemon 19 hours ago

    He sounds like doctor's handwriting

  • •Dustii•
    •Dustii• Day ago +1

    Remember me when this is recommended to people in 7 years and is called a deep web animation

  • Doiskeet Y
    Doiskeet Y Day ago

    I m reminded of the goodness of m n an the fl beauty of

  • Mia Kim
    Mia Kim Day ago

    It sounds like a heavy long time smoker

  • Over Lord3454
    Over Lord3454 Day ago

    Sound like some faith gameplay

  • Stardustyy
    Stardustyy Day ago +1

    the video: noOothing but naAatUre

  • Carsteroni
    Carsteroni Day ago

    I she'd a year or two. Ngl

  • Dogma Soup
    Dogma Soup Day ago

    Does anyone know what program this is made in?

  • g3tgud 2.0
    g3tgud 2.0 Day ago

    Imagine this without translation

  • Epic Bro Esquire
    Epic Bro Esquire 2 days ago

    G O N E

  • oochertube the second

    anyone know how to *recreate* the voice?

  • random otaku
    random otaku 2 days ago

    when you find the bonfire in blighttown

  • RedemptionBlade69 -
    RedemptionBlade69 - 2 days ago

    This gives me a HOME-Resonance vibe

  • StillChill0
    StillChill0 2 days ago

    ROBLOX 2 looks cool.

  • Just a Per Person
    Just a Per Person 3 days ago +1

    When the kid in my basement go outside:

  • lord cretin
    lord cretin 3 days ago

    we aren’t appreciating this man enough, dude is making straight masterpieces every time

  • Shifty As Shady
    Shifty As Shady 3 days ago


  • Zixea
    Zixea 3 days ago

    Reminds me of

  • Valerie Howie
    Valerie Howie 3 days ago

    Me when I'm outside:

  • HouseTheUwU
    HouseTheUwU 3 days ago

    this.. gives me a weird, pit in my stomach feeling. it’s like that feeling when you see a channel you loved and tune in on a saturday night and you hear its closing down message. It’s like playing a game you loved so much, and.. it ends. And you feel empty. Or, if something you watch ends with a bitter ending, leaving you just.. sitting there. Wondering..
    I don’t know. Maybe I’m just imagining things.

  • Sksksksks turtles
    Sksksksks turtles 3 days ago

    I'm scared.. 😔

  • Amilee Liole
    Amilee Liole 3 days ago

    service stops, plane airdinamycs, second eurotruck,,, pure childhood

  • Kiizuu
    Kiizuu 3 days ago

    *Im getting some faith vibes bro*

  • Kale Kelsam
    Kale Kelsam 3 days ago

    how do I recreate the amazing voice this dude has

  • MrMarioluigi1000 Levi

    if you guys played Faith the voices sound the same

  • MrMarioluigi1000 Levi

    how do you make the voice?

  • Civilian
    Civilian 3 days ago

    The entire TF2 fandom when the heavy update drops:

  • flint lockwood
    flint lockwood 4 days ago

    i just wanted to say that jack is super inspiring and makes alot of cool videos that i find very nostalgic. i hope the whole world would recognize his name in the future and more fans to come.

  • flint lockwood
    flint lockwood 4 days ago


  • Gacha Fluff
    Gacha Fluff 4 days ago

    This is fine

  • Ricardo Gastelum
    Ricardo Gastelum 4 days ago

    I feel like jack made this as a response to the fire that was happening at the Amazon

  • Green Bird
    Green Bird 4 days ago +1


  • ProBrezy
    ProBrezy 4 days ago

    i cried

  • Nicholas Stewart
    Nicholas Stewart 4 days ago

    I found this channel when he had like 400k, I’m proud

  • Arc Christelle
    Arc Christelle 4 days ago


  • CandidCamzy
    CandidCamzy 4 days ago

    Dude, why’d you spoil Faith III?

  • CynDystro
    CynDystro 4 days ago

    Hello people 6 years in the future when this gets re-recommended

  • kitsieandmeow
    kitsieandmeow 4 days ago

    Does anyone know what voice codec this is?

  • Hytarie
    Hytarie 4 days ago

    Man I love this I don't even know why but that's making me nostalgic???? I'M A TEENAGER WHY AM I BEING NOSTALGIC????

  • Jack Pop
    Jack Pop 4 days ago


  • Kms 2020
    Kms 2020 4 days ago

    change da world my final message goo d b ye

  • enthusiasm
    enthusiasm 4 days ago

    Inspiration in a creepy package

  • 와사비탈탈
    와사비탈탈 5 days ago

    누가 번역좀.

  • Jonathan Locke
    Jonathan Locke 5 days ago

    This is your best work broh

  • DGOrion
    DGOrion 5 days ago +1


  • DASH99ER
    DASH99ER 5 days ago +1


  • Limboy
    Limboy 5 days ago

    The voice is from the Comidor 64 right?

  • NinjaJulian18
    NinjaJulian18 5 days ago


  • Sophie B
    Sophie B 5 days ago +1

    Wow. Such a divine view.

  • Nyantendo
    Nyantendo 5 days ago

    Was this just an ad for #TeamTrees?

  • Iconicshrimp 328
    Iconicshrimp 328 5 days ago

    Can someone tell me what is that text to speech program is

  • Sour Froggs
    Sour Froggs 5 days ago

    M O R T I S

  • Awsomeblock 123
    Awsomeblock 123 5 days ago +2

    Mr Beast: “Save the world, my final message”

  • Big money
    Big money 5 days ago

    this fucked me up beyond repair

  • Getkawedbythecrow
    Getkawedbythecrow 5 days ago


  • Helenarchy
    Helenarchy 5 days ago

    This was posted three weeks ago. I've never seen this video before, and yet it feels viscerally familiar, as if I've already experienced it in a separate plane.

  • Shelton Willey
    Shelton Willey 6 days ago


  • ツcaffeine
    ツcaffeine 6 days ago

    this made me cry a little bit, dont know why.