Are Corner Kicks Becoming Irrelevant in Football?

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Are corner kicks becoming irrelevant in football?
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    Statistically, corners are football’s least effective set-piece and are in a worrying state of decline.
    Since 2000, across Europe’s big-five leagues, they have led to a goal just 3.3 percent of the time.
    4 in 10 corners don’t clear the first man, 16 percent result in an attempt on goal, just 7 percent end up on target and, perhaps most damningly, only one in every hundred leads directly to a goal.
    Arguably the biggest casualty of the Premier League era is the corner.
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Comments • 922

  • Tifo Football
    Tifo Football  5 months ago +358

    A note for those confused regarding the pace/velocity comment: Inswingers are indeed hit with more pace (judged on impact at the time of delivery and even speed when the ball is connected with, although very few leagues or grounds have the technology to accurately read the latter, but those with set piece studios in training do. Clubs like Midtjylland). They cover distance faster.
    But outswingers change direction quicker. The position or path of the ball alters more rapidly even if hit with less pace. So it is very possible to have a lower speed but higher velocity. True fact!

    • steven cooke
      steven cooke 2 months ago

      Yes, outside of the physics classroom, velocity is a misunderstood concept.

    • Kinamod
      Kinamod 4 months ago

      Your description made it even more incorrect... but I think your commenters managed to fix it for you

    • Macharia Gacheru
      Macharia Gacheru 4 months ago

      @Graham Manson Very very true

  • ᗯIᒪᒪ ᒍOᑎEᔕ
    ᗯIᒪᒪ ᒍOᑎEᔕ 19 hours ago

    VVD scores 1/2 header from a corner

    NUGGET Day ago +1

    Well for Barcelona's defence they are appartently... Everybody was fricking dead in the corner...😔

  • Jared Myroff
    Jared Myroff Day ago

    4 words that make this video irrelevant = Corner taken quickly origi

  • James Cadman
    James Cadman 4 days ago

    The funniest thing is that Man Utd, Spurs and west ham have got the same amount of goals as Willy Boly

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez 5 days ago

    So does this explain why you can't fucking score from corners in FIFA 20?

  • Vito Doria
    Vito Doria 7 days ago

    Need another Massimo Palanca to emerge. He used to score straight from corners for Catanzaro in the 1970s and 80s.

  • Flemes
    Flemes 7 days ago

    Next episode: is the ball becoming irrelevant in football

  • Deco Doni
    Deco Doni 10 days ago

    Ziyech leftie

  • FNShady
    FNShady 12 days ago

    Corner taken quickly origi

  • Tan Chuye
    Tan Chuye 13 days ago

    Corner taken quickly....

  • Ibby FC
    Ibby FC 14 days ago

    Four Words: Corner Taken Quickly...


  • Seba A
    Seba A 15 days ago

    And then Liverpool wins the Champions thanks to corner kick

  • Cormac Donnelly
    Cormac Donnelly 18 days ago

    Nobody suggested they were, normally I find these videos inciteful but this was just silly

  • Nirupam Khanal
    Nirupam Khanal 19 days ago +1

    Why is no one talking about KDB?

  • Leo S
    Leo S 21 day ago

    Funny how announcers get angry at short corners all the time, yet they are statistically better.

  • Nicholas Jessel
    Nicholas Jessel 22 days ago

    in the 2 league there is a far higher corner rate. would say it is due to overcomplicating the corner and the lack of physical monsters in the box in the top leagues

  • Kartik Ramesh
    Kartik Ramesh 24 days ago

    here after pepe's 2

  • KENG
    KENG 26 days ago

    Who else can tell he doesn’t like Manchester United

  • Leena Cabral
    Leena Cabral 27 days ago

    This video is irrelevant

  • velo
    velo Month ago


  • Gearoid Collins
    Gearoid Collins Month ago

    Ask Origi

  • edge1andre
    edge1andre Month ago

    You forget to explain that the corner kick is the last 'advantage' given to a attacking team. Since the attacking team was able to reach the opponents goal line. Maybe it's not that much of a importance to try to score a goal directly from a cornerkick cross, but to restart the game the closest possible to the opponents goal, which creates immediatly danger by starting a play close to the defending team goal. The priority is to restart the game, not to score a goal from a restart. (If its possible to score a goal from a restart, great for the attacking team) So from this point of view all of those statiscally are almost irrelevant, but are good curiositys

  • Simon Lundblad Roth

    England went to the semifinals in the world cup by scoring almost all goals on set pieces many of them on corners kicks. They didn't have much in open play. So i would say no. Its more relevant than ever.

  • Ariella Kherrington
    Ariella Kherrington Month ago +1

    corner kicks are superior

  • This is a good name Trust me

    Barca would like to talk to about their past traumas

  • Pól Réamonn
    Pól Réamonn Month ago

    Footballers also need to learn that floaters are for toilets, not for corner kicks.

  • Doltier
    Doltier Month ago

    Tell it to England at the last World Cup....

  • Jonathan Moor
    Jonathan Moor Month ago

    De ligt joins the chat

  • us real
    us real Month ago


  • AaryanPlaysGames
    AaryanPlaysGames Month ago

    My man just done this after Trent got Liverpool to the champions league final with it

  • NinjaOfGaming
    NinjaOfGaming Month ago


  • Book Reader
    Book Reader Month ago

    FEWER not LESS for countable objects. Fewer defenders, less grass on the pitch.

  • b s
    b s Month ago

    The kop will tell you about corners

  • nomoreserfs
    nomoreserfs Month ago

    Short answer is NO. They are very relevant.

  • Dale Sankum
    Dale Sankum Month ago +1

    **sees all of the comments are about Trent and Barça with corners**
    me, as a barça fan: **sighs**

  • Chris To
    Chris To Month ago

    ‘Europe’s 5 Big Leagues’
    Oh, go on then France.

  • william burrows
    william burrows Month ago

    Don't agree. The old fashioned teams in pl will disagree

  • Kamen Borisov
    Kamen Borisov Month ago

    How are corner kicks irrelevant, when some of the moste decisive goals I've seen in recent matches on top level football come from corner kicks? Really?

    • Robert HS
      Robert HS 19 days ago

      Because barca is shite at both using corners and defending corners

  • The fastest milkman in the West

    In Bradford we HATE corners.
    All that happens when we get a corner is the Pakistanis build a shop ffs!

  • The fastest milkman in the West

    Such a ridiculously scientific approach to our game removes the magic which characterizes it.
    Stop it.

  • FloschiX
    FloschiX Month ago +2

    Just here because I wanted to see Liverpool vs Barca comments ^^

  • Chef Thomson
    Chef Thomson 2 months ago


  • Pecettas
    Pecettas 2 months ago

    in the championship about bloody 20% of goals are corners lol

  • DavidBrown996
    DavidBrown996 2 months ago

    They are if your manager is Brendan Rodgers

  • northweezie1
    northweezie1 2 months ago

    Try telling Barcelona that

  • Amir Faris
    Amir Faris 2 months ago

    0:52 Korega.....requiem da

  • Kelvin Quah
    Kelvin Quah 2 months ago

    “Corner taken quickly...”

  • FifsterLukester
    FifsterLukester 2 months ago +1

    short answer: well yes but actually no

  • Evgenis 13
    Evgenis 13 2 months ago +2

    Trent Alexander Arnold : sees video title
    Also TAA : hold my beer

  • AlienDotPy
    AlienDotPy 2 months ago

    Colombia made it to round of 16 and forced the penalty shootout against England at the Russia 2018 World Cup relying entirely on corners.

  • joejitsu034
    joejitsu034 2 months ago

    No. Next....

  • Northwest Wind
    Northwest Wind 2 months ago +1

    Corner kicks can be very important. As a Netherlands fan, corners are very important for us as De Ligt and Van Dijk can be deadly.

  • in shOt
    in shOt 2 months ago

    I think Trent saw this clip

  • Ralph Da king
    Ralph Da king 2 months ago

    Corner taken quickly

  • hey there
    hey there 2 months ago

    Chris Brunt WHO?

  • Romano onamoR
    Romano onamoR 2 months ago

    WHat the fuck is that question?! The only irrelevant thing is honestly that video. It only shows teams need to be more creative

  • Michael Chai
    Michael Chai 2 months ago

    Did Barcelona make this video?

  • Atu Ka
    Atu Ka 2 months ago

    Title of video really hurts. Yes, I'm Cule, you got it right :d

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White 2 months ago

    Why does ball placement matter?